Announcing the Petition for Our Future

Two days ago, I wrote that we must give young voters a legitimate role in the future of the Republican Party. The clock is ticking for these crucial changes to take place. Recognizing this, our team of young Republicans at NextGenGOP and I have launched the Petition for Our Future. Now you can join the many voices asking Chairman Steele to expand the role of young voters in the GOP by signing the petition! Please sign the petition and encourage your friends to do the same!

We also need your help in spreading the word about the petition. In the next week, we will be adding a page that lists our featured endorsers. This page will show your name and link back to your website! To become a featured endorser, all you need to do is write a blog post about the petition, linking back to the petition here. Once you’ve done so, drop me an e-mail with a link to your blog post by going to my online business card.

We have a great opportunity to encourage Chairman Steele and the Republican National Committee to act now and win back young voters. Please sign the petition, help spread the word, and be a part of this vitally important cause!

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I oppose said petition...

...on the grounds that it doesn't offer our Republican youth enough. I think the party should offer its younger members all of the rights enjoyed by its more experienced members. If the youth want to participate in party politics, they should do so.  At present, the only thing stopping any registered party member from fully participating in our party, is their own ignorance. Having some elite party leader of the RNC pick 75  young party members to bestow some sort of elite powers on them seems to me to run counter to our party's ideal.

I have no problem with having the party set up a committee to address youth participation -- but how hard is it to pick up a phone book and find the listing of your local Republican party's headquarter? Or better yet, since most of these youths are Internet savvy, finding their state's GOP website and from there, their local party's website, surely shouldn't pose an unbearable hardship to full participation.

Again, I say:

          ex animo