Response to President Obama's State of the Union Address

Introductory Note: In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama gave a response to the State of the Union Address of then-President George W. Bush prior to President Bush’s address to the joint session of Congress. I believe that turnabout is only fair play so I will give my response to President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union Address before he delivers it.

Good evening. My name is Alan Peel and I am a private citizen and small business owner in Leawood, Kansas.

Before I begin, I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her family as well as the other victims and the victims’ families in the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona. We wish a speedy recovery for those who were injured and solace for those who lost loved ones in this senseless act.

We Americans are confronted with several issues and problems either with us currently or on the horizon that could imperil our country as we go deeper into the 21st Century. Applying many of the same solutions that have been implemented in the last century will not solve our debt problems, lack of spending restraint, everyday issues affecting businesses and households and challenges abroad.

We all agree that America has a debt problem. Borrowing $14 trillion without any ideas as to how to reduce our debt to countries that may or may not have our best interests at heart is not a good thing for our country. However, the way in which we get to complete debt elimination is where we the American people disagree vehemently with President Obama.

The American public has come to the conclusion that America has a spending problem and not a revenue problem. We already have some of the highest tax rates in the world even when state and local tax rates are excluded. Instead of hoping for an economic recovery to reduce our deficit or raising taxes in the middle of a fragile economic period, we should consider cutting spending significantly. I am personally looking forward to the House Republican’s unveiling of their plan to cut spending and reduce the debt by over $2 trillion by the end of the decade. I also invite President Obama to outline a budget that will significantly reduce the deficit and lead us to a balanced budget within the next three years.

One quick way for the president to reduce the debt in the future would be to support the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare. When proposed, there were only six years of benefits, ten years of new taxes, kickbacks and pork-barrel spending and several accounting gimmicks that would make Bernie Madoff blush.  This was used by President Obama to sell his own party on passage of his disastrous health care plan and ultimately led to the a midterm election last November that even he called a "shellacking". Even as millions of jobs hang in the balance thanks to ObamaCare’s existence, we look forward to having ideas presented to the president as to how we can expand coverage for all Americans and to reduce health care costs without onerous levels of government regulations and bureaucratic interference.

Another understanding that has been reached by the American public is the idea that government spending as a means to create jobs and create prosperity is nothing more than an overhyped myth that leaves government deeper in debt and Americans jobless. Instead, we should be looking to permanently extend all of the Bush tax cuts before the end of the year and extend the payroll tax cuts for another three to five years while looking for ideas as to how we can improve the revenue streams for Social Security while looking for ways to reduce the tax burden for everyday Americans and by not cutting benefits for those who have paid into the system.

The American people are wide awake and realize that the plans of bailouts and stimulus do not work.  In fact, the recent actions taken by the Federal Reserve to inject more printed money into circulation will actually lead us to further chaos with massive inflation coming this year that risks ending any hopes of a strong economic rebound and puts us on the road to a lost decade similar to that of Japan's lost decade of the 1990's where stimulus and central planning hurt that nation's economy.

Furthermore, Washington needs to learn lessons from what families are doing during hard times. Most families have been getting their family budgets under control and have made great sacrifices to ensure their own financial security. In learning from everyday Americans, fiscal restraint is our only option at this time and we should solve our nation’s fiscal nightmare of trillion-dollar deficits by drastically reducing spending and getting government within its means.

The surest way to create jobs is to empower entrepreneurs. Keeping tax rates low and eliminating onerous regulations are essential for job growth and job creation. Millions of jobs can be created by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of our country. We have the most resourceful, talented, and knowledgeable workforce in the world. The only way that we can take advantage of our workforce is to motivate and empower them to produce for themselves so that they can take the necessary risks of hiring employees and improving America’s jobs picture.

Also, the American people are disheartened that we are getting more of the same from President Obama on energy policy. The drilling moratorium because of last year’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has begun the rise in fuel and energy prices. Sharing and depending on already scarce resources is not the way to ensure low energy prices. Instead, we need an all-at-once approach to cultivate and develop new resources and to allow the free markets to determine America’s energy future, not environmentalists using junk science and empty promises to manipulate us to pursue unproven energy technologies that are still a good 15 to 20 years away from being ready for the over 300 million people who require energy to for all of our everyday uses. Instead, we need to develop short-term resources such as domestic oil drilling and coal mining, develop more mid-range resources including nuclear energy, and longer-term resources that will ensure that we no longer import another drop of energy from OPEC.

Finally, America is best when she is at her strongest abroad. It hurts to see President Obama deferring to the United Nations and other countries when America’s leadership is essential and necessary.  We also believe that it is not constructive for our president to conduct constant apology tours or for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner to host a state dinner for the leader of a regime that currently has the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient in prison whose only crime was speaking out for freedom.

Furthermore, a country without borders is not a nation.  Posting signs telling Americans on American soil that going beyond a certain point is not a sound border protection plan.  Instead, we need to empower border patrol agents to do their jobs and to stop this act of human trafficing, drug trafficing and rampant crime on our southern border.  Instead of pursuing politically-motivated amnesty for people here in this country illegally, we should be looking to enforce the law and to work with state and local law enforcement agencies to deal with the crime-related issues of illegal immigration.  Suing states like Arizona who have lost their patience with the federal government's refusal to enforce the law is not constructive and should be abandoned immediately.

Make no mistake: we care about the people in other countries and we especially love to have visitors and people who want to become Americans.  We just ask that we enforce the laws and regulations and expect everyone who comes to our country to become a part of America the right way.  Permitting those to come across our borders in violation of our laws is not the way it should be done.  Instead, we need to change our system so that more legal immigrants can enter our country and not be turned away.  Those who can provide skills to our already outstanding job force or those who want to pursue better educational opportunities for themselves and their children are always welcomed and our policies should be a reflection of that and not that of quotas or limits as to who can and cannot come to America.

We also have questions about whether or not America will win in Afghanistan before we draw down from our current troop levels. If we are to fight this war the right way, we should either be fighting to win in Afghanistan or we should immediately withdraw all our troops from Afghanistan. Instead of fighting to appease special interest anti-war groups, we should be fighting to ensure that our troops come home victorious and to do soon. We also don’t want to see future generations of Americans dying in our streets in acts of terrorism or have to fight wars in the future because we didn’t fight to win the ones we are currently fighting.

With these approaches and an embracing of American exceptionalism, America will be an even greater and stronger nation in the future. Thank you for your time. Good night and may God continue to bless this great nation of ours that we all love.

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Remember the Pledges and Promises of "o" ?

Obama will prove once again in the SOTUS that he is incapable of the truth.

Let me be Clear, Obama's lies and distortions are rampant in the Video record of his speeches.  Everytime he says jobs for “American workers” he means the union workers.

I can hardly wait to count the "I"s in his SOTUS, but at least behind the podium, the Jack in the Box Twins will be missing Pelosi and her pop up applause meter, and the floor of the congress will have Tea partiers to listen to the Lies, and they will surley vote on the Truth at a later date and send the Spending cuts for Obama to sign.

 You have put a lot of effort

 You have put a lot of effort in this, but I would like to respond to some points.

You are going on the theory of extending Bush tax cuts, that will create jobs. If that is the case, then why was job creation mediocre under the Bush administration? Actually, he has had the worst job creation since the depression. Do you realize that in the last decade, that 40,000 factories have closed and millions of middle class jobs were lost? I see the closed factories in my town along with small business, and frankly, I see nothing that will come in and create jobs. Our problem is globalization and some 2 billion cheap laborers. Also monopoly and consolidation laws put in place by Reagan. Also the internet takes away jobs, along with lean principles and six sigma. 

While the private sector creates jobs, there is nothing to say that the jobs will stay in America. Apple and other companies have decided to have their widgets made in other countries. Yes, after all the failed policies, maybe we can cater to the rich one more time by reducing corporate taxes, but I believe that it will be our government that will take the lead for jobs. And here is why.

We had the tax cuts and we still lost the jobs in the private sector. It was years of seeing our jobs leave the country, our money going to Iraq, and our infrastructure in neglect. It was years of ignorance and arrogance as globalization took hold. It was years of tax cuts to the rich while the middle class lost jobs. It was years of not investing in our country, in our people, and in the future. And that is what has to be done. And that is why the government will need to take the lead. 

We are trapped in a corner. After years of tax cuts, we still lost the jobs. The republicans say more and more tax cuts and it has lost its stimulative effect. It is spent money and does little good for today. The democrats went to cash for clunkers and extension of unemployment benefits and that did not solve any problems. The fed wants to print more money. And the states wants more casinos. 

But the only proven method that really works is to get away from failed ideology and invest in the country, in the people, and in the future. That may mean many things. But what we do know is having tax cuts and then laissez-faire is a total failure as much as just blindly spending money. 

Yes, there will be white elephants, but the biggest white elephant was the Bush tax cuts which did not fix any problems and ignored globalization. 


While you bash the United Nations, we had a president who was a right wing social conservative who ignored a quagmire and angered our allies and had a calling from God to go to war and never had enough troops and many soldiers and civilians died. While we were in Iraq, Bush totally ignored Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden. We ended up with a quagmire, many troops dead, Iraq may survive, Afghanistan a mess, Pakistan with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, and Iran the new leader in the Middle East with nuclear material. Bush senior was right. Don't go to Baghdad. 

We are where we are. A country in which we "stayed the course" and was ran economically into the ground. And two wars totally mismanaged and ran into the ground. It will take us 20 years to see unemployment at the 5% level again. While democrats do not have answers, the republicans certainly have little in answers. 

Since the incident in Tucson, there were Wal Mart shootings in Washington State and police officers shot and killed in Detroit and in Miami. Of course from the right, you get more rhetoric that we need more guns. 200 million guns is not good enough, we need more guns so that more crime can be prevented. Hilarious. 

You say millions of jobs can be created. I wonder what jobs? What will fill in 40,000 factories? What widgets can we make here and not some other country? What small business can you have if factories are closed? And if you put tax cut money in the hands of the consumer, half the products are foreign made, meaning that tax cuts for the consumer to create jobs is less effective. 

Once again, we don't get much in answers from the right, just more failed ideology of tax cuts and laissez-faire. As one who sits in a small town and you watch the cycles and failed policies of trickle down and it never trickles down. It will take more than tax cuts and cutting spending to create jobs. In fact, there is probably no policy that will beat 2 billion cheap laborers. 

You are going on the theory

You are going on the theory of extending Bush tax cuts, that will create jobs. If that is the case, then why was job creation mediocre under the Bush administration? Actually, he has had the worst job creation since the depression.

There was, in fact, zero net job growth during Bush's administration. That's not hyperbole, or a figure of speech--it really was liteallly 0%. To put that figure in context (if it doesn't speak for itself loudly enough), no decade since the 1930s had featured net job growth of less than 20%

Yes, lets put Job growth in Context

Obama actually lost three million American private-sector jobs in his first two years. 

If you compare apples to apples, First 2 years to First Two Years.............then we have 4,000,000 private-sector jobs created by Bush. 

IF you want to compare 8 years of Bush, to 2 years of Obama, then we have the Democrat oranges to apples methodology.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US lost 673,000 private-sector jobs during Bush’s eight years, compared to Obama's 3,000,000 Job losses in 2009 and a positive growth of 847,000 in 2010..

You must be a victim of Pelosi propaganda, which you can read about here, and Here documented with more links. 

In summary, the Pelosi statement, is comparing ONLY 2010 to Bush's 8 years, and the Wording is True as "configured"  Pelosi rips into Bush and the GOP, saying that Obama created more US jobs in 2010 alone than Bush did in all his eight years. Ignore that 2009, that was Pelosi's fault (Democrat Congressional majority since 2007), that was Bush's fault (common propaganda line).



That's not apples-to-apples

The business cycle continues, without regard to who is in office. Policy can help or hurt, but it can't prevent. We know what happened with Bush (an utter disaster in every particular, just as was the case with everything else Bush touched). To get comparable numbers for the Obama, we're going to have to wait a bit.

Bush inherited, from Clinton, a healthy economy at the peak of a boom period. Of course, within 8 or 9 months, it had gone into the toilet, and it has never entirely recovered--the Bush policy of, among other things, allowing the oil companies to rob us blind meant a 5+-year boom was mostly a bust. Economists are calling those years America's "lost decade." No decade since the 1930s had featured net job growth of less than 20%--there was, as I've already noted, no net job growth during the Bush years. Zero. None at all.  Economic output was the lowest it had been since the Great Depression. Median household income actually fell by $1,000 in those years--an historical first. Americans' net worth declined as well--the first time that's happened since figures have been collected. Every major indicator either remained flat, or actually declined. And it was capped by the current depression, the worst since the Great one. It had hit long before Obama was even elected. It, in fact, helped elect him. Unlike the healthy Clinton economy turned over to Bush (a ripe apple), the Bush economy handed over to the Obama had been in free-fall for months (a rotten lemon). Unemployment was already nearly 8% on the day he was sworn in. Obama's first-year efforts were aimed at arresting the bleeding, which every serious economist agrees would have been much worse had he not pressed through that stimulus package. The problem was that it wasn't big enough.

Now try to change the subject.

Some think it was the Republican Congress

Bush Inherited the Healthy Economy from a Republican Congress, not from Clinton.

Obama inherited a Crappy Economy from a 2007 Democratic majority Congress, and the downward Spiral continues.

As YOU said "without regard to who is in office" as president. 

2011 is on schedule for 1.5 Trillion deficit.  2010 was 1.3 Trillion, and I'll let you post the LOWEST Obama Deficit, the FIRST year Obama Inherited the Pelosi Economy.   The Economy is in the DITCH, and the DEMOCRATS are holding the Steering Wheel.

You need to separate the BUSH years, form the Democratic Majority in Congress Years, starting in 2007, and chart some figures......but you will NOT post those numbers and do that Isolation analysis.  That is way too much TRUTH, and you can't handle the TRUTH, which is why you keep trying desperately to Blame BUSH.