Our First Win: Jim Tedisco

Jim Tedisco in NY-20 is poised to win. He currently leads in polling and has a record of representing views contrary to that of big government.

I’m confident that our heavy hitters that have lined up in support of Tedisco, which include RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guilliani, and Mitt Romney, will beat our opponent who happens to be a tax-cheating Venture Capitalist. His lineup includes the DCCC (1) (2), the Huffington Post, and Governor Paterson.

Like most Republicans, I want to hear about a candidate’s values, but I’m equally concerned with their ability to win. It is because of Tedisco’s ability as a candidate and the demographics of the 20th District that I have donated some of my time each week to assist the direction of New Media strategy for the campaign.

I know… they need improvements.

Today, in the spirit of the Party of Lincoln and just two days before his bicentennial, we launch an effort called: $20 for NY-20.

Equipping the grassroots with our case that will lead to victory and an energized rightroots, I believe we can surpass the 352 small donors who have contributed to our opponent through ActBlue. (accessed 2/10/09 12:06am)

Furthermore, this is the first win we’ll be able to take credit for in the 2010 cycle, sorry Saxby. This effort includes every aspect of the grassroots. Chairman Steele has officially brought in the RNC and asked State Parties to contribute $5,000 to this battle. College Republicans and online efforts like Rebuild the Party will organize, in an effort to turn online grunts into offline volunteers inside of the District. Bloggers will turn into activists and ask their readers to participate in a push to crowdsource this campaign.

This will be a New Media victory and one that can be taken to our Republican candidates across the country as a case study. We all have a stake in this.

Join in my friends and invest in this win.


Tedisco $20 for NY-20


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Glad to see Tedisco reach out

Glad to see Tedisco reach out through you Ali. You give it some credit... he needs some of that after looking at the design of his site.

Peasants, to the Bastille!

After reading in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning that the $1 trillion is the "first step", I immediately sent this dude $20 (and watched this Milton Friedman video):



There, I feel better already.

now I'm picturing you throwing toiletpaper-rocks.

somehow the republicans still sound like they're at pennsic.

Is there a "this is how much has been contributed" page?