Join Joe and CLF in Abolishing the IRS COMPLETELY!

I think it's pretty obvious that governmental wasting of our tax dollars on petty things such as roads, national parks, public schools, and natural disasters are, well, wasteful! And don't get me started on the high corporate tax rate - the highest in the industrialized world - even though corporations don't really pay taxes (they pass them onto the consumer and conveniently have negative net incomes at the end of the tax year) the rate is still way too high.

The government has no business to be in OUR business, even if it means making sure road culverts remain stable and/or fixed. Please take three minutes and thirty nine seconds to view this video found here: and tell me you can't lay down a couple 2X12's and make it over just fine!

Us taxpayers would much rather take care of this non-issue ourselves rather than depend on government bureaucrats to pay triple the cost and take months to complete.

Joe the Plumber, Economist, War Correspondent, and Labor Abolitionist has yet again spoken to the common man and come up with some pretty darn good ideas. So go and vote and be a true American common person too. It only costs 99 cents per vote and all proceeds go to paying Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher's back taxes.

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am I the only one..

who recognizes this poster as a spoof on rabid conservatives?