Slime Attack on CO Senate Candidate Bob Schaffer Subjected to Serious Truth Test

From the states. -Patrick

Colorado is the site of one of the nation's most hotly contested U.S. Senate races. Republican Bob Schaffer, a strong conservative, faces a Democratic Congressman familiarly known to Coloradans as "Boulder liberal Mark Udall."

Two months ago a Denver Post reporter - apparently seeking some sort of investigative journalism award - penned a series of three front-page stories about Schaffer. The stories, based on sketchy sources, sought to implicate a trip Schaffer made as Congressman to the Marianas Islands with Jack Abramoff, forced labor, and sex slavery.

What started out as a newspaper story built on flimsy facts and half-truths was quickly appropriated by the Left side of the blogosphere (including Talking Points Memo) to include innuendo and outright slander about a Congressman known by reputation for his tremendous integrity (despite intense pressure, Schaffer honored a term-limits pledge and left Congress in 2002).

Over at Schaffer v Udall, we issued responses rebutting many of the claims, without trying to get sucked too deep into the slime of what we have labeled The Big Blue Lie Machine. It is clear this story has been framed to turn into a 30-second TV attack ad for the fall campaign, something designed especially to affect unaffiliated voters.

Fellow Colorado blogger Rossputin has taken the investigation further than we did at SvU, conducting a series of interviews to get to the bottom of this story and rebut the lies of the Left. Part one of his eight-part series was released today, both on his personal blog and on his guest spot at the Denver Post blog.

It would be good to help ensure Internet users find access to the truth. Whether you are keenly interested in helping a strong conservative candidate win in Colorado or just want to defend the good name and integrity of a good man, any links that can be sent to Rossputin's coverage of this story are appreciated. Please bookmark his site and follow the unfolding eight-part series.

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