The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman.

The results of the Iowa straw poll are not surprising to those of us who have watched the Republican lineup with some interest. If nothing else, the outcome highlights the failure of the extreme left and the Republican establishment’s failure to destroy her… Sarah Palin is waiting in the wings, while the political winds sweep away some of the chaff.

Either one of these ladies is more than capable enough to sweep the so-called Tea-Party to victory in 2012. That’s precisely the reason that both Michele and Sarah have both been attacked viciously and repeatedly by people of low character, who mask their venom under the cloak of media journalism. They have sold their souls to the Marxists who are sworn to our destruction. They are no longer the American media… they are the statist press.

As far as the Republican establishment is concerned, there is reason for their open hostility towards both Michele and Sarah. They know that if either of these two mini power-houses reaches the presidency, their days of rolling over at the first hint of opposition and going along to get along will be finished.

This should be a huge eye opener for all. It’s an absolute measure of the leftists’ and the Republican establishment’s real fear of both of these Conservative ladies. If it came to a choice between these two, I’d be hard pressed to make a choice.

It’s wild to watch the establishment’s support of Mitt Romney, who is purported to be the national GOP leader at this point. I’m not so sure. Romney still has some really serious flaws. Specifically, he still has not dealt with the anchor around his neck in the form of the Romneycare issue. His avoidance of the issue only makes him appear arrogant.

Rick Perry has thrown his hat in the ring… at last. Perry is another one who may please the establishment types. Some leftist types are singing his praises, a sure sign that he’s the one they want to run against. Perry has fatal political liabilities… his weakness on illegal immigration and his attempt to force the citizens of Texas to have their 11 and 12 year-old daughters inoculated for a cervical cancer virus transmitted by sexual activity. His advocacy of a trans-Texas super highway from Mexico has won him no friends among conservatives. I think his candidacy will falter when these things become common knowledge.

Ron Paul is Ron Paul… and the Paul ‘brownshirts’ were out in force, as usual. He doesn’t have a prayer of a chance. The Pawlenty ship never left the dock.

I’d like to know why Rick Santorum is being shunted to the side. I don’t think he can win and I have questions about where he stands on certain issues, but he should be heard. I don’t think Herman Cain can win either, but I really like the guy and I hope he sticks around. Hunter and McCotter are finito.

It’s going to be a really wild race. Don’t fall for the party BS. Stay focused on the goal in front of us.

Editor’s note: Tim Pawlenty just announced, on ABC’s ‘This Week’, that he has dropped out of the race.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2011

Islamo-Fascists Call For The Overthrow Of The British Government.

We should be observing the events in the United Kingdom very closely. The web has been inundated with calls from around the Arab world for British Muslims to create more chaos and to work to overthrow the government.

Riots or no riots, there are whole areas of London that the police won’t even go into without overwhelming force. Even my editor, Dee, who is a citizen of the UK (South Wales, to be more specific) sometimes refers to London as Londonistan. I can guarantee that slang term didn’t come about because a colony of Mennonites moved in.

Britain… whose economy was destroyed by trade unionism and the rise of a social-welfare system where everyone was guaranteed an income whether they worked or not. You can’t have a socialist society without the presence of a phenomenon which we have come to recognize as political correctness. In England it reached levels which, viewed from here, appeared to be pure insanity.

While police with full body armor (but no guns) try to contain the riots, children as young as nine loot the shops.

Englishmen, from whom sprang the seeds from which the greatest country in the history of the world was born, are not even permitted to protect their own homes and property from the country’s politically protected criminal class. A farmer who did, meaning he took his fowling piece to the foul bird he caught burgling his home, was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Other examples of such political correctness carried out to insane lengths are common throughout old ‘Blighty’.

The importation of tens of thousands of unassimilated, mostly uneducated immigrants, many in the country illegally, has Balkanized many of Britain’s neighborhoods where they congregate. Radical mosques throughout Britain have been calling for the destruction of Great Britain for many moons. Scared to death of these ‘enclaves’, the government has gone so far down the paths of self destruction that craven politicians have allowed Islamic Sharia courts to spring up around the country. In plain language, Britain’s cowardly political class has given away the country’s sovereignty.

Watching the shameful progression of events over in England as they unfold is an eduction and a looking glass into our future. Once the political battle is won here in 2012, much more attention needs to be paid to exposing the dangers posed by the un-American activities of subversive elements in this country.

In the meantime, we have but one task. That’s to support as many Constitutional Conservatives as we can in upcoming primary races… and incumbents as well, if they are found to be worthy. As I wrote on July 31, there’s a RINO hunt out there. If you’re a Republican who finds himself or herself on the receiving end… well, you can’t say you didn’t know.

Editor’s note: The story of Tony Martin, the farmer mentioned by Skip, can be found here:

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Companies owned by young entrepreneurs becoming more popular

The stock industry is dropping. Big companies are firing employees. Financial news is not exactly good. One often-ignored bright spot, however, is the 40 percent of Americans in their 20s to 40s starting their own companies. These small businesses are hugely essential in getting the economy back on track. The proof is here: Gen Y entrepreneurs approaching economic downturn as opportunity

The trend of Gen Y business owners

There are about 77 million “Gen Y” individuals in the U.S., according to estimates. Most Gen Y people were born in a certain time frame. It contains those between the mid-1970s and mid-1990s that were born. When compared to individuals over 30, there are twice as many individuals in this group that are unemployed. The unemployment statistics show this to be very clear. Some reports put the number of Gen Y business owners at 20 percent. Some researchers say that up to 40 percent of the generation want to or are preparing to start up their own businesses. The reasons are varied, but experts point to everything from a distrust of Wall Street and large companies to life experiences, such as watching parents be laid off during an economic downturn.

Slowly starting up companies

The age of business owns isn't tracked by the Small business administration which means it is hard to figure out what the ages of the typical small company owner is. Young business owners can join the “Our Time” organization. It believes that about 7,000 careers were created with 125 of its member businesses. This difference is specifically marked in rural areas and inner cities, where small businesses account for between 66 percent and 80 percent of all new careers created.

Getting all the cash figured out

There are not a lot of challenges in getting a small company started up for many young business owners. When it comes to beginning up, several people have a lot of reasons. The most common reasons involve student loans and start-up costs. The average start-up costs for business vary according to industry, but the average in 2006 was $10,000. Start-up costs can be done themselves for most small-business owners. Savings can be used to do this. Some entrepreneurship groups are lobbying congress to help young entrepreneurs by doing every little thing from forgiving student loans to helping with startup costs. Some entrepreneurs, however, aren't waiting and are instead turning to option funding sources such as Kickstarter to start their businesses.

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Headline Potpourri #22: Oslo Shooter, Tea Party Hobbits & Federal Pecker Patrol

An associate watching a home repair show informed of an episode where an owner could not get the permit to remodel unless he promised not to remove poison ivy on the property since it is classified as a "non-invasive species".

If the Oslo tragedy will be invoked to justify how guns and those questioning immigration are a threat to social order, can't it also be used as an example of why you shouldn't automatically obey someone in a police uniform since they might be an impostor?

I thought European social democracies had extensive gun control regulations.

The act of violence must remain the primary focus regarding the Oslo shooting tragedy. But isn’t it creepy that a political party is running a youth camp? Are the same tolerancemongers opposed to Promisekeepers rallies and the Answers In Genesis creation science museum going to speak out against such closed recreational associations and environments?

If one wants to hold to the relativistic multiculturalism derided by the Oslo attacker, on what grounds does one then condemn this atrocity? To do so appeals to a set of universal values above culture and individual preference.

Unlike the Palestinian mobs that took to the streets in celebration of 9/11, there are no Christians dancing in glee over the Oslo shootings.

If the Oslo gunmen did not exhibit a prominent place in his worldview for Jesus other than as an outdated phenomena, on what grounds can he be categorized as a Christian Fundamentalist?

If the Oslo shooter considers himself a Knight Templar, isn't Dan Brown actually more responsible than Sarah Palin, talk radio, or the Tea Party movement?

If Ron Paul insinuates we bring Islamists attacks on ourselves as a result of interventionist foreign policy, is he going to claim that Muslims brought the Oslo attacks upon innocent Norwegians as a result of belligerent Islamic migrations into Scandinavia?

If the Oslo terrorist killed primarily fellow Nordics, can his rampage be described as anti-Muslim? If so, when Muslims blow apart other Muslims, shouldn’t the act be considered at attack againt Christians?

Eventually, smart meters will turn off everyone's AC in the blistering heat. Not just those of the leftist dupes that have voluntarily signed up for these programs.

If MacDonald's intends to decrease the serving of fries and increase the serving of fruit or vegetables in Happy Meals, are they really happy meals anymore? This ought to be borderline false advertising. It is claimed this adjustment to the menu has been made in response to the demands of parents. Or is this change more out of fear of the termagant Frau Obama? If parents are really behind it, it is likely those annoying liberal ones that stuffed their faces with whatever they pleased as youngsters but demand of their own progeny a level of asceticism similar to that of a desert hermit.

According to the July 23, 2011 issue of New Scientist, future Artificial Intelligences may herd into preserves those humans not wanting to be transformed into cyborgs.

Insurance companies will be required to provide birth control materials at no cost to policy holders. If someone wants to screw, why shouldn’t the expense come out of their own pocket since doing so is a recreational luxury rather than a biological necessity.? Those wanting particular decongestants are often now having to pay for these medicines out of their own pockets. So why is a clear Eustachian tube less of a priority than a clear Fallopian tube?

Supposedly, America is to be a system of equality before the law and in terms of access to mandated benefits. So if insurers are mandated to pick up the expense for medical screenings of female parts, shouldn’t similar screenings be made for male parts as well or has our culture become so hyperfeminized that these have shrunken to such an extent as to have withered on the vine? Are men that die of prostate or testicular cancer not as dead as women that have passed away as a result of uterine or ovarian cancer?

If the Tea Party is full of Hobbits, does that make John McCain an Orcish Troll?

In the Lord of the Rings, Hobbits were portrayed as admirable characters. This species was noted for enjoying the simple pleasures of life yet was capable of summoning considerable courage when the situation called for it. In mocking them, elites such as William Kristol and John McCain are revealing the contempt they harbor for average Americans.

Chris Matthews insists it is an inappropriate outrage for anyone holder of elected office but the President to speak from behind a podium. Too bad this crazed drunk isn't as concerned about the actual provisions and clauses of the Constitution.

Interesting how a Muslim that wanted to be excused from duty in Afghanistan as a conscientious objector had no qualms about stockpiling weapons to be used against Americans.

A Virginia family was issued a $500 fine for rescuing a woodpecker from a cat. Next time, let the cat eat the d--n bird. This is no doubt proof that the law is not about protecting animals but about destroying liberty.

If the Fish & Wildlife Service can use VA state deputies to assist in executing warrants, why can't Arizona law enforcement ascertain the immigration status of detainees?

By Frederick Meekins

The Markets Do The Talking.

Obama really wants your money… that’s where his idea of ‘balance’ comes from. Can’t call it what it is, taxes… no, that wouldn’t do… ugly word, taxes… doesn’t sell very well. ‘Balance’, now… well, that’s just a hop, skip and jump from ‘shared sacrifice’, that old Clinton standby.

Taxes… that’s it. That’s the whole game plan. Your money, his distribution. He likes that. He loves spending money, as a matter of fact he’s already throwing more government goody ideas out there through his statist media outlets. New and improved unemployment extensions. More ‘shovel ready’ jobs that will go only to unions supporting ObaMao and the DeMarxists.

Raising the debt limit has given Obama another huge slush fund which he will use to full advantage against us. He’ll pump millions of our kids’ money into freedom loving organizations like SEIU and ACORN (in all of its new manifestations) who in turn use, as it has been proven, highly questionable and outright illegal methods in voter registration and in funneling unqualified voters through polls. These people are his foot soldiers. They don’t worry much about legality and some of the SEIU thugs have roughed up people, usually smaller or weaker than they are.

Billions and billions of dollars going into the coffers of the enemy, mostly because of the outright cowardice of the Republican leadership. Every single representative and senator who voted yes on the debt sellout had better have some pretty convincing reasons for doing so. Those that are trying to avoid their constituents, by not holding town hall meetings during this congressional break, need to be tracked down.

Look up your representatives’ home district offices and pay them visits. Be respectful. No one listens to obnoxious people. I said ‘respectful’… I didn’t say to be a door mat. You’re angry and you have every reason to be angry, and it’s okay to tell them so in a reasonable manner. That berserker stuff is strictly for the Marxists.

It’s just like last November, we’re just starting a little early, that’s all. Judging by the increasing number of people who write that they hadn’t been inclined to be activist until recently, we are on track for another astounding win. It’s up to us to put solid constitutional conservatives in office. It’s also up to us to punish those lawmakers whom we judge to have not performed the tasks we set for them.

Obama’s job approval ratings came out today. The markets have spoken. Apparently, they see much more clearly than Washington does what an unmitigated disaster these fool politicians have created for us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

If the passage of the horrible budget compromise sellout fiasco hasn’t got your goat, nothing will. I don’t know how the ‘so called’ Republican leadership is going to be able to lead the party, having lost the respect of the very people who put them in office.

If I didn’t know better, I’d be inclined to think that the Republicans were in cahoots with the DeMarxists. Or maybe I don’t know better. They’d sure have a hard time refuting it, given the craven political cowardice that they displayed before the country and the world.

“It was the best deal we could get”. We heard this repeated almost as many times as we’ve heard the ‘Anointed One’ bloviate. (Bloviate: To speak at length, especially in an inflated or empty way). That’s our president, okay. Unfortunately, it would appear that our leadership, our Republican leadership, has been playing understudy to the Bloviator-in-Chief.

It’s an absurdity beyond measure. The Constitutional Patriots that we elected and sent to the nation’s capital to do the will of the (now) seventy per cent of the American people who do not want to see the debt increased at all have been ignored by a weak, cowardly leadership… afraid of their own shadows.

My good friends over at the Patriot Action Network have published some nifty lists, showing just exactly who voted against the expressed will of the American people. Now, I’m not advocating just throwing these folks out with the trash, as much as some of them so richly deserve, and neither are the good folks over at PAN. They’ve listed the representatives who are going to be holding town hall meetings during this congressional ‘vacation’. (Gee… I wish I could afford a vacation). I wouldn’t want to be in some of these people’s shoes when the grilling starts. There are going to be some very pointed questions asked, and no doubt the continued tenure of many of these pols will hang on their answers.

The anger and sense of betrayal out here is palpable. It’s difficult to wrap your mind around the magnitude of the betrayal of the sworn leadership of our party. They actually came off of this debacle looking exactly like they were at the beck and call of the ‘Benighted One’.

Don’t let the Lame Stream and the Marxist agitprop organs discourage or disillusion you. This upcoming election is going to be a much bigger wipeout for the communists than last November was, and they know it. This upcoming election is going to be the most vicious trench-fight in American political history and you have to be prepared for it.

For you patriots who are looking for a home, the Patriot Action Network is the right place to start. Approaching 90,000 members nationwide, the network is bringing like-minded citizens together to defeat the Marxist monster that is destroying our country and our way of life. Once again, there are millions and millions of folks just like us. United we cannot be defeated. United we stand.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Washington – Government In A Bubble.

I’m convinced that Washington DC is, as we have long suspected, not in the same time line as the rest of us. Some, like me, would tend to say that Washington is existing in another universe altogether.

I’ve been waiting for an adult or two to show up. With the exception of twenty four Tea-Party Patriot Representatives who didn’t fold, regardless of the pressure placed on them by our own people, I haven’t seen a lot of intestinal fortitude out there.

I guess the one thing it did accomplish was to give us, out here in the trenches, a definitive ‘no fly’ list for the upcoming elections. There may be a good explanation why most of our Republican elected representatives caved in on the worst piece of legislation since TARP but, I haven’t seen one yet. At the very least there be some splainin’ to do.

Too soon we forget how much money has been thrown at and squandered by this gang of thieves. George Bush gave up his ‘conservative principles’ to ‘save the economy’ when he signed on to his own 185 billion dollar stimulus, an amount which, in view of subsequent events, seems like child’s play by comparison.

Then we were served up TARP on the half shell… 700 billion dollars to bail out financial institutions which should have been allowed to fail.

Setting aside for a moment the astronomically absurd concept of a government, any government forcing sound financial corporations into insolvency by forcing them to loan money to people who had not a prayer of fulfilling those commitments… that’s exactly what was done here.

Next came Obama’s 825 billion dollar DeMarxist slush fund, the money from which has been flowing into the coffers of the public sector unions since Obama’s ‘immaculation’ (thanks, Rush).

Short story gone sour: Trillions of dollars poured into a failed government by a failed president. A country in the grip of a depression, clearly caused by our own government’s ineptitude. The Repubic (thanks, Mark Levin) leadership, if that’s what it can be called, has sold us out time after time. Their price has been cheap, too… at least from the Marxist perspective. Stonewall, lie and prevaricate… rabble rouse and use cheap political invective and the Repubics will fold every time.

The Republicans are about to face the wrath that thus far has been reserved for ObaMao and his wannabe Trotskyite sycophants. There may have been some principled decisions among the Republicans. I hope so. And I hope there will be some defensible explanations for those decisions. The primary list is being put together as I write.

Washington has had it its own way for far, far too long. The cozy time-warp capsule that the beltway has existed in is about to burst. How ’bout a strong dose of reality, folks? The same reality you’ve been making the rest of us live in for the last four years.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

PG&E Pipeline Explosion Hushed by Calif. Public Utilities Commish?

One has to wonder why the media in California are not talking about the results of the investigation into the 2010 pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in San Bruno? It would seem like a natural story of a public utility's arrogance and negligence, but somehow few people are aware of the details.

You may recall the disaster that befell San Bruno, California when a 54-year-old pipeline exploded killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes. Afterward the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) was charged with investigating the incident and some of its findings are nothing short of shocking. (Download reportHERE)

The report seems to be going unnoticed by many, sadly, but it shows that Pacific Gas & Electric failed in so many areas that it almost seems criminal. Safety was ignored even back in 1956 when the pipeline was first laid.

According to the report, the original welds on the pipeline did not even meet the standards and engineering specifications in 1956.

Apparently, PG&E has a complete breakdown of records keeping, too. According to the report PG&E classified the pipeline that blew up as a "seamless pipe," instead of welded construction. Not only were the records wrong but it wasn't even possible for the pipe to be seamless. Because of the size of the pipe and the age it is impossible for it to have been of seamless construction.

These sort of errors in record keeping appear to be endemic with PG&E and this puts many such facilities at risk not to mention the people that live near them.

PG&E had been fined many millions already before the accident yet none of the problems endemic in its operations had been fixed. Naturally, PG&E has been claiming it needs more money, but even so the company had no problem spending $46 million on the Prop 16 campaign aimed at awarding the company a monopoly for providing California's energy needs.

So, why has this damning report been ignored so much? Why haven't politicians been screaming about this? Why has the media been so silent?

From The Gang Of Six To The Gang Of Twelve.

It really does sound like something out of Mao’s cultural revolution, doesn’t it? The Patriot Movement has been successful in ways that haven’t even become apparent yet. To the Marxists, our name is anathema. All you have to do is whisper “Tea-Party” around them and they go into paroxysms of vile invective, fit only for the streets of the slums they so love to perpetuate for their ‘plantation’ underclass.

Monday’s fiasco was no victory. What it was, was a classic display of Washington insider deal-making. I can tell you that the article I wrote, in which I began to explore the political necessity of replacing some or all of our party leadership, has drawn hundreds of comments. Although we haven’t had time to read them all, I assure you that we will within the next couple of days.

What you’re saying is surprising. Anger and disappointment… yes, there’s that in abundance. The country is a seething cauldron into which someone is poised to throw gunpowder. There is, however, a growing undercurrent of strength and determination.

It would be interesting to see a national census on the full numbers of the Patriot Movement, including those who agree with just about everything we stand for but do not necessarily identify themselves as tea-partiers. I’d be willing to venture to say that number could well run to a hundred million or more.

A new poll came out yesterday, saying that only 21% of the country identify themselves as liberal. This doesn’t bode well for the DeMarxists.

As Conservative Patriots, we have to take the lead in returning the country to sanity. The budget deal was a horrible piece of legislation that could only have been conceived in the fevered minds of the inside-the-beltway Republican establishment hacks. We know who all the players are, so I don’t need to go into that.

The Senate elections are coming up. We need to give some thought to who we will primary and then get strong conservatives to run in those races. Remember, no matter what they say… there are one hell of a lot more of us than there are of them. Let your voice be heard!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Such A Deal As There Never Was.

Washington and the beltway are in an ecstasy of self-congratulation. What we, as Patriots, are going to do about this travesty, this multiplicity of prevarication foisted on us by our own leadership, has yet to be seen, but if the mass of melted copper that used to comprise the Capitol’s phone systems is any indication, the proverbial ‘merde’ is about to hit the fan.

Most of us have been watching this whole thing unfold in our nation’s capital with undisguised anger, leavened by an equal amount of disgust. A number of us were, judging by the comments we’re receiving, willing to reserve some judgment. Most, like myself, were a much more skeptical bunch.

We’re going to have to give some serious consideration to a change in the Republican Party leadership, and soon at that. RINO hunting aside, if we don’t have leadership that will stand up to this cabal of leftist Marxi-Socialists, now comprising what used to be the Democrat Party, our country is in for some very rough times.

Watching these liberal forecasters try to paint some sort of rosy glow around what is a badly failed and dismal economy is comical in a tragic sort of way. They’ll grasp at any straw, no matter how tenuous, to try and convince you and I that the recovery is just around the corner if we’d just pay more for the government to ‘grow’ the economy.

So the deal that wasn’t becomes the deal that never was, and the deal that never will. They are touting the passage of this bi-partisan compromise as some great victory for Republicans and the country. It is neither. When anyone in Washington says ‘bi-partisan’ or ‘compromise’ it’s a sure indication we’re going to get the shaft.

What this is, is a call to action to all Tea-Party patriots to stand up and be counted. This is a fight that’s going to be won in the neighborhoods and the cities. It’s about time we let these so-called leaders, and every single senator and representative who voted to kite the debt and the massive spending again, know just exactly where we stand and where they stand with us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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