The Great RINO Hunt Of 2012.

I don’t know about y’all, but for my part it’s a good thing that work prevented me from doing articles for the past two days. I would have blown a gasket or something if I’d have had to comment on the wholesale inside-the-beltway sellout of the American people by both Democrats and Republicans.

Jeff Duncan, one of five S. Carolina Representatives to vote 'no'.

There are twenty two Republican members of the House of Representatives who stood firm in face of incredible pressure to fold. There is a story out there that maybe a couple of these were willing to vote ‘yes’, but were allowed by the leadership to vote ‘no’ once they had crossed the required vote threshold. But, for all practical purposes, it’s just these twenty two.

I’ve not felt this disgusted or betrayed since I realized, shortly after we elected George Bush, that we had a big government Republican on our hands, who would place no controls on his profligate Republican Congress. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Time after time, election after election, they’ve pulled this same stunt.

What we witnessed taking place in our nation’s capital was Beltway Tunnel Vision taken to the extreme. The so-called Boehner bill was DOA before it ever got voted on… we knew that going in. We were scammed from the beginning. So what it looks like to me is that the establishment Republican party, and the leadership that we elected, have decided to abrogate the promises that they swore to us that they would keep.

We have told them repeatedly… do the right thing and we’ll support you 100%. Break those promises and we’ll hound you out of office. I guess this is the establishment declaring war on the Tea-Party Patriots. It’s really too bad with all that’s at stake in 2012. But we have to make some serious changes in our leadership.

The establishment is strictly for and by the establishment. The party, the people and the country come last in their reckoning. RINO hunting will be one of the first items on our 2012 list… right up there with giving Barack Hussein Obama a well-deserved early retirement.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Stop! No Way, No How, Go No Further… Halt!

Somehow or other, they are working as hard to panic the populace as the president himself. The ‘Tea Party freshmen’ are in revolt, and good on them for it.

The establishment herd has panicked itself so badly that some of the more congenital idiots among the Republican ‘elite’ are actually suggesting that Conservative Republicans and Patriots are helping the Benighted One by opposing the Boehner bill.

That’s pretty desperate, and I understand that some of the arm-twisting in the House by the leadership is pretty intense. There are some who are waffling or just want to compromise to get the heat off their backs. You folks, you freshman patriots, are holding the line despite all they can do. Take heart. You’re an inspiration to us out here.

As of last night, Boehner does not have the votes to pass his really bad bill. Just in case he does, Harry Reid has already pronounced it DOA in the Senate and should it survive by some incredible happenstance, the August hand of Obama the First would be there to strike it down with the scimitar of his peerless veto pen.

House conservatives are threatening to filibuster the bill if it should go forward… and we encourage them to do all that and more. Remember, when one of these RINO patsies rounds down on you, you have the complete support of the entire Patriot Movement… tens of millions of us. Estimates range as high as 60 million very angry and very motivated patriots out here, which is plenty enough to turn any election.

How soon we forget the total ass-kicking of last November. Aside from the overwhelming Republican victories in the House, some twenty three state legislatures went GOP. Stunning figures that were echoed in cities and counties throughout the states.

This bill, and the others just like it, are emblematic of what passes for reasoning, or lack of it, in the Republican establishment. If it was the military, heads would roll, careers finito. Hell, in the private sector, heads would roll. The bill solves nothing… it saves nothing… this is a leadership problem.

Don’t let up on these guys for a second. Don’t take your eyes off of them for a lot less than that.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Balance the Budget: Now is the Time


ARRA News Service - Tina Korbe, Hot Air said: When “Cut, Cap and Balance” failed the Senate and both chambers of Congress regrouped around new plans, the first to go of the three crucial elements in the House’s original plan was a balanced budget amendment. Neither of the deficit reduction plans presently on the table provides for the passage of a BBA. It’s also the element of CCB most frequently decried as unrealistic. But political lights from Thomas Jefferson to Ronald Reagan have called for such an amendment, as this video from GOP Labs illustrates. Let President Obama say, “We don’t need more studies; we don’t need a balanced budget amendment.” If ever any unfolding drama proved the need for such an amendment, the drama of the past week has been it. Leave cuts to Congress and what do you get? CBO-certified gimmicks on both sides — even on the side of one sincerely trying to garner savings, one who says he also “wanted more.”


President Reagan Said in a Speech to the Nation on Federal Budget, 4/29/1982: As former President Ronald Reagan says in this video, “Most Americans understand the need for a balanced budget and most have seen how difficult it is for the Congress to withstand the pressures to spend more. … We tried the carrot and it failed. With the stick of a balanced budget amendment, we can stop government’s squandering and overtaxing ways and save our economy.”

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Same Old Song, Different Dance.

Citing three respected Republican presidents, none of whom would have given Barack Hussein Obama the time of day, the Anointed One rushed once again to put his mug and carny pitch in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time.

It was fifteen minutes of soundbites of everything Obama has said in the last two and one half years. It was enough to gag a maggot… though if you’re into having other people’s money, I guess you were in Nirvana.

Obama shouldn’t be surprised if his little campaign speech doesn’t make anyone swoon with admiration at his eloquence. That’s what comes from having heard it all before… only this time we’re ready for him. All Obama could do was to excoriate the GOP for their intransigent stubbornness in not embracing his magnanimous offer to complete the devastation that he and his Marxists have so assiduously wrought.

Speaker of the House John Boehner’s reply had no soaring rhetoric, nor pleas for revenues derived from the coffers of the ‘rich’. It simply laid out the Republican position. Meanwhile, our glorious leader proclaimed loudly how the ‘rich’ had ‘stepped up before’. More of Obama’s tax the rich. You know… those millionaires and billionaires and their horrible loopholes.

You see, only a skilled guest lecturer-cum- community organizer, someone for whom someone else has always paid the freight, could fail to recognize that none of us has ever gotten a job from a poor man.

What this is, and why it is so important that Speaker Boehner and the rest of the Republican leadership do not waver, is that this is Obama’s own war with the middle class in America. The middle class is the only barrier between ObaMao and the complete communist takeover of this country. Don’t kid yourselves, Obama is running scared. If he gets any more rattled, he’ll have to wear Depends.

The truth here is that this Conservative agenda is Tea-Party driven. The Patriot Movement has grown exponentially since 2008, and we’ve gained in knowledge and sophistication. We’ve become a real force to be reckoned with. We’ve literally supplied the spine that the Republicans have shown thus. The heat is unremitting and the Tea-Party Patriots are just warming up.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

The Political Circus Continues.

John McCain surfaced long enough to throw a few more harpoons at the Republican Conservatives with his endorsement of Mitch McConnell and the so-called ‘gang of six’. John has had experience with gangs, remember? It’s easy to see that McCain is as wrong-headed on this as he is on illegals.

His mantra in an interview he did on Sean Hannity’s radio program was “We don’t have the votes, we don’t have the votes”. Please, John… you’re really peeing on the parade. Be like the ‘Old Soldier’ and ‘just fade away’.

In fact, Republicans and a few Democrat allies in the Senate came within three Democrat votes of passing the bill. With the economy in shambles it should be possible to turn some of the Democrat Senators that are facing re-election… instead of having our efforts scattered all over hell n’ gone with self-seeking RINO politicians showboating with harebrained schemes, which only work to further the shadow of Marxist domination over this country.

All I know is that my state, my county, my city and my friends are hurting. I don’t know of one person or family who has not been impacted by the wildly irresponsible spending gorge that Obama’s government has orchestrated. People go around with worried expressions. They aren’t spending any more money than they absolutely have to. They plan their trips, even around town, to use the least amount of fuel possible.

People are hoarding food… this isn’t like the millennium. People see what’s going on or, more precisely, what isn’t going on in this country, and they are very worried and are being even more conservative about the way they lead their day to day lives.

The word out here is ‘no more taxesno debt increase‘. For us, 2012 just can’t come fast enough.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

There Is No Easy Way Out.

And there hasn’t been for some time. Generations of politicians have kicked the budget and spending issues along their primrose paths seeking, as politicians will when not closely scrutinized, to enhance themselves and their hold on power by dispensing largess and favors at the expense of the American people.

Both parties are culpable here… no doubt about it. It’s also plain to anyone with other than a fundamental knowledge of history, that the Democrat Party has been infiltrated and fundamentally radicalized over the last 51 years, beginning in the 1960s.

The Weather Underground - a breakaway SDS group.

As a budding investigative reporter in college, I infiltrated some SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) meetings. It was pretty much pure Marx. Their political activism was along the lines of Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals, which is still the mother’s milk of DeMarxists today.

So we have the communists parading as social progressives, advancing more and more socialist aims, with a Republican Party and leadership only too happy to go along to get along with the Democrats and not be seen as the bad guys… A position they seemed to have a congenital affinity for letting the DeMarxist demagogues paint them into.

Now we’ve reached the moment of truth. The truth is that we are sick to death of government at all levels. The Marxist cabal, now calling itself our government, has for two years done every single thing in its considerable power to bring down the economy of the United States of America and its people.

The Marxist cabal is a failure, as all such Marxist schemes are, and the rats are starting to look over their shoulders looking for a place to bail when the crap hits the proverbial fan, which it will do before too long.

But in the meantime, there’s just this one nagging issue. Republicans… hear us well. You helped get us here. You’re only a little less culpable than the leftists. You begged us to help you get elected so you could lead the conservative charge to a smaller, fiscally responsible government with less business-killing regulation.

We won’t take a sellout… not now. The back-blast from a Republican sellout on this issue, by conservatives and patriots, will not be pretty… guaranteed.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Shining The Light On Laser Pointer Penalties

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced plans to impose fines as high as $11,000 upon those caught shining laser pointers into airplane cockpits.

Exposure to the beam emitted by such a device can result in temporary blindness, thus theoretically resulting in a major air catastrophe if a flight crew were unexpectedly incapacitated.

In a sense, such a regulation is all good and called for.

However, one can't but help ask the question how the perpetrators of such malfeasance can be identified at such a distance.

One account categorized the proposed penalty as civil rather than criminal in nature.

As such, it should be pointed out that the threshold to impose such are often lower and occasionally do not afford those they are leveled against with the traditional procedural protections of the judicial system.

In light of the way certain regulations regarding drug possession are implemented, these enforcement operations could end up being as much about raising revenue and seizing desired property as it is about making the skies a friendlier place to fly.

For example, under certain instances of civil penalties and forfeiture, those ultimately cleared of any criminal wrong doing in regards to the drug offenses leveled against them do not necessarily have their property returned to them despite never having been convicted as a part of due process.

Often assorted agencies end up retaining the seized objects and parcels or require those such possessions should rightly revert back to to go through additional bureaucratic procedures that consume both time and resources. This is for the purpose of pressuring the individual to relent to the seizure of their property and to further enrich the lawyers for whom the regulatory behemoth was ultimately designed to benefit.

The reasoning is that such property could potentially be used in a future crime. And in the case of an automobile seized from the owner despite the fact that it was being driven by someone else at the time of a contraband interdiction, the standard reply goes something like, "Well, you should have been more careful as to whom you let borrow your car so we are going to auction it off now anyway ."

Thus, will fines for the shining of laser pointers into jetliner cockpits be issued against the person actually aiming the device or rather the title holder of the land from which the beam originated?

Eventually, if an area has a disproportionate number of laser pointer incidents or even the potential for a disproportionate number of laser pointer incidents, the government will step in to preemptively snatch the property in question. What they then decide to do with the disputed parcel may have nothing whatsoever to do with enhancing air travel safety but more about rewarding contributors in real estate development.

Vigilance against the terrorist menace out to destroy the American way of life is essential. However, perhaps even more imperative is keeping an eye on those that would use this threat to undermine life, liberty, and property.

By Frederick Meekins

Obama; At War With America.

What they haven’t told you… the switchboards in the Capitol were melted down yesterday, and again today, as America gave voice to long pent up anger.

Congressional staffers were pushed to the limit, trying to justify wildly unpopular stands taken by some members over the debt and cost cutting issues, as scheme after scheme by the Republican leadership and that little RINO herd are revealed to be completely empty promises of massive cuts ‘over the next ten years’.

We have plenty to deal with sorting out our own party and its leadership, but we cannot for a second take our eyes off of the goal of removing the worst president in US history, Barack Hussein Obama.

All else aside, Obama’s defeat is, and will remain, the primary goal of Conservative Patriots… but in the process we’re going RINO hunting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Newsflash! Tea Party Congresscritters hypocritical on spending!


July 19, 2011 Cost-Cutters, Except When the Spending Is Back Home


WASHINGTON — Freshman House Republicans who rode a wave of voter discontent into office last year vowed to stop out-of-control spending, but that has not stopped several of them from quietly trying to funnel millions of federal dollars into projects back home.

They have pushed for dozens of projects in their districts, including military programs opposed by the president, replenishing beach sand lost to erosion, a $700 million bridge in Minnesota and a harbor dredging project in Charleston, S.C. Some of their projects were once earmarks, political shorthand for pet projects penciled into spending bills, which Republicans banned when they took over the House.

An examination of spending bills, news releases and communications with federal agencies obtained under the Freedom of Information Act shows that nearly two dozen freshmen have sought money for projects that could ultimately cost billions of dollars, while calling for less spending and banning pork projects.

Politicians have long advocated for projects on behalf of individuals and businesses back home, even without earmarks. Several lawmakers said they were merely providing a constituent service. But since many of the freshman Republicans campaigned on a pledge to cut spending and to change Washington’s time-honored ways, their support of spending projects suggests that in many cases ideology can go only so far in serving the needs of people back home.

Lawmakers like Representative Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina, who advocated for the harbor dredging project with other members of the South Carolina delegation, insist their requests are neither earmarks nor wasteful. “This was a merit-based project that was open and transparent,” said Mr. Scott, who helped secure $150,000 for the first phase of a harbor-deepening project in Charleston, his hometown. The project is expected eventually to cost as much as $300 million. Mr. Scott, a favorite of the Tea Party movement, said he is opposed to earmarks and that dredging the port was in the national interest because it would accommodate bigger cargo ships and help create trade opportunities and jobs.

The Obama administration did not agree and did not include the project in the Army Corps of Engineers budget. As a result Mr. Scott and Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, who tried to earmark financing for the project last year, threatened in April at a news conference in Charleston to tie up the government unless the project was approved. Mr. Graham also pledged to hold up President Obama’s nominees in the Senate. After the threat by Mr. Graham and lobbying by Mr. Scott and other members of South Carolina’s Congressional delegation, the corps agreed to pay for the dredging.

“Persistence pays off,” Mr. Scott said. “We knew dredging the Port of Charleston was a worthy project, and we were persistent in ensuring that the corps knew that, too.”

In some cases, freshman support for the financing of projects in their districts have put them in opposition to other members of the Republican Party who are calling for deep spending cuts and the elimination of hundreds of federal programs they consider wasteful.

Early this year, the Republican Study Committee, a conservative House caucus, opposed a program that replaces sand on the nation’s beaches as one of several wasteful programs, estimating that scrapping the program would save the government about $95 million.

”Beach erosion is a natural process, and spending in this area may not be effective,” the group said. “In addition, this spending is more properly the responsibility of states, localities and private landowners.”

But when the measure to kill the program came up for a vote last February, Representative Jon Runyan, a former professional football player and freshman Republican from New Jersey, opposed it, and it was overwhelmingly defeated. In his news release, Mr. Runyan, who had run a campaign on ending the “fiscal insanity” in Washington, boasted of his efforts in getting continued money for replenishing the sand on the beaches in his district.

Last year, the Democratic lawmaker whom Mr. Runyan defeated requested more than $20 million in earmarks to replace the sand on New Jersey’s beaches. On Tuesday, Mr. Runyan defended the program. “Beach replenishment projects are vital to protecting New Jersey’s 127 miles of coastline from violent storms,”  he said in an e-mailed statement.

On the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, local officials and members of Congress have pushed for a new four-lane bridge over the St. Croix River that was co-sponsored by Representative Sean P. Duffy, a Wisconsin freshman Republican, and Representative Michele Bachmann, the three-term Minnesota Republican who is running for president.

Opponents labeled the bridge an earmark, but Mr. Duffy and Mrs. Bachmann said the bridge was critical to handle increased traffic that an 80-year-old bridge nearby can no longer handle alone. They defend the spending by arguing that it was not an earmark since there were no specific costs listed in the bill itself, nor is it a financing bill. The legislation calls only for a bridge to be built.

The National Park Service has opposed the project, saying it would violate the Wild and Scenic River Act by harming the river’s scenic and recreational qualities.

Last March, while the House was drafting the military authorization bill, 22 freshman Republicans wrote a letter to the House leadership requesting more military spending than President Obama had requested.

Many of the signees included members whose districts have a large military presence or big defense contractors like Representative Steven M. Palazzo, a Mississippi freshman. During his campaign, Mr. Palazzo told voters that he favored banning earmarks, saying it would “help restore the people’s faith in their government.”

But once in office, Mr. Palazzo voted with other Republicans to slash millions of dollars from the military bill, only to add an amendment later to restore the money. Mr. Palazzo’s amendment put back about $150 million for a combat ship that would be built at Ingalls Shipbuilding in his Pascagoula district. He also secured $10 million to buy land for training facilities for the Army National Guard, and $19.9 million for the ship’s preliminary design and feasibility studies. Several of these programs were earmarks of Mr. Palazzo’s Democratic predecessor.

“I am glad to be able to help ensure the long-term viability of our shipbuilding industry and the thousands of craftsmen that build the ships,” Mr. Palazzo said in a statement. Asked about the financing, Mr. Palazzo’s press secretary, Hunter Lipscomb, said the programs were not earmarks because the congressman did not request funds for any specific project, but merely to transfer funds to increase spending on the programs. “The way the authorized funding will be spent will be up to the Department of Defense,“ Mr. Lipscomb said.

Barclay Walsh contributed research.


Is It A Sell – Boehner – Out – McConnell – Sell – Cantor – Out – Coburn – Sell – Jordan – Out?

Once upon an election, we entrusted the Republican leadership with guiding our nation away from the yawning abyss that Barack Obama has built. I’ve been watching the incredible circus which has characterized the debt ceiling and ‘spending cut’ negotiations so far. It’s incredible to watch all of these RINO sellouts fall all over themselves to give ObaMao and his lackeys everything they want.

What is astonishing to me is that this is after all the smoke and mirrors are peeled away, and America gets to see just what an immense rip-off of our children’s futures is being crafted, as usual, mostly behind closed doors.

Equally astonishing is that these respective lawmakers are purposefully making themselves deaf to the absolute cacophony of very pointed protest coming from the now over 75 per cent of the American people who don’t want an increase in the debt ceiling.

It seems that the RINOs of the Republican leadership have all shown us their true colors, which from where I’m sitting seem to be various shades of yellow.

Mark Levin came out yesterday and said we should primary their asses. Whoops, that won’t fly on some of my affiliates so we’ll say something safely generic like ‘butts’.

If these scheming, treacherous snakes think they’re going to make lame agreements with not a prayer of them ever being honored, while the country is sold out again… being primaried will be the least of your worries. We’ll run conservatives against you and you will lose. We’ll turn the full power of the Tea Party Patriots to seeing that you’re run out of office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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