Church Financially Rewards Unwed Motherhood

Featured in a twitter post I stumbled across was a promotional by a church promising to give $100 to every single mother that shows up at the congregation for Mother's Day.

If a family lives as some of these fundamentalist churches demand, with dad working and mom at home, they are bringing in no more income than a household headed by a single mother In many instances, single mothers are no more necessarily deprived materially than an intact single income family.

So why doesn't a church handing out $100 to every single mother also give the reward to families that have stayed together as well?

If a church plans to give $100 to every single mother on Mother's Day, do they plan to give $100 to every single father on Father's Day?

Likewise, if a pastor is going to use Father's Day to bash the shortcomings of the contemporary father, shouldn't they use Mother's Day to bash the shortcomings of the contemporary mother?

Why is anyone deserving of a reward in most instances on the basis of their failed relationship status? Jesus can forgive if you ask, but sometimes you must live with the consequences of your actions.

For example, where an associate of mine works there is a woman that has procreated multiple times with nearly as many men. Both my associate and his coworker make around the same amount, with her perhaps a bit more. So should my associate be punished because he has made proper decisions in life and as a result have to subsidize someone that has made less advantageous ones?

Perhaps on Mother's Day in churches where this kind of commemoration is taking place, singles that have not yet reproduced and couples living in the context of intact unbroken marriages should consider withholding their tithes from the collection plate for that particular week.

Scripture says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. As such, anyone feeling a tugging on their heart that they are in need of forgiveness should be welcomed at a church.

Often it is insisted that at the foot of the cross all are equal and that one repentant sinner cannot look down on what another did before coming to Christ. If so, then do not extend a tangible reward to those that have engaged in particular behaviors while withholding it from those that have in good faith lived by the expectations of the group.

by Frederick Meekins

Ohio Hampton Inn Entangled in HUD Loan Gone Sour.


  In 1998 Hampton Inn Developers including John Helline were granted federal loans to open a Hampton Inn in Massillon, Ohio, But since that time the developers have been unable to make the annual payments on the $2.25 million in federal loans.

    However Mayor of Massilion Frank Cicchinelli, has used taxpayer's money to make payments on the loans for the privately owned Hampton Inn. In 2010 Massillon paid $211,000 from it's federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and to date has paid over $1.4 million dollars on the loan.    


As posted on :



With unanimous council approval, the city took out a federal $2.25 million, 20-year Section 108 Loan administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The loan can be used for “economic development, housing rehabilitation, public facilities rehab, construction or installation for the benefit of low- to moderate-income persons, or to aid in the prevention of slums.” The public-private partnership is known as Canalview Center.


Technically, the city does not make a mortgage payment; it pays on the loan. The city took out the loan from HUD, securing it with payments from the developer and the CDBG.


In turn, the city loaned $2.25 million to Downtown Massillon Hotel Ltd. The developer’s loan from the city is secured by a mortgage on the hotel property. The city is a second mortgage holder. A bank holds the first mortgage, which Helline said is being paid with private dollars.


To date, the city has paid $1,416,985 million using the CDBG, while the developer has paid the city $777,851. Of the $2.2 million paid so far from both sources, $1.5 million is on the principal.




Like the Section 108 loan, the CDBG can be used for a variety of projects that benefit low- to moderate-income areas. The city has used the money to pave roads, provide housing assistance and to support social service agencies, such as the Salvation Army and Boys andGirls Club.




At the time the project was approved, the city received more than $1 million for the CDBG, but by 2010 the city’s share was down to $789,000. Community Development Director Aane Aaby recently cut the proposed budget by 15 percent, a reaction to deep federal cuts to the program.











  Essentially  Cicchinelli is robbing Peter to pay Peter, but in 2010 Development Director Aane Aaby stated that the city would save $500,000 through 2019 when the loan will be retired. Aaby stated that current interest rates range from 7.5 percent to 8 percent, but could drop below 1 percent if refinanced. When the loan were refinanced last year, records show the city owes $380,000 of interest and $1.725 million in principal on the loan. It refinanced last year through HUD, saving $98,000 in interest over the final eight years. Saving only a fifth of what Aaby initially said the city would save.






Former Abu Ghraib General Ricardo Sanchez to run as Democrat for Kay Bailey Hutchinson Senate Seat


   Ever wondered what happened to the guy that was in charge during the Abu Ghraib detainee abuse debacle. Well obviously  he is eyeing Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson's Senate seat in Texas, and getting help from Dems. The Former three star general Ricardo Sanchez stated in a press release on Monday, that he is considering running for the U.S. Senate in Texas as a democrat, and he even agreed that Democrats may have recruited him to force Republicans to pour money into the race.





        Sanchez a self admitted "progressive", and Fiscal Conservative has stated that he will run as a democrat, not because of the push from the left to make its presence felt in the ever red state of Texas, but because of his upbringing in the border town of the Rio Grande City  were he was born to poor Mexican parents. As reported on Sanchez stated that:   

“The people need to hear the truth. . . . .  They may not be receptive, they may not like it,” Sanchez said. “That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t tell the American people, and the people of Texas, what the truth is. . . .


“You can’t shy away from the difficult issues. You have to lay out the difficulties and the variables that must be changed to control the situation and to restore America’s and Texas’ greatness.”


“I came from a broken home. I attended public schools my entire time. My family was on welfare most of my days growing up here in Texas,” Sanchez said.“So I understand the processes, the challenges, the factors that play on our poor. I understand the despair and also the desire to succeed and to try to get out of poverty."


“And it’s about providing opportunity, and it’s not about blaming the people who are poor for being poor because of broken family structures or whatever,” he added. “It’s about being able to give them that opportunity that will break the cycle of poverty, give them the education they need to be able to open those doors that will make them successful.


“It’s about reinforcing family values that help America across the board and also allows us to reinforce the greatness of the country.”



 The facts are that Texas is getting younger, and the Hispanic population is on the rise. Which Sanchez knows will give him a slight edge over the GOP front runner Texas LT.Governor David Dewhurst.



“Both of those groups have been pretty favorable to Democrats recently,” he said. “Obviously, the caution for them is they don’t know when in the future it’s going to cross over and become a competitive state. Right now, it’s still a Republican state.”

    On paper Sanchez looks strong except his decision making ability, and willingness to bend the rule to fit his needs. In 2004 accounts of torture taking place in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq were released. Picture depicting prisoner with leashes around there necks, and being stacked on top of one another nude were seen in the press.   In 2004 Washington Post reported that documents clearly stated what tactics were to be used, but the then General saw the need for very little oversight in implementing the interrogation tactics used on prisoners in Abu Ghraib.                 


    "One of the documents, an Oct. 9 memorandum on "Interrogation Rules of Engagement," which each military intelligence officer at Abu Ghraib was asked to sign, sets out in detail the wide range of pressure tactics approved in September and available before the rules were changed on Oct. 12. They included methods that were close to some of the behavior criticized this March by the Army's own investigator, who said he found evidence of "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuse" at the prison.


The document states that the list of tactics in the memorandum is derived from a Sept. 10, 2003, "Interrogation and Counter-Resistance Policy" approved by Combined Joint Task Force-7, which Sanchez directs. While the document states that "at no time will detainees be treated inhumanely nor maliciously humiliated," it permits the use of yelling, loud music, a reduction of heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, and "stress positions" for as long as 45 minutes every four hours -- all without first gaining the permission of anyone more senior than the "interrogation officer in charge" at Abu Ghraib.


               Why would Americans want another politican to feel the need to make life changing decisions for them without actually hearing what the people wanted, or deceiving them all together. Although Sanchez has pulled himself from the depths of poverty to rise to the heights of becoming a Three Star General. A man still has to be judge by his actions, and Sanchez's actions cost many their careers, respect, and altered lives forever for the worst not only for the Abu Ghraib Prisoners, but the American Soldiers under his command. 



And Round One Goes To…

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Former Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) was the clear winner in last night’s GOP debate. He was energetic, focused, and on message. He handled the question about his former support of cap and trade very well. “We did the research and discovered it was a bad idea. I was wrong.” As long as the big names stay out (Huckabee, Gingrich, Daniels, Romney, Palin), he has to be considered the frontrunner, and may still be even after some of them enter.

Herman Cain (R), and former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) also distanced themselves from the rest, but each had some problems as well. Cain is clearly uncomfortable talking about foreign policy, and while a FairTax supporter, his defense of it was very weak. Santorum seemed defensive and awkward at times and used the word ‘I’ far too often. Still, both of them were on message more than they were off.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX-14) was, well, Ron Paul. He speaks the libertarian game very well. But too many mainstream conservatives regard him as a wacko for him to be considered a serious threat. Still, any support he gets just shows the GOP that they need to consider the ideas of the libertarians. Every time he opens his mouth though,  I get a knot in my stomach from wondering what he’s going to say.

And that brings us to the last of our intrepid debaters, former Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM). How can I put this? Well, he stunk. I honestly hope I don’t have to sit through another debate with him as a participant. He was petulant and stumbled through his answers. His answer on how he’d respond to pro-life critics (he’s pro-choice) was terrible. His drug answers weren’t much better. And he just seemed very uncomfortable up on stage. In fact, his only good moment of the night was during his closing statement. It was the only time he looked like he was having fun, and he got in a plug for his website.

Focus groups thought that Cain won the debate and Santorum came in second. I’d say that Cain gained the most last night, but I don’t think he won. Still, he was good enough that people are going to start paying attention to him, which is what he needs. Santorum’s high praise was due almost entirely to his attack on ObamaCare which was very well done.

In all, I think that the heavyweights that skipped this one made a mistake. It was a very good debate, and clearly it’s going to give momentum to Pawlenty, Cain, and Santorum heading into the summer.

Opinions on debates tend to be highly subjective, and depend, more often than not, on your presupposed opinions before the debate even started. Therefore, I present the following videos of the debate in its entirety, so that you may watch and judge for yourself.

No Body, No Pictures – “Trust Us”.

When one of your kids tells you a plausible tale, and then proceeds to change the story… several times, you can safely assume that you’re being taken for a walk down the primrose path. Hopefully, it’s just youthful high-jinks and not a symptom of other underlying issues.

Likewise, when our government makes a spectacular claim of achievement and then changes its story several times, virtually within hours… and then several more times daily for almost a week… well, something just isn’t right.

Couple that to this regime’s record for veracity. Is it any wonder that most of the country’s mood about this whole thing is uniformly skeptical, now that the first flush of exuberance over the execution of the # 1 most visible terrorist in the world, and the admitted mastermind of the murder of three thousand Americans, is over?

This Marxist cabal, masquerading as a legitimate government, has for two and a half weary years lied through their eye-teeth and every other orifice they possess. The definition of insanity being repeating the same action with negative results over and over again.

Nothing can take away from the magnificent performance of our special forces people around the globe. These heroes’ deeds go largely unsung in their unending war with Islamic terror. The unvarnished truth is that these dedicated “best of the best” understand, as do I, that we are in a world war right now. A war without borders or rules other than kill or be killed, and the measure of how good you really are is how long you live.

This war, which the pantywaists in our government refuse to call a war, would have already washed over us had it not been for the sacrifice of our military. The surest indication of that is the treatment of, or the supposed treatment of, the corpse of Bin Laden. Instead of rolling that filth up in a pigskin with a mouth full of pig testicles and dumping him in the main square in Islamabad, we gave him a deep six burial… with a forty minute diatribe disguised as a prayer service in Arabic, no less. Wanna bet it was at the direct orders of Hussein Obama?

What about Daniel Pearl, Obama? Remember him? Your scumbag friends couldn’t wait to show the Jewish boy screaming his life away as they cut his throat. We want to see the pictures… we want to see the evidence.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Our Intelligence And Special Ops Triumph Over The Worst Obama’s Marxists Can Do.

From all reports, it was a nearly flawless operation with the exception of the loss of one helicopter. We’ll probably never know all of the details, nor should we. Special operations / black ops are just that… highly clandestine, and therefore almost always top secret.

It’s also a singular truth that the left, starting with Jimma Boy Carter, has been steadily eroding our intelligence community’s ability to defend our country’s interests throughout the world. Even Carter’s bumbling incompetence couldn’t match the decimation of the ‘first most ethical administration in US history’… that of Billy Jeff Clinton. He, Hillary, and the rest of the Marxists in his government, did their best to decimate not only the intelligence community and cripple their ability to do their jobs, but leaked classified information at every opportunity.

Our ‘assets’ (agents and informers) were compromised all over the world, and many lost their lives to this shameful treason… the Clintons, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose husband Richard Blum has been in bed with the Chicoms for over 25 years. Deeply embedded, I should say. He and his leftist wife have made multiple millions of dollars, literally on the backs and bodies of our gallant and magnificent military. This is the pedigree that our increasingly onerous Hussein Obama brings to the table. Another snake in a long line of snakes.

In my article the day before yesterday I alluded that this operation was not any great act of courage by the Enlightened One, but rather the culmination of ten years of hard and concentrated work set in motion by George Bush. Obama never would have made such a move on his own.

What happened was that he was forced into giving his ok for the operation. Obama, the great lover of all things Muslim, would never have given up his icon except under huge political duress. He was faced with the political certainty that if he buried this intel, someone would release it during the hottest part of the 2012 election cycle and that, on top of the rest of his dismal performance, would put finis to his second term aspirations.

The surest indication of the truth of this is that Obama didn’t get the ratings ‘bounce’ of which the left was so palpitatingly expectant. It didn’t happen. Nothing Obama can say or do is going to sway the American people, no matter what the legions of his Lame Stream Media have to say about it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tweets Regarding Bin Ladin's Demise

Bin Ladin is supposedly dead. A million plus terrorists to go.

The death of Bin Ladin ends the war on terrorism the same way the capture of Saddam ended war in Iraq.

Now that Bin Ladin is supposedly dead, expect Qaddaffi to attempt to regain his crown as king of all terrorists.

Bin Ladin's compound is surrounded by 18 foot walls. Can't help but admire his taste in architecture and real estate.

Bin Ladin is said to have died amongst his wives and children. Given enough time, Albert Mohler and radical homeschoolers will eventually speak more highly of this mass murderer than Christian singles that have never married.

Obama says Bin Ladin was a mass murderer of Muslims. What about the Christian and Jewish victims of Islamist terrorism?

Obama insisting that Bin Ladin is a murderer of Muslims without referencing victims of other religions will certainly assure America that the President is a Christian and not a Muslim as he insists.

Interesting news of Bin Ladin's death announced on a Communistic/occultuc holiday.
Guess Bin Ladin was given up as a Beltane offering by globalist elites. An article linked to on the Drudge Report points out Hitler also declared dead on a May 1. The dark hidden powers of this earth must demand the sacrifice of their favorites on Beltane.

Mark these words: don't know of what ideology the character will be; but 66 years from now on this very day, the world will be celebrating the death of another figure that will be considered the great blight of that era in history. Hence forward, that proclamantion shall be heralded as the Meekins Prediction.

Bin Ladin's wives taken into custody. US will likely dish out larger social security checks to them than the average American under 45 will ever see

Bin Ladin's body was disposed of in compliance with Islamic customs. It should have been dragged down the street by a wagon pulled by pigs driven by Hooters girls and then buried in women's underwear.

If Osama really wasn't a legitimate Muslim as Obama insists, why was Bin Ladin's body treated in accordance with Islamic custom?

At least Bin Ladin had a body of dispose of. That's more than the families of 9/11 victims were given.

Wonder if the federal government was as respectful of the killed Branch Davidians or the Randy Weaver family.

If Bin Ladin is supposedly buried at sea, what proof do we have that he is really dead?

Fifty years from now, some History channel producer will make a fortune broadcasting documentaries whether or not Bin Ladin actually perished at the hands of American military personnel.

Apparently not one dumb ass in the White House realized chucking Bin Ladin overboard is going to contribute to the greatest conspiracy theory of the 21st century?

Feeding whoever it was captured quickly to the sharks certainly cuts out the possibility for independent verification.

Even in attempting to do something on behalf of the United States, Obama has to insert his nose into the rear ends of the ragheads

I guess Daniel Pearl's and Nick Berg's severed heads were treated with all the respect due the adherents of the Western monotheistic tradtions.

Those turned off by the "celebrations" regarding Bin Ladin's demise should be asked their opinion of the Palestinians celebrations that erupted regarding 9/11.

Bin Ladin is supposedly dead. As any comic book or history reader knows, this is just the opening chapter of the next story.

Wasn't Megatron buried at sea in the first live-action Transformers movie. Look how long that lasted. More than one alleged supervillian popped back from his alleged demise. In the 1980's G.I.Joe comic, readers thought Cobra Commander had been murdered but wasn't. Lex Luthor cloned an entirely new body which he downloaded his consciousness into.

I guess a burial at sea is appropriate for Bin Ladin. He'll need all the water he can get where he's at most likely.

Bin Ladin, whom Obama insists isn't a real Muslim, was given Islamic burial at sea. Often, naval regulations forbid actual Christians from praying in the name of Christ.

If WWII era Italians had all these qualms about respecting a tyrant's body and such, they'd still be living under Mussolini's Fascism.

Shouldn't our border have been secured before removing Bin Ladin unless globalists in office are hoping the death of Bin Ladin will result in mass retaliation?

God might have loved Bin Ladin, but Bin Ladin hated both God and free society to such an extent that he was no longer worthy of the protections of either.

In pointing to the death of Bin Ladin as "an example of what Americans can do when united", social engineers are laying the conceptual framework to have stigmatized as the next Bin Ladin those that disagree with expanded welfare programs and curtailed constitutional liberties. Apart from killing terrorists, there isn't all that much Americans need to be of the same mind of in terms of being imposed by centralized authorities.

One of the lessons to learn from the Bin Ladin incident is that, given the chance, your wife will ultimately be the one to rat you out.

by Frederick Meekins

Special Forces Take Out Osama Bin Laden.

This is great news, for a number of very good reasons. The Blighted One will probably try and take credit for the manhunt that was initiated by Obama’s much-maligned predecessor, George Bush. The truth is, and don’t let any of the BS we’re about to hear blasted across the airwaves fool you, that this is the culmination of a manhunt that began on September 11, 2001. It is very much like Obama to take credit for other people’s work… and ideas. No matter, it’s still a great boost to American morale.

The early hours of May 2, 2011... the crowd at Ground Zero remembers.

We found out how very close we came to bagging him during the combined ops assault on the mountain fortress of Tora Bora in December 2001. Since then, the noose has been slowly tightened by hundreds of special forces operatives and intelligence agents. I’m listening to the Dismal Failure in the White House as I’m writing this and, true to form, it’s ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’ all over the place. This may turn out to be the one highlight in Obama’s one term (from my keyboard to God’s ears) presidency.

More importantly, it tells every two-bit bad guy out there that if he becomes a big enough pain in the butt we’ll come after you and we’ll kill you. We can expect the Islamists to go ape doo doo over this. Well and good. We may as well let them know that we understand that we are in a war to the death with their seventh century cult of death.

The message is this… we may have our internal issues but our country has a way of cleansing itself of people like Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist cabal. People in countries around the world also know that China and their puppet surrogate North Korea, Russia, Iran, Syria, and that idiot in Venezuela notwithstanding… this is, and shall remain, the greatest country in the world… and they know it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

San Francisco Bay Area And Northern California Patriot Alert.

May… the first of the month, international communism’s banner day, when the enlightened prance around maypoles singing ‘The International’… or else! They already had April 22 set aside as Earth Day, under the guise of international greenery and enough vacuum-brained kumbaya to gag a skunk ape.

In another coincidental, totally random accident of history, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was born to well-off, upper middle class parents on April 22, 1870. Just goes to show you that privileged ingrates weren’t invented in the sixties. Then we have Karl Marx, who entered into this veil of tears on May 5, 1818… also of privileged background. That’s how it started back then. Those of privilege and wealth telling poor, uneducated masses that paradise lay around the corner… just trust us.

Not much has changed in the intervening years. It didn’t work then… it hasn’t worked anywhere since… it’s not working now, though the mouth that roared is doing his best to see it brought to fruition. Then the left ran into the Patriot Movement. It’s the left’s immovable object. It’s the American people and the American spirit in all its amazing resilience and determination.

Today, May 1st, in illegal alien enclaves all over the nation, illegal felons will parade demanding their rights in our sovereign nation. This column strongly urges any Patriots within any of these cities to find out where your local Tea Party groups are gathering to protest this blight upon our sovereign soil and the laws of our country, and join them.

Here, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Area Patriots are meeting at San Francisco City Hall at 12 noon today.

The Los Angeles Lame Stream press is already throwing out hysteria leads like ‘Tea Parties could mean trouble’ ad vomitum. If you recall last year, the only trouble came from the felonious felons themselves. Still, as they say, there is safety in numbers… especially in the world’s greatest outdoor toilet. If there are enough of us, the cretins will think twice about starting anything.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Oh, My!

They were the words uttered by the new Princess as she surveyed the throngs of well-wishers that were assembled outside the palace gates. The networks had their lip-readers, but even those without that talent, like myself, could easily add the text to the image.

It was a crowd as large, and as well-behaved, as any of the Tea Party rallies. The similarities do not end there. This was pure, unabashed patriotism. Even those who are indifferent, or opposed, to the concept of a monarchy could not deny that there was a feel-good factor about the whole affair.

While a sentimental outpouring is largely expected from the inhabitants of ‘middle England’, the folk from the traditionally less enthusiastic regions of Britain joined in the festivities. The flags of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall mingled with the thousands of Union Flags… not to mention the representatives of former colonies that, over the centuries, have not always enjoyed an affaire de coeur with royalty. Remember George III?

While the day was hailed as an indication of the ‘modernization’ of the monarchy, becoming more ‘in-touch’ with the people, thankfully it was totally devoid of the fake political correctness that infests so many state occasions. It was perfectly acceptable to fly national flags, sing patriotic songs and marvel at the fly-past of the ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’ (a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire for you aviation freaks), a reminder of ‘Britain’s finest hour’. It was closely followed by four jet fighters in formation which, I wondered, were perhaps the last four after swathes of defense cuts!

No mention of the EU, of globalization, or multi-denominationalism. The joy of the cartwheeling vicar (sure to become a YouTube hit) could be taken as a celebration that the Anglican Church is still the official state religion of England, despite the attempts of a certain ethnic group to create their own religious courts within the realm. It was ironic that the Abbey proceedings were conducted by an Archbishop who showed some approval for that idea.

The day had some detractors, claiming that the extra public holiday created a loss in production that far exceeded the gains in revenue through tourism and associated paraphernalia. In challenging economic times, that’s fair comment. But you can’t fix a price tag on patriotism, tradition, pride and morale. If the billions of dollars (or pounds) spent can restore these feelings to a disillusioned nation, it’s money well used.

So what can America learn from this? Well, although there is no monarchy, we have our own ‘royalty’. The Founders and The Constitution are the basis of this country, along with the Judeo-Christian principles that inspired them. Don’t let the progressives stifle that message with their treasonous slander. Be proud of your heritage and the traditions that exist in this still relatively young country. Keep your faith in God and protect the Constitution at all costs.

If we follow these simple rules, the United States that we know and love will last as long as, or longer than, the British monarchy.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

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