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The Swine Flu Conspiracy


I apologize for the attention grabbing title, but hear me out.

I just think it's strange that this flu has no less than four "parts" in it:

1. An European swine, an Asian Swine, a human and avian.  This is just odd.

2. It attacks primarily the 20 - 40 year olds. Just like SARS and just like Spanish fle


Possible explanations for the origin:

A. Entirely natural occurrence, This is wat virusses and flu does, simply human interaction on a global scale caused this to mutate so bizarrely. It might've been speeded by pollution or gen manipulation, but that's about it. ==> NO HUMAN INTERFERENCE

B. a Lab experiment gone wrong. They were researching a CURE , but it somehow got loose in the open through incompetence. Remember that vaccins are nothing but weakened forms of the virus itself.==> UNINTENTIONAL but well meant HUMAN INTERFERENCE

C. Lab experiment gone wrong. Someone was researching how to make a bioweapon, but it got loose by accident.==> UNINTENTIONAL SINISTER HUMAN INTERFERENCE

D. Someone IS experimenting with bioweapons and used the Mexicans as guinea pigs. ==> FULLY INTENTIONAL SINISTER HUMAN INTERFERENCE. This explains the age group thing, if you want a weapionized flu, you wouldn't want something that only attacks babies and oldsters.

 So, what I'm looking for is reasons why A. is true, and B and C and D, are completely false ...

The only reason why A could be true is the "awww, they wouldn't do that" approach. Which we also said about lots of other things ....

The next step in Teabagging Parties!

Friends,What I wanna propose is the next step in teabagging protests! As you know, my friends, the Dems wanna make us believe that waterboarding is torture. You know, as well as I do, that that is complete nonsense. It's just a little uncomfortable. Real men, like you and I would NEVER succumb under this. But that sheik was a coward, so he sang like a bird. He had a lot to tell, so we did it 183 times. In a months time this is once every four hours, so really not that much.So, let's show these bastards that it is NOT torture! Organize your very OWN Torture Teaparty!!! Let your self be waterboarded by a friend or friends, make a video of this and upload it to youtube or any site! That will show them cowardly Dems that waterboarding is nothing like torture!! Bronden


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