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Did you know...

... Hawaii issues two separate, and NOT interchangeable, documents that pertain to someone’s birth. One is a long form birth certificate, the other is the certificate of live birth. The only thing Obama's campaign has provided for “proof” that he was born in Hawaii is the COLB, a document Obama, himself, has yet to even acknowledge as his own. His sister Maya Soetoro Ng also has a COLB issued in Hawaii and she was born overseas, has never claimed to be a citizen, much less "natural-born" as the constitution stipulates for someone to be eligible to take the oath of office of the presidency of the United States. There are many other documented cases of someone having an Hawaiian COLB, even though they were born in other countries (Sun Yat Sen, for example).

Over at Office of Science and Technology "Open Government Initiative Discussion Phase: Transparency Principles"  we have been confronting the issue of government transparency with this issue. Needless to say, they are none too happy about it. They are trying every trick in the book to sweep us under the rug, get us out of sight. At present, they have moved most of us, completely arbitrary to their own rules, to the "Off-topic" page. But this exercise in government transparency isn't going away.

By the way, the forum format over there is childish, to say the least.  It's as if they hired some kid in high school to create it. When I got there they were simply removing posts they didn't like without leaving any removal notice whatsoever. They are still doing that, but they have taken my advise and created an "Off-topic" page with a direct link to same -- pathetic. It's forums like this that make you appreciate this one so much more.

Good job, guys!

Holy, crapola, look at the Google Ads bar...it's full of birth certificate ads. Quick, someone make a post on nude women!


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It seems Obama's "Open Government Dialogue" has been done in by transparency.

I have frequently visited and participated in Obama's website dedicated to increasing "transparency" in government, "Open Government Dialogue/Making Data More Accessible". But of late, it seems the fine people over at The National Academy of Public Administration have been completely overwhelmed with, of all things: a call for transparency.

It seems they were not prepared to actually deal with "legitimate" questions about Obama Long-form Hawaii birth certificate. To date, this question has pulled far more votes than any other proposal, much to the chagrin of the website authors.

Their solution, break up OGD into individual web-page topics, call it by a new name, and require log-ins. One being: Open Government Initiative Discussion Phase: Transparency Principles. Strangely, to date, I have seen very few requests at this new site for Obama to reveal his real birth certificate, so much for "transparency".

Correction: There is now one post requesting the President to fess up. I will let you know if they take it down.  By the away, I agreed with the post. I wonder how long my respose-post will be allowed to stay up. I will keep you all informed. But so far, they have posted this question, although they have never answered it.

It's now 12:27 pm  and they have already taken the post requesting Obama's birth certificate down. It was only up for about 15 minutes. In addition, they left no notice of their action. This is pure government censurship and a definite abridgement of the poster's 1st Amendemtn right to free speech.

I don't expect my post to last long either....I'll keep you informed!


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Sotomayor's 2nd Amendment decision takes my breath away!

I read over the week end that Sonia Sotomayor's decision against a plaintiff in a New York case involving the 2nd Amendment was based on her contention that the protections of our Bill of Rights only apply to the Federal Government!    

Tell me it ain't so.

While I think I understand the 10th Amendment, I also assumed that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights protection supersede state legislatures. Perhaps I am wrong on this score and freedom of speech, of religion, of a free press can now all be taken away from us at the whim of our state legislatures -- who would have imagined.

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Republican health-care proposal just a smokescreen

Okay, now I understand why Ryan, Coburn, Burr, Nunes, Republican Health Care Alternative was quickly published a few days ago. Kennedy's health-care plan will soon be out as well, possibly by Monday.

Look, can I make a suggestion here?

This issue is very, very serious to a lot of people. It is far, far too serious to simply to be used by a group of Republican legislators to gain political points. If the Ryan, Coburn, Burr, Nunes, Republican Health Care Alternative is the health-care proposal Congressional Republicans want to hang their hat on, so be it. I will await Kennedy's proposal to see if a working guy can once again afford decent health care in this country or legally buy prescription drugs without going to a foreign country.

Just by way of an example: I have a prescription that costs me $102 per month to obtain at my local CVS. It costs me $21 to purchase that same prescription online in a foreign country.

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The reforming of the Republican political culture...

...is taking place right now before our very eyes! It last surfaced a few days ago in the California ballot initiatives. Our political leaders, left and right, will do everything in their power  to try and stop it because they are only interested in preserving their own political power. But the Tea Party movement of anti-TARP, anti-Stimulus, anti-deficit spending, anti-uncontrollable government growth is growing stronger every day.

Its first political goal, IMHO, should be to throw out all those members of Congress who supported TARP.

Well done to the voters in California. The struggle continues. Long live the struggle!


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Powell, the new Piped Piper of the Left


The man Colin Powell supported for President has just declared his government broke. He has turned this country toward socialism as its guiding political light. And now Colin Powell has the chutzpah to suggest if only more Republicans were like him, the party would be more successful.

Please tell me Mr. Powell, how can the Republican Party be politically successful by voting for the other guy?

Nothing about Powell's call for moderation makes any political sense whatsoever, other than simply being used by the MSM as yet another one of their poor, misguided fool of a Pied Piper, much like John McCain was, and still is, with the same predictable results. He's going nowhere, fast, tryng to take as many Republicans down with him as possible.

However, I wouldn't be a bit surprised at this point to see Eric Cantor invite Mr. Powell to join his also-going-nowhere-fast NCNA group, so they can all find their political navels together while the country's economy goes into the tank.

God help us!

But, in an effort to meet Mr. Powell halfway, as a good Republican; I would also like to invite him to the next Tea Party I am going to in Rome, Georgia on the 4th of July so he can see some real fiscal conservative "moderates" at work. He can also help me hold up my poster, which has a Gerald Ford (another good Republican) quote on it, "A Government big enough to give you everything you want" -- on the reverse side -- "Is strong enough to take everything you got."

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The Making of a GOP President, McCain style

A reprint from Redstate, entitled: "The Great Hunstman Hoax" by Josh Painter (profile)

What we have here is both the corporate-back NCNA, aka "moderate" Republicans, and the Democrats see their political interests being served with the making of a president.







It seems like the announcement came out of nowhere this weekend:

Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will resign and accept an appointment as ambassador to China, ABC 4 has confirmed.

The official announcement came during a press conference held by President Obama Saturday morning at the White House in the Diplomatic Room.

President Obama asked the people of Utah to forgive him for taking their
Governor but called the China ambassadorship a job, “as important as any
in the world.”

Governor Huntsman said Saturday that he wasn’t looking for a new job,
but “When the President of the United States asks you to step up and serve in a capacity like this, that to me is the end of the conversation.”

The reaction by many shocked political junkies was, “What?” The reaction by most others was, “Who?” Huntsman had very little name recognition before the president’s announcement, but his name had surfaced in various places in the past few weeks.

On NBC’s Meet the Press March 29, Sen. John McCain was asked by David Gregory if the former Republican presidential candidate would like to see his running mate become president. His answer was revealing:

“I’d like to see her compete. I think we’ve got some very good candidates: Jon Huntsman and–the problem when I run down these names, I always leave, leave out a, a name–Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty. There’s, there’s so many. There’s a lot of good, fresh talent out there.”

What was remarkable about that answer was not so much McCain’s perceived diss of Sarah Palin, but rather the floating of Huntsman’s name as a serious player in the GOP presidential games of 2012.

Huntsman has close ties to both John McCain and Mitt Romney. The Utah governor signed on to McCain’s presidential campaign very early on - in July of 2006 - and became a co-chairman of McCain’s political action committee, helping coordinate politics and policy for the Arizona senator in the West. His father had been a leading contributor to Romney’s PAC and had expressed his support for a Romney run for the White House. According to reports, the younger Huntsman had been an informal Romney adviser on foreign policy matters.

Until McCain dropped Huntsman’s name onto the MTP round table, however, the Utah governor had not been seen as a major contender for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination. At best, he had received occasional mention as a possible dark horse in the race. His name had also been floated as a potential vice presidential pick by McCain in a Associated Press story in February of last year, but few took it seriously given that both McCain and Huntsman are from Western states, and neither had the kind of appeal to conservatives that turns out the party’s base on election day.

But on May 5, barely five weeks after being mentioned by McCain on the Sunday morning talk show, Huntsman’s name popped up again. On U.S. News’ political gossip blog Washington Whispers, Nikki Schwab posted that there was one potential GOP opponent who makes Obama campaign manager David Plouffe “a wee bit queasy”:

“I think the one person in that party who might be a potential presidential candidate is Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah,” says Plouffe. “I think he’s really out there and speaking a lot of truth about the direction of the party.”

Plouffe made sure to add that just four short years ago, Obama “wasn’t even in the conversation” and that the eventual GOP presidential nominee could be “someone that none of us are really talking about right now.” With that wave of the green flag, the drive-by media was off to the races. Nearly every old media outlet breathlessly reported that Huntsman was the one candidate that Obama “fears the most.”

In writing their stories, they contacted political experts guaranteed to help them transform Huntsman into a serious presidential contender. Salt Lake City’s ABC News affiliate KTVX-TV, for example, called on Kirk Jowers of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics:

And Jowers - who has advised three republican presidential candidates - says Huntsman has now, “…become a top five candidate for 2012.”

Well, there’s a mutual fund you can buy into. Just six weeks after McCain rolled out Jon Huntsman 2.0 and the day after the campaign manager for perpetual candidate Barack Obama created the illusion that Team Obama had the little-known Utah governor in block A1 of their threat matrix, Huntsman had made The Top Five.

To put icing on the cake, just eleven days after Plouffe told US News that the prospect of going up against the mighty political steam roller that is Jon Huntsman made him “a wee bit queasy,” we were treated to the political theater of President Obama making the fierce Utah governor an offer he couldn’t refuse. We are led to assume that this was done to “get Huntsman out of the way.” Indeed, on the same day of Obama’s announcement, the Associated Press dutifully spread the meme in a story which was picked up by media outlets across the country:

“With a reach across the political divide for Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China, President Barack Obama may have sidelined for now a potentially formidable Republican moderate and possible White House challenger in 2012.”

The key words in that lead-off paragraph are “for now” because, of course, there’s nothing to prevent Huntsman from serving his two years in China and returning to lead the Stupid Party to another defeat at the hands of the Democrats.

A Republican Party with the extremely moderate Huntsman as its candidate would have a hard time turning out the base, no matter how conservative a running mate Huntsman would have to name. The GOP has been down this road before, and even though the 2008 ticket’s Number Two may have saved McCain from a really embarrassing landslide defeat, it’s who occupies the presidential candidate who really determines turnout on election day. Huntsman could pick conservative icon Duncan Lee Hunter himself or even the younger Duncan D. Hunter who now has his father’s former U.S. House seat, and it wouldn’t make any difference - just more crumbs from the table for conservatives.

Saturday’s announcement by the president was John Weaver’s cue to enter, stage left. Weaver, a Huntsman strategist and former close adviser to McCain, managed to get the ear of the Washington Examiner’s respected conservative Chief Political Correspondent Byron York, whose report was published today:

The Republican strategist who helped Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman prepare for a possible presidential run says the Republican party is in for a devastating defeat if its guiding lights are Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. “If it’s 2012 and our party is defined by Palin and Limbaugh and Cheney, then we’re headed for a blowout,” says strategist John Weaver, who advised Huntsman and was for years a close adviser to Sen. John McCain. “That’s just the truth.”

Weaver is hardly the pinnacle of credibility, and he would be an unlikely poster boy for the virtue of political loyalty:

Weaver, an apparent McCain loyalist, had provided the critical, on-the-record foundation for stories denigrating the senator.

This is not the first time Weaver finds himself in the middle of an uproar. A brooding, volatile, longtime top strategist who serves as a favorite inside source for political reporters, Weaver had a high-profile falling-out with Karl Rove in the late 1980s and a well-publicized reunion with him a decade and a half later. In 2002, Weaver left the Republican Party, worked for Democratic candidates, and then returned to McCain’s side shortly afterward.

Weaver brokered the Romney endorsement of John McCain and orchestrated the public reconciliation between McCain and President Bush after the 2000 primary campaign got really down and dirty:

Putting together that meeting required that he make peace with his old nemesis Rove. Yet during the same campaign, Weaver was reported to be informally advising John F. Kerry and discussing with him the prospect of a Kerry-McCain ticket.

You’ve got to hand it to McCain and the Democrats, however, because this entire Huntsman scam is a beautiful piece of political work. With Huntsman’s hat in the ring, I can guarantee you that McCain will have no trouble naming just one name as the next leader of the GOP. The once obscure Utah governor will receive his earnest endorsement, and all of the names McCain has named as potential standard bearers (plus a few he “forgot”) will have been headed off at the pass in one fell swoop. As an added bonus, McCain gets to serve Romney a cold dish of payback for the sometimes nasty 2008 Republican presidential primaries. Romney can hardly get away with kneecapping Huntsman, a friend and fellow Latter Day Saint. He will be forced to climb aboard the train, with McCain in the engineer’s seat and Team Obama staffing the railroad’s control center. And after stabbing conservatives in the back so many times in the past, he intends to finish them off this time, at least as far as the GOP is concerned.

And so the Maverick Man the drive-by media chose with the blessing of the Democrat Party as the 2008 Republican presidential candidate has chosen his successor for 2012, again with the blessing of the Democrats and the help of their media allies. In the words of candidate Obama, “You can’t make this stuff up, folks.” Maybe not, but someone can… and did. Or maybe I’m just too much of a conspiracy theorist. You decide.

- JP


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Obama gives millions to Hamas to resettle in US

H.R. 1388: The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.

This wasn't mentioned on the news, but it is all over the blogisphere. By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in "migration assistance" to Palestinian refugees and "conflict victims" in Gaza. The "presidential determination", which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States, was signed on January 27 and appeared in the Federal Register on February 4.
Few on Capitol Hill, or in the media, took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.
Can this be true?
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46 cents out of every dollar spent by the government is borrowed!



ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  It's time to act.

I know in the past I have bored you all with my insistence that all would be well if we only had a website that would give We, the people, a voice, allow all to speak and to be accurately heard. Well, gosh darn it...somebody has gone and done it. It's called The People Decide.

Is it perfect? No, but it's a start. All it is asking for is an email address and your 10-digit  Zip Code ---okay, with that they have you by the balls; but who doesn't? If you are that frightened by that, make one up.

I have no connection with this site, but from the little blogging I have read, 90 percent of the 2,000 or so who have signed up already are pretty conservative. Whoever these people are --one note of caution here -- their "About Us' button is completely inadequate and uninformative, so I have written to them and asked them who they are -- they seem to have enough money for some pretty massive radio advertising. That's where I first heard about this website, and now I am reading another blogger on this site who mentioned the same thing. He was out in California! 

But at least we all ought to try to bring our voices together and be heard. I hope you all will participate. Thanks. Check it out, and let your voice be heard.

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Move to the left, the corporate elite of the party demands.

There are two very interesting Politico articles out today that, in my humble opinion, has "Corporate America's" political fingerprints all over them. One is entitled: "Good riddance? GOP relies on Specter-like recruits", and the other, entitled: "GOP base rips Cantor's National Council for a New America".

Now I can't consider myself by any stretch of the imagination a social conservative, but when it comes to who has the real stranglehold on the Republican party, there is absolutely no comparison with that of the party's corporate overlords, and not the social conservative wing.

What we have here with the recent formation of the NCNA group is a specific political campaign, designed to "steer the political debate" away from the growing grassroot opposition to federal run-away deficit spending.

Well now, I could be wrong. I mean, it's only a guess. But from my experience what we are looking at here is the very beginnings of a full-court press by the corporate wing of the party to denigrate and diminish the Tea Party movement and substitute one of its own making, one it can control.

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