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Facebook Removes Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Group, Leaves Virulent Anti-Semitic Groups


From Jumping in Pools:

Warning- This article contains quotes that may contain offensive language; for every picture, click on them for better quality.

Facebook, in a desperate attempt to appease angry Pakistanis,decided to remove the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (EDMD) group, which had well over 100,000 members. One might think that the administrators at the social-networking site have decided to take a hard line and eliminate offensive groups. That is incorrect. In fact, Facebook has decided to leave much worse groups. A common thread emerges, however: Facebook has removed groups deemed offensive to Muslims, but have left ones with an angry, violent dispositions towards Jews. This is quite disgusting, but this has to be reported.Gone are innocuous pictures of Islam's prophet. Still there are groups like this:

A group called "We hate Israel," which has nearly 100,000 members. If you look at the wall posts, you will read incensed denouncements of Jews; look at the photos and you will see things like this:

A man burning the flag of Israel. The comments underneath read "God bless Hitler" and "Fuck Israel." Facebook is okay with this, apparently.Here's another anti-Jewish group that Facebook deems better than Everybody Draw Mohammed Day:

The "Parti Nazi," which has a big eagle and swastika as its picture. Nazis are okay with Facebook, though.Don't forget the Facebook-allowed "Everybody draw Holocaust day:"

This Facebook group has a picture with a Star of David tattooed onto a skull, surrounded by guns. The group calls on its members to investigate the "myth" that is the Holocaust.

 And here's another:  That's right, a group called "Hamas Lovers," which features a hooded man with an AK-47. Facebook is okay with this, though. A picture of Mohammed is not allowed on Facebook. Calls to violence, calls to murder Jews, calls to destroy Israel are allowed, however. Can the hypocrisy be more evident? Can Facebook be more offensive? I think not.


Little Green Footballs Attacks Autistic Blogger

From JiP:

Note: This article is not satire or humor. 

Charles Johnson, writer for the formerly great Little Green Footballs, has gone on the record repeatedly stating that if a blog allows an offensive comment, it is as if the writer for the blog had written it themselves. 

Well, in a hitpiece against us, Johnson allowed the following comment up on his site:

That picture happens to be of Joseph Chicoine, an autistic 20-year old college student who is a friend of my brother and I. We put a picture of him on the top of our blog, something that made him ecstatic. We made a difference in his life. We put him next to his hero John McCain so that everyone can see him in that light.

And along comes Cato the Elder, who could do nothing better than to insult an innocent autistic gentleman.What has Charles Johnson done about this? Not only did he start the feeding frenzy, but he's read our blog and knows that it's an autistic student, but he refuses to take the comment down. If HotAir or Rush Limbaugh did this, he would insult them until his fingers bled. Instead, he promotes this sort of personal attack, being a blight on the blogosphere.

Charles, get over yourself and put a retraction.

Have you no shame?

Read the rest here.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with GOP Candidate for Congress, Isaac Hayes

From Jumping in Pools:

Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois second congressional district, the Rev. Isaac Hayes has recently answered a few questions for me, in regards to his congressional election, where he stands on the issues, his opponent (Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr.), and insidious attacks which the leftwing blogosphere has launched against the Reverend.

In case you forgot the story of the Democratic Underground attacking the Rev. Isaac Hayes, because he is not only challenging Jesse Jackson Jr., he is a Conservative Republican whom happens to be black, please visit this article at the American Spectator - http://spectator.org/blog/2009/09/28/democratic-underground-posts-r 

For the interview all have been waiting for, I give you the Rev. Isaac Hayes, Republican candidate for the United States Congress in Illinois second congressional district. 

Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, as Congressman what would you work to achieve in the House of Representatives?Isaac Hayes -

  • Tim, it’s very simple. I will work to give parents more choices, businesses less taxes, entrepreneurs less barriers, and pay-to-play politics the boot.
  • School Choice is necessary to allow honor students like Derrion Albert an opportunity to attend safer schools. His untimely death could have been prevented had his mother been given the option to send him to a better school.
  • Economic Development is necessary to create jobs in cities like Robbins, IL, which has a 98% poverty rate. I will work with state and local officials to bring businesses to our district. I want businesses to keep more of their profits so that they can hire more people and give more benefits to their employees.
  • Entrepreneurship is important for all communities because local businesses keep money in the communities in which they operate. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms. Economists opine that our economy will not recover until small businesses begin entering the market place. I am proposing a five-year tax free incentive for entrepreneurs who start businesses in underserved and under-privileged communities.
  • Reform in Illinois’ politics is long overdue. Elected officials at all levels of government have abused their public trust. I have set a self-imposed term limit of eight years as U.S. Congressman because I want the good people of IL-2 to know I am here for them and not special interest groups. I want to extend the revolving door policy, increasing the number of years a Congressman or his/her staff can return to lobby former colleagues. Finally, we must limit the purchase of influence to prevent elected officials from using their influence in exchange for campaign contributions.

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Roman Polanski Can Burn in Hell

From Jumping in Pools:

I'll be as blunt as possible: Roman Polanski raped a child and should be arrested and thrown into prison for the rest of his life. Regardless of the time that has passed, what he did cannot be excused, especially when this pervert doesn't have the decency to admit what he did was wrong. And what's going on in Hollywood? Actors and actresses are coming out of the woodwork to defend this piece of garbage. Have they no shame? How about any connection with the average person...

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Was Obama Ever Popular?

From Jumping in Pools:

This might come across as a strange question for those on the left and the right. On the left, he was seen as a transcending figure whose popularity was due to America's sudden shift to "progressive values." Yeah right. To conservatives, it was a sign that a lot of Americans really didn't know what was going on.

But there are factors to show that Obama was perhaps less popular than Al Gore, John Kerry, or even George W. Bush in the 2008 election.


1. Bush was very unpopular, and Obama couldn't even reach 55%.

Take a look at Bush's approval ratings. Around election time in 2008, he was lucky if one pollster placed him above the 40% mark. Not to mention that about 60% of the nation disapproved. Under these circumstances, Obama should have easily peeled off those that disapproved-- instead he faced a tough fight among members of his own party.

2. McCain was disliked by many conservatives. Many stayed home.

The winner of the 2008 Republican nomination was someone who was demonized worse within his own party than by the Democrats. Hundreds of thousands of conservative and libertarian voters stayed home due to this fact. Would they have swung the election the other way? Probably not. But swinging a couple of states and reducing the margin from 7% to 4% would show the lack of Obama's true popularity. Keep in mind that voter turnout declined in 2008...

Read the rest at Jumping in Pools here


Russia Threatens to Nuke Poland, Obama Cancels anti-Missile Defense. Huh?

From Jumping in Pools:

Do you remember last year after the Russian invasion of Georgia when Russia threatened to nuke its neighbor Poland? Russia, who has been ruffling the feathers of many of its former possessions, told Poland not to accept an missile defense shield in its country.

The political leadership in Warsaw took a huge risk by accepting the missiles. Not only would it piss off Russia, it would also alienate relations with Iran and could cause an electoral backlash.

But Poland, a stalwart US ally who sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, accepted the missiles. These interceptor missiles could have protected the country from a nuclear attack.

So Obama comes in office, and in a move of great timing he cancels the deal--on the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland!

And so Obama, who talked so strenuously about 'fixing' alliances has actually damaged alliances far more than George W. Bush. Bush pushed for and succeeded in forging relationships with Eastern European, former Soviet bloc, and other democratic nations. Obama has so far insulted Britain, Israel, Poland, and the Czech Republic and has opened his hand to Cuba, Libya, Syria, Russia, and Iran.

Is there a problem here?

What's Obama got to do with New York politics?

From Jumping in Pools:

"If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen".That best describes New York politics at its best, a political arena which is brutal even on a good day, as to be a Republican is harsh, being a Conservative Republican on top of that, is pure hell in this state, unless you reside in one of twenty-something counties which voted for John McCain last November. We have a very interesting Gubernatorial election next November, with Rudy Giuliani, Rick Lazio, David Paterson, and other supporting actors *cough candidates cough* in the running for the Governor's mansion, not to mention a very important special congressional election in the 23rd district of New York this November upcoming.So what does Barack Obama got to do with any of this? 

  1. Barack Obama & White House has kept all major Primary opponents against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, out of the race.
  2. Barack Obama & White House have advised Governor Paterson not to run for the Democrat nomination in 2010, which did not "jive" with Paterson.
  3. It is reported that Rham Emanuel, who serves in the White House, was deeply involved in the selection of Congressman McHugh as Secretary of Army, intentionally exposing a historic GOP election to Democrat hands.

For someone who is the President of the United States, it appears he is involved in New York has a political consultant, more then the President, that is just my opinion.

As a Conservative Republican, I realize New York has problems, however, New York still has the chance to actually elect Republicans who can do something about it, we have good candidates for the 2010 elections, and the last thing we need is Obama & Rham Emanuel sticking their noses into our business.


Also, Democrat New York state Senator Diaz Sr. takes a silent swipe at Obama -



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