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Headline Potpourri #22: Oslo Shooter, Tea Party Hobbits & Federal Pecker Patrol

An associate watching a home repair show informed of an episode where an owner could not get the permit to remodel unless he promised not to remove poison ivy on the property since it is classified as a "non-invasive species".

If the Oslo tragedy will be invoked to justify how guns and those questioning immigration are a threat to social order, can't it also be used as an example of why you shouldn't automatically obey someone in a police uniform since they might be an impostor?

I thought European social democracies had extensive gun control regulations.

The act of violence must remain the primary focus regarding the Oslo shooting tragedy. But isn’t it creepy that a political party is running a youth camp? Are the same tolerancemongers opposed to Promisekeepers rallies and the Answers In Genesis creation science museum going to speak out against such closed recreational associations and environments?

If one wants to hold to the relativistic multiculturalism derided by the Oslo attacker, on what grounds does one then condemn this atrocity? To do so appeals to a set of universal values above culture and individual preference.

Unlike the Palestinian mobs that took to the streets in celebration of 9/11, there are no Christians dancing in glee over the Oslo shootings.

If the Oslo gunmen did not exhibit a prominent place in his worldview for Jesus other than as an outdated phenomena, on what grounds can he be categorized as a Christian Fundamentalist?

If the Oslo shooter considers himself a Knight Templar, isn't Dan Brown actually more responsible than Sarah Palin, talk radio, or the Tea Party movement?

If Ron Paul insinuates we bring Islamists attacks on ourselves as a result of interventionist foreign policy, is he going to claim that Muslims brought the Oslo attacks upon innocent Norwegians as a result of belligerent Islamic migrations into Scandinavia?

If the Oslo terrorist killed primarily fellow Nordics, can his rampage be described as anti-Muslim? If so, when Muslims blow apart other Muslims, shouldn’t the act be considered at attack againt Christians?

Eventually, smart meters will turn off everyone's AC in the blistering heat. Not just those of the leftist dupes that have voluntarily signed up for these programs.

If MacDonald's intends to decrease the serving of fries and increase the serving of fruit or vegetables in Happy Meals, are they really happy meals anymore? This ought to be borderline false advertising. It is claimed this adjustment to the menu has been made in response to the demands of parents. Or is this change more out of fear of the termagant Frau Obama? If parents are really behind it, it is likely those annoying liberal ones that stuffed their faces with whatever they pleased as youngsters but demand of their own progeny a level of asceticism similar to that of a desert hermit.

According to the July 23, 2011 issue of New Scientist, future Artificial Intelligences may herd into preserves those humans not wanting to be transformed into cyborgs.

Insurance companies will be required to provide birth control materials at no cost to policy holders. If someone wants to screw, why shouldn’t the expense come out of their own pocket since doing so is a recreational luxury rather than a biological necessity.? Those wanting particular decongestants are often now having to pay for these medicines out of their own pockets. So why is a clear Eustachian tube less of a priority than a clear Fallopian tube?

Supposedly, America is to be a system of equality before the law and in terms of access to mandated benefits. So if insurers are mandated to pick up the expense for medical screenings of female parts, shouldn’t similar screenings be made for male parts as well or has our culture become so hyperfeminized that these have shrunken to such an extent as to have withered on the vine? Are men that die of prostate or testicular cancer not as dead as women that have passed away as a result of uterine or ovarian cancer?

If the Tea Party is full of Hobbits, does that make John McCain an Orcish Troll?

In the Lord of the Rings, Hobbits were portrayed as admirable characters. This species was noted for enjoying the simple pleasures of life yet was capable of summoning considerable courage when the situation called for it. In mocking them, elites such as William Kristol and John McCain are revealing the contempt they harbor for average Americans.

Chris Matthews insists it is an inappropriate outrage for anyone holder of elected office but the President to speak from behind a podium. Too bad this crazed drunk isn't as concerned about the actual provisions and clauses of the Constitution.

Interesting how a Muslim that wanted to be excused from duty in Afghanistan as a conscientious objector had no qualms about stockpiling weapons to be used against Americans.

A Virginia family was issued a $500 fine for rescuing a woodpecker from a cat. Next time, let the cat eat the d--n bird. This is no doubt proof that the law is not about protecting animals but about destroying liberty.

If the Fish & Wildlife Service can use VA state deputies to assist in executing warrants, why can't Arizona law enforcement ascertain the immigration status of detainees?

By Frederick Meekins

Shining The Light On Laser Pointer Penalties

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced plans to impose fines as high as $11,000 upon those caught shining laser pointers into airplane cockpits.

Exposure to the beam emitted by such a device can result in temporary blindness, thus theoretically resulting in a major air catastrophe if a flight crew were unexpectedly incapacitated.

In a sense, such a regulation is all good and called for.

However, one can't but help ask the question how the perpetrators of such malfeasance can be identified at such a distance.

One account categorized the proposed penalty as civil rather than criminal in nature.

As such, it should be pointed out that the threshold to impose such are often lower and occasionally do not afford those they are leveled against with the traditional procedural protections of the judicial system.

In light of the way certain regulations regarding drug possession are implemented, these enforcement operations could end up being as much about raising revenue and seizing desired property as it is about making the skies a friendlier place to fly.

For example, under certain instances of civil penalties and forfeiture, those ultimately cleared of any criminal wrong doing in regards to the drug offenses leveled against them do not necessarily have their property returned to them despite never having been convicted as a part of due process.

Often assorted agencies end up retaining the seized objects and parcels or require those such possessions should rightly revert back to to go through additional bureaucratic procedures that consume both time and resources. This is for the purpose of pressuring the individual to relent to the seizure of their property and to further enrich the lawyers for whom the regulatory behemoth was ultimately designed to benefit.

The reasoning is that such property could potentially be used in a future crime. And in the case of an automobile seized from the owner despite the fact that it was being driven by someone else at the time of a contraband interdiction, the standard reply goes something like, "Well, you should have been more careful as to whom you let borrow your car so we are going to auction it off now anyway ."

Thus, will fines for the shining of laser pointers into jetliner cockpits be issued against the person actually aiming the device or rather the title holder of the land from which the beam originated?

Eventually, if an area has a disproportionate number of laser pointer incidents or even the potential for a disproportionate number of laser pointer incidents, the government will step in to preemptively snatch the property in question. What they then decide to do with the disputed parcel may have nothing whatsoever to do with enhancing air travel safety but more about rewarding contributors in real estate development.

Vigilance against the terrorist menace out to destroy the American way of life is essential. However, perhaps even more imperative is keeping an eye on those that would use this threat to undermine life, liberty, and property.

By Frederick Meekins

Leftists Plot Materialistic Afterlife

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, Former Vice President Al Gore, and Bill Maher are scheduled to take part in an all-star panel discussion titled "Transcendent Man” broadcast to select theaters across America.

The forum will in part discuss the merging of man and machine for the purposes of indefinitely extending the human lifespan.

No doubt listening to Al Gore drone on and on will definitely make it feel like an eternity has elapsed.

Apparently, overcrowding isn't the pending calamity he often makes it out to be. That is unless of course, his friends in the New World Order are planning a culling of the human herd.

Other than a profound hatred of God and a contempt for those that believe in an omnipotent creator, what qualifications does Bill Maher posses to speak as an authority figure on such an ethically complex subject?

The fool has said in his heart that there is no God.

How else does it explain that an individual can belittle the prospect of Heaven in one breath and then grasp at straws in the hopes of delaying the inevitable by either hooking oneself up to a ghastly array of machines or somehow electrochemically uploading the memories we have accumulated our few brief years upon the earth as some kind of accumulated database that might eventually animate some android duplicate of our own visage?

G.K. Chesterton is said to have quipped that the danger when we no longer believe in God is not that we won’t believe in anything but rather that we will end up believing in anything.

by Frederick Meekins

The Halperin Hullabaloo

An MSNBC analyst called Obama a BLEEP. As spineless as the President is, one shouldn't be so sure he should be categorized as anything so distinctively male.

In the sex-dominated culture of the leftist media, wouldn't calling Obama a BLEEP actually be the highest possible compliment?

Calling Obama a male appendage is no worse than calling anyone else that.

The President is owed no more verbal deference than anybody else.

White House propagandists insist it's inappropriate to refer to any President as a BLEEP. Are you really going to tell me no one ever giggled at the double entnde of referring to Nixon as "Tricky Dick". Or that Clinton was only called "Slick Willy" because of his political acumen and not his philanderous nature.

If the President is this sensitive as to be profoundly disturbed by a single reporter enunciating a reaction to what was definitely not the rhetorical high point of Obama’s public career, how can this President ever hope to stand up to Al Qaeda, the Red Chinese or the Russians?

So long as you don't threaten violence, it is not the concern of the White House how you refer to any president.

How come our ears will shatter if we hear Obama referred to as a BLEEP but there isn't second thought about sending out more information over the airwaves regarding feminine hygiene products and male erectile dysfunction than most members of the respective opposite sexes ever cared to know?

Why on MSNBC is it deemed an outrage to refer to Obama as a "BLEEP but referring to conservatives as "teabaggers" is worthy of a hearty chuckle?

Shouldn’t Americans be more offended that Obama minions called MSNBC in an intimidating manner rather than that Halperin called Obama a BLEEP?

There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing any branch of government to determine the propriety of what names a citizen may call the President. Seems to me one of the document’s primary provisions cautions against the government from doing such a thing.

Maybe if more Americans had the courage to tell a President he’s been acting like a BLEEP, this country wouldn’t be as in bad of shape.

Since Halperin’s elocutionary faux pas, broadcasters have been tripping over themselves as to the necessity of respecting the President. How about the President respecting the American people for a change?

by Frederick Meekins

Headline Potpourri #21: NYT Phrenologists, Mr. Turtle Shackled, & Rampaging Huffington

A New York Times correspondent insists that Americans living in the middle of the country have sloping foreheads. Weren't the Nazis also obsessed with equating cranial shape with intelligence?

The Washington Post labeled Glenn Beck as a "creature" in regards to his pending rally in Israel. I thought bastions of tolerance such as the Post use to warm that such linguistic dehumanization was the first step taken by the Nazis.

Since the average American is no longer able to go much of anywhere because of gas prices, environmentalists are now set to declare against home entertainment devices. It is claimed that these machines use too much electricity. Before it's all over with, they will probably summarily execute those of us wearing eye glasses and march everyone else out to toil in the rice paddies. It will likely fall under Frau Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.

Arianna Huffington heralds rampaging mobs as "democratic". When this Communist rabble comes to loot her wealth, will she still feel as cheerful?

Is it that kiddy pools represent a threat to the youth of America or is this about creating a panic to justify a new revenue source when the permits required for large pools are extended to shackle Mr. Turtle?

The Zero Seconds Initiative insists that is how long a child should be left alone in a car. While this sounds enlightened, given the way other kinds of zero tolerance policies are enforced such as those banning plastic utensils in school cafeterias, are cops & bureaucrats on powertrips going to charge parents as negligent if the trip from the front of the car to the back takes more than one second?

If natural disasters in America are the result of the U.S. government backing a two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as certain theologians insist, why do these tragedies strike the heartland of the country where the common folk have virtually no sway over foreign policy rather than a particular building in Foggy Bottom. You'd think an omnipotent God would have better aim.

CNN asked presidential candidates Coke or Pepsi. There will be neither when we are all living in FEMA slave camps.

Bob Ehrlich operatives that utilized robocallers to deceive Maryland Democrats into not voting could get decades in prison. Black Panthers that actually threatened at polling places those not voting for Obama were set free and likely continued to receive any assortment of public assistance programs.

Miracle Grow has been linked to pot cultivation. So will consumers be required to have their photo ID's verified to purchase the chemical the way we are in regards to nasal decongestants?

New Yorkers should be more concerned about Commissar Bloomberg curtailing basic gastronomical liberties such salt levels rather than how Sarah Palin decides to eat a slice of pizza.

If parents are not allowed to spank children according to one Texas judge, then why should bailiffs or deputies be allowed to use physical force if a litigant in that particular judge’s courtroom gets out of line?

Since most stadiums employ facial recognition recording technology, the Immigration Service should deport every single person that booed the American team in favor of the Mexicans at the soccer match in LA.

If the USA isn't good enough to cheer for in a soccer match, don't leech off America economically (especially if that entails some kind of public assistance handout).

The 2011 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival is highlighting the nation of Columbia. Will this include authentic narcoterrorist kidnapping reenactments?

China ranked in a survey as the world's happiest nation. Anyone saying that they felt otherwise has no doubt been "dealt with accordingly".

by Frederick Meekins

When The Residents Are Away.....

With the closing of California highway 405 for repairs, the mayor of Los Angeles is suggesting that residents evacuate the region to avoid being stuck in their homes.

But with that area of the country infamous for its gang violence, do authorities intend to assure homeowners that during their absences steps will be taken to prevent their property from being looted or to prevent squatters from seizing homes outright?

The road is no doubt in need of repair.

Social planners are also no doubt looking at this as an experiment to see if denying infrastructure access could serve as a viable strategy to voluntarily depopulate an area authorities no longer want contaminated by human habitation.

by Frederick Meekins

Food Fascism Lays Groundwork For Additional Control

Wonder what the food fascists advocating dietary asceticism scarfed down as children. As anyone that has sat through an evangelistic missionary testimonial knows, those griping the loudest about your errant ways are usually the ones that could make a sailor blush before they came to religion. 

A Chicago school's policy of controlling what students eat is an example of the threat posed to human liberty by public education. Sad thing is many private educators are just as eager to usurp parental authority. Compounding that, if schools are religious, they'll then compile lengthy theological justifications why you are not a "good Christian" if you don't have a smile plastered across your face regarding the handed-down decree.

If babykillers insist that the government should keep its laws off the body of women wanting abortions, who in the name of Hades are these civil servants to tell anyone what they can or cannot eat for lunch? Students forced to eat food they don't want should toss it in the trash in defiance or preferably hold mass puke rallies and refuse to clean up their own regurgitation.

If educational authorities are granted control over what we eat in the name of protecting us from ourselves, where does this intervention end?

Do education flacks have the authority to tell parents what they may feed their own children in the confines of their own homes?

With each passing decade and generation, it seems the areas central planners claim jurisdiction over continue to expand and the areas over which we exercise jurisdiction and personal preference continue to contract.

A short while ago, parents would have never put up with bureaucrats telling them what they could and could not feed their children. Now the principals at schools where these kinds of policies are being implemented claim no parents have come forward to complain about them.

Thus, once today's young skulls full of mush, as Rush Limbaugh calls them, become acclimated to such detailed micromanaging of their existence at such a young age, expect that kind of command mentality to manifest itself in an array of other issues.

Think you know what career change might make you happy? Sorry, you can't change your job because credentialed government technocrats have determined you are in the position that optimizes their vaunted multi-year plan.

It might be that human liberty and large scale enterprise may not be as closely related as they have been perceived to be in the minds of those that would consider themselves as anti-statist or individualist conservative in their ideological orientation. Already, a number of businesses forbid employees from smoking in the name of keeping health costs in check and I have clashed before with those that think that corporate prerogatives take precedent over those of the individual to such an extent that private property should be forfeit to whatever party has the larger bank account.

So what is to prevent multinational conglomerates as interested in managerial social engineering as they are in raising a profit from forbidding employees from bringing their own food to work? Students already conditioned into this during their school years will think nothing of such a policy as it is extended into the workplace.

It has been said that an army travels on its stomach. Likewise, those seeking to enslave a once free people realize that the surest way of doing so is not so much through grandiose parades and theatrics but by rather by conditioning the individual to seek the approval of the state in the most mundane and personal of matters.

by Frederick Meekins

Certain Manners Reveal How Much Some Adults Despise Children

Yahoo has promulgated a list of manners that it insists all children should know and abide by.

Many of these such as saying "please" and "thank you" or sending a "thank you note" are important courtesies. Others are simply a reminder just how much certain adults despise children.

Some of these serve no other purpose than to condition the individual into docility so as to be easier to control as adults.

For example, though a child ought to be trained to express their dislike of something in a polite manner, rule number six insists that "the world is not interested in what you dislike. Keep negative opinions to yourself, or between you and your friends, and out of earshot of adults."

Are adults so delicate that their world is going to be shattered should they hear that a child doesn’t like something? If society is that weak, no wonder the Muslims are about to take over.

Furthermore, if this is harped upon as an absolute, at what age does it end?

As an adult, might the person forced to live by this dictum then develop an inhabitation to speak out against anything imposed upon them by a self-appointed authority figure?

Most dictatorial regimes view governing institutions as the adults and the citizen or subject in the role of the child.

If one never speaks up to vocalize what is commonly referred to as a complaint, how will things ever change or improve?

Adults should try to get children to eat a healthy variety of foods, but there are some items you are just never going to like. I will have to pretty much be on death's door before I'll eat beets.

So if a child is never to inform an adult as to a food that the child does not like, should the child's gag reflux be adversely stimulated, will the adult clean up the regurgitation likely to result? Or will the child be duly beaten and told what a wretched example of original sin and unwillingness to submit to authority that they are?

Parents that insist upon slavish adherence to what has been agreed upon as good manners that force their children to consume all kinds of rotgut swill underaged taste buds and digestive tracts aren’t accustomed to should not be shocked fifty years from now when Junior or Sally are eager to toss them in the cheapest nursing home they can find and never look back.

I just might be rude. Some things I simply refuse to eat. Since you're not going to be there in the middle of the night holding my hand as I attempt to soak away a stomach cramp in hot water at 2 am, I don't really care how offended you are I didn't eat the slop you consider a culinary masterpiece that will no doubt taste as bad coming up as it did going down.

I one time remember reading a Gospel tract that the young Christian was obligated to eat whatever any authority figure put on their plate in order to prepare them for their future careers on the mission field. Newsflash: though it is a sacrilege to say so in some circles of Fundamentalist education, not everyone is called to go to the foreign mission field, especially if you can’t stand the site or smell of what the savages stick in their mouths. Besides, most of them want to come to America now anyway where we have decent tasting food.

My great grandfather use to threaten my grandmother that, if she or her siblings didn't eat something, he was going to shove it down their throats himself. So don't tell me the parents of centuries past were by default superior to the parents now.

As a society, we've gone too far into permissiveness, but neither is an overcorrection something to be desired. Treating your children with respect and dignity is the best guarantor that they will emulate these qualities in the years and decades to come.

by Frederick Meekins

More Tweets Regarding The Demise Of Bin Ladin

Kind of tells you what a person is made of if they hold a pity party in regards to how Bin Ladin was mistreated during his elimination. The person raising these concerns is the very same extreme Reconstructionist that any other time thinks Glenn Beck should be executed as a "false prophet" along with Sabbath violators.

Borrowing from the advocates of infantacide, if you don't want to see Bin Ladin's death photos, DON'T LOOK AT THEM!

Bin Laden was given 40 minute funeral ceremony. That's more of a warning than the victims of 9/11 got.

If Bin Ladin was worthy of an Islamic funeral at the expense of the U.S. Navy, why weren't his minions slain at the compound also worthy of such and left to rot in the Third World sun?

If Bin Laden's death pictures might not be released because it might be inflammatory, should we forbid women from walking about in anything other than a trash bag over their heads since Muslims find that inflammatory as well?

Actually, unless Pakistan wants to be considered a terrorist nation, we did them a favor by removing Osama Bin Ladin from their territory. They were obviously unable to do so themselves.

Terrorism is not averted by catering to the enemy as much as possible. It is averted by creating the impression that, should the enemy try something, you will kill far more of their people than they will of your people.

Even if the video of the Bin Ladin funeral is released, how do we know it is Bin Laden being lowered into the water? It could just as easily be Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, or even the Lindberg baby.

The victims on 9/11 weren't armed either.

If Bin Ladin was so innocent in regards to the 9/11 tragedy, why didn't he use his media outreach over all these years to convince the world that he was in no way connected to these events?

Guess those thinking Bin Ladin should have been brought to trial instead would also send his brats Prison Fellowship angel tree gift packages as well.

Most of those all in a moral jumble over the Bin Ladin elimination often don't have a grasp on terrorism's true nature. Most can't expand there imaginations enough to perceive of Bin Ladin as anything different than the cab driver down the street.

If Bin Ladin had to be quickly buried to avoid upheaval, then we don't need to hear added details as to whether he was armed or not. All we need to hear is that the SOB is now in Hell. That's all the details we need if everything else is to be so hushed over.

Jay Carney is no Tony Snow. He certainly doesn't typify his last name which brings to mind at least an enthusiastic and charismatic brand of hucksterism.

As in regards to the way a number of molecular biologists met mysterious ends around the time of the anthrax attacks, wonder how long until those onboard the vessel from which Bin Laden was supposedly disposed of start dropping in bizarre accidents or unexpected diseases.

Trashpile nations and groups don't care a flip about Americans. It is about time Americans stopped giving a flip about the trashpile foreigners. Bin Ladin got far more humane treatment than he ever deserved or ever extended to his victims.

Contrary to Rush Limbaugh, just because elite military special operations commandos don't demand pensions and retirements it in no way follows the rest of us shouldn't. Perhaps he should point out how he himself makes far more that those enlisted in elite special forces. Is this going to become a new version of how parents use to hold it over children's heads when youngsters didn't want to eat something about starving kids in Africa or China.

If DNA wasn't good enough to convict OJ Simpson, why should some lab report convince us that it was Bin Ladin laying (at least for 5 minutes) on some mortuary slab.

So when the government kills Christian fugitives, are they put to rest quickly or stuffed in the morgue freezer indefinitely?

The existence of the First Amendment is inflammatory. Should we abolish it all together to placate the Islamists?

Since Islamic cultures discount the testimony of women, aren't we obligated to honor their culture and ignore Bin Ladin's daughter's account of events.

Obama said we don't need to spike the football. But who was it that had to reconstruct the temple of Zeus at Pergamum for his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention.

If Judge Napolitano is opposed to the Bin Ladin elimination, perhaps he's not fit to be Glenn Beck's replacement after all.

If Bin Laden had been a Christian, would the naval chaplain been allowed to end the prayer in the name of Christ? According to some interpretations of naval regulations, that is not permitted?

Actually, Bin Ladin's people did put pictures of American bodies on the Internet. And unlike how their kind would react, we did not riot. By default, that means our civilization (contrary to the multicultralists) is inherently superior to theirs.

If the media is to harp on the discomfort of waterboarding, how about a detailed forensic analysis of how it feels to be incinerated as a jetliner hits a skyscraper if your lucky or how it feels to have multiple floors to collapse down upon you?

If Bin Ladin was dead, why should the funeral service be translated into Arabic. Not like the manurebag could hear it.

If America does not have the spine to fly our flag over GITMO for fear of offending terrorists, it won't be long until the flag of the terrorists if flying all over the United States.

Makes you wonder if it is now wrong to celebrate the demise of the Axis hierarchy at the end of WWII.

All Obama has ever done is spike footballs. Does anyone else remember his turning back the rise of the oceans speech?

Bin Ladin's minion killed 20 in Iraqi. This will elicit less outrage from the American left than 2 bullets through Bin Ladin's head.

Perhaps Christian Reconstructionists so discombobulated over the Bin Ladin elimination should volunteer to go live in Islamic nations to defend them. See if you last more than two days. I bet it won’t be the U.S. military that ends up doing you in.

The Archbishop of Canterbury criticized the Bin Ladin elimination. Need I remind you that that was the man at the Royal Wedding whose gown was even more girliefied than the one worn by the actual bride?

The Daily Telegraph describes the Archbishop of Canterbury as a "mainstream religious leader". The man is a practicing Druid. No wonder the Muslims are about to take over Britain.

Bin Ladin and his wife hadn't left compound in nearly 5 years. That's about as often as you will get out of the house if Obama's transportation policies go into affect.

If we can't see photos of Bin Ladin's blown off head because it might generate sympathy for him, why in the name of Hades is there talk of releasing his home videos?

The Pentagon intends to release details of life inside of the Bin Ladin compound. Maybe they should couple that with stories of the lives ruined by Bin Ladin.

Before the final analysis, there will probably be some legalistic fanatic that gets all bent out of shape that Bin Ladin's death was announced on a Sunday.

It is estimated that American taxpayers spent nearly $3 trillion on the hunt for Bin Ladin. You'd think we would at least be owed the opportunity to glance at the polaroids.

by Frederick Meekins

Does The DC Government Care If Terrorists Kill Christians?

A story posted at Yahoo News detailed the steps taken in Washington, DC to prepare for a retaliatory attack on the part of Al Qaeda over the death of Osama Bin Ladin. Among the measures included increased police protection of synagogues and mosques.

What about Christian churches?

Aren’t these structures as worthy of protection?

However, they were not mentioned in the article.

If not, shouldn’t the DC government admit that they are not as concerned about any Christians that die in an attack as they are Jews or Muslims?

Those that properly recall their history will remember that one of the things that turned Bin Ladin against the United States initially was the presence of “Crusaders” in lands deemed sacred and holy by devout Muslims such as Saudi Arabia.

“Crusaders” is a term some Muslims utilize when speaking of Christians in reference to the conflicts during the Middle Ages where Roman Catholic authorities attempted to liberate the Biblical Holy Lands from Islamic control.

As such, if you wanted to strike back at an enemy that you thought was attacking your religion wouldn’t the Washington National Cathedral or the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception --- prominent structures admired and beloved not only by native Washingtonians but by enthusiasts of religious art across the county --- be better targets?

A fundamental principle of American jurisprudence is equal protection under the law.

When a terrorist bomb explodes, the projectile shrapnel of the device can just as easily take out the lives of bystander Christians, Jews, or even Muslims.

by Frederick Meekins

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