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Fox is flailing...Again.

Nope, no bias here at all! Let's back the guy who backed TARP, and who doesn't think the Fed should be audited. Because he'll be SO different from President Obama!! Sigh...I think I'm getting flashbacks from last time's primary losers who thought they'd win.

What happens when the government gets energy RIGHT??

Answer: They abandon what's efficient & clean for the opposite in order to make weapons, and the news media ignores the issue.

Is a good intro to the issue, with a couple of good, short videos.

is 25 minutes, and much geekier, because it's distilled from over 3 hours of Google Talks on the subject. The media has done a TERRIBLE job on this over the years, and clearly the government's priorities have had us on the wrong course for years. But even if we don't wake up to the potential of energy from thorium, other nations will, and they are.

It's time to think anew about energy sources like LFTR & industrial hemp. But everyone's going to want to screech at each other about homosexuals getting married or who is "a racist" this week, if my guess is right.

What we WON'T see from the archives of "Journolist"

We won't see the discussion, which no-doubt took place, of how to not-cover the Hal Turner FBI scandal. (I went over my own take on both the scandal and the accompanying media bias at this URL: I don't believe it's an accident that this scandal received almost no coverage while various much-less-offensive (or costly to taxpayers...) BS got hysterical media attention. I'm so right on this issue nobody even tries to argue the facts with me, focusing instead on my (somewhat frustrated, at this point...) style. It ain't workin', I'm WAY too used to being laughed-at and then being right. Like this time.

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