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Boehner vs. Lungren

This blogger stands with Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- against Rep. Lungren, who is a long shot at best.

Will Lungren throw a whole bunch of mud at Boehner?  We shall see who has the best interests of the party, the conference and the conservative movement at heart!

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CA-04: Brown Opposes Prop. 8; Supports Gay Marriage and Judicial Activism

A 4th congressional district resident from Roseville, Karen England is the campaign director for Yes on Proposition 8. This voter-supported campaign committee is dedicated to educating voters about the issue of marriage.  Karen issued the following statement regarding 4th congressional candidate Charlie Brown's opposition to Proposition 8:

"For California families, there is no other political issue this election as important as saving marriage.  That's why it is imperative that voters support only candidates who respect traditional marriage. Charlie Brown's astonishing opposition to Proposition 8 reveals just how out of touch he is with citizens in the 4th congressional district-and the overwhelming majority of Californians and Americans.

"After evading the issue for months, Mr. Brown finally declared that he does not support Proposition 8. This means that Mr. Brown supports four activist judges overturning Proposition 22, and imposing their social agenda on Californians.

"Not only am I working to pass Proposition 8, I'm a resident of the 4th congressional district. I know my fellow voters in this district-they're my neighbors and friends. In his opposition to Proposition 8, Mr. Brown sides with radical liberals who certainly don't represent the values of our community.

"Given his outright opposition to the most essential issue to families-the definition of marriage-Mr. Brown is not the candidate voters in support of marriage will ever support."

To learn more about this issue, visit  To stop judicial activism and support traditional families, you need to back Tom McClintock in CA-04.


Something We Can Do About Energy

I have learned a lot about the energy debate we're having in this country and now is the time we take some action. I have three places to plug for online activism on this issue. I can not stress enough how important it is for readers of this site to check out these websites and stay focused on solving our energy crisis by encouraging the development of American energy resources.

The first deals with a request for comments on America's plans for drilling in this country. Right now the Minerals Management Service (MMS) is collecting comments on its next five-year offshore leasing plan. The MMS – the federal agency responsible for administering the offshore oil and natural gas program – considers the size, timing, and location of the areas to be considered for federal leasing, and it bases its recommendations on the public’s comments. The plan is reviewed by Congress and approved by the Secretary of the Interior. MMS is accepting public comments on its 2010-2015 plan until next Monday, September 15th. Apparently several anti-drilling groups have called on their members to flood MMS with comments. Therefore, the majority of comments oppose new leases. Considering that numerous national polls have shown Americans support increased drilling, their comments do not reflect the nation’s sentiments. Showing support for drilling via MMS can have an immediate impact on the next leasing plan and can send a message to lawmakers. Please go to and comment.

Second, make sure that your Congressman has signed on to the Energy Rally petition. is a new website from an Ohio-based PAC that is dedicated to getting the following done:

1.Expedite oil and oilshale exploration and lift the ban on drilling in ANWR

2.Tax Credits for owners of electric cars

3.Creates a $500 Million incentive for the first manufacturer of electronic, mid-size cars capable of 100 miles per gallon

4.Provides tax credits for investment in Nuclear energy

5.Extends tax credits for energy efficient buildings (i.e. LEED Certified)

See the website for more on what you can do to sign the Second Declaration of Independence. The American Energy Act is too important to give up without a fight.

Lastly, but certainly not least, be sure to check in with our friends at American Solutions. Newt Gingrich's group has been driving this issue from the beginning of the movement. The Do-Nothing Congress is back in session and they are busy with all sorts of distractions as they ignore the number one issue this election cycle. We can't afford to Do Nothing. Get involved. Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.

Pennsylvania Report

I have a stack of Pennsylvania stuff that I have been meaning to get to; and since there is no time like the present, let's just get right to it.

Boehner on Tour

Let me start with this report from Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner:

Over the weekend, Boehner headlined events for several Republican candidates in Pennsylvania, including three pick-up opportunities for Republicans in November. Principled GOP reformers are taking on Pelosi Democrats who have toed the Democratic Party line on energy, earmarks, border security, and more -- and voters are taking notice.

PA-05 Boehner kicked off his reform tour on Friday with a fundraiser for Glenn Thompson in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District. Thompson is running to succeed retiring Rep. John Peterson in Pennsylvania’s largest district which has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+10. Thompson is a heavy favorite in this district and has significantly outraised his opponent with nearly $75,000 more cash-on-hand. According to an article in The Observer, Thompson “says the number one issue facing Pennsylvanians is rising energy costs.” He “wants to utilize current U.S. resources by promoting domestic drilling as the part of the energy solution, as well as developing alternative fuels.”

PA-10 On Saturday, Boehner’s day began with a fundraising lunch for 10th Congressional District candidate Chris Hackett. Hackett is a strong fiscal conservative who supports a ban on taxpayer-funded earmarks and additional tax relief for families and small businesses. In a recent op-ed on Red State, Hackett wrote, “We need an American energy policy that embraces ‘all of the above.’ That means increased domestic oil production, wind, solar, nuclear, natural gas, clean coal, or for that matter, anything other source that shows an ability to compete in the market.” Hackett’s opponent, Chris Carney, voted for a House budget that raises taxes on millions of Americans. And he voted against new American energy on 8 out of 12 key energy votes. The radical anti-energy Sierra Club, whose president says “we’re better off without cheap gas,” is running ads in support of Carney. While Carney has more cash on hand, Hackett slightly outraised his opponent in the second quarter. PA-10 has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R + 8.

PA-11 Following the lunch, Boehner attended a fundraising BBQ for 11th Congressional District candidate Lou Barletta. Stuart Rothenberg says, “Polling suggests that this may well be a top-tier GOP takeover opportunity by November.” Barletta’s opponent, Paul Kanjorski, voted against new American energy production on 12 out of 12 key energy votes. Kanjorski is also taking a lot of heat for his admission that Democrats “stretched the facts” in 2006 about their ability to end the war in Iraq. And news accounts have uncovered trouble with Kanjorski’s taxpayer-funded earmarks, and his “family ties to some of the groups that have benefited from his earmarks.” Kanjorski even referred to taxpayer-funded earmarks as “free money.” The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says, “In this battle of principle against pork, the choice is obvious.”

PA-08 Finally, Boehner headlined a fundraiser for 8th Congressional District candidate Tom Manion. According to the Bucks County Courier Times, “Manion said he supports a multi-tiered energy policy that pushes for alternative energy sources, conservation and an increase in the domestic supply by drilling.” Manion’s opponent, Patrick Murphy, voted against new American energy production on 12 out of 12 key energy votes. He’s also come under scrutiny for accepting a $100,000 advance on an autobiography just days before House ethics rules would have prevented him from doing so.

PA-16 On Sunday, Boehner headlined a fundraiser for Rep. Joe Pitts from Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District. Pitts is the author of H.R. 2279, legislation that would expedite the construction of new refineries on closed military bases in the United States. In an op-ed for The Phoenix, Pitts too calls for an “all of the above” energy strategy and says “[t]here has not been a lack of time to deal with the issue of skyrocketing gas prices — there has been a lack of will.” He lists off “the pieces of legislation that have been considered on the House floor even as gas prices skyrocketed,” including “legislation commending the Houston Dynamo Soccer Team” when has was $3.03 per gallon and “legislation designating National Train Day” when gas $3.77 p/g, and more.

McCain Visit

John McCain will be in York next week for a major campaign event. He will discuss his plan to keep and create jobs in Pennsylvania, get our economy moving again, and lower gas prices. If you are interested in learning more about this event please click here, send an email to, or call 717-412-1538 with your name and phone number and a campaign representative will contact you.

"Pennsylvania Democrats Morale is "In The Toilet"

I've been following the development of this story via the Republican State Leadership Committee and their blog "State News Shot" and I have to say that all of this news is encouraging for Republicans, particularly those of us who don't live there and have to deal with this particular Culture of Corruption. The title to this section comes from the RSLC's post on the subject, which is about an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in which an anonymous staffer assesses the state of morale for Keystone Democrats. All of this is due to a growing scandal called BonusGate (the best post for getting a grip on what this is all about is here) that has the Democrats calling for the resignation of the House Majority Leader.


Matt Hurley is the Contributing Editor of Weapons of Mass Discussion, an Ohio-based blog.

OH-02: EMILY's List Endorses Wulsin

In a not-so-shocking development, EMILY's List has endorsed Vic Wulsin in OH-02. But try finding that announcement on Vic Wulsin's campaign site. Why would Wulsin want to bury this news? Because while Wulsin's values are aligned with EMILY's List, the district does not support their principles. Wulsin will take their campaign cash and support while trying very hard to keep it secret. Let's not forget what EMILY's List is all about...

A candidate must meet three qualifications to be considered for an EMILY’s List endorsement: back abortion rights, including the right to late-term (or ‘partial birth’) abortions; be a Democrat; and, in primary elections, be a woman.

We can have arguments over how much the demographics of the district have changed, but I would find it very difficult to believe that this is the sort of group that the good people of OH-02 would support. And that is why Team Wulsin hides the endorsement. Despite the obvious risks of being associated with a radical group that wants to REINSTATE partial-birth abortion, Vic Wulsin has apparently decided that taking their money is worth the risk. EMILY's List DOES support the reinstatement of partial-birth abortion, though it hasn't been brain-dead enough to issue such a direct pronouncement; however, its reaction to the Supreme Court's upholding of the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act in April 2007 gives it away:

"This is a call to arms," said Ellen Moran, executive director of Emily's List, a Washington group that supports Hillary Clinton for president and raises money for Democratic women who back abortion rights. "You're going to see women become more politically active, make more contributions and really stand up and say, 'enough already.'"

This is the radical agenda that Vic Wulsin represents.

Fortunately, Rep. Jean Schmidt is a genuine pro-life fighter.  But, Jean could use your help.


Matt Hurley is the Contributing Editor of Weapons of Mass Discussion, an Ohio-based blog.

Interview with US Senate Candidate Jeff Beatty (R-MA)

Above is video from a phone interview I conducted with US Senate candidate Jeff Beatty from Massachusetts.

Cardinal Updates


There are a few campaign updates from the Buckeye State that are worth noting...

OH-01: PolitickerOH reports that Rep. Steve Chabot's race is expected to be a barnburner.  That's nothing new to Chabot...  Chabot is a strong campaigner and a tremendous fundraiser and the "Obama effect" is just the latest in a long line of hope and change gimmicks that Democrats have relied on against a great conservative candidate.

OH-03: The Democrat candidate, Jane Mitakides, tried to mislead voters when her FEC report came out.  She flaunted "grassroots financial support from inside the district," implying that she got a vast majority of her donations from OH-3 voters.  Her claims couldn't be farther from the truth.  When her numbers are broken down, 43.8% of her fundraising came out of the pockets of her and her family.  When those contributions are subtracted from her fundraising total, only 13% of her itemized contributions came from voters in the 3rd District.  Since when was that "grassroots financial support form inside the district"?  In contrast, Rep. Turner has over 4x the cash on hand, and is about to pass the $1 million threshold.  A vast majority of his contributions come from individual donors, and he has donated nothing to his campaign.  When it comes to who is actually receiving grassroots financial support in the race, it's clear that it's Congressman Turner.  More on that story at WMD.

OH-07: The Democrat candidate, Sharen Neuhardt, has apparently fired her campaign manager and brought in some new talent.  As I reported on WMD, Jim Alexee is out at Team Neuhardt and Andrew Tappan is in.  Tappan previously worked for John Edwards, Sen. Sherrod Brown and Bob Shamansky (lost to Rep. Pat Tiberi).  Meanwhile, Republican candidate State Sen. Steve Austria called on Congress to stay in session to get some work done on an energy bill that would bring down the price of gasoline.  (PolitickerOH)

OH-15: Republican candidate State Sen. Steve Stivers recently received visitors from Greenpeace and he has released a statement about energy and climate change issues.  His Democrat opponent, Mary Jo Kilroy, apparently was unable to make it to a local parade and there was some controversy surrounding whether or not she sent a "look alike" in her place.  (WMD)

OH-16: The Democrat candidate, State Sen. John Boccieri finally registered to vote in the district (WMD), but that has been the least of his problems lately.  The Ohio Republican Party pointed out that Boccieri was misleading voters with his endorsement list on his website that still contained endorsements from the primary (WMD).  And video has resurfaced of an interview that Boccieri gave in which he danced around pro-life issues like a ballerina.  If you think abortion is a "distraction from what really matters" then Boccieri is clearly your guy; but if you think protecting the value of human life is more than just a wedge issue, then Kirk Schuring is your only choice.  (WMD)


Matt Hurley is the Contributing Editor of Weapons of Mass Discussion, an Ohio-based blog, and a member of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance.

Ohio Fundraising Update

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In this week's post, I wanted to bring everybody up to date on the latest news on Ohio's races which, for this week, means fundraising...

OH-01: Rep. Steve Chabot who has $1,311,547. His Democratic challenger, Steve Driehaus, has a total of $631,440 in the bank. (The Point). Chabot is a fundraising machine and is one of the hardest working campaigners in the business.

OH-02: Rep. Jean Schmidt $301,462 this quarter and $858,081 for this cycle with $392,028.05 on hand. Team Schmidt has done a pretty good job of fundraising in what has been a difficult climate. Schmidt has more cash on hand and nearly outraised her opponent, Vic Wulsin, this quarter. (WMD)

OH-03: Rep. Turner has outraised Jane Mitakides this quarter ($176,250 to $156,964.11) and has more cash on hand ($596,171 to $130,566.49). (Jessica Wehrman, Dayton Daily News) Dayton's former mayor is running a fine campaign and looks to be in pretty good shape to take it to the finish line once again.

OH-04: Rep. Jim Jordan is crushing labor union candidate Mike Carroll. Jordan raised $627,924 in second quarter and has $433,838 cash on hand. Carroll has managed to scrape together $11,486 in this quarter, but only has $2,298 cash on hand. (PolitickerOH)

OH-05: Rep. Bob Latta has raised $73,675 this quarter and has $76,921 cash on hand. His opponent apparently didn't file a report. (PolitickerOH)

OH-06: Deputy Recorder Richard Stobbs (R-Dillonvale) didn't file a report, which is not a good sign seeing as Rep. Charlie Wilson raised $609,691 this quarter. The interesting thing about that is that Wilson has only $397,855 cash on hand, which means he's spending an awful lot of money on a race that shouldn't be much of a sweat. If you are looking for a dark horse bet for your campaign dollar, this just might be your race. (PolitickerOH)    UPDATE:  My source at PolitickerOH has reported an error: Charlie Wilson’s 2Q # was $129,490, not $600K.

OH-07: State Senator Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) posted strong fundraising totals for the second quarter today, outraising his Democratic opponent by more than $151,000. Since the campaign began, Sen. Austria has raised nearly $820,000, far outraising his opponent by nearly $500,000. His opponent is Sharon Neuhardt, a liberal attorney from Yellow Springs. (WMD)

OH-08: Tucked deep within House Minority Leader John Boehner’s mammoth Federal Elections Commission filing is this “receipt”: Boehner received $1.09 million this quarter, $1.15 million total from Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., part of a legal ruling against McDermott earlier this year. (Jessica Wehrman, Dayton Daily News) Boehner has spent he spent $-768,997.09 this quarter. That minus sign is not an accident or a typo...

OH-09: This one is ugly. Brad Leavitt, our guy, didn't file. Rep. Marcy Kaptur raised $77,135 last quarter and has $939,633 cash on hand. (PolitickerOH)

OH-10: Jim Trakas raised $103,033 in the second quarter but only has $87,451 cash on hand. Rep. Dennis Kucinich is on cruise control having raised just $147,853 last quarter, but he has $506,235 cash on hand. If you are looking for a place to put some campaign donations to fight against Democrats who want impeachment to go forward, this is the race for you. (PolitickerOH)

OH-11: Republican candidate Thomas Pekarek didn't file a report, but Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones raised $177,816 last quarter and only has $83,848 cash on hand. This is another long-shot bet that could have significant pay-off for your campaign dollar. (PolitickerOH)

OH-12: Rep. Pat Tiberi raised $246,060 in the second quarter and has a whopping $866,855 cash on hand. His opponent, businessman David Robinson only raised $52,371 last quarter and has a paltry $19,976 cash on hand. (PolitickerOH)

OH-13: Our guy, David Potter, didn't file, but Rep. Betty Sutton raised $72,976 last quarter and only has $188,693 cash on hand. This is another one of those races where a little investment in our candidate might make a difference. (PolitickerOH)

OH-14: Rep. LaTourette is crushing his opponent, former Judge Bill O'Neill. LaTourette raised $333,813 in 2Q and has $870,849 cash on hand; whereas O'Neill put up $104,051 last quarter, but only has $46,541 cash on hand. (PolitickerOH)

OH-15: Steve Stivers outraised Mary Jo Kilroy last quarter and is getting closer to closing the gap created by Kilroy having gotten in to the race a year before Stivers. Here is an opportunity for your campaign dollars to be put to really good use in what is going to be a tough fight. The DCCC has already committed $1.2 million in ad buys for this race. UPDATE:  Source - (WMD)

OH-16: The Schuring campaign has raised over $800,000 to date and has nearly $350,000 cash on hand. (WMD) He trails John Boccieri (D-Not from OH-16) in the money race, so if you are looking for a place to donate that will have an impact, Team Schuring is the place for that.

OH-17: Duane V. Grassell, a teacher running as a Republican, did not file a report. His opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan, raised $141,770 in last quarter and has $424,293 cash on hand. (PolitickerOH)

OH-18: Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio's 18th District Fred Dailey filed his 2nd quarter fundraising totals and more than doubled the amount of money his campaign had raised in any previous reporting period. Dailey's $112,000 cash on hand consists primarily of local contributors from across Eastern Ohio. (WMD) Dailey has put up the best fundraising numbers of his campaign in this quarter and is looking to build on that momentum. His opponent, the accidental congressman Zack Space, has raised a ton of money, so if you are looking for a good place to put some campaign dollars to use in a district we should not have lost, this is it.

Ohio's Future PAC: Rob Portman started up a PAC and has donated to the Ohio Republican Party, the Cuyahoga and Lucas County parties, as well as three U.S. Reps: Steve Chabot (R-Cincinnati), Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) and Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green). Congressional candidates Steve Stivers (R-Columbus), Fred Dailey (R-Mt. Vernon), Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) and Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) have also received donations. (PolitickerOH)

Recharge Ohio PAC: Not to be outdone, John Kasich has also formed a group to help raise funds for Ohio Republicans. Kasich's PAC is focusing in on helping maintain Republican majorities in Ohio's legislature. (Daily Briefing, Columbus Dispatch)

88 in '08: And let's not forget the Ohio Republican Part's efforts to take the presidential race to each and every county in Ohio. Please consider helping out with a contribution. Here’s what a single $88 contribution can do (based on statewide calculations): 226 Absentee Ballot Request Forms, 1760 GOTV phone calls, 31 new voters that can be identified and registered, 117 yard signs, or 880 bumper stickers. Remember: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation...

Matt Hurley is the Contributing Editor of Weapons of Mass Discussion, an Ohio-based blog, and a founding member of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance

An Ohio Update...


In this week's post, I wanted to bring everybody up to date on the latest happenings in Ohio's races...

OH-01: Rep Steve Chabot has a full calendar of events in which he will be appearing. Chabot is fighting back against Steve Driehaus who is hiding behind his liberal friends in the DCCC and their radio ads.

OH-02: Rep. Jean Schmidt is facing a rematch with Dr. Vic Wulsin, who continues to be mired in a controversy regarding her involvement in a study of malariotherapy. Wulsin claims that she found the process to be scientifically unsound and unethical, but failed to report the Heimlich Institute to the appropriate authorities.

OH-03: Rep. Mike Turner is battling a smear perpetrated by liberal bloggers claiming that Turner voted against extending GI Bill benefits. The truth is that Turner voted to support the bill in the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008. The earlier version of the bill would have raised taxes and lacked a provision allowing the transfer of benefits to members of a vateran's immediate family.

OH-04: Rep. Jim Jordan is squaring off against a guy named Mike Carroll. This race has been pretty quiet.

OH-05: Rep. Bob Latta held his Farm Day last week.

OH-06: Some guy by the name of Richard Stobbs gets the honor of trying to knock off Democrat Charlie Wilson. He might want to start by updating his website.

OH-07: State Sen. Steve Austria is running against Sharon Neuhardt, who just might think she's actually running for a seat in Indiana.

OH-08: Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- draws Nicholas Von Stein as his opponent. People will be saying "Bay-nur" for quite some time.

OH-09: The sacrificial lamb in this district goes by the name of Bradley S. Leavett. This Navy veteran squares off against Marcy Kaptur.

OH-10: Jim Trakas versus Dennis Kucinich. I'd love to tell you something about this race; but near as I can tell, there isn't anything to talk about...

OH-11: Thomas Pekarek opposes Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I wish I could tell you this one was going to be close, but it won't be...

OH-12: Rep. Pat Tiberi wrote an op-ed about the Fourth of July for the Newark Advocate.

OH-13: Dave Potter resigned his job late last month to be a full-time candidate against Betty Sutton.

OH-14: Rep. Steven LaTourette recently proposed a commuter gas relief rebate. The bill is a gimmick, but it does show that LaTourette is at least in touch with the issue.

OH-15: State Senator Steve Stivers opponent is Mary Jo Kilroy, who is in some hot water lately. The issue is the contracts for the Columbus Clippers baseball stadium and Kilroy, a county commissioner, bungled it by insisting on awarding the contract to a union-friendly company instead of the lowest bidder. The last five paragraphs of that story linked above is really worth savoring.

OH-16: Kirk Schuring's opponent, John Boccieri (D-Not in the District) pulled a gas station stunt that backfired this week.

OH-17: Duane V. Grassell vs. Tim Ryan will not be pretty.

OH-18: Fred Dailey is running against Zack Space, the Accidental Congressman. We know one thing for sure about Space, he's avoiding Obama like the plague that he will be in this district and all over southeastern Ohio.

John McCain will be back in Ohio this week participating in a townhall in Portsmouth and then the NAACP convention in Cincinnati. The best method of defeating Obama is to convince voters in southeastern Ohio (and southwestern Pennsylvannia) that the Democrat is just another politician and nothing special. On my blog, Weapons of Mass Discussion, we have catalogued over 30 of Obama's flip-flops. Throw in his various gaffes and falsehoods, and Obama can be defined as the liberal con-man that he is.

Ohio Attorney General: You may have heard about Ohio's Eliot Spitzer, Marc Dann, being sent home in disgrace. What you may not have heard is that the Ohio GOP does not have a candidate. Time is running out and at this point, the Republican candidate would have to be a superstar at fundraising in order to catch Dick Cordray, the Democratic candidate.

88 in '08: The Ohio GOP is working hard to be competitive in all 88 counties of the Great State of Ohio and they will need your help doing it. Please consider helping out with a contribution. Here’s what a single $88 contribution can do (based on statewide calculations): 226 Absentee Ballot Request Forms, 1760 GOTV phone calls, 31 new voters that can be identified and registered, 117 yard signs, or 880 bumper stickers. Remember: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation...


Matt Hurley is the Contributing Editor of Weapons of Mass Discussion, an Ohio-based blog.

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