ACORN's 15 State Strategy for Voter Fraud

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Much has been made of the Democrats 50 state strategy to win the election.  Who knew there was a fall back 15 state strategy to steal it if they couldn’t win it?

Americans who haven’t heard about ACORN and voter fraud haven’t been paying attention. Some have been hearing about it for years. Others are just now hearing after waking up to find elections upon us once again. Seems like every couple of years there’s an election and whenever there is, there’s talk about people trying to steal it.

This year is no different. But for the first time, the fraud seems massive and everywhere.  And most all the fingers are pointing at ACORN.  They are political activists, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. According to Wikipedia, ACORN ” … is a community-based organization that advocates for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, health care and other social issues.” Wikipedia has frozen further edits to ACORN’s page because people can’t agree; according to others, ACORN is a Liberal group committed to electing Democrats by any means possible, legal and illegal.

Prior to 2008, while ACORN was a player in terms of voter fraud, there wasn’t much to report.  My first memory is South Dakota from 2002. This year ACORN is under scrutiny in over a fourth of America’s 50 states.


According to the New York Post and numerous other sources, 15 states are looking into ACORN for possible voter fraud. There’s just one problem, I can’t find 15 from this election cycle.  I can only find 13!  I looked but no one reporting the 15 state figure backed it up.  A bit of light was shed when I found a comment making the tally 15 “since 2004″.  Not quite the felonious total first reported, but why quibble over a couple of states.  A count of 13 still means in 2/3 of the states in which ACORN ran registration drives this cycle, there were problems.  If anyone knows the other two states, let me know and I’ll issue an update.  If problems turn up in any of other states, let me know as well.

The 13 instances noted below are all from this election cycle.  All but the Washington case are from 2008.

Connecticut - falsifying/forging voter registration cards;

Florida - falsifying voter registration;

Indiana - falsifying/forging voter registration cards;

Michigan - dozens of fraudulent forms;

Missouri - falsifying voter registration applications;

Nevada - fraudulent registrations including two for Tony Romo and Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys;

New Mexico - hiring felons to work on registration drives;

North Carolina - fraudulent registrations submitted;

Ohio -  one man ACORN registered to vote over 70 times;

Pennsylvania - $2k reward offered for ACORN temp charged with perjury, identity theft and vote fraud;

Texas - 40% of 27K registrations from Houston rejected;

Washington - worst case of registration fraud in state history;

Wisconsin - hiring felons as “special registration deputies” and falsifying registration forms.

The links above are just one link to the state’s story.  In several instances there are multiple reports on the same case and in a few instances, there are multiple cases of fraud in a single state.  The point is, this isn’t made up.  ACORN’s standard response seems to be the “We can’t be made to pay for what others do!” defense.  But they don’t seem to mind if we pay in their place.

With the news out the Obama campaign hired ACORN, paying them $800k for voter registration it seems likely the heat is not going to do anything but increase.  Stay tuned and stay informed.  Alert and knowledgeable citizens outflank 15 state strategies every time!

Blue Collar Muse

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McCain could energize the base again by having a bunch of men in white hoods standing around in the background of his remaining speeches.  That may even work better then having some ignorant back woods hick from Alaska come in at the last minute and excite the party-----The biggest mistake McCain made is not having Mitt on the ticket---that will probably cost him the election!!!

Yes, keep it up the racist and sexist rant, leftist!

That will elections and heal the wounds of Democrats' 2 centuries of race-baiting (whether for Jim Crow or for the black, racist Marxist poverty pimps).

Sorry dude!!!


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But caution my friend, I was a probably a republican be for your sorry ass came into this world!  It sounds like you are an uneducated fool who needs to move out of mom's basement and take a trip outside the city limits.  I have traveled this world at the “Tip of the Spear” to crappy little places you couldn’t even pronounce to keep you free, and helped earn you the right to call people  “racist Marxist poverty pimps”.  So what have you done for your country beside run that big mouth???


Work and play my part as a responsible citizen

What have you really done besides  "travel the world" and spout your eltist nonsense.  You know I am right that is why you have you have to call names on this site and pretend your morally and intelectually superior to the rest of us .  Well asshole, I have learned from the best and have been educated in the real world as well as in a liberal university and I am not afraid of leftist trolls like yourself.

ACORN Will Badly Hurt Obama

Independent swing voters may want change, but they don't want a candidate that's trying to steal an election.

ACORN is joined to the hip with Obama, and the evidence is overwhelming that the organization was attempting a massive voter fraud "coup" around the nation.  These aren't isolated incidents.

Denying the Obama campaign has ties with ACORN is like the Democrat Party denying ties with the AFL-CIO. 

This attack is drawing blood, and liberals are scared.

Hmmm...where to begin to quell the hysteria

1. You know, don't you, that ACORN is required BY LAW in many (if not most) states to turn in ALL registrations - they are not allowed to destroy any that they believe to be fraudulent.

2. Voter fraud is "inherently incredible" - it's not happening on any meaningful scale as you claim. According to Richard Hasan, an expert on voting rights (and a law professor at Loyola):

:... the idea of massive polling-place fraud (through the use of inflated voter rolls) is  inherently   incredible. Suppose I want to swing the Missouri election for my preferred presidential candidate. I would have to figure out who the fake, dead or missing people on the registration rolls are, then pay a lot of other individuals to go to the polling place and claim to be that person, without any return guarantee – thanks to the secret ballot – that any of them will cast a vote for my preferred candidate.

Those who do show up at the polls run the risk of being detected and charged with a felony. And for what – $10? Polling-place fraud, in short, makes no sense.

You know who turned in most of these fraudulent voter registrations, don't you? ACORN!

According to a statement from the group which has not been disputed by state officials, in July, ACORN set up a meeting with county elections officials and the Secretary of State's office to urge them to take action on information ACORN had provided. Since then, "ACORN has provided officials with copies and--in some cases--second copies of many of the personnel records and the 'problem card packages' and cover sheets with which we originally identified the problem cards."

It's also worth noting that similar allegations were made against ACORN in the last few election cycles, and several investigations were conducted, none of which found evidence of widespread voter fraud. Many of these were conducted by US attorneys, who were pressured by GOP political figures to investigate the issue, then fired after they failed to come up with sufficient evidence.


3. Here's a question for you - whatever happened to the American Center for Voting Rights? Where is its web site? Why did its lawyer, Thor Hearne scrub his resume of any association with them?


the group was founded in March 2005, just days before its representatives testified at a congressional hearing on election-administration issues chaired by then-Rep. (and now federal inmate) Bob Ney. The group was headed by Mr. Hearne, national election counsel to Bush-Cheney '04, and staffed with other Republican operatives, including Jim Dyke, a former RNC communications director.

Consisting of little more than a post-office box and some staffers who wrote reports and gave helpful quotes about the pervasive problem to the press, the group identified Democratic cities as hot spots for voter fraud, then pushed the argument that "election integrity" required making it harder for people to vote."

So now there is one fewer thing for you to be scared about it. Voting is a precious right and certainly fraud is to be prevented. As is voter suppression; you know, like purging eligible voters from the rolls with names taken from a foreclosure list? Maybe that's where you should direct your energy instead of chasing ghosts.

Thank you...thank you...thank you...

I've started several posts to make these points, but deleted due to my belief that it's a pointless argument in this crowd.

These charges are prima facie absurd, and only get more so upon reflection. The whole "ACORN" fraud cries are a trumped up way to introduce doubt into the election process.

I actually find the attempt to taint the election process unfairly, as the right and The Next Right is doing here to be more problematic than what ACORN has done and is doing.

Where fraud may be happening in 1 or 2 cases here or there, voter suppression through intimidation and lawsuits has the potential to succeed on a much larger level.

If you think the ACORN story has legs, I suggest you back off, read through what's really going on, and calm down. we really expect Mickey Mouse to show up at the polls and attempt to vote?

Tim, you just don't get it do you?


I'm getting tired of explaining it to you folks.

Saying that pointing out ACORN's activity is more dangerous to the process than ACORN is like saying pointing out that man over there has a gun and we'd all better be careful is worse than being shot.

You are evidently incapable of reading plain English.  How and where has the GOP or a Right wing group prevented people from voting via intimidation and lawsuits?  Say it plainly or please shut up!  I've clearly laid out what I mean and why I mean it.  You have not and merely say you don't agree while tossing around unsubstantiated accusations.

It would appear you are not interested in dialogue, just the yummy Kool-Aid.  As evidenced by your closing comment.  No one expects MM to vote.  But it's the other 1.3 million names we can't be sure of because they were registered by a thoroughly tainted and discredited source.

Do I really expect you to be able to understand that?  Yes, I do.  Will you?  Time will tell.


How many do you predict?


Big number, that 1.3 million.

How many of those do you predict are fraudulent?

How many of those do you predict are being set up for actual fraudulent votes?

How many of those do you charge are the result of specific, conspiratorial efforts on behalf of ACORN?

You've charged that ACORN has a specific plan to register fraudulent votes. Do you have any evidence of said plan?

Say that ACORN is pure of heart; what would you expect them to do that they aren't doing now?

Answering "I don't know" isn't a sufficient answer. You've made the specific charges, so back it up with specific evidence. And, pointing out a case where 1 or 2 or 5 examples are found does not prove your case.

So, if you have a case, show it. Merely showing accusations and investigations does not validate the charge you've made.

...and to be clear, I would never, ever support a plan to introduce fraudulent votes. I would never wan to win an election by fraud. I care as much about the integrity of the system as does anyone.

So, if you have evidence to back your claim (You've said that ACORN has a 15-state strategy to produce fraudulent votes." Bring it. 

Tim - this is more like it ...

This is the sort of discussion I was referring to. Thanks for taking the time to ask the questions.

Obviously, I have no documents with the title "15 state strategy for Voter Fraud". But the Democrats have a well documented 50 state strategy and ACORN has widely touted their GOTV efforts in 21 states. I'm combining the two concepts for a clever title. It's done all the time. But I can see there might actually be such a document at ACORN.

How many of the 1.3 million do I anticipate to be problematic? How about half? That's right, I believe it's possible 650,000 of them could be tainted. Why do I suggest that? Because in those states where ACORN is having problems, 13 of the 21 they ran GOTV campaigns in (or two thirds), several had 40-50% of the registrations they turned in get tossed out. In some cases it's 100%. Want proof? Follow the links in my post. That's why I included them. I don't expect you to take my word for it, I've provided the start for your own research.

What would I expect of them were they not committed to messing with the process? How about the obvious? Change their behavior. One of the things wise people advise battered women is not to merely take their abuser at his word that he promises to change. They tell them to look for and demand demonstrated character change after they've behaved badly. ACORN has been behaving badly for years. Never to this extent although they have been charged with exactly this sort of thing before and they've claimed innocence for exactly the same reasons.

If you have run into trouble with the authorities for questionable hiring practices and poor job performance for your people, all while pulling down millions in funding from taxpayers and private donors but, after a decade, you cannot seem to find reliable help or pay enough to get people who understand the basics of what you need, then I must ask you, "What in the world am I supposed to think?" If ACORN was concerned about the sanctity of the voting process or their own reputation, they would have cleaned house or at least hid the dirt better. They did neither. That doesn't make them innocent, it makes the stupid, sloppy or guilty - none of which inspire confidence that their efforts and protestations are trustworthy.

You ask me for evidence that ACORN has a plan for fraudulent registrations. I'm sorry, what would you call a decade of documented problems, charges in a score of states, multiple investigations, some of which turn up nothing, some of which turn up something? Consider my contention above that if ACORN didn't want this, they could have changed their practices to reduce or eliminate it. Instead, not only did they continue to do the same thing, they did in more states this year than ever before. And guess what? There are more charges of problems than ever before as well. That doesn't mean anything to you?

There is your evidence, multiple examples across years. My turn for some questions. Actually, it's a single request. Find me a single other organization that does voter registration, even a rabidly partisan one, that has the track record ACORN does. GOTV has been done for decades in this country without the need for such charges and investigations because the registrations submitted are, in the vast majority of cases, just fine. My contention is that only ACORN has a 40-50% failure rate. Only ACORN has been investigated so many times over so many years. Only ACORN is under the microscope because only ACORN is using the voter registration process improperly.

Your turn ...


Long post saying nothing...


I've clicked on several of your "links" to stories, and they don't prove what you say they do.

See comments below where I specifically analyze your link about voter fraud in Cleveland, where upon reading the story, ACORN is not only NOT IMPLICATED but the board of elections says that ACORN has been helpful in prosecuting the individual who committed the fraud.

Your long post has a lot of innuendo, but no facts. Allegations and investigations do not count as facts of fraud; especially in an environment wherein partisans are raising the allegations not based on facts, but based on the very innuendo you are providing here.

Let's focus this discussion down to a single example, and I'll let you choose it. I've already discredited the example you cited below, perhaps you want to focus on a better example?


That's the charge you continue to make, and the charge you have yet to show anywhere.

Again, I would never support any effort to produce fraudulent results.


Oops. Looks like McCain was on the ACORN bandwagon

Stone and glass houses and all that....

Video of McCain at a rally sponsored by ACORN. Wonder why he didn't mind "pallin' around" with the likes of Acorn just a couple of years ago?

Responses to my post ...

@ GunTheStops

Nice threadjack, dude ... but since I recognize it, I'll move past your no doubt cogent, but for the purposes of of the discussion, irrelevant remarks.

@ Caroline

Glad to see the talking points are getting out. This sort of material is showing up all over. Evidently, the fraud investigations are being seen as damaging. It'll be worse as the investigations turn up evidence of vote fraud as they are doing in OH.

Your statement that vote fraud is not happening on a meaningful scale is disingenuous. The foundation for large scale vote fraud is being laid by ACORN. They have registered over a million people in 21 key states. But if half of their registrations are fraudulent, there exists the potential for that many fraudulent votes to be cast. You're not concerned about that?

You're right, it's significant to note that these sorts of concerns have been raised concerning ACORN before. Here's the concern - have they learned nothing??? It would be one thing if they had a raft of situations in '04 or '06 and recognized the problem as a problem and fixed it. They haven't. In fact, they've expanded their operations. Again, you're right, it's significant.

In addition, why is it you insist that because there was no discovery of widespread voter fraud, there should be no concern? I'll be unconcerned when they investigate ACORN and find no vote fraud. Ooops, to late ... Ohio already happened ...

Assuming your question #3 is set up and phrased properly, what is your point? Did the people in question do anything illegal or enable illegal activity? Unethical? I'm unfamiliar with the situation. If there is something you want me to know about it, tell me. I'll be glad to hear it.

Let's see ... any fish left in this barrel ... ooops, just one ...

Please keep the discussion an apples to apples chat. Vote fraud and vote suppression are two completely different things. No one (except ACORN and their political allies) wants vote fraud. Everyone wants proper vote suppression. Since the laws in all the states require that a person registered to vote actually resides in the district in which he is voting, everyone routinely checks for mail bouncebacks to determine valid residency. It doesn't matter if you had to move because of foreclosure, a job change, divorce, medical reasons or personal choice - if you don't live there anymore, you can't legally vote as if you did. That's why residency is checked. Be happy about that. They're trying to suppress fraud, not legal voting ... sheesh ...


Fine, the show me the proof that voter fraud is happening

at the polls.

Did you read it? If so, you're not being honest with us...


Really, did you read this article? The fraud case presented was of an individual actor, who has registered multiple times of his own volition. How does that implicate ACORN?

Here's a telling quote from the article that perhaps you missed...

Still, members of the bipartisan board downplayed any voter fraud. And Platten (Chair of the Elections Board that brought the Fraud Charge) insisted officials with ACORN have offered "any and all" help in probing the questionable activities. Katy Gall, the Ohio state director for ACORN, said her group is cooperating fully with the investigation. 

Again, the Board of Elections claims that ACORN turned in 73,000 registrations, of which only 5% are suspect. According to ACORN, they are the ones who identify the "suspect" registrations to begin with; the Board, in this article, claims that they don't have the tools to be able to handle the influx of registrations. That is the real travesty here, and you can't and shouldn't blame ACORN if our own governing agencies don't have the resources to adequately manage the voter rolls.

So, again, Ken, you haven't made your case. You're attempting merely to cast doubt over a very successful effort to register voters.


McCain and ACORN ...


Are you agreeing with me now that association with ACORN is a bad thing?

Are you suggesting that I wouldn't be able to beat McCain up for doing bad things?

You don't get out much, do you.  From Immigration to McCain-Feingold to Tax Cuts to the Bailout all most of us have DONE is beat up on McCain.  Welcome to the party ... what took you so long?

The question is, will you now agree that Obama's association with ACORN is bad?

I didn't think so...

I'm not sure why you're putting words in my mouth

but I think you've bought the BS about voter fraud happening at the polls directly attributable  to ACORN. The GOP tried this in 04 and it turned up NOTHING.

Are you concerned about voter suppression and legitimate voters being purged from the rolls? Because we KNOW that is happening.

Putting words in your mouth?

Not sure I know what you're talking about.

Regarding voter suppression, I already answered your question.  If you have evidence that anyone has been purged from voter rolls for not living at an address but they actually still live at that address and that it isn't attributable to a clerical error, hit me up and I'll fight with you.

But what is generally referred to as voter suppression is something else entirely.  As I said above, if your residence changes - it is irrelevant what the reason for the change is - then you cannot legally vote where you USED to live.  Purging voter rolls of legitimate voters who no longer live in a previous home - again, regardless of why they moved - makes them an illegitimate voter, an ineligible voter where they USED to live.  Had they changed their address when they moved to their new address, they would have been completely eligible and legit to vote in the new place.

To suggest that purging non-residents is somehow preventing them from voting is illogical.  If those people were to vote where they used to live, they WOULD be commiting fraud.   Purging or suppressing voters in that fashion and for that reason is practiced everywhere precisely to prevent fraud.

Unless you are meaning something else by voter suppression.  If so, stop using the term and explain what you mean by it as I've done and pony up some evidence.


Losing sucks

Because we rely on individuals to register (by mail even), the system is systematically prone to problems.  Instead of blaming Dems or Libs, fix the system! If the Republicans are the champions of the vote count, why didn't they change it when they had the chance? This would have negated anything done by ACORN or other groups.

What did the Republicans do? Fire attornies for not investigating vote fraud in districts narrowly won by Dems. Seems that an imperfect system is fine as long as it's imperfect in your favor.

Dems don't need to steal the election. You don't need to steal something you're winning. Is ACORN juicing oppinion polls?

Republicans used to call liberals whinny (among many, many other things). Look whose whinning now.

As a libertarian I say:  shup up, stop blaming half the population of the U.S. for an imperfect world and simply solve the problem.


Re: Losing sucks ...

@CR -

Change it to what?  And do you believe Dems would permit it?  Let's look at a simple example.

You are correct, individuals register to vote.  So let's keep it on an individual level.  Anyone showing up to vote must present a voter registration card and a picture ID with matching information before they are allowed to vote.

If you desire an ID and registration card but cannot afford them, they will be provided for you at no charge.

There is a cut off for voter registration, including simple change of address, of 30 days (or another acceptable limit) prior to any election.  No exceptions.

I believe the GOP was pushing for that sort of thing, specifically to avoid the sort of thing we're seeing unfold.  And it would work, too.  There is just one teensy-weensy lil' problem.  That other half of the country you reference?  They won't agree.  One is forced to wonder why ...

Since any solution assumes and presumes either enough power to force your views on another or good faith bargaining to solve a mutual problem, we seem to have a problem.  Be it filibusters of judicial nominees or preventing voter fraud or any other issue which calls for integrity and good faith, the country is held hostage by Democrats.

Not that all Dems are evil and bad - although after a while, one begins to wonder why they continue to keep company with the bad ones.  Certainly the leadership and decision makers are.  They placate the troops by assuring them they are just looking out for their best interests.

If one isn't careful, they might succeed.  They might believe a minimum wage is a good thing without asking how it makes everything else more expensive and devours any real gain.  They might believe only the rich and corporations will be taxed without asking how companies are going to pay for the increased tax without either raising prices or cutting services - including staff.  And they might believe that ACORN is just a non-partisan community service oriented organization which is seeking to include more and more downtrodden citizens in the political process without asking why these folks, if they were so adamant about being involved didn't register on their own or choose another vehicle besides ACORN to do so.

I'm with you on the work hard part of the equation.  But working smart is important, too.  Part of working smart is knowing who the enemy is and how he operates.  Thus the exposing of and opposing of ACORN.  These sorts of discussions are fully in line with solving the problem.


losing sucks

Many dems don't support it because they wanted to enfranchise people who have been systematically disenfranchised over the course of three hundred years. I think their intentions where good; I don't see persistant voter supression as being good.

I'm white, educated and I recieved help from ACORN buying my first house. I had lived abroad for many years where there was no credit. So when I came back to the US to buy my first house, they helped. I didn't get some socialistic training, no pitch, no brain washing. They just helped, and that was it.

Yes, Dems have opposed ID registration of some sort at various times. Maybe, like affirmative action, there was a time for that need. Now, maybe it's time to move on. Reintroduce legislation. Thinks don't always get passed the first time around. Dedicated people keep trying; they don't sit around and demonize people whom were simply trying to help the disadvantaged.

This goes the same for Freddie and Fanny. It was started to help people who were intentially discriminated against. However, it seems that their time has passed. Don't just blame the dems, they started it. But during the past 8 years, Bush and Reps didn't mind ignoring the rising debt and holding up home owner ship as proof the economy is strong.

There will always be Dems, there will always be Reps. Might as well sit back, discuss the issue intelligently and respectfully, and possibly things will move forward. The notion that 'if we just get rid of dems' the world will be paradise notion is bunk. There are people who have thought that way since the time of man, and it's never worked out.

Again, stop ranting against dems, hit the blogs and start making a case. The one thing I clearly like dems over reps (not economics) is that you can at least talk (argue) with them and they don't write you off as some pinko-unpatriot-world-crasher. They merely disaggree and move on. They even have the habit to introduce facts and enterain alternative views. Try to get that on the right.


"Voter Registration Fraud" is not "Voter Fraud"

ACORN has definitely submitted thousands of fraudulent voter registrations.  This is not up for debate.  The GOP (and this post) are trying to claim that ACORN is participating in something completely different: voter fraud.  There is no proof ACORN is doing this, and historically "voter registration fraud" doesn't turn into fraudulent votes being cast.

The end game for the GOP is voter suppression.

To claim thousands of people are going to show up, provide false identification, and risk a felony is absurd.  Too bad the MSM isn't doing their homework and reporting the difference.

Yes...and no...

 Mobama...while I agree with your substantive point, you seem to imply that ACORN has committed voter registration fraud, which they have not.

A very few individuals who were hired by ACORN to register legitimate voters have committed voter registration fraud. ACORN has assisted in the finding and prosecution of these individuals. Additionally, a few individual citizens have committed voter registration fraud by filling out forms with erroneous information. ACORN has assisted in the prosecution of these individuals.

This story is fabricated by the right. There's no there here, and Ken has made assertions that he can't support. The entire controversy surrounding ACORN is manufactured for political purposes. I don't think Ken has knowingly done this, but I think his desire to be right on this issue has caused him to read things into the narrative that just aren't there.

Once is an incident, twice is a coincidence....

15 times is a , ahem, lifestyle.

Notice the only places ACORN seems to be busy is swing states and swing districts.

As for the group's overall objectives, well these are the same people who rioted at a House Committee hearing and shouted down  Chairwoman Roukema from holding an effective hearing on Community Reinvestment Act reform. Funny how all their behavior all seems to engage in protecting their slush funds, now by the time honored Tammany Hall tradition of ballot box stuffing.


Nothing plus nothing equals nothing...

If you take one story that is puffed up with a lot of allegations but no facts, and you add to it another story with a lot of allegations and no facts, and you repeat that ad infinitum, you still get "NO FACTS." NOTHING. ZERO.

Please, anyone, bring us some examples wherein ACORN has been shown guilty of either voter registration fraud, conspiracy to commit such, or more importantly (since this is the charge that is really being leveled) vote fraud, and we can begin the conversation there.

It just aint right my friends

I live in the SF Bay Area and take BART to work. Last week alone, there were 3 different voter registration volunteers standing on the platform - away from works - and at the top of the escalators - crying "Register Here Democrats" and even holding signs for Dems to get registered.

I am a chick in a volatile area (very liberal in the east bay area) so I decided to keep my eyes open and my mouth for once shut.

This very courageous man confronted this 'volunteers' and asked for credentials and asked who he worked for. The volunteer refused to let his photo be taken and insisted he was legitimate.

I contacted BART and they confirmed this is not legitimate practice. This was ACORN people. Whether you know it or not, this is bad.

I recall telling my husband one night.... There was a time where I felt safe telling people I was republican but not now. I proudly sport a McCain-Palin sticker but am fearful of getting my car egged or keyed. It's become part of the popular venacular to be democrat - just like the JUST SAY NO campaign made it unpopular to do drugs.

Buy here's the question - When exactly did it become de riguer to be a socialist?

Is it Fraud when it's peer pressure

One more thing...

When it is more popular to believe that you are fighting the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, don't you want to do that?

When you could buy a Prius and save the environment don't you want to do that?

Popular culture is making us feel like this is the right thing to do - regardless of what IT means.

And that is peer pressure. And that is why I'm against anyone crying "Registar to Vote Democrats" at BART and why I'm against ACORN for their practices. It might not be seen by popular culture as FRAUD, but it is wrong. 

You make no sense...

 Your point makes no sense whatsoever.

Nobody needs "credentials" in order to register people to vote. There's not a license required. There's no threshold for legitimacy. Registration forms are freely available to anyone who requests them. It is legal to set up a stand and ask people to register to vote. It is legal to target certain areas and ask certain people to register to vote. Get Out The Vote efforts, by all political parties, have a long history in this country.

Peer pressure? A person trying to register people to vote? You were scared by a man at the BART station because he was carrying voter registration cards? A "brave man" confronted a person who was registering others to vote? What is brave about that? That sounds like intimidation to me.

FRAUD is a legal term. It is nothing more nor less. To suggest that there was fraud going on is not born out by the facts that you've presented; not even close. If you're going to suggest it, as Ken has done with this posting but has yet to back up with any evidence, then you need to make the case.

If you're going to suggest wrongdoing, perhaps you should get your facts in order first.