Canada and the United States are two great countries, each descended from Britain where the voice of the people was allowed to be heard for the first time since the early days of Rome. The United States withdrew from Britain by force while Canada was eventually allowed to withdraw on it's own. These two great countries are so alike. They have differences but no more than the differences between New York and Texas. Why are they separate? They are both descended from the same great country. The United States is a great nation that could benefit greatly from Canada's land and resources. Canada's entry would also turn America's culture in a more European direction(might not neccesarily be a good thing) Canada's provinces would prosper as they entered the greatest economic and military power. These two brothers have been estranged for too long. It is time for them to unite

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Wait - are you seriously proposing that the US and Canada Merge?

If we indulge that compromise, then why not simply bring back the British Empire?  Certainly we have Roman Law, the English language (so far) and a great Anglophile tradition in common with the entire Commonwealth, do we not?  Perhaps I don't understand this proposal, and I've certainly never heard it expressed before either on this side of the border, or on the Canadian side.  And after what I just witnessed Mark Steyn experiencing with the kangaroo court trying him for expressing free speech, not to mention Canada's fascist HRC, I would be very hard pressed to trade "economic and military power" for an Orwellian government. 

The British Commonwealth seems to have chosen the path of appeasement and multiculturalism across the board, including Canada.  Let me know if I've got it wrong, but when Mark Steyn wrote "America Alone" he wasn't just saying that.  We're an island of real democracy and liberty.  At this moment in history I feel more aligned with the Irish than with the Canadians - at least they are fighting for their liberty as well. 

I think we should always seek to ally and trade with Canada, but the bonds that tie us have become quite fragile at times even in that regard.  I work with several English and French Canadian colleagues on TN-1 visas, and their view of America is basically that of Cro-Magnons (them) to Neanderthals (us).  Nah, I don't see it.  As the McKenzies would say, "take off, eh hoser?".

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There is no reason for Americans to worry about their way of life changing. The constitution guarantees that the Canadian states would have no power over states like Arizona or New York. American federal congressman could block any bad idea proposed by the Canadians and any change in the constitution would still be difficult. America currently possess the best supreme court it's had in decades. There is no reason to worry of Canadian influence taking away our rights. Plus some  more American influence might not be bad for them in teaching them to respect such rights.