Marco Rubio: A Modest Proposal

While I'm not a fan of Crist's and I agree with Patrick's assesment of Crist's Senate run, said Senate run, unfortunately, puts us in a bind.  There's no way we can go after Crist without alienating a substantial number of independants.  At the same time Rubio, at least on Paper, appears to be a dream candidate who has the potential to join Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn among our truly fabulous Senators.

Thus, I make the following proposal: Let's clear the field for Crist this cycle and have Rubio keep his powder dry.  Rubio then gets everyone's support to go after Bill Nelson in 2012.


I hope this helps.

Cahnman out.

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Wait, let me see if I have this right... want Rubio to bend over and grab his ankles so that Crist can go to the Senate and further Obama's run away spending? And you think this will help the Republican Party because you think independents will support Crist's senatorial race instead of Rubio?

Does the name McCain mean anything to you? If Crist cared one wit about the Republican Party he would stay in Florida and let a new, a true anti-deficit spending Republican take the senate seat in his stead. The corporate elite of the Republican Party have already given Crist their support. It has already been decided for us.

All we will get out of Crist in the Senate is more taxes, more government spending, and more deficit spending, except this time it will be to support unionized state employees fat contracts at the expense of our children's economic future.


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 Okay, Freedoms Truth, how about this one?


Stand with Marco Rubio

If davidfarrar is going to put anime-gifs, make it a "heads bangs on wall' one.

Here's a better idea than the dumb one of trying pre-empt the primary and run off a great candidate: STAND WITH MARCO RUBIO.

We heard this same BS before. In 2004, the NRSC wanted a mod type in OK, but Tom Coburn beat the elites and is a great SEnator. We are trading up if we get Marco Rubio to replace Martinez.

Crist? A definite trade DOWN. Crist is a RINO, wrong on too many issues and has been held in check mainly because of the GOOD WORK JEB BUSH DID as Governor and in building up Republican statehouse majority.

If Crist cared one wit about the Republican Party he would stay in Florida and let a new, a true anti-deficit spending Republican take the senate seat in his stead.

I agree. Crist is NOT a GOP-builder. Like Ahhhnold in California, he will suck the GOP dry and leave it damaged. Rubio is more conservative, more of a party builder and more of what we WANT TO SEE AS THE FACE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. We have had enough of white-male RINO shills  who sell out conservative principles. Crist is for the globaloney cap-and-trade garbage, which is such a bad idea it cant even get through the Waxman/Pelosi house without a good shove.

The better answer is to support and stand with Marco Rubio. He can and WILL be a great senator NOW.

Even better... Let Marco Rubio take this one, and get Crist or Jeb Bush to wait for 2012.

Breathe, man

Florida isn't exactly Oklahoma. It's got more palm trees and old people, for one. This leads me to believe that the limiting factor on how conservative a senator Florida can elect isn't the lack of candidates.

And, uhh, when you said that Crist "will suck the GOP dry and leave it damaged", yeah, you might have missed a couple things over the past few years.

A Few Points

1) Crist will be better than any Democrat

2) Any potential negative campaign against Crist risks alienating soft Republicans and independants.  These are the people who might vote for a Democrat out of spite.  Furthermore, there are only going to by two and a half months between the primary and the general; this might not be enough time for Rubio to heal the party before the General.

3)  Rubio is only 37.  The Florida senator up for re-election in 2012 in a Democrat.

Don't get me wrong, had there been an open field, Rubio would probably cruise in the General.  That said, the consequence of a bunch of mush-brained moderates voting for the Dem out of spite aren't worth it under the current circumstances.

A 60-70% conservative like Crist is better than a 0% conservative Democrat.

Rubio=Reagan, Crist=McCain

Do we want the GOP to be a Reaganite GOP or a McCainiac GOP? Which was more successful electorally.

I agree on point #1:

1) Crist will be better than any Democrat

But the Mod Squad needs to acknowledge #2 and #3:

2) Rubio will be better than Crist, any day, 90% > 60%.

3) Rubio, contrary to the RINO talking point, can and will smoke the Dem in 2010

"Any potential negative campaign against Crist risks alienating soft Republicans and independants."

Fine. Then tell Crist to withdraw and run for re-election in the Gov race.


Rubio isn't a soc-con.

He is a fiscal conservative. I might remind you, there are a lot of fiscal conservatives out there who aren't Republicans. This is exactly why McCain lost the last election. He proved himself not to be a fiscal conservative when it came time to step up to the plate. Had he opposed TARP in a forceful, Teddy Roosevelt sort of way, he would be president now.

Florida is a no state income tax state, so they take the raising of taxes very, very seriously. In short, there are a lot of fiscal conservatives down there who see Crist's embrace of Obama's economic theories, and his own raising of taxes, as political heresy.

I also find it strange JEB hasn't stepped in and thrown his support to Rubio. There is a lot of talk that he will, but I haven't seen it yet. I hope he is waiting for the next Tea Party to do so. Now that's what I would call real "leadership", the old-fashion kind.

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Thank you

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