My Only Jack Kemp Story

Rewind to Washington, D.C. in April 2005.

I'm in D.C. to do some activism on behalf of President Bush's plan for social security reform.

One of our allies in that (ultimately losing) fight was FreedomWorks, at the time co-chaired by Jack Kemp.

I go to the bathroom.  In the bathroom, I spot Jack Kemp.

Adam: Hey, Mr. Kemp, I have a question I've wanted to ask you for at least 10 years.

Jack Kemp: Well, young man, shoot.

Adam: Actually, this question has nothing to do with politics or public policy and has everything to do with certain members of the Buffalo Bills in the 1970's.

Jack Kemp: That's OK, go ahead.

Adam: Did O.J. do it?!?

Wow, young man, that's the toughest question anyone can ask me.  I've run for President, I've run for Vice President, I've served in the House, and that's still the toughest question anyone can ask me.  As for your question, all I can say is I don't know.

O.J, was a GREAT teammate; not just good, GREAT.  There's nothing he ever said or did in the locker room that would lead me to believe that he's guilty of murder.  That said, the circumstantial evidence is pretty damning and he didn't return my phone calls during the trial, so I just don't know.

In my opinion, that's a pretty cool story.


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