NYC Mayor: DO NOT let this Man Anywhere NEAR the GOP

Guess who's crawling back to the GOP.  Money quote:

Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat who joined the Republican Party for his first mayoral bid in 2001 but then abandoned it in 2007, must mend fences if he wants to secure the Republican line, several sources said.

"A lot of them [GOP leaders] told me they will not carry petitions for Mayor Bloomberg," said one source. "They feel he bought us and sold us."

Allowing this man back into the party would be an act of supreme stupidity.  Let us count the ways:

1) He's a tax hiker.  Since taking office in 2002, Michael Bloomberg has raised taxes on at least 5 seperate occasions.  The result has been that NYC has lagged behind the national job creation pace for this entire decade.  Now he's preaching a New New Deal.

2) He's sold his soul to orgaized labor.  Bloomberg has gone on the greatest public spending spree since the 1960's; his calls for discipline correspondingly ring hollow.

3) He's the most pro-Abortion Mayor in NYC's history.

4) He allowed murder to go up for the first time in 18 years.

5) He actively obstructed Rudy's Presidential run.  Obviously, Rudy's Presidential campaign had plenty of other problems.  That said, anyone who wants to run on the GOP line for mayor of NYC should have been an early and unapologetic supporter.

The citizens of New York City deserve a choice, not an echo.

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A Very Sophisticated Point...

...raised by a commentor on the original Post story.

The Republicans will give him the line. Anyone who thinks it's about a philosophy or belief is fooling him-herself. It's all about money. If the Republicans in NYC have any savvy, the will require King Mike to endorse and fund each and every one of their candidates running on the Republican line with him.

This is an interesting idea that could help the GOP pick up some city council seats.  If the GOP caves (and there is a realistic chance they will), they should absolutely demand some concession like this.


My Personal Sentiments...

...echoed by another commentor:

If the Republican party lets this yutz run on its line again, does it stand for anything anymore? He increased spending every year to ruinous levels. He negotiated expensive contracts with numerous municipal employee unions without achieving significant concessions. Except perhaps the concession of political support for himself. He has vastly enlarged the public housing budget sinkhole. He has given away billions in benefits to wealthy sports team owners for no meaningful return. He is committed to balance the budget by cutting vital services to all New Yorkers and raising taxes, rather than reining in the subsidy and entitlement empire.


I'm not a New Yorker, but I'd

I'm not a New Yorker, but I'd go with your personal sentiments rather than the "it's all about money" approach that would tie the GOP to his far-from-conservative fiscal policies in the nation's largest city.   It seems counterproductive for the New York GOP to cast in with Bloomberg when he sounds like a GWB retread: an R after the name, but not a conservativve principle in sight when it comes to actually governing.  If the GOP continues to be associated with politicians who only give lip service to fiscal restraint and then operate fiscally in a way that's indistinguishable from Democrats, who can blame socially moderate voters when they figure they might as well vote Dem to avoid the neocon/socon agenda? 


Giuliani was another one that switched parties to win an election.

I don't trust him.

Ending Giuliani's run for the WH is doing the nation a service.  I don't see why those people didn't support Romney instead.

And really, Romney is more of what our country needs right now.


That said, I'm a bit reserved about giving the tar & feather treatment to a public official based solely on their record in office.  Sometimes a person is just making the best of a bad situation. 

Excuse Me?!?

Rudy switched parties because he was inspired by Ronald Reagan's vision for America.  He didn't even run for public office for another decade after he switched.

Besides, is it really the end of the world if someone has a brief flirtation with the Democrat party during the era of JFK?  JFK was an anti-communist supply-sider.