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Daniel Glover of Eyeblast.tv provides solid video evidence that, while the teleprompter "was rushing Palin through the speech", it "worked fine" and the "rolling text and her speech are in sync".  Video at the link.  I think the McCain campaign owes an explanation for why they said it was "broken".


Nielsen has released the TV ratings for last night's Republican Convention.  They were rather good.

More than 37.2 million people tuned in for coverage of the third night of the 2008 Republican National Convention, which featured Sarah Palin’s much anticipated national debut.  Wednesday night’s RNC broadcasts attracted just a 1.1 million fewer viewers than Barak Obama’s record-breaking speech on day four of the Democratic convention. 

Coverage of day three of the GOP convention drew a large female audience (19.5 million) 5.2 million more women than tuned in for day two of the Democratic convention, when Hillary Clinton addressed the delegates, and 6.9 million more women than watched Joe Biden accept the Democrats’ vice presidential nomination last Wednesday night.

Of course, it's probably best not to overestimate the importance of these numbers.  While they're good and they're big, they will be dwarfed by the number of people who see the clips and news coverage after the speech.   Within weeks, hundreds of millions of people will have seen the footage.  That is why the "highlight reel" always has to be good - it's the only intersection most people usually have with politics.


Rich Lowry quotes a point that I've heard from numerous people in the past 18 hours.

The ability to effectively skewer political opponents with a twinkle of the eye and remain likeable is a rare political skill. The three best I’ve ever seen: Reagan, Clinton, Palin.

As one Democrat wrote on Twitter last night...

That smile right after she twists the knife? Priceless.


Kevin Drum, Ezra Klein and Hilzoy all point to a focus group result that suggests Sarah Palin's speech didn't go over well with independents...

 Over in Michigan, the Detroit Free Press put together a panel of voters to react to last night's speeches. Interestingly, the independents were universally negative on Palin, and in fact much harder on her than the Democrats were.

Kevin Drum says "the snide mockery and withering sarcasm that both Palin and Rudy Giuliani delivered last night might be more of a turnoff to apolitical voters than the GOP thinks."  

But wait.  Giuliani and Palin were simply responding to Democratic attacks against Gov. Palin. 

  • Palin didn't pull the pro-small town, pro-mayor stuff out of the air or question Obama's experience and accomplishments merely to be mean.  She was addressing specific Democratic lines of attack against her.
  • Democrats have attacked Palin for being a "small town mayor" and for her own qualifications; some on the Left have pushed some incredibly vile whisper campaigns against her and her children.  The distaste of independents for mockery and sarcasm will cut both ways. It seems to me that the attacks on Palin have been much more vicious than her criticisms of Obama.
  • Go see Obama's nomination acceptance speech.  He was extremely critical.  Why is Palin attacked for doing the same thing?
  • Obama and the Democrats don't get to attack Palin over experience and qualifications and then cry foul when Palin responds.


This is the kind of unacceptable Boss Hogg Republican crap that Republicans need to purge...

The Harvard-educated couple that the Democrats want to install in the White House are part of an elitist, “uppity” class, a Republican congressman said Thursday. ...  “Honestly, I’ve never paid that much attention to Michelle Obama,” Westmoreland said. “Just what little I’ve seen of her and Senator [Barack] Obama, is that they’re a member of an elitist class ... that thinks that they’re uppity.” 

John McCain needs to get out in front of crap like this.  Condemnation is not enough.  McCain should publicly demand an immediate and abject apology and let Rep. Westmoreland know that failure to do so will result in the Republican Party withdrawing any and all support for him in any future race.

SC’s Dawson Pushes RNC Ambitions at McCain’s Expense

The South Carolina State Republican Party’s new national McCain ad looks like a crass attempt by State Party Chairman Katon Dawson to boost his own RNC Chair campaign even if he damages John McCain in the process.  Dawson is considered one of the leading candidates to become the next RNC Chairman if McCain loses and has been openly running for the job since at least 2007.

Dawson just announced that he’s running the ad in Minnesota during the national convention next week, according to him as a way to help McCain by rebutting Obama’s “multiple houses” attack.  That’s pretty far fetched.  Sometimes state parties get involved in presidential buys in their own states, but never on a national level.  This is the McCain campaign and RNC’s job and by running ads in Minnesota Dawson is distracting the press from McCain’s biggest message opportunity of the race.

Even worse, his “defense” is helping Obama revive the seven houses attack.  McCain’s campaign aggressively rebutted Obama’s housing ad last week and it’s mostly dropped out of the news as a result.  All Dawson has done is dredge it up again.

Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele Named Co-Chairs of GOP Youth Convention


                                                     Media Contact (202)544-7525 Info@GOPYouthConvention.org                    

WASHINGTON, July 30, 2008 - Today GOP Youth Convention.Org announced that Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and GOPAC Chair and former Md. Lt Governor Michael Steele will serve as Honorary Co-chairs of its campaign to bring young people to the GOP National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"We are very excited that these outstanding leaders of the Republican Party will co-chair our campaign to bring a new generation of young leaders and volunteers to the GOP Convention in Minneapolis," said Namrata Idnani, a student co-chairman of the group.

In a special program over Labor Day weekend, GOP Youth Convention.Org will offer opportunities for young people from around the country to meet other young leaders, hear from and interact with elected officials, and learn how to be better grassroots organizers and political communicators. Other programs will extend throughout the week of the National Convention

"The new generation of leaders who join us in Minneapolis will experience a historic event: the nomination of John McCain for President of the United States," said Soren Dayton, Director of the GOP Youth Convention.

The group's education and training program will take place at Concordia University in Minneapolis, MN starting on Labor Day weekend and continuing throughout the week of the National Convention through Friday September 5th. An opening "welcome" party will take place at the Hard Rock cafe in Minneapolis during the evening on Friday, August 29. Other social events will continue throughout the Convention week.

Affordable accommodations are available for group participants.

For more information, interested individuals may call the group's office at (202) 544-7525, or visit our website at  www.gopyouthconvention.org


We are LIVE from the 2008 Republican National Convention

2008 Republican National Convention Sheridan Folger and Brad Marston Co-Founders of McCain Victory 08, Let's Get This Right (and many others) have been issued Special Press Credentials covering the 2008 Republican National Convention. Please keep an eye out for us at the Convention, and pass this along! If you are able, stop by and see us at the convention . . . otherwise keep an eye out for our live coverage online! June 18, 2008 2008 Republican National Convention Names ShadowTV Official Broadcast Monitoring Provider June 17, 2008 Convention Update- June 2008

John McCain
   <!-- BEGIN - Content Area --> Millions of people around the world will be watching as the Republican Party convenes its 39th nominating convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. The roughly 2,380 delegates and 2,227 alternate delegates elected to represent their states and territories will play a critical role in our nation’s democratic process – and secure a place in political history.

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