68 yr old

Fifteen year old gets smacked by Russell Miller

A 68 year old man has been arrested for misdemeanor battery. The 68 year old was arrested in Boise. Miller reportedly punched or smacked a 15-year-old sitting next to him on an airline flight. The fifteen year old elevated frustration of Miller when he would not shut off his cell phone. Article resource - Russell Miller protects flight mates - by slapping a 15-year-old by MoneyBlogNewz.  

Russell Miller making things occur

Miller ended up seated next to a 15-year old when on a Southwest Airlines airline flight from Las Vegas to Boise. The airline staff announced that all cell phones should be turned off in preparation for the airline flight. The 15-year old did not follow directions. Miller was not thrilled. A mark was left on the boy as Miller punched or smacked the boy. Lt. Kent Lipple of the Boise police has said that "he thought he had to take action."  

Assault gets Miller arrested

Right after the Boise, ID airline flight landed, Miller got arrested. Miller said that he "smacked the boy with the back of his hand to get his attention." Miller commented further. He said he "felt he was protecting the entire plane and its occupants." The 15-year-old who Miller smacked did not require medical treatment at the time Miller was imprisoned. Conviction of the crime won't be too harsh. A few days in jail is what Miller may face.  

All about the FAA cell phone rules forced

During flights, the Federal Aviation Administration demands that mobile phones are turned to "airplane mode" along with all other electronic devices. This is to prevent radio signals from interfering with airline flight equipment and communications equipment. If the 15-year-old had not turned off his cell phone, the flight crew members would have been well within their rights to request that he do so. During the rest of the flight, nothing else happened between Miller and the fifteen-year-old.  






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