Force Democrats to Commit to a Particular Vision for America!!



There is any easy path back: Force Democrats to Commit to a Particular Vision for America.

To do this, consider a coalition between the Green and the Republican Parties.

Crazy you say?

Hear me out.

What is the best way to expose the basic fraud in the democrat appeal?

Force them to choose between the liberal base and the broad coalition.

What is the best way to do that?

Help the Green Party win those "safe" liberal seats tucked away in the inner cities.

Usually, the Republican Party doesn't even run a candidate in these seats. Why not contribute to Green Party victories in those Gerrymandered Liberal State Representative, State Senate, and U.S. Congressional seats?

How can you do that?

Prevent the democrats from blocking Green Party ballot access. Relax restrictions on ballot access. Contribute money to Green Party campaigns. At every opportunity, attack the hypocrisy of Democrat candidates in comparison to Green candidates.

Don't let the Democrats get away with installing another Baraka tHUSAME Obama in a nice safe State Senate seat like the one in Hyde Park, Chicago. Make the would be "liberal" democrats fight the Green Party for those seats. Make them prove their liberal credentials so that they can't run away from their commitments as soon as they see lobby money waived in their faces.

This is way better than the K-Street project. The Green Party project would actually work.

Think of the effect on the Democrat Party.

Democrats would have to choose between, on the one hand, an honest and straightforward socialist approach, or, on the other hand, a weasel-worded, flim-flam, Obama type campaign of deception in which they promise everything and deliver nothing but image.

How can Republicans continue letting the Democrats finesse all the major issues of the day, without forcing them to commit to their best solution?

Exhibit A: immigration policy.

Exhibit B: trade policy and globalism

Exhibit C: income redistribution

Force the democrat liberals to choose.

You really want "Choice not an Echo," then start by forcing the liberals to choose. It'll make your job easier.

If Green members take the liberal seats in the State Houses and Congress, the Green Party can form a coalition with the Republican Party, just as happens with third parties in Canada, Europe and Israel.

Coalitions allow the parties to unite to accomplish specific goals. It's not true that there could never be a project on which Republicans and Greens could agree. Starting with the selection of a Speaker of the House (state or federal), the opportunity to form a coalition with the Green Party could offer significant advantages to Republicans over their Democrat rivals.

The beauty of a multi-party system is that each party passionately represents it's own constituency. As the constituencies expand, the influence of the party expands. Each party negotiates on behalf of its constituency for the best government possible. There is less ideological fraud.

The Republicans have been trying to run on ideology since 1964 - as if Republicans were in a multi-party system. Instead of a straight up debate, Republicans keep using wedge issues and sleezy (Atwater type) campaigns in order to win. This must be frustrating to those who want to have a full opportunity to work out a functioning philosophy of government. How can you do this if the Democrats can't be pinned down?

Force the democrats to stick with a message. Force them to represent their constituents.

Force the democrats to face the Green Party.

Force liberal democrats to chose between the Democrat Party and the Green Party.

Liberal democrats will either disappear; or, the Democrat Party will accept a fixed ideological position. Either way, is good for Republicans. And, coincidentally, it would be good for America.


Prop 8: Here Come the Death Threats

It's getting ugly in California over Proposition 8.

Here is a death threat letter (NSFW), issued on October 20th, 2008 to two of ten households in a California neighborhood where "Vote Yes on Prop 8" signs were being displayed.  Their signs had been stolen by the time they found the letter.

The person who provided me a copy of this letter, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time for obvious reasons, is a head of one of two households to have received identically worded death threats, laced with profanity and insults.  The recipient stated that, due to certain phrases and words used in the letter, the writer of the threat likely knows something about the religious background of the two households.

This is the second time that  this family has had their signs stolen in only a few days.  A police investigation is underway.



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