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Stories and reports continue to break about the stimulus bill that was rushed through congress earlier this year and the fact that it has not succeeded in creating more jobs for Americans.

Still, there doesn't appear to be any leadership or a unified voice raising the tenor of outrage about this massive failure by the Democratic leaders in Congress and the Administration.  The more people scratch the surface of the stimulus reports, the more they discover a government boondoggle - with non-existent congressional districts, counting jobs that were created without stimulus funding, double-counting of jobs, and unclear entities that have been credited with creating new jobs. 

All the while, unemployment has reached an unbelievable 10.2%

This upcoming election cycle is about jobs and the economy - plain and simple. Every poll since September 2008 has shown that the number one concern of voters is jobs and the economy. 

Voters are watching family members, neighbors and friends cope with layoffs, and many have lost their own jobs.  People are surviving on smaller paychecks.  Many Americans know someone who has lost their home to a foreclosure and ever increasing numbers believe the stimulus is having no effect on the economy.  There is a sweeping sentiment among voters that the government is getting too large and is not responsive to the people.

Without mincing words, the trillion dollar stimulus the Washington Democrats shoved down America's throat is a debacle and is the clearest example of how they are fundamentally failing the American people in regards to jobs and the economy. 

In fact, David Obey, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and father of the stimulus bill, is now placing blame on the Administration for lack of oversight of his own bill. Even he is running scared from the mess that is the stimulus bill.

This can not be emphasized enough.

Health care reform is important and must debated and a government-run plan should be fought aggressively. However, it appears that while we focus on that, the opposition is getting a free pass on this.  In reality, the healthcare legislation is a distraction to what is most important - the Democratic leadership's big government approach to jobs and the economy has failed...and this is the strongest reason why a big government approach to healthcare is wrong.

Republicans need to begin calling for accountability on this failed stimulus bill that is wrought with inconsistencies and bad numbers...and drumbeat the looming question, "Where are the jobs?"

I point you to a piece by Mike Flynn, editor of Mike wrote a post today, Obama Stimulus Numbers: The Return of Enron-Style Accounting, comparing the reporting of the stimulus bill to Enron's reporting of it's financial reports. He's starting to see where this is heading.

Don't let them bankrupt America

Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity and Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) gave a great conference call Town Hall meeting last night.  Approximately 11,000 concerned Americans called in.  Both Mr. Phillips and Senator Demint gave short introductions, and then took questions from the callers.  Senator Demint answered the questions while running back into the Senate chamber every so often to vote, or introduce an amendment to strip the pork out.  This was an amazing, and encouraging example of fiscal conservative activism, and an inspiring leader.

Senator Demint made it clear that his first goal was to defeat the legislation.  However, realizing that with the help of some shaky Republicans like Senator Snowe from Maine, the legislation may pass.  Consequently, he is doing everything he can to minimize the damage that will be done by this bill.  When a caller asked the Senator if the economy was as bad as the news made it out to be, and did we really need a stimulus, he replied clearly that it would be better to do nothing than pass this bill.   This bill will add $10,000 of new debt to every family in America.  We just can't afford that.

You can learn more about the bill at   While you are there, please sign the petition expressing your opposition to this bill.  This petition will be delivered to the floor of the Senate before the vote, which is expected Friday.  There are also buttons there for you to call media, and email elected officials.  Make no mistake, as Americans learn more about this plan, the support drops every day.  One recent poll has it at 30%.  Senators up for re-election may choke and not vote for this if we can show enough opposition.

You can also go to and express support for a jobs plan that ensures that businesses will be profitable, and therefore hiring... and ensures that people will spend... all by reducing taxes and leaving the money where it will do the most good.  After all, it doesn't cost anything to not take money.

Did you know that we have achieved a level of indebtedness that makes China think twice before lending us money?  They are losing confidence in our ability to pay our debts.  What if this spending package doesn't work?  At some point, the tap gets turned off.  We need real solutions that rely on creativity and free enterprise that are sustainable and permanent.  Our current level of debt is so high that if we were to apply to the European Union for membership, we would be denied as a debtor nation.  They have standards.  I'm embarrassed.

Americans for Prosperity and Senator Demint are doing everything that I hoped a Republican grassroots coalition would do.  Let's make it work.  Please commit a little time to do the following.  It's important, and just might make the difference.

1 - Go to and at least sign the petition.  If you have time, use the tools there to send an email to an elected official.  We don’t have time for letters to the editor, we need fast impact.

2 - This one is critical.  Call 202-224-3121.  When the Capitol switchboard answers, ask for your Senator.  Tell them that you want them to vote against this spending plan.  If you have time, call someone else's Senator as well.

3 - Ask someone else to make the same call.

4 - Go to and give him a quick thank you for his efforts.  Check out his one page, zero cost stimulus package:

Please, make the phone call in item 3.  If we can jam the switchboard, the main stream media, heck even MSNBC will report it and then maybe they'll blink, and not pass the package.  Call 202-224-3121, ask for the Senator of your choice, and express your outrage.

Tonight was a very good night to be a Conservative activist.


Send this to everyone you can.

Steve Smith, , 603-826-5996 

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