To the Ramparts!

The addition of Andrew Breitbart to the stable of columnists at the Washington Times is, to my mind, a great development.  It seems to signal an emerging consciousness within the editorial board that there is a need for conservatism to renew its efforts to take part in the creation of cultural fare rather than ceding it to the left without so much as a peep, unless it happens to be the tired, old puling that conservatives have come to use as a crutch to explain the movement's misfortunes.

Breitbart tackles this issue in his column today, and it's well worth the read if only to serve as a reminder that if the rebuilding of the movement is to have any hope of success, it will have to take place on all fronts.  The cultural front is perhaps the most crucial one, since potential voters who aren't otherwise engaged most often develop their opinions based on what they're exposed to through the arts.

Andrew puts it aptly in the following passage:

If we encouraged our young to consider careers in the arts, we would begin to reap the benefits in short order. Instead, we waste valuable time complaining and now are knee-deep in our enemy's dogma and have the indignity of paying for their products. Too much time has been lost navel-gazing about why things haven't fallen our way.

Read the full article here.

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