Club For Growth Likes Cantor Candidacy

The politically potent Club For Growth has joined a growing chorus of conservatives who are expressing support for the idea of Eric Cantor being McCain's running mate.

Today's Washington Times weighs Cantor's pros and cons and concludes he would be an asset to the ticket. (One of the cons being he might be too conservative.)

Meanwhile the independent conservative grassroots campaign for Cantor is picking up steam and has been noticed at Politico and the Wall Street Journal.

Cantor Gets Call From McCain Campaign

Since I made the case for Congressman Eric Cantor to be selected by McCain as his running mate, Cantor has proven himself to be a feisty campaigner, an effective critic of Obama, and a creditable candidate for Vice President.

AP is now reporting that McCain has asked Cantor to turn over personal information. It sounds like he is a finalist for the number two spot.

Kos Begins Campaign Against Eric Cantor for VP

A few weeks ago I made the case for John McCain to choose Congressman Eric Cantor for his running mate. Since that time a Cantor candidacy has received quite a bit to support.

Politico, The Washington Post, and (now) Daily Kos are taking Cantor very seriously.

Kos has launched a multi-post attack on the conservative Cantor. This is an indication that the Left understands that the articulate, web-savy, conservative, Mr. Cantor would add an important missing dimension to McCain's campaign. No higher negative campliment can the Left offer a Republican candidate.

Once again, I want to argue that the choice of Cantor will cause the Republican base and a few Democrat constituencies to sit up and finally take notice of the McCain campaign.

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