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Mitt Romney Care – The Environmental Candidate.

The Lame Stream wasted no time excoriating Sarah Palin for saying what a lot of us out here have been thinking… that Mitt Romney, in spite of all the money he has raised (just following where his big-time contributions are coming from shows Mitt to be the darling of the establishment ‘Republicrats’, remember them?), has a fatal flaw as a candidate. The DeMarxists will hang Romney care around his neck.

Our wipe-out in 2008 was the culmination of a political perfect storm, most of which was due to a horribly out-of-control Republican majority, coupled with a big government Republican President in George Bush… a lethal combination, as it turned out.

It didn’t help that the best candidate we were able to come up with was John McCain, also fostered by the establishment, a sure loser. So… from Gerald Ford to Bob Dole and John McCain, the establishment’s track record just isn’t that good. So Mitt’s their (at least) current guy.

Mitt never has dealt with the Romney care issue. Not to anyone’s satisfaction, anyhow. He continues to defend the ideas behind it, and justify why it was beneficial at the state level and only becomes onerous with the feds running a national single payer system. The nation, in general, is in no mood to vote for someone advocating something that sounds a lot like Obama care light. All we want is to see Obama care get a decent burial… soon.

So Mitt has a problem on a couple of fronts. He’s stuck with Romney care… he owns it. Then, just this last week, he panders to the corn growers and embraces ethanol subsidies. The significance of this will not be lost on voters, at least not conservative ones anyway. Not satisfied with that, our Mr Mitt declares himself to be a proponent of ‘climate change’. What is it about the EPA and all the job and economy-crushing regulatory agencies that you don’t understand Mr Mitt?.

I’ve never been over fond of Mitt Romney, I make no bones about that, but even if I was these last couple of positions would do it for me. The last thing this country needs is a president that is ready and willing to crawl into bed with the environmental fascists.

There is another factor. The Christian vote comprises about 36% of the Republican vote. Like it or not, and fair or not, many of these folks will not vote for a Mormon. The plot thickens…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Newt’s Long March.

It’s going to be a long road for our friend Newt Gingrich, as he sets off down that long, lonesome presidential campaign trail. The campaigning is brutal under the best of circumstances, but the remnants of the Lame Stream press, in sync with DeMarxist union thuggery, are going to make this an especially politically-bloody gauntlet which every Republican / Conservative candidate will be forced to run.

The left has its knives out, and with the boorishness which has exemplified the behavior of the left thus far you can be assured that wives and children will not be spared. Newt comes into this race with some old ‘infidelity’ issues which should be history, but are now being exposed all over again with the Schwarzenegger revelation. Fair or not, it’s going to be hashed out all over again.

To say that Newt stepped in it last weekend is giving a new meaning to the term ‘understatement’. Newt has spent all week doing damage control… some of it sounded convincing.

I mentioned that I had a real problem with the direction I had seen some of Newt’s thinking taking, at least through his public utterances. He sounded like he wasn’t in sync with the movement of the country into Constitutional Patriotism… his early criticisms of the Tea Party Patriots have not been forgotten. Neither have we forgotten Mr Gingrich and ‘Nancy-of-the-smiling-eyes-Pelosi’ sitting there and telling us we had to find solutions for ‘climate change‘. I guess Newt has us all pegged as deniers.

Newt Gingrich has a powerful intellect. I’m just not sure about his focus… or his critical judgment.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Lindsey Gr-Amnesty, RINO Extraordinaire.

I wish someone would tell me why this character should have a single Republican member of Congress listen to him, much less be influenced by a single word emanating from his smarmy mouth. In his latest essay in treacherous gum beating he’s let it be known that he’ll play deal maker on Guantanamo Bay.

Lindsey Graham

On Sunday, this cretin actually had the chutzpah to tell the White House that he would work to convince Republicans to ‘go along with closing Guantanamo Bay’, if the President reverses his intention of trying high-profile terrorists on continental U.S. soil.

Graham, ever anxious to ingratiate himself with the administration and bolster his RINO credentials, came in a little late on this one though, since public rage over the proposed trials has all but forced Obama to go back to Guantanamo and military tribunals… aside from the fact that in all likelihood he would be unable to garner support from the Republican membership, other than perhaps a few like-minded RINOs.

Lindsey Graham is the poster child for everything that is anathema to Conservative Republicans and most Independents as well. With an oily, slithering ‘let’s make a deal’ attitude with very little principled moral compass behind him, Graham has made a career thumbing his nose at his Conservative brethren. Time after time ingratiating himself with liberals and advancing their agenda in the face of opposition from his ‘own’ party, continually aligning himself with other liberal (moderate) elements in the Republican party and using the ‘mantle’ of Republican for political cover. So much so that he has been censured by the Conservative-loyal Republican party in his own home state, “for many of the positions he has taken that do not represent the people of South Carolina”.

Among the more spectacular buffoonery Graham has pulled was to align himself with the treasonous John (Swiftboat) Kerry, to push for the economy and back-breaking Cap and Trade legislation so sought after by the leftist Obama administration. Graham is another one who has bought into the fakery and faux secular religion of global warming / climate change.

Graham is also remembered for memberships in both the gang of ten and the gang of fourteen with that great thumb-in-the-eye RINO John McCain, thwarting the aims of their own party leadership time after time and giving victory to opponents. Does anybody remember Graham supporting TARP? I do. His pro illegal alien stance is also another in his long list of perfidy. The party can do nothing finer than to isolate this snake oil vendor, and all like him, until they can be voted out of office.

The vote on health care in the House is just around the corner. It’s time to make our displeasure with the authoritarian aims of the White House and the Democrat House felt in no uncertain terms again. It seems like this last year has been a progression from one desperate struggle to another and it isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot. Stand up and be heard.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Hillary’s 100 Billion Largesse To Third World Dictatorships – Your Dollars!!

Isn’t it wonderful? Mrs Clinton spending money we DON’T HAVE now, the way she wished she could have spent it during her husband’s presidency. Gives you that warm glow, like a bonfire at the State Department. That fuzzy feeling that all liberals know and love, when their ‘well intended’ programs create HAVOC that they don’t have to pay for, solve, or be held responsible for because their INTENTIONS were good.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton

Hillary’s speech said it all. Billions of dollars to countries where the money is absolutely guaranteed to end up in the hands of whatever ruling junta of the day happens to be in control. Electrical turbine windmills and solar panels that magically transform into AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and hand grenades to perform the favorite third world version of birth control. It’s a vision any leftist will be proud of.

Meanwhile, back at the blizzard, things got hot around the campfire at the Copenhagen round up. The Anointed One’s less than inspirational envirobabble was payed at least as much attention to as one of his speeches around here lately, which is to say not much. A desperate and desperate appearing  Obama managed to cobble together a half-hearted, very sarcastically received, NON-BINDING agreement of sorts and skipped out of town before a vote could be taken, lest he be seen to preside over ANOTHER loss, then flew home to the largest Christmas blizzard in Washington for decades. Uh,  how’s that warming Barry?

Things in general just didn’t go well for the collection of losers that comprised the ZEALOTS BALL. Still trying to figure out what Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi was doing there, unless it was to convince the members there that they should contribute matching funds to her pork slush fund. Or maybe it was to give tutorials on slash and burn economics, something to which she can claim expertise. Then, Gordon Brown flying over there to use his vast intellectual vacuum to ‘create some movement’ in the Envirowacky process must have ‘em rollin’ in the aisles in Whitehall. Apparently, the major malfactors in this international CLOWN COLLEGE were so proud of their participation, many would not stay for the obligatory ROGUES GALLERY portrait to emblazen themselves into posterity. Shame that, would have made a great public hanging.

Back at the Senate, Ben Nelson (D) Neb. and Bob Casey (D) Penn. were at last report holding strong against the illegal and patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL machinations of Dingy Harry Reid, who is planning a Christmas Eve kamikaze vote on the Senate version of the bill. In desperation, DeMarxists could still opt to go the reconciliation route which would essentially gut the bill, albeit giving them a very tepid victory and almost guaranteeing lemming-like mass political suicide. Many members may think twice and even three times before throwing themselves off the cliff for an obsessed and unprincipled leadership, and a daily weakening and FAILING PRESIDENCY. If you want to follow how YOUR Congress critters are voting, so you can put the blame where it belongs, go to Sean

Don’t slack up!! Keep going after them, even though many of the cowards have shut down their phone lines. Letters, emails, visits to local offices, telegrams, are ALL effective. Let them know WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. God bless you and God bless America!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Obama To Grandstand In Copenhagen – More Bovine Flatulence.

The atmosphere in Copenhagen will certainly be rarefied when His Illustriousness Barack the First arrives to grace the lives of the members of the Copenhagen conference. Hoping to promise there what he has failed to accomplish here, thereby once again impressing all and sundry with his brilliance as he bows his way around the hall.

Cap and trade, one of His Magnificence’s signature issues, in fact a back-breaking taxation scheme against the American people, is all but DEAD ON ARRIVAL in the United States. Oddly enough, one of the final nails in the coffin of this dastardly plot may be the mice that are roaring down under. Five of Australia’s leading MP’s have resigned rather than support that country’s liberal bid to initiate Cap and Trade, which they refer to as an emissions trading scheme and all but guarantee its failure to pass. This will undoubtedly send ripples throughout the world as more and more people become aware of what an immense fraud the whole ‘global warming/climate change’ power grab is really all about.

Mr Obama, ever conscious of an opportunity to aggrandize himself in front of himself, will promise  (with no binding agreement) to reduce our own emissions level by 17% by the year 2020…a figure by the way LESS than the EU, Japan and the UN. In other words, he is going over there to speak FOR the people of the United States without speaking TO the people of the United States, who have pretty much already rejected this nonsense. Ergo: he’s going over there to listen to himself.Things are not well in the land of global ripoffs. Those of us with a modicum of scientific background, though not laying claim to great credentials, have known for a long time that something just wasn’t right in Dodge. What they were claiming and the models they were using just didn’t add up. Of course any detractors were immediately attacked and marginalized…perhaps it should have brought to mind that the last and greatest refuge of scoundrels is name calling.

So in the meantime, we have false scientific ‘consensus’ ginning up global hysteria, using faulty models to prove preconceived results…SOME scientific method! For those of you who may not know, CONSENSUS is antithetical to good science, so the scientists who sold out to this farce are doubly damned. As the theater of this farce progressed, more and more reputable scientists began to speak out…more in fact than the kool-aid crew could marginalize. The resultant ‘revolution’ among non-believing scientists resulted in 162 members of the American Physical Society writing a letter divorcing themselves from the concept of anthropomorphic global warming / climate change.

So now we have the supposedly ‘most’ prestigious (and most arrogant and non-inclusive) global climate change scientists, in both the UK and the United States, caught literally with their shorts down and their asses in the wind, lying through their eye teeth. Falsifying data and other science atrocities that would make a carny hustler proud. Their careers should end as they have marginalized and ended the careers of the detractors they put to ridicule. I’m going to love to hear how they explain this one away in Copenhagen.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Cap-And-Trade: Killer Of The American Dream

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers swarmed the nation's capital Saturday to deliver a message to their elected officials: Don't turn our American Dream into a nightmare. A nightmare is exactly what America will be living if "cap and trade" legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions becomes law. That global warming tax would kill millions of jobs, bring an end to cheap energy and cripple the economy.

Even the Obama administration knows that taxpayers will feel the pain in their wallets -- though it admitted so only grudgingly last week after a Freedom of Information Act request by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. By the Treasury Department's estimate, Americans would pay up to $1,761 a year because of cap-and-trade.

The economically depressing facts calculated by the Heritage Foundation include more than 2 million lost jobs, $9.4 trillion in economic losses, and a jump of $829 per family for utility costs.  Cap-and-trade is nothing more than a stimulus bill for high-pollution China, which will get American jobs and keep emitting carbon regardless of what America does.

 The worst part of it is that the legislation is completely unnecessary. The push for cap-and-trade is driven by factually flawed fantasies of manmade global warming.  Environmentalists love to tell lies about an ice-free Arctic, and senators like John Kerry, D-Mass., repeat the lies even after they have been exposed.

Al Gore mastered the scare tactics in his documentary An Inconvenient Truth -- a film so riddled with flawed science and political spin that the British High Court won't let schoolchildren watch without a warning. Unfortunately, American students are still being force fed nonsense about global warming all the time.

We expose the devastating costs of global warming hysteria in our film Not Evil Just Wrong, but Gore and Hollywood don't want America to see it. That's why we're organizing a cinematic tea party, a natural outgrowth of rallies like the one in Washington last weekend.

Our movie will premiere in homes and on campuses across the country on Oct. 18. We hope it will be the start of a long-needed resistance movement against radical environmentalism.

Both stories appeared in the Albany Times Union

Albany Times Union,  December 14, 2008

Obama left with little time to curb global warming

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, global warming was a slow-moving environmental problem that was easy to ignore. Now it is a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid.

Albany Times Union, July 20, 2009

Cool, clouds, rain, repeat

This week's weather is looking better, but it's halfway through July and it already feels like we've missed out 

During what some are calling "the year without a summer," farmers, gardeners and nurseries are dealing with a steady drumbeat of cool, rainy days. People looking forward to outdoor parties and barbecues are putting on warmer clothes and dodging deluges..........

The result of all this? So far, the warmest day of the year in Albany was April 28, when the temperature hit 90  degrees . There have been just nine days with temperatures above 80 since June, which Johnson called "pretty pathetic."

In New York City, temperatures failed to top 85  degrees in June -- one of only three times on record when the mercury didn't hit that mark.

By, the way, I'm not taking Nate Silver's sucker bet over @ He's willing to bet on global warming for the next thirty days. Since he's a baseball number junkie, he knows exactly what he is doing. And so do I.

Let's say Johnny Damon is a career .300 hitter who in is the midst of "career cooling" dropping his sustainable long term average to .250. I catch Damon at the tail end of a 10 for 60 slump and then take a bet that over the next 100 at-bats Damon won't hit .300 over this period. I'd be pretty dumb. But Silver's set this up to goad people to bet on the basis of recent unusually cool weather and pick their pockets on the uptick. 

The concept as Nate well knows is "regression towards the mean". Damon's prior .167 performance had to adjust back to .250.  So let's say he hits .310 over the next 100 at-bats, and "proves" he is a .300 hitter in the Silver theory? Say what? He's gotten back to .256. which is about his new "sustainable" level and well under the old .300 level.

Silver's 30 day time line is just long enough to catch the uptick of the regression and not long enough to ascertain if the mean actually moved.  Nice try, Nate.

I can recall sweltering on hot day in midtown Manhattan pre-Rudy trying to meander around the various three-card monte artists on the sidewalk.  They are now long gone, and so far in 2009, so is the sweltering heat. 


The climate fight and the Maginot Line

Jon Henke is obviously a more astute analyst than moi, so I post this with some angst. But I think he is thinking along the lines of French military strategists after World War I,

As historians recall, France was bled dry from fighting a trench war deep in its own terrain. So apres guerre the French decided to build high tech fortifications-- the Maginot Line--along their frontier to cause the war to be fought on the German side of the border and on  French terms.

By 1940, of course, the Me 109 and the Stuka proved to be well able to fly over fortifications and destroy French forces from the air. Oops.

I fear we may be doing to same thing by trying a new and improved strategy to deal with "climate change".  Both the ambient and political climate may not be what we expect.

First, there are two central flaws with the Republicans becoming the champions of carbon taxation. First, it muddles the party's anti-tax message. It's easily trumped politically by the advocacy of economically delusional class warfare.  Instead of arguing taxes in general ought to be reduced or kept from rising, we are left bargaining over what taxes to raise. Is that an argument that is going to win elections?   

Secondly, if the carbon tax works it will generate progressively less revenue. Since I think the "starve the beast" strategy has pretty well been proved to be a failure in practice (expecting a long term libertarian control for Congress is daft) the result will be progressively higher deficits and demands to raise other taxes. While payroll or sales taxes do penalize "good" activity, they also tend to mirror the overall economy. A carbon tax intended to readjust the economy to lower carbon use will inevtiably reduce its own revenue and plants the seed to bring back other taxes.

That said, I'd rather have the efficient mechanism of a carbon tax than the crony capitalism of cap & trade. But I think we ought to reconsider whether either is inevitble.

I'm a skeptic on global warming, not a denier, but the empirical observable information in the northern US this year puts a real dent in the alarmist camp.  We have yet to see 90 degree weather in CT all summer, and this seems to be the case as well in MN

I'm not sure hitching our political wagon to getting huge heat waves in populated areas is so wise.   It's "An Inconvenient Truth" the salience of this issue depends on observable episodes of warm weather.

I also think the based on my read, the salience of the "climate change" issue is focused on a) younger and b) better educated voters.  I suppose a long run argument can be made to address this issue, but in 2010 we are going to be dealing with an electorate which is going to skew older.  Are we better off using limited time and resources talking to 50 year old people who are highly likely to vote than 20 year old voters who may have simply cast an Obama-mania  vote in '08? 

It may be true that the "chattering classes" may think a response on this issue is essential ( see David Cameron, UK) but the cold hard truth is we've already lost virtually every one of the high end House seats where this issue matters (WA 8 and IL 10 the visible exceptions). The low hanging fruit for Republicans in 2010 is likely to be in blue collar places like IN 9 and OH 16 where the cost is obvious and the reward speculative for enviromental legislation.

Now how are the Democrats reponding? And doesn't that say something.

My Congressman, Chris Murphy, who holds a swing seat in a blue state, voted for Waxman-Markey. And how did he justify his vote? Based on the alleged argument the bill would wean America from foreign sources of energy and the cost of inaction was too high. (hmm, open up ANWR, naw!)

As the CT Republican State Chairman pointed out in his weekly e-newsletter.     

But here is the kicker - no where in this entire letter is global warming mentioned or the need to save the polar bears or the quality of our air. In it he simply says, we must rush to placing the development of a new whole technology in the hands of the government, to decide, through taxes, who can use what fuel for what purpose. If it doesn't work out, well, at least Uncle Sam tried.

(IM: Guess it's now not so much fun being Henry Waxman's towel boy, Chris.)

  I think that Democrats have decided that the Global Warming issue is a stone dead loser in the face of the Great Recession. (Yes, the salience of the environmental issue moves in lockstep with the economic cycle).Much like the antiwar movement, this was a useful cudgel against the eveeeel Republicans, but now they are quickly losing their desire to actually have to walk the walk on taxing the crap out of everyone to "save the planet".  Looking at the climate issue through the prism of: a) the 2006 election when the economy was prosperous; or b): the 2008 election with its unusually high youth vote, may just cause us to fight the "last war"; now that we are going to be dealing with the grim economic conditions expected for 2010 and 2012.  Given our opponents were astute enough to win the last two elections, why would we benefit from picking up an unpopular issue they are now either walking or running away from? 


Giant Panamanian Polar Pirhabbits Of Bush Era Gone Extinct Under Obama


The sudden disappearance of GPP Pirhabbits under Obama is as mysterious as their first appearance on the scene, as this report from 2006 illustrates:


Giant Panamanian Polar Pihrabbits Strip Flesh From Helpless Carrots

Mai Hoo reporting from Garbonzo, Panama

Feb 12, 2006

As dawn broke in this usually peaceful jungle village, sobs were heard coming from the humble garden plots of the local residents.

Once again, giant pihrabbits had mercilessly devoured many of the carrots which had been lovingly planted by the gentle jungle-dwelling natives of this highland territory.

"We don't understand why these monsters are coming into our village", said one distrought gardener, as she gazed at several green remainders of devoured carrots. "Look, it is just like those rabbits ate the body, but left the green hair behind. How can we tolerate this? Will our cabbages be next?"

Brazillian investigators have fielded the theory that global warming drove Amazonian bunnies into the Amazon river, where they found relief from sweltering heat. But how those bunnies were impregnated by the vicious, flesh-eating river pihrannas, remains a mystery.

Bush administration officials scoffed at this theory, stating that global warming is as big a myth as giant jungle bunnies who raid carrot gardens in the dark of night.

"Bunnies remain the penultimate archetype of fuzzy cuteness", said a White House spokesman. "The natives of Panama must be mistaking chupacabras for rabbits. Global warming is not a proven theory, unlike Intelligent Design."

Local genetic scientists, working under the handicaps of lack of electric power, clean water, and modern instrumentation, have analyzed samples of the bunny-saliva and have determined that the genes of polar bears has been found, as well as rabbit and pihranna fish. "Hey, we may live in a jungle, but we watch CSI too, you know", they said. "Modern genetics is now our primary tool, in our quest to abolish superstition and bring Panama into the 21st century".

Peruvian scientists have theorized that due to global warming and the breakup of arctic polar ice, polar bears stranded on icebergs have drifted south, and have been sighted swimming in the Amazon river. But US Government officials, on condition of anonymity, revealed that recent satellite photos do not show any polar bears south of northern California. "Polar bears do not mate with pirhannas, they eat them."

Argentinian psychiatrists have expressed alarm at the mood of polar bears sampled thus far, and fear that global warming has changed the chemistry of the bears brains, causing bipolar disorder. "We have noticed that these polar bears are either very depressed, or inexplicably happy, even ecstatic", said one scientist. "We theorize that these bears, in their understandable desperation for relief from this painful disorder, have resorted to having sex with cute little bunnies, but only when the bears are in their ecstatic mood. Otherwise, they just eat them".

Is it possible that this accounts for the origin of the gigantic, carrot-hungry pihrabbits of the Panamanian jungle highlands? And is this yet more evidence of global warning, or is it yet more hysteria generated by hordes of disenfranchized expatriot liberals, who have chosen to live in foreign jungles, rather than to cruelly carve out a conservative lifestyle from the heart of America?

Global Warming Skeptic

An interesting guy who offers more arguments to fight global warming alarmists: Professor Kunihiko Takeda

Professor Kunihiko Takeda, Ph.D., is vice-chancellor of the Institute of Science and Technology Research at Chubu University and one of the world's leading authorities on both uranium enrichment and recycling. The 65-year-old is also a bestselling author of books with titles such as “We Should Not Recycle!” “Recycled Illusions” and “Why Are Lies Accepted on Environmental Issues?” Professor Takeda should know why: Although a member of just about every prestigious academic and governmental entity, he has stayed independent and made a career out of challenging the establishment. He has never taken any garbage from anyone, not even during his 27-year tenure at Asahi Chemical Industries, where for five years he was director of the Uranium Enrichment Laboratory. He also kept his record clean as vice deputy president at the Shibaura Institute of Technology before joining Nagoya University in 2002. His fresh and original views are clear in his most recent book, “Hypocritical Ecology,” which has been flying off shelves at the speed of 100,000 a month since being published this June..

His ideas include:

  • Recycling is rubbish: It eats more energy and creates more waste than burning our garbage in high-tech incinerators.
  • Fear is a very efficient weapon: It produces the desired effect without much waste. Global warming has nothing to do with how much CO2 is produced or what we do here on Earth. For millions of years, solar activity has been controlling temperatures on Earth and even now, the sun controls how high the mercury goes. CO2 emissions make absolutely no difference one way or another.
  • Look beyond what governments tell you.
  • Consumerism marketed as environmental consciousness is the worst.
  • The energy crisis is nothing to sweat about.


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