Watch The Left, Do The Opposite.

The antithesis of Barack Obama and the Marxist left is the American Patriot Movement. The left’s usually reliable tools are shopworn, and they are having one heck of a time getting anyone to listen to the class warfare rhetoric.

Barack Obama has had his ‘come to Jesus’ moment, he is abandoning his hard-left kook brigade and they aren’t one bit happy with their ‘Anointed One’. Their Messiah turned out to be a one-trick pony… and he wasn’t even particularly good at that.

Obama is an aberration of history fueled by George Soros and others, aided by an inexplicable mass so-called white guilt syndrome. I’ve never been able to figure this one out. My family hasn’t owned another human being this side of the Roman conquest. I sure as heck don’t feel responsible for something that occurred in the mid 1800s. The very concept is laughable.

The symptoms of the syndrome were easy to spot. Usually sane, reasonably balanced people, who normally scarcely gave a thought to politics, were running around proclaiming the historical importance of an African (literally) American in the presidency, and heralding an end to racial strife and division. That none of these things came to fruition is historical fact now, and Obama’s unassailable political citadel is no more.

The ascendancy of the Constitutional Patriot is a fact that not even our own Party has figured out, much less the DeMarxists. Some of the Republican ‘leadership’ is going to have to learn that lesson the hard way, most likely. We didn’t put you into office again so that you can sit in Washington and compromise our country and our freedoms away, with a foe that cannot be compromised with.

Compromise is another word for defeat. We don’t wish to compromise with the Marxists at all… for any reason. Now do the job we sent you to Washington to do.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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No Compromise

You’ve heard some chatter about scrapping the “public option” in favor of a co-op model. Remember: government healthcare by any other name smells just as bad. We can’t let them sneak in any variant on the original evil using doublespeak and legerdemain. As Harry Reid said: “We’re going to have some type of public option, call it ‘co-op’, call it what you want.”

Congress is also considering a federal mandate that would force insurers to cover people after they get sick or injured, called “guaranteed issue”. In states like New York and Massachusetts where this mandate is already the law, premiums are about four times the national average. This is simply unacceptable if Congress wants to make insurance affordable for people. (It’s not insurance if you can call and buy a policy after your house burns down. Likewise, it’s not insurance if you can call and buy a policy after you break your leg.) But they’re not interested in making insurance affordable. That’s never been the goal.

It’s always been about getting us to a socialized system. If you can drive up costs with government mandates, then turn around and blame insurance companies—that’s the quickest way to get what you want: single payer.

With this bill, Congressional Democrats are going to do anything they can to create dependant constituents and special interests. In other words, people, companies and providers will depend on them for resources. Creating dependents helps keep them in power, so they're happy to hop into bed with the very companies they publicly malign. This reform bill is, and has always been, a resources for votes-n-contributions deal. So they’re going to pull out all of the tricks. But it’s now clear: we won’t be duped. Let us go forward with Zen-like patience and continue to oppose anything these shifty politicians propose.

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