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John Conyers: Looking For Congressional Hearings Over McClellan's Book


Just when you thought our do-nothing Democrat majority controlled congress couldn't possibly waste any more of Americas time and money on pointless exercises. In comes House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) stage left with the preposterous Idea of calling for congressional hearings on the already settled Valerie Plame leak case.


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"I find Mr. McClellan's revelations about attempts to cover up the Valerie Plame leak extremely troubling. Particularly disturbing is McClellan's assertion that he was specifically directed by Andy Card to 'vouch' for Scooter Libby after the investigation had begun, which, if true, could amount to obstruction of justice beyond that for which Mr. Libby has already been convicted,” said Conyers



"I believe this issue may require closer examination, so I have instructed my counsels to begin discussions with Mr. McClellan to determine whether a hearing is necessary and to secure his possible cooperation."


So let me get this straight, this Congress, armed with its 18.7% approval rating (RCP Average), may hold hearings to try and find new evidence on a case that the federal prosecutors investigative teams, the FBI, and a Grand Jury somehow missed??? Not to mention all of the "on the record" and "public" testimony from a completed trial that ended in a conviction (albeit on a bogus ancillary charge).

It's no secret that John Conyers, who's owned by lawyers and law firms and beholden to Soros and MoveOn, has been looking for any excuse to hold hearings that he hopes would lead to impeaching the President and Vice President but this is a ridiculous wast of time and money. 

This my friends is why it is so important for Republicans/Conservatives to regain control of congress and why whether you're voting for McCain or not to vote the down ticket!      

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