Shacking Up With Obama While Married to DC: It's All About Control, Baby

Y'know, there's a little mantra that exists about relationships, whispered between friends when they discuss their loves, their interests, their sex, whatever:

They're trying to control you.

You need out, man. You can't let her boss you around like that. You need to do what you want, when you want. You're in control of yo-sef. 

Girl, he's mistreatin' you again? And you're still with him? Don't you see he's got some kind of mind-control on you? The sex can't be that hot. He's tryin' to control you! 

Freedom, right? 

What "choice" have we predominately heard about when it comes to healthcare? Doctor choice? Clinic choice? Shot choice? No, pro-choice abortion. Ok? Your choice of deciding whether to have someone stick a probe up your uterus, suck your baby into a sink, or maybe syringe some saline solution to burn the baby out. If you're a guy, then it would apply to your choice of having your progeny decimated, it's brains squished and bloody body mangled enough to be poured into the same test tube you might use for donating your semen. Yeah, it's bad. Fight to keep your child alive.. or keep your boys safe to begin with. 

But, "choice." Because that "control" -- mind-control, sex control, intimidation control, whatever -- didn't allow you to choose to keep your legs shut or your penis in your pants in the first place. Because you didn't have a choice before conception, only after. 

Now it's come to light that someone actually admits that Obama's healthcare legislation is what conservatives knew all along: Control. Control over your medical choices.  Control over your medical decisions, what proponents of pro-choice  have argued against for decades: control over your body

A talk show host alludes to Democratic Representative Dingell:  if it's an emergency, if 18,000 people keep dying as a result of non-coverage, as dems proclaim, why are we waiting to implement socialized healthcare? Why over the course of years? Why not NOW? 

Dingell's response: we're not ready to control the people.

Oh, no. You're wrong, you say. They're not controlling our decisions. We can still choose our insurance and stuff. 

Nope. Guess who controls the insurance companies now. 


To you, I say this: leave him, honey. He isn't any good for you. If you think he's okay because he buys you trinkets, offers you a job, buys your dinner or pays your rent, it's all about control. Divorce yourself from the Progressive Movement and ditch Obama. 

Neither offer you your freedom.

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