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Regulation prohibits weed sale to people from other countries in Dutch java shops

Amsterdam is an area that depends upon the flow of vacationers into such places as the local coffee shops, several of which sell weed. However, the java shop marijuana trade will soon come to an end, states the LA Times. The right-wing party of the Dutch government has instituted a new law that will ban the sale of cannabis to foreign visitors and severely limit residential access to the "soft" drug. Source of article - Law bans marijuana sale to foreigners in Dutch coffee shops by Newsytype.com. 


Banning sale of weed to visitors 'tourism suicide,' say critics 


The policies on cannabis in the Netherlands makes several want to visit. The young and curious go just for that reason. The Netherlands decriminalized "soft drugs" in the 1970s. This is when java shops for instance Mellow Yellow started to appear everywhere. There are 750 espresso stores, 220 that are in the capital city of Amsterdam, in the country. 


The Daily Mail reports that now members of java stores have to get one-year "dope passes" if they want weed still. Each espresso shop is only allowed to have 1,500 members. 


There are many individuals upset about the new regulation. There will be millions in marijuana revenue lost from the new law. More than likely, Dutch residents will sell weed underground for additional to vacationers, which is a huge concern. 


Selling illegal narcotics will be stopped 


While the weed business at Dutch coffee stores has been legal for a while, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice recognize that marijuana isn't really the only drug changing hands. Authorities are hoping the new law will curtail the sale of "hard drugs" that are illegal including GHB. 


A public statement was made by the ministry. This addressed the lost revenue concerns:  

                    "We attract other types of tourists apart from drugs tourists." 


Starting at the end of the year 


Currently, Dutch border towns like Maastricht and Terneuzen already restrict the sale of cannabis. By the end of the year, the new policy will go into impact for the southern provinces of Limburg, Noord Brabant and Zeeland. Next year, the ban will blanket all of The Netherlands.


Coffee shop culture in Amsterdam (Warning: Adult language, drug references) 




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