Polly "Ecocide for the UN" Higgins is a Capitalist and Imperialist. Will Obama Bite?

This is why we can't dismiss people like Polly Higgins the Barrister by simply calling her "nutty as a fruitcake." 

It turns out, our Polly, champion of the Treehuggers who believe trees have Rights, is deep into a Solar Panel the Sahara scam (dubbed "Saviour of the World") that would provide solar-manna from the sky, "sufficient to cover all needs of the earth."  

Wow. The progressives don't even care to connect the "myth" of God to a person anymore. Now that climate change is religious dogma, we've just been supplied with a God-Company Incarnate,  with the UN about to turn Enforcer to prosecute Climate Deniers -- although they have yet to lift a finger against Holocaust deniers like Ahmadinejad.  

If the progressives have their way, the 10 Commandments will be soon be replaced by the "5 Crimes of Peace." 

Polly Higgins is co-founderof Desertec, a Munich-based company that has dreams of placing a 6,500 square mile concentrated solar power (CSP) hub in the middle of the Saraha to supply electricity to all of Europe (sans Africa itself). They are relying on a $555 billion infusion of cash, a consortium of high-profile dupesinvestors like Siemens and Deutsche Bank, and the development of policy "initiatives" from suckers Leaders in countries like the United States. In return, we are promised, "[i]n cooperation with universities, scientific institutes and other partners, the DESERTEC Foundation works on studies to evaluate the realization of the DESERTEC Concept " scam.     

That's right. Desertec has yet to develop "complete technoloogy." That doesn't stop hyped investors from saying "It is about the creation of an industry initiative to promote the theme of 'desert stream for Europe' on."  

American Translation: while we're waiting on Obama and his foreign policy machine to get the ball rolling on Global Green and force the  indentured servitude of his servants citizens, just as the American taxpayer will soon be backing Global Health, we can expect some greenbacks coming our way, the value of which depends on their economy, their debt and the value of their credit. It hasn't been stellar lately, but we're optimistic. We'll still get that taxpayer cash, even if it destroys their country. Meanwhile, Polly'll work the UN angle.  

Polly and her crew want to superfluously create world-wide demand for solar power by creating Planetary Rights and defining and outlawing "harms" on an international scale, to be implemented at the national level. 

That means you and I getting permits from our local municipalities to dig holes in our yard and killing a bacteria-based infection by receiving a shot from your new, personal state employee, your doctor. 

Next up: UN Ecocide Peacekeepers, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Throw that in with the monumental bill America already pays toward the DPKO budget. (Not even the UN wants to control their spending, but like every statist institution, they're hiring). 

Polly Higgins wants to take clueless people like this (see vid at link).

..marry what's left of their dignity to Planetary Rights, call the creation "Indigenous (Earth) People" with no voice, and speak for them at high-flyin', limo-drivin', UN-sponsored progressive-elite get togethers like this (see vid).


..and make plenty of this:

Stacks of Cash photo curtesy of BigGovertment.Com

Though Polly and her Eco-Company have yet to "prove that electricity in this way also can be produced economically," they expect to turn a profit in about 10 to 15 years. By that time, a fresh crop of 1st-year progressive law students should be federal prosecutors, well-versed in making the "Hitler's Pesticide" charge stick to any gardener who doesn't abide by the Organic Gardening Law, or whatever other laws the federal government will manufacture via UN international law to curtail our freedoms.


Desertec has high expectations of our President Obama:

 We expect that the new U.S. Administration will strongly prioritize the use of solar thermal energy as a solution to the climate and energy crisis. This should create incentives.. 

This is about pillowing the new, taxpayer-backed, Green Industry, Obama's pet project, and Obama, once again, showing world his duty as a global citizen, while he energizes the world's economy and let's our sink.


Now, when America utilizes the resources of other countries, they call it Imperialism.


What do you call greedy greenies like Higgin's group who suck in upwards of half a trillion without even a proof of concept, without a return to the very country and African communities they plan on exploiting, and only reference "the 240,000 new green jobs it will create in Germany alone, the $2 trillion in profits investors hope to make over the next few decades, and the part about meeting 15% of Europe’s energy needs"?


Even in the face of just trying to venture into entrepreneurism like the rest of us, we can't dismiss crackpots like Polly Higgins and her friends.


When the UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon says we need the "full political engagement" to address the  "murder of seas," it won't be long before Obama, with another notable Administration official  who has espoused the evils of Ecocide since the 70s, begins to strategize and implement.


Yes, that Holdren. The same Holdren who's  Ice Age" scienceis sensibly debunked by Desertec's very selling of their Saved-by-Sun-Saviour, Solar Panel the Sahara scheme.


The only freezing we need to see is the freezing of American initiatives and taxpayer money to fund foreign ventures and the freezing of the idea of Ecocide as a 5th Crime against Peace. Let's throw in a cold shoulder to Higgins and the UN while we're at it.


There should only exist the 4 Crimes Against Humanity that should only be enforced by singularly by every sovereign nation, and Obama's obligation should be to serve the country he represents, funneling every spare dime back into American ingenuity and innovation. Especially in this economy.


Eco-blackmail shouldn't be a way to finance a company. If Higgins and her cohorts succeed in persuading the UN to add Ecocide as a 5th crime, I'll be the first to call her an Econo-Terrorist: guilty of Econo-cide and of depriving the American citizen of the right to their pursuit of financial independence and other freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

UN's "Ecocide" - The Wake-up Call Worse than Cap and Trade


The Activists' War on Private Property, Industrialization and the Free Market

As the self-proclaimed Superguardian of human rights, the UN defines the following 4 crimes  as "crimes against humanity," prosecutable under the jurisdiction of the ICC (International Criminal Court):

  • genocide
  • war crimes
  • ethnic cleansing
  • crimes against humanity

The UN works incredibly hard to be the final authority by citing these and other "international laws" to member states -- including the United States. 

Despite the fact that we remain the model for democracy throughout the world, the UN threatens to usurp the Constitution and the sovereignty of America by invoking the supremacy of international law. These attempts remains hidden from public discourse. If all the UN intends to accomplish were made  common knowledge, we'd have louder debates and realize that the problems of socialized healthcare is just the beginning.  

Realize that the UN doesn't have anymore muscle power than they did a decade or 25 years ago to address these crimes against humanity as they occur, but they have found another way to try to address these crimes-- and that is by aligning prevention through the utilization of resources of its member states, by its member states,  for its member states.    

In other words, member states have been compelled to adopt laws that would prevent these crimes against humanity from occurring. Laws against hate crimes are examples we can readily understand. But even though we create the laws and enforce them, the UN and international laws take precedence over member states' sovereignty. 

On the horizon is a 5th prosecutable crime, but it's not a crime against humanity. Including this crime would frame the new 5-crime set "Crimes Against Peace."  

This 5th crime against peace would be the crime against nature, called "Ecocide." 

Wesley Smith posts details from the UK article via First Things about the British radical who is campaigning the UN "to accept 'ecocide' as [an] international crime":

A campaign to declare the mass destruction of ecosystems an international crime against peace - alongside genocide and crimes against humanity - is being launched in the UK. 

The proposal for the United Nations to accept "ecocide" as a fifth "crime against peace", which could be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is the brainchild of British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins. 

The radical idea would have a profound effect on industries blamed for widespread damage to the environment like fossil fuels, mining, agriculture, chemicals and forestry. 

Supporters of a new ecocide law also believe it could be used to prosecute "climate deniers" who distort science and facts to discourage voters and politicians from taking action to tackle global warming and climate change. 

"Ecocide is in essence the very antithesis of life," says Higgins. "It leads to resource depletion, and where there is escalation of resource depletion, war comes chasing behind. Where such destruction arises out of the actions of mankind, ecocide can be regarded as a crime against peace." 

Higgins, formerly a barrister in London specialising in employment, has already had success at the UN with a Universal Declaration for Planetary Rights, modelled on the human rights declaration. "My starting point was 'how do we create a duty of care to the planet, a pre-emptive obligation to not harm the planet?'"

A Universal Declaration for Planetary Rights. 

Socialist Bolivia is among the first to work on an adoption of the idea of "ecocide." Bolivia was also one of the anti-accord noisemakers at Copenhagen. So was Ecuador, which has given "Nature"  Constitutional rights that read:

Persons and people have the fundamental rights guaranteed in this Constitution and in the international human rights instruments. Nature is subject to those rights given by this Constitution and Law.

Some may attempt to dismiss this as infighting over environmentalism, gone awry. This has nothing to do with climate concerns and everything to do with further weakening our nation. 

What it is, is exploitation of a radical idea to make all nations operate at the lowest common denominator. These radicals would curtail our ownership of private property, outlawing production and consumption, making the United States a 3rd world country, if this isn’t happening already. 

If the UN were to adopt a proposed 5th "crime against peace" -- the Crime Against Nature --  harnessing and utilizing energy in ways we see fit to benefit our nation would be impaired, and our nation's production and consumption would be subject to international regulations and restrictions. 

If this "crime" becomes international law and is enforced in our country, we can expect a restriction on our rights to personal wealth. In the same sense that cap and trade regulates, the amount of personal possessions -- and the industry involved in their production, consumption and disposal -- would be regulated.   

Again, the UN doesn't have the muscle power to enforce, so the United States would adopt regulations -- not necessarily laws -- to prevent over-production and over-consumption. 

This would be the end of industrialization, the end of America as we know it. 

President Obama has already stripped our national defense of the title of military superpower. Next will come the UN's blow to our nation's ability to rebuild itself as an economic superpower. 

This is akin to 9/11, where our military (pentagon) and the institutions of our industry and trade (WTC) were targeted and attacked, bringing our country to its knees. 

If this 5th Crime Against Peace were to become a recognized protection under international law, this would give the UN power to affect our legislation in the halls of Congress. It would be up to us, the people, to gain control, halt, and redirect those efforts. 

-- written with Hugo Estrada

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