The Real Tragedy Of Japan And What We Should Take From It.

The Japanese people have become as fierce an ally and friend as they were an enemy. As a young Marine I studied the campaigns of the Pacific War, where American Marines and Japanese Imperial soldiers threw themselves at each other in some of the most savage battles in the history of armed conflict. I saw a couple of those islands, actually walked some of the places where the battles were fought.

During a training cycle I had occasion to spend some weeks in Japan. I traveled the countryside when I could. I met many ordinary Japanese people in their day-to-day lives. I talked to an English teacher… a fisherman… a tank commander in the Japanese home defense forces… farmers, students and businessmen. Without exception they were sincere, friendly people. I was invited into complete strangers’ homes and treated like an honored guest… It occurred to me that perhaps it was because I made a sincere effort to learn the language and customs, and I exhibited a lively curiosity which they were only too happy to satisfy.

We are watching a people who have just suffered one of the great tragedies of the modern era… the death toll is going to be horrendous. Far higher than the figures we’ve seen up to now. What has been remarkable has been the response of the Japanese people to an event which would have prostrated many other countries outright. Grieve?… Hurt? Yes, they grieve and they hurt, but they immediately begin the long path to recovery. There are no bleating cries for others to do for them what they can do themselves.

There’s no looting. Imagine a situation like this in Oakland or Los Angeles, where looting has been rampant during disturbances… where the only stores that didn’t get looted were those owned by Korean and Vietnamese, who were defending their properties with M-16 rifles and shotguns. (Amazing how the bad guys avoid stuff like that).

We can take a lot from this if we’re willing to listen and learn. Our Lame Stream Media has screamed every irresponsible headline they could fabricate, starting multiple layers of conflicting rumor. The Japanese are playing the whole nuclear thing rather close to their vests… but they’re not wont to deal in fiction or rumor either.

We don’t have a press any more. They spew just exactly what their Marxist bosses want them to. And right now that’s to gin up nuclear fears, in preparation for walling atomic energy away for ever in the dungeons of the environmental radicals and the EPA… who, by the way, is scrambling like crazy to implement cap and tax before our timid Mr. Boehner can summon up the testosterone to cut the EPA’s feet out from under it.

So while our President plays golf, goes to Rio or whichever vacation du jour he is on, and our majority leader takes time to figure out he has a majority, the Japanese people will go quietly about putting their lives together. Of course, we’ll help. What good friend wouldn’t? But it will be the Japanese, with the same indomitable will and sense of purpose that enabled them to return from the devastation of World War Two, that will pull them through.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

It’s All About Energy.

The DeMarxists are fumbling all over themselves to cover for Obama’s growing exposure to the energy disaster that his party and his politics have brought to fruition. Fair enough, he didn’t start it. He has been, and is, the ultra-left radical environmentalists’ poster-boy for advancing their death grip on America, Americans and the American economy.

Good gravy, we all saw this stuff happening… at least I did. I was fortunate enough to see through the environut thing in the beginning, which made for some lively and heated discussions on my college campus. I wasn’t very popular with the liberals because I kept writing rebuttals, shredding their pet nutcake theories in the college paper which, to their credit, they published… although they leaned left in much of their other content.

Perhaps it was this early disbelief that has kept me paying attention to the way the ‘environmental movements’ et al have fostered the slow but steady degradation of our ability to be energy independent. No matter which energy ‘front’ you care to examine… nuclear, natural gas, coal, oil, oil shale, oil sands or hydroelectric energy… they are against it. That is, they’re against us using our own energy resources. It’s just dandy with the radical environmentalists if we’re held in thrall for our energy requirements by foreign governments, who definitely don’t have our best interests at heart.

The radical environmental groups are uniformly leftist and pro-socialist. The Green Party’s published policy paper reads like the Communist Manifesto. These communist groups, in the guise of ‘concerned environmentalists’, have been active in the halls of government for well over forty years. Government officials and politicians have been bought wholesale by the EnviroNazis, fostering for instance the emergence of the single most destructive agency in Washington, the EPA.

When you next go to the gas pump, just think to yourself… “From Obama with love”. And then just think how lovely it will be to bid the unlamented, feckless Obama “adieu”.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Flash Point – Regulatory Fascism.

Even as Barack Obama was trying to convince everyone that he had become a committed centrist and business-friendly policy was his game, the second half of his speech was still laden with promises of more government intervention and control of business.

He speaks of pumping federal dollars into more ‘green’ technology, magically creating tens of thousands of jobs for happy American workers who will walk, bicycle or publicly transport to work singing ‘hi-ho, hi-ho’… or was that ‘The International’? By the way, did you know that the Green Party platform is the International Communist Manifesto in all but name?

While Obama is playing the centrist straw man, his Marxist minions over at the Department of the Interior and at the Environmental Protection Agency have taken up pillaging the nation right from where ‘centrist’ Obama left off. Another campaign promise to his nutcake base, Obama, unable to get cap and tax passed through the Congress even when he had overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate, has unleashed the regulatory dogs from hell on the United States coal industry. He did say that’s what he was going to do in the campaign.

This country really does need to pay attention when these people speak. If you do enough talking, and the DeMarxists do a lot of it, you’ll tip your true hand sooner or later. All I know is he’s purposefully destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands more Americans… and it’s all behind such a fraud.

Coal mining today is the most environmentally conscious and regulatory controlled industry in world history. Coal mining (at least on the product end) is clean and all pollutants are rigidly controlled. The boilers and power plants that burn coal today burn clean and without pollutants to air, soil or groundwater.

This may turn out to bite Obama on his skinny posterior. The people in those mountains have taken on the government before. They’ll fight… but they shouldn’t have to. The Conservative Republicans have got to jump on this… and fast!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

If Obama Is Marxism’s Happy Face…

We need only look toward any of the world’s Marxist/Leninist masterpieces to know that we just don’t want to go that way… and while we’re at it we don’t want the Obama – Reid – Pelosi brand either, we made that quite plain this last November.

We don’t like what they’ve done. We don’t like what they’d like to do if they get the chance. We cannot depend on the Republicans anymore, if we ever could. The establishment party seems to have turned back the clock and are determined to relive the ‘good old days’ of the Repubics (thanks, Mark). Nothing has changed for these dudes, despite the overwhelming evidence that had the Republican party been on their own this last election cycle, they would not have taken the House.

Let’s pretend for a second that there was no patriot uprising. What would have happened is that they’d have had their butts kicked all over the place. The Republican Party was all but brain dead two years ago and couldn’t generate the amount of energy necessary to keep a candle lit.

The American patriot movement looked at what Barack Hussein Obama said, and did, and represented. We said, ‘Hell, no’. Oh, hell no! While our so-called party leaders stumbled and bumbled, compromising our country away, we stood up and called the country to action.

Winning the election gave us no time for anything but momentary satisfaction in this greatest war of all. The war for our very freedom. Our inglorious leader continues to cover his head with iniquity as he tries to drive Americans into submission, as he and his agencies attempt to regulate what was denied them at the ballot box by the voters.

His EPA, under Marxist Lisa P. Jackson, is moving forward with initiating cap and tax… while Obama sneaks past Congress to institute those death panels that didn’t exist. Remember them? The ones Obama said didn’t exist? This is the face of Marxism in America. This is the face of the enemy.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Hey Boehner, What Gives?

First, you hitch a ride on the Tea Party patriot movement, which was just fine by us, because back then you were doing the heavy conservative bit to the hilt. Now it’s come to our attention that a couple of grade-A RINOs have been appointed by Mr Boehner. One is Fred Upton… Does anyone know that name?

He’s a Republican… at least that’s what he says he is. But Mr Upton is best known as the Republican who took our incandescent lights away from us, in an immense political giveaway scam to the manufacturers of fluorescent light bulbs. Yeah, you know the ones with that sickly harsh white light that are full of mercury vapor? You know… the ones that take three pages of instructions on cleanup and decontamination if one of them breaks?

Yeah, that’s him, that Fred Upton. But he says he’s cured. He’s seen the conservative light. He’s going to work tirelessly to rescind his own regulation. Ain’t that sweet? And he’s got buddies over at the EPA. Won’t that be cozy?

Hal Rogers is another gem of a pick by our Mr Boehner. Known as the ‘Kentucky Pork King’, he has shoveled 131 earmarks totaling a whopping quarter of a billion dollars. Umm… hey John, had you given any thought to what this is likely to do to people’s perception of our new fiscal conservatism?

Hey, John. You were at those Tea Party events. Did you maybe somehow not get the message? We don’t want your recycled RINOs. Scrub them up and paint them any color you wish. If it walks like a RINO, if it talks like a RINO… Keep it up like this, John, and it’s going to be a short reign.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

After The Wave.

Mike Pence said it pretty well the other day when speaking about the impending takeover of Congress, or at the very least, the House. We are going to start from day one to reduce spending and cut funding across the board. He said that he would especially pay attention to what the Patriots of this country have sent them there to do. They would not wait for 2012 and the assumptive defeat of Barack Hussein Obama.

There are also some very probing inquiries to make… of the activities of some lawmakers as well as the White House. Incoming Republican lawmakers are being advised to bring their own staff to Washington. The Republicrats that fancy themselves as the leaders of the party have planned to infiltrate the freshman lawmakers’ staffs by ‘volunteering’ to staff for them, allowing them to position spies inside Representatives’ staff to inform and influence.

It’s a very long laundry list of tasks, that are going to require the attention of our young Congress in order to do damage control on the depredations perpetrated by the DeMarxist Congress and the hard-left White House cabal of Barack Obama.

It’s going to be a different America. An America rededicated to the Constitution of the United States. An America where our borders are secure and illegal immigration laws are followed. We need to yank the funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.

While we’re slaying dragons we may as well take on the public employees unions and break the stranglehold that they, and their willing symbionts the DeMarxists, have in government, which is owned lock, stock and barrel by unions like SEIU, through multiple millions of dollars of campaign bribes… er… contributions.

Republicans are going to have to move quick when the present Congress goes into their lame-duck session in November and December. Minimizing or derailing any remaining Marxist stunts will be on the top of the agenda until the new Congress takes over.

Again, if you want to help and don’t know how, please contact the Tea Party Patriots… teapartypatriots.org. They can use all the help you can give. Get out in your neighborhood and organize… Shout freedom from the rooftops!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

California’s Rogue Air Resources Board… Anti-California, Anti-Business, Anti-American.

Brian Sussman, KSFO’s morning anchor here in the San Francisco Bay Area, variously known as Babylon-by-the-Bay and the belly of the liberal beast, really went on a tear over the California Air Resources Board. I can’t repeat it here, or even much of it, because I was so transfixed when I heard it that I didn’t take notes. It’s worth listening to and if you go to Brian’s section on KSFO’s website, it is there to listen to on demand. Alternatively, click on this link to hear that portion of the show: Brian Sussman, Oct. 8, 6-7am.

Brian Sussman

Between the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board and its distaff offspring here in the nine-county Bay Area, the Bay Area Air Quality Resources Board, the level of over-regulation has reached insane levels.

Our absolutely useless state government aside, much of the downturn in the state of California is directly attributable to businesses of all classifications leaving the Golden State for greener pastures in business-friendly states, or offshore altogether. Either way, these powerful agencies are responsible to no one. There is no political oversight of these agencies, whose merest whim can destroy thousands of businesses with scant fear of any repercussion.

Aside from the exodus of money, jobs and skilled people we’ve experienced, new businesses are giving California a wide berth. Once they check the punitive tax rates, multiplicity of fees and other charges, and the punitive nature of the regulating agencies here, they say adios. Then they pick up their marbles and move to business-friendly states like Nevada or Arizona.

It appears that Conservatives are on the verge of a truly historic event in American politics. Conservatives have got to make an urgent priority of collaring these agencies, federal as well as state and local, that are literally choking American enterprise to death. They are the enemy of the American people and a friend to radical environmentalists of all types.

Oddly enough, the behemoth that is the Environmental Protection Agency may be the easier to defeat as they, like any federal agency, are dependent on Congress for funding. They could be starved into submission by a Conservative Republican Congress with courage and conviction.

The California agencies may be tougher because they are solely funded by fines levied against unwary contractors, property owners and businesses. They are virtually autonomous, setting policy as they see fit and, in the case of the California Air Quality Board, fake science and cooking the books on the phony science that they had derived from someone else’s fraudulent research. These goofball goons don’t even exist in the same universe with the rest of us.

It should be readily apparent to all that if California is to recover from its current tailspin something has got to be done to change the environment for businesses here in this state.

Have you registered to vote? Has everyone in your family been registered? Tell everybody you know that this is the most important election of their lifetimes. Four weeks and counting…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

EPA’s Assault On America.

So much of the country’s attention has been focused on the economy, zero job growth and just trying to make from day to day that it’s easy to overlook things that don’t seem to affect you directly. Such is the ubiquitous and ever present EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency has its tentacles throughout America and a regulatory stranglehold on a huge percentage of our economy. That translates to lost jobs, lost businesses and regulatory interference on every level of industry. Now the EPA is going to charge you for a fertilizer. No CO2, no life. “Greenhouse gases” are a myth, spawned by the worst kinds of scientific charlatanism and sleight of hand. The major greenhouse gas is water vapor. Care to try that one out?

The EPA has eighteen thousand employees around, just waiting to stick it to the contractor or business owner. The EPA is a classic example of bureaucracy run amok. It is to business and industry what Fannie and Freddie are to the mortgage market. All bureaucracies exist to serve themselves. This monstrous entity sucks the lifeblood of the nation, and in conjunction with the radical environmentalists attempt to use the green label to further their aims. Now if they are permitted to, they will have the choke hold on our lives that the Demarxists have been seeking, along with the shackles that are in the health care bill.

EPA, radical greens, radical environmental groups, and of course let us not forget our DeMarxist Congressional friends, all have the same agenda. It is the destruction of the United States of America, through a contrived and engineered collapse of our entire economy. They came breathtakingly close to succeeding. They might yet if we don’t come together as Americans to stop them.

The Conservative Patriot movement must lead the way to November… Get out the phones, contact your precinct and volunteer your help, support your Conservative Republican candidates. There’s absolutely no reason to not help out where you can. November just could be the most important election in the history of our country.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

EPA Tyranny – Republicans Hold Firm, Some Democrats Help.

Ok, it’s just like we talked about months ago, when rumors of Barack Hussein Obama’s back up plan for Cap and Tax started surfacing. Obama, never one to do anything out in the open when something underhanded will serve, is going to tax the very life out of you and your family. He is going to accomplish, by regulatory fiat, that which he could not accomplish legislatively.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo, talks about efforts to block the EPA from imposing climate regulations.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a non-elected unaccountable bureau of radical environmentalists, whose very existence has become a liability for America’s economy and, ultimately, our security. The EPA was started in 1970 by then President Richard M. Nixon, to implement laws and regulations applying to personal or environmental issues at the direction of Congress. Since 1970 the EPA has become a gigantic bureaucratic quagmire, stealthily winding its tentacles throughout the fabric of the nation.

The agency exists to ensure its own survival. It feeds on the vitals of the country, destroying business and job creation through hundreds of thousands of pages of punitive regulations and decrees that affect every single American. These are not the decisions of lawmakers or other elected officials. They are the pronouncements of faceless agency bureaucrats. Where in our Constitution are these 18,000 EPA minions getting their authority? What they intend to do is no less than to implement Cap and Tax through regulation.

The list of Democrat Senators that supported this scheme will be very informative, come November. Just in case you forget, we’ll be around to remind you that every single Senator that supports this can expect to answer to their voters. These days, that could easily translate to being thrown out of office.

It’s time to get out the phones/faxes and emails again. Get a hold of your (or anybody’s) Representative or Senator and tell them exactly what you think about their environmental nazism.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Cap And Tax… Kerry, Lieberman, Graham Style.

John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry. The man who perjured himself in front of Congress to sell out his brothers in arms? That John Kerry? Anything Kerry’s involved with can’t help but be just terrific for the country, right?

Then there’s Joe Lieberman. I really admire Lieberman’s unwavering support of the war against terrorism and his steadfast support of the State of Israel. So much so that I could almost forget how far left Joe Lieberman really is… almost. Only a liberal could have put forth a bill like this.

Then we come to the final member of the triumvirate, who did not have much input with the language of the bill but who has since identified himself with it, Lindsey Graham. Now, Graham may not have had any say in this legislation, but it points out exactly why Graham should go the way of Bob Bennett.

From Left: Graham, Lieberman, Kerry.

This ‘new’ climate legislation is being called dead on arrival this year by some of the leadership on both sides. It still looks as though the intrepid trio will attempt to move it forward anyhow. The bill itself is a job and economy killer as all such legislation is. It will put considerable burdens on 2,700 manufacturing and power generators by requiring a 17% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. The economy is still staggering under the cumulative effects of two years of severe recession. Any impediment to business and commerce will be magnified.

Additional requirements, burdens and taxes will be placed on offshore oil and gas drilling operations. It does, however, strip the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon emissions, which would be an excellent idea if it weren’t couched in this larger bill. This bill is certain to be strongly resisted by Republicans, but there are many of the left’s extreme environmental wing nuts who aren’t a bit happy with the bill’s provisions, such as billions of dollars for ‘clean coal’ and offshore drilling and exploration. There are also provisions for nuclear power. These last items are of course sops for Republican support, which is likely to be scarce.

It is an ill-conceived piece of legislation at an even more inopportune time and, fortunately for us, looks unlikely to see the light of day.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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