French Obama

Another McCain Camp Media Blunder

I estimate that the advocacy media has been worth 20 points to Obama in this election. Consequently, the McCain camp should have taken it to them relentlessly from early on by calling reporters out by name, by documenting the bias with accusatory videos on and by lobbying "friendly" or neutral media entities to focus on the omissions by the Obama surrogate media.

A classic example is "troopergate." The connection between Hollis French, the Alaska State Senator who is supervising the investigation of Governor Palin, and Barack Obama has been studiously ignored by the MSM. French is a prominent Obama supporter and spokeperson in Alaska who has publicly prejudged the outcome of the investigation, meddled with the subpoenas and made biased statements to the media. He should have been flayed ongoingly by the McCain camp for his conflict of interest and improper behavior. Instead, expect them to squeak ineffectively if the report, due tomorrow, censures the Governor.

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