PG&E Pipeline Explosion Hushed by Calif. Public Utilities Commish?

One has to wonder why the media in California are not talking about the results of the investigation into the 2010 pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in San Bruno? It would seem like a natural story of a public utility's arrogance and negligence, but somehow few people are aware of the details.

You may recall the disaster that befell San Bruno, California when a 54-year-old pipeline exploded killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes. Afterward the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) was charged with investigating the incident and some of its findings are nothing short of shocking. (Download reportHERE)

The report seems to be going unnoticed by many, sadly, but it shows that Pacific Gas & Electric failed in so many areas that it almost seems criminal. Safety was ignored even back in 1956 when the pipeline was first laid.

According to the report, the original welds on the pipeline did not even meet the standards and engineering specifications in 1956.

Apparently, PG&E has a complete breakdown of records keeping, too. According to the report PG&E classified the pipeline that blew up as a "seamless pipe," instead of welded construction. Not only were the records wrong but it wasn't even possible for the pipe to be seamless. Because of the size of the pipe and the age it is impossible for it to have been of seamless construction.

These sort of errors in record keeping appear to be endemic with PG&E and this puts many such facilities at risk not to mention the people that live near them.

PG&E had been fined many millions already before the accident yet none of the problems endemic in its operations had been fixed. Naturally, PG&E has been claiming it needs more money, but even so the company had no problem spending $46 million on the Prop 16 campaign aimed at awarding the company a monopoly for providing California's energy needs.

So, why has this damning report been ignored so much? Why haven't politicians been screaming about this? Why has the media been so silent?

McCain's "Pump" Ad

What do you think about McCain's latest ad "Pump?"

It does the job of continuing to ride the winning energy issue using common sense.

On a negative note it was hard to clearly hear the "Obama" chant. I also wonder if the "hope" needling will be construed as petty politics.

It's a Gas

It’s a gas:
The greatest nation on Earth
Sinks to its knees
In a puddle of oil.
Fuel-starved masses sit immobile.
Four dollar Gas,
Ripping the heart out of the middle class.

It’s a gas:
We’re dying of thirst
Two feet from the reservoir.
One hundred and thirty billion
Barrels of oil sit untapped
Within our borders
And off our shores,
As the working man is strung up
By green red tape.

It’s a gas:
The Donkey party brays
Against the oil companies,
Making them the scapegoats
For our pain at the pump,
And plan to increase their taxes,
As if increasing the cost of making gas
Will make it more affordable
For the working class. .

It’s a gas:
Great men made the world smaller,
Bringing us closer together.
Freedom for the common man to travel
Where he pleases on any highway or street.
But a few fools can take us back
To the 19th Century.
Now our urban planners dream and scheme
Of a rising cost of freedom,
To squeeze as many people
As they can onto cramped buses,
Herded like cattle,
Moving at the schedule of government
Rather than their own speed.

It’s a gas:
I got a letter the other day from a Senator,
Who self-righteously preened and posed
As he was hugged by the Sierra Club
For his obstructionism of an Arctic Oil venture
That could have helped alleviate this crisis.
He asked me to reach into my gas-strained pocket,
To help his campaign.
He even kindly suggested amounts:
$25, $50, $100, $250, or even $2300!
Now that’s a gas.


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