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Watch The Left, Do The Opposite.

The antithesis of Barack Obama and the Marxist left is the American Patriot Movement. The left’s usually reliable tools are shopworn, and they are having one heck of a time getting anyone to listen to the class warfare rhetoric.

Barack Obama has had his ‘come to Jesus’ moment, he is abandoning his hard-left kook brigade and they aren’t one bit happy with their ‘Anointed One’. Their Messiah turned out to be a one-trick pony… and he wasn’t even particularly good at that.

Obama is an aberration of history fueled by George Soros and others, aided by an inexplicable mass so-called white guilt syndrome. I’ve never been able to figure this one out. My family hasn’t owned another human being this side of the Roman conquest. I sure as heck don’t feel responsible for something that occurred in the mid 1800s. The very concept is laughable.

The symptoms of the syndrome were easy to spot. Usually sane, reasonably balanced people, who normally scarcely gave a thought to politics, were running around proclaiming the historical importance of an African (literally) American in the presidency, and heralding an end to racial strife and division. That none of these things came to fruition is historical fact now, and Obama’s unassailable political citadel is no more.

The ascendancy of the Constitutional Patriot is a fact that not even our own Party has figured out, much less the DeMarxists. Some of the Republican ‘leadership’ is going to have to learn that lesson the hard way, most likely. We didn’t put you into office again so that you can sit in Washington and compromise our country and our freedoms away, with a foe that cannot be compromised with.

Compromise is another word for defeat. We don’t wish to compromise with the Marxists at all… for any reason. Now do the job we sent you to Washington to do.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Rights? What Rights?

Glenn Beck is under fire from the left again. Now they are insisting that he is an anti-semite. What prompted this latest accusation? A verbal attack on Israel, perhaps? Maybe he forgot to get a coffee for Rabbi Lapin after his Fox News program last week? Uh… no.

The liberals’ latest desperate attempt at discrediting a conservative celebrity is one of the most ludicrous to date. Glenn’s frequent reports on the history and activities of George Soros has the socialists scraping the smear barrel. While it is true that Soros was born into a Jewish family, by his own admission he is a committed atheist. Furthermore, he has said he has no time for Israel or religion (unless he can make personal use of it, I’d guess!).

There’s that liberal hypocrisy thing again. The very people that are constantly criticizing Israel, to the point where they regard the construction of a thousand homes as a greater crime than the constant rocket attacks by Hamas, are now pretending to be friends of Judaism.

The next time I hear these folks publicly denouncing Ahmadinejad for his opinion that Israel should cease to exist, I might say that they do have some genuine concern. Don’t hold your breath, though.

The liberals are, or should I say were, masters of the use of race to further their aims. That ploy was exposed a long time ago, and only the Homer Simpsons of this world would still fall for these tricks. As Cass Sunstein said, “We know people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there’s a lot that can be done to manipulate them.”

It’s strange that these people, who are always the first to protest at the slightest hint of rights violations against terrorists, illegal immigrants and convicted felons, are strangely silent on the subject of TSA search procedures.

Image from the website

The only group that has really spoken out at all is CAIR… no surprise there, really. While every other race and religion undergoes the humiliation of being groped (sorry, there’s no other way to describe it), minors included, the followers of the religion of peace have special dispensation to perform their own ‘pat-downs’. Maybe the DEA will allow people to perform their own ‘drug-busts’ next? Now that is irony. Followers of the cult that has instigated this whole state of affairs are now checked less thoroughly than everyone else.

A lot of supermarkets that once had ‘self-scan’ checkouts disposed of them. Some dishonest customers were packing items that they hadn’t scanned. Think about it.

I have to give credit to Hillary Clinton for her comments in a television interview, when she said that she would not want to undergo the procedures, given the choice. It’s a distancing from the Obama cold comment that they are “necessary”. It probably is necessary, for him to feel that he has one up on the American people. Make the most of your power trip, it won’t last much longer.

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Thanks to Dee for standing in for me while I was nursing a nasty cold. Her article from yesterday was insightful and very much on point. Once Great, Britain has been completely decimated by European socialism, in all its ugly manifestations. It is, however, an instructive window into the path ahead for America, if we don’t listen to the voice of the American people.

God, in His wisdom, has given us this one chance to set this country on the path away from the Marxi-Socialist disaster, which has been perpetrated by a Marxist Congressional majority under the leadership of the Obama Red House (read communist). Dee brought up the ‘puppet master’ in her article. George Soros has been pulling far more than Obama’s strings.

The New Conservative leadership has an immense task ahead. We know the path forward, difficult though it may appear. It’s easy to say we stand for smaller government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, strong national security, a sane monetary policy and a fundamental change in the way we identify and deal with the enemies of this country.

The politics and tactics of the left have been exposed for what they are. These people are anti-American and anti-freedom to their core. Lies and deceit are their stock in trade. Our elections are going to have one major implication that the left would just as soon you didn’t know anything about and have attempted to obfuscate.

The real ramifications, and very likely the most far-reaching of this massive repudiation of the left in all of its manifestations, is that this is the year of Congressional redistricting. This will have strong positives for Conservative Republicans for decades and perhaps generations.

In addition, one other fact that the left would as soon prefer you ignore is that aside from the overwhelming victory we experienced in taking over the House, we may gain as many as 30 more seats in 2012 through redistricting. Wouldn’t that be a great pie to set before His Majesty the Emperor, whose nakedness has been exposed by the Patriots of America?

Remember, this isn’t even the end of the beginning… this is a fight to the finish for the life of our nation. Be there!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

What’s More Dangerous Than A Marxist?

Answer: A Marxist with money. Lots of money. Only a few days ago, I spoke of Obama’s fixation with his Blackberry (‘Man Or Machine’, November 7). By sheer coincidence, Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing in his program of November 9. Glenn, however, mentioned a possibility that I had not considered…. something far more sinister than the options I listed.

The program last night was dedicated to the ‘Spooky Dude’ (I love that name, Glenn!), George Soros. Most of us are aware of his activities with the likes of Media Matters, the Huffington Post, the Tides Foundation, etc., but I must admit that I didn’t realize the extent to which his socialist tentacles reach.

As more jigsaw puzzle pieces are added, the picture that takes shape is not a pretty one. While never directly attacking the State of Israel (to my knowledge, at least), his actions, or the actions of those in his debt, speak louder than words.

Some smokescreens are quite see-through, perhaps none as transparent as one of his beneficiaries, J Street. This ‘pro-Israel’ site was proud to endorse Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, a Congressman with more than dubious connections to Hamas supporters.

I had always assumed that Obama’s dislike of Israel was a result of his own upbringing. That could be a factor, one which made him the perfect choice, for someone with almost unlimited finances, to install in the prime position, where he could enact the most radical plans.

For a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama does a marvelous job of stirring up hate in the muslim countries. His condemnation of Israel during a speech in Indonesia was nothing more than shameful. Of what relevance is the Israel – Palestine situation to the people he was addressing… other than a shared religion? If he visits Catholic countries in Europe, does he engage in condemnation of the actions of South American countries? I think not, especially Venezuela, for which he has a special fondness.

Barack Obama and George Soros, alike in so many ways. Both dedicated to the destruction of the American way of life, the formation of a new world order, and both selling off the goods of their own suffering people to tyrants. America, keep a very close eye on this man… he is probably more dangerous than all the Democrats combined.

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Casa de Maryland: How to use tax dollars to skirt immigration laws

Tuesday, September 14th is primary day here in Maryland. Campaign signs litter roadways and volunteers greet commuters as they idle at traffic lights in Prince George's County. One hot button issue that should be on the mind of Maryland voters is immigration. As the number of illegal immigrants continue to rise in Maryland and the economy further spirals downward, voters in Maryland face tough decisions.

Adding to the immigration debate is an organization that has caused outrage and controversy over its mission and programs. CASA de Maryland, also know as the Central American Solidarity Association deserves national attention for it's programs that target day laborers in Montgomery County, Maryland.

The Background

From Wikipedia (emphasis mine):

“CASA was founded in 1985 in the basement of the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church by concerned U.S. citizens and Central American immigrants. It has since expanded its scope. It is affiliate organization of the National Council of La Raza. It has received funding from a variety of sources, including a two-year grant funding operations in Baltimore from George Soros' Open Society Institute. CASA of Maryland is also a founding member of the National Capital Immigration Coalition ("NCIC") which promotes "comprehensive immigration reform".[5] Other funding sources include the Annie E. Casey Foundation and United Way. They are a member of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. CASA also has received $1.5 million from CITGO, the state-owned Venezuelan petroleum products corporation.

CASA operates five day labor centers throughout the state, with public and private funding, three in Montgomery County, where its efforts have been the center of controversy. There is both significant support, and significant opposition, to their efforts to provide central sites where contractors can pick up day-laborers…."

Judicial Watch has documents here on the day labor centers.

To be clear, a Soros, and Chavez funded organization with ties to the radical La Raza receives millions in taxpayer dollars while Maryland faces severe budget shortfalls,

“House Minority Leader Anthony J. O'Donnell, R-Calvert/St. Mary's, offered an amendment Wednesday that would strip $200,000 allocated to Casa de Maryland Inc. from the state's capital budget.

The amendment failed, 47-89.”

A Washington Examiner articles notes that Casa de Maryland recently formed a political organization called Casa in Action and currently receives a significant majority of its funding from the state.

“CASA will receive nearly $2.1 million this fiscal year from local governments, including $1.3 million from Montgomery County, and another $32,000 in federal money, according to Kim Propeack, the group's director of community organizing and political action. CASA in Action has raised $45,000 thus far from members paying $9 annual dues, she added.”

While students languish in underfunded schools that are one step above a daycare or prison, Maryland's Democrat Governor Martin O'Malley partnered with the group to open a multicultural center inside of a restored mansion.

“Governor Martin O'Malley recently joined CASA at the launching of a three-year $30 million campaign to restore the George Oakley Totten, Jr. designed historic Langley Park mansion in Langley Park, Maryland, to be converted into a multicultural center. The center will offer English lessons, legal assistance, job placement”

What other programs have suffered while Casa de Maryland enjoys the seemingly endless largess of state lawmakers? According to the Center for Budget and Policy:

In late 2007 and 2008, some ten states enacted tax increases, closed loopholes, restricted tax credits, or implemented other revenue-raising measures. Major packages were enacted in Maryland, Michigan,and New York.

Other states that have capped or reduced funding for programs that serve people who have disabilities or are elderly include California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia

Maryland cut professional development for principals and educators, as well as health clinics, gifted and talented summer centers, and math and science initiatives.

Some states, such as Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, have implemented cuts to localities, leading to local concerns about reductions in funding for policing, child care assistance, meals for the elderly, hospice care, services for veterans and seniors, and other services.

Other states cutting higher education operating funding and financial aid include Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland..

The Immigration debate

Casa de Maryland discourages local police enforcement of immigration laws and advocates for driver's licenses for illegal aliens – contentious issues in the current political climate. Local point to the fact that crimes in Silver Spring, Maryland and gang activity are on the rise.

Wikipedia notes that tensions ran high in 2006 when “Gustavo Torres, the Executive Director of CASA, remarked to a reporter for the local Gazette newspaper that CASA was determined to track the leadership of a local unit of Minuteman Project, and take the following actions: 'We are going to target the Minutemen in a specific way... we are going picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work. If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant.”

The site Help Save Maryland warns citizens that Casa de Maryland encourages illegal immigration and provides links to a case study on the Langley Park mansion project and a disturbing pamphlet that instructs immigrants in what to do in case of immigration raids.

Did tax dollars pay for this document? The Department of Labor's website shows that OSHA gave a grant of $200,000 to Casa de Maryland, and $225,000 to an affiliate group. The money was described as being for:

The grantee will provide training for high-risk Latino workers in the construction, building and grounds maintenance, agricultural, and warehouse industries in Maryland. Training will be offered through local community colleges and employment centers. Training will include a train-the-trainer module. The training and/or materials will be offered in English and Spanish. Click pictures to enlarge.

The Obligatory ACORN Connection

Politics as Usual

Major players behind Casa de Maryland include Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas E. Perez. Perez, a former member of Casa de Maryland's board, worked on O’Malley’s 2006 campaign, Obama's presidential campaign, and was a member of Obama's transition team. Byron York describes Perez's work with the DOJ:

"Of all the transformations that have taken place in the Obama administration, perhaps none is so radical as that within the Civil Rights Division. Under Perez, it is bigger, richer and more aggressive than ever, with a far more expansive view of its authority than at any time in recent history.

Perez is playing a leading role in the Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law. He is promising a huge increase in prosecution of alleged hate crimes."

Readers may remember that Perez was also actively involved in the dismissal of charges in the DOJ case again the New Black Panther Party and has been accused of lying under oath about the case.

It appears that Casa de Maryland has friends in high places.

As Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley prepares to face off with former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in the general election, one has to wonder what win for either side would mean for Casa de Maryland. If O'Malley is elected, the group should anticipate more funding but with two of Ehrlich's former staff members on record supporting the group, one has to wonder if this will be yet another case of different party-same political corruption.

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Soros Takes Aim At Patriot Movement.

Soros is behaving like an army mule with a burr under his saddle blanket… which is to say that the Tea Party movement has gotten under his skin.

George Soros

His coup against the United States, through surrogates in the Obama government, isn’t doing so well. George is a sore loser. He’s really piqued at the nerve of those Patriot Movement types for upsetting the Marxist agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is a Soros creation… Soros and Indonesian Muslim, that is.

George is so irritated that he’s launched This site will feature videos and interviews from the ‘false right’, which have been showing up here and there at Tea Party events to sabotage the message. Fortunately, at least so far, George’s warriors haven’t been real hard to locate and neutralize.

The front groups for Teapartytracker are the usual Marxist suspects… the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America. Think Progress is a Soros organization with ties to former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta’s Center for American Progress.

Soros really wants to blunt and discredit the Patriot Movement in the eyes of the voters. Sorry, George, you’re a dime short and a dollar late on this one. The facts are that the American people are speaking through the Patriot Movements across the country. The left isn’t facing the mind-numbed masses they had hoped to face. Instead, they are facing millions and millions of well-informed and highly-motivated citizens, who have sworn to bring this country back to the Constitution and to reverse the indescribable damage done by the Marxist Government of Barack Hussein Obama.

Democrats are departing the Obama caravan like fleas from a dead camel. They are doing everything they can to be anything but Democrats. Too late. Remember when the health care vote was counted? I wrote then that we can count too, and we’ll remember each and every vote. Well, we did and we do. We remember how you voted. We remember how cocky and flip you all were as you blithely shattered both the Constitution and the law, in order to pass the worst legislation this country has seen since the new deal. We know your names.

The election is less than two months away now, and we’ll make sure every citizen in your district knows how you voted. You can run but you can’t hide from us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

If It Quacks, It Must Be A Marxist

by  Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon 

In American politics, the fringe groups of the left, right and center sooner or later end up accusing the sitting President of the United States of being a Nazi, a Marxist or a Communist.  Such references are usually punctuated by cartoons of the luckless leader sporting a Hitlerian moustache, a fuzzy beard and wild smoky hair, or perhaps even a handlebar moustache below a leering look.  By way of example, if you Google “Bush and Hitler” you get well over nine million hits. 

Until now, it was semi-amusing to blow off steam with this kind of partisan ram-rodding.  It seemed harmless because “everyone does it.”  And we would laugh it off because we knew in our hearts that all the jabbing was no more than satire run amok.  That was then. 

This is now: 

In the frenetic months leading up to the 2008 presidential election, conservative pundits railed against Barack Obama’s questionable alliances, specifically Bill Ayers, Tony Rezco, George Soros, and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Sean Hannity of FoxNews initiated an unrelenting and unyielding charge against the candidate’s suspicious leftist associations, tracing the dubious connections as far back as Obama’s childhood.  But the powerful and fawning mainstream media were able to block, distort, distract, and disengage from what Hannity and others tried to present as nothing more than a smear campaign against their chosen one.  They were blinded by Obama’s shining smile and the opportunity to make politically correct history.  History has been made, but it’s been extraordinarily incorrect. 

Try as they might, the conservative talking heads barely put a chink in the armor the MSM had dressed Obama in since his rousing 2004 speech at the DNC.  That was the day, nigh, the moment, when the lights went on in the heads of the leftist power elite -- that here was the malleable shining star who could and would make the changes they so desperately tried to effect since the last Great Depression.  “Last” you say?  Yes, because creating the second Great Depression is the aim of this administration: to crush the hearts and minds of the citizenry until we accept their brand of redistributive change. 

Conservatives in both public and private life who speak on behalf of our Constitutional rights and against this maelstrom have been ruthlessly branded by lefties, liberal journalists, RINOs, and the press with just about every hostile and threatening moniker.  It’s not unlike the way the Nazis slapped the yellow cut-out Star of David on Jews throughout Germany and in countries overrun by the Third Reich.  The Jews of Europe had no one to speak freely on their behalf without fear of retribution, and that silence contributed to the destruction of European Jews. 

Today, an American – a white knight – has charged forth to expose the brutish attempts to wreck our country.  He is working hard to help with the recovery of conservatism and lead the counterattack to save the former “United” States of America.  That knight is Glenn Beck. 

Practically from his debut he has been the object of extreme ridicule (the usual thread-worn defense mechanism of liberals).  He’s been called a circus clown, a raging alcoholic, a moron, or, as Stephen King referred to him, “Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother.”  But this time the sticks and stones are bouncing off his proud chest like the proverbial shit hitting the fan -- and it’s landing square on the smug faces of Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and David Letterman.  And the sludge is coming in the form of stratospheric ratings for Glenn Beck and Fox News. 

Beck has repeatedly pointed out that Obama’s message has been unambiguous with respect to his revolutionary intentions.  Beck’s exhortations were not innuendo or speculation but direct, factual quotes and video footage of then candidate Obama which would hold up in any court of law.  But Americans, largely shielded by the utopian fantasies of the leftist media, did not, or wished not, to hear or see the truth. 

Even David Von Drehle has proffered in Time Magazine, albeit in a backhanded way, “…Whom do you trust?  Either the corrupt, communist-loving traitors on the left are causing this, or it's the racist, greedy warmongers on the right, or maybe the dishonest, incompetent, conniving media, which refuse to tell the truth about whomever you personally happen to despise.” 

At the Huffington Post, Camille Paglia recently wrote, “The mainstream media's failure to honestly cover last month's mass demonstration in Washington, D.C. was a disgrace. The focus on anti-Obama placards (which were no worse than the rabid anti-LBJ, anti-Reagan or anti-Bush placards of leftist protests), combined with the grotesque attempt to equate criticism of Obama with racism, simply illustrated why the old guard TV networks and major urban daily newspapers are slowly dying. Only a simpleton would believe what they say.” 

Green jobs adviser, Van “Republicans are a bunch of assholes” Jones, resigned purportedly so as not to distract from Obama’s agenda.  Gosh, we wonder why.  And then this past week, Obama’s Mao-worshipping Communications Director, Anita Dunn, has also resigned.  Two down, and several Marxists (dots that Beck has already connected) to go, are waiting in the wings, eager to sacrifice themselves for their greater god, uh, good. 

Over the last few months, Beck has ingenuously presented facts and pointed questions about everyone surrounding Barack Obama and those within his inner sanctum.  You just can’t make this stuff up, and everyone knows it.  Beck is smart, but even he could not concoct the shocking pyramid of leftists with direct access to the most powerful man on earth.  The presidential minions have been given ample opportunity to refute possible misstatements of fact or opinion, but they have instead chosen to ignore the commentary in the mistaken belief that their silence would be interpreted as not lending credence to those facts and opinions.  

It is no secret – and no surprise to conservatives – that Obama & Co. (the duplicitous Democrat-controlled Congress) are forging the chains of socialistic enslavement of the American People, and pulling our country apart at the seams.  But Beck’s relentless search for the truth is growing exponentially, so much so that the upcoming American Revolt of 2010 already is being felt around the world. 

The freedom that we cherish, which was born from the precepts and principles of our sacred Constitution, is a “one size fits all” gift from our founding fathers – from those individuals who put their lives on the line and holding that line against oppression.  No one person or group is granted either more or less — everyone is equal in freedom. 

And so we conclude: “If it walks like a Marxist, quacks like a Marxist, looks like a Marxist, you can bet it’s not a duck.”

ACORN, Soros and the Census

By Anita MonCrief

Just as ACORN happily accepted millions of dollars from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in its campaign to attain general acceptability and political power as well as to use all that money, ACORN hopes to participate in the upcoming census to promote interests beyond helping to conduct the next census: obtaining general acceptability, power AND confidential information.

A full five years before I was recruited for ACORN in Washington, DC, I worked for the Census Bureau in Alabama. In 2000, a red Dodge Neon with a number of dints and dings carried me down the back roads of Tuscaloosa County, AL as a Census taker. At 21, this was a great job that worked around my classes, and I spoke to dozens of families as I completed the forms. Operating without a political agenda or propaganda, the interviewees answered questions honestly and let me into their homes and lives. Recent reports indicated that the 2010 Census will not inspire nostalgia of past times or a trust in your fellow community members. As ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) gears up to partner with the Census; it brings a distinctly partisan agenda. Funded by the likes of the Democracy Alliance and The Open Society Institute (both George Soros backed outfits), ACORN and its affiliates have a storied history of behavior that would not seem out of place on an episode of the 'Sopranos'. Though Tony Soprano, has a greater likability factor, but I digress.

Here is an excerpt from ACORN's 2008 GOTV (Get out The Vote) Program:

ACORN 2008 Urban GOTV Plan

"The core of ACORN’s GOTV model is personal door-to-door contact.  We know the best way to reach people and deliver a strong message that they will remember is face-to-face on the doors.  By doing this we can ID specific voters who have said Yes, and keep track of exactly which voters and households we’ve had contact with."

During Voter Registration drives, ACORN - using money obtained from its 501(c)(3) Project Vote - would use the voter registration cards after attaching propaganda designed to increase membership. ACORN would sign up voters as provisional members and then contact them using information gleaned from the cards to turn the voter into a dues paying member. Data entry of voter information was handled at 34 cents a card after they were shipped to the Brooklyn ACORN office. According to internal documents ACORN had a strategic plan to build is membership off of voter registration drives paid for by donations and government funds

Concept Paper:

Building Organization Off the 2008 Election Cycle

Moving Forward

Now that we’ve grown more experienced in delivering the product (voter reg cards), the discussion in 2007 around designing the 2008 program has taken an interesting and exciting turn: how can we use the voter registration program to build and move mass membership, and build power for our members through campaign victories.

Data management is our Achilles heel.   For the OCC [Organizing Call Center] to be effective there needs to be a way to get all VR [voter registration] card/member combos to be data entered within 2-3 days of being collected on the street.  If not, the contact goes cold.   For this quick turnaround to exist data entry may need to be done locally.  It is possible cards could be scanned and emailed to a national data entry provider.  Both means have challenges, however working from an electronic list from the get go is key to a successful follow up program.

Once VR cards/membership card responses are entered they can be put into phone lists for OCC workers.  Calls should be made within 3-5 days of the contact being made on the street.   It has been suggested that each OCC worker should have an electronic list of new registers/members in front of them.  This means a computer on every desk of an OCC worker, along with a phone line.  As callers make calls they record answers, and suspicious activity, directly into the data.  In this way it is easier to generate “yes” lists or appointments for organizers.  Also when using a data base, depending on the size of the list, we may want to do mailings, or email blasts.  It would also be great to give every name a bar code to swipe them into the data base.

These are the people who will be in our neighborhoods and who want access to our homes. A recent article shows thatACORN has tried to downplay its role in the Census. The artcle, Criminal Charges Against ACORN Raise Concerns About Its Partnership With Census Bureau, states that ACORN spokesman David Redlener

'said that ACORN would primarily be responsible for “mailings and other in-house communications; displaying and/or distributing 2010 Census promotional materials; providing space to train new employees; sponsoring community events to promote participation in the Census; allowing the Census bureau to post ACORN’s name on the 2010 Census Web site; [and] linking 2010 Census Web site to ACORN’s Web site.'

Here is an example of ACORN's mock up for using state issued voter registration cards to gain memberships.

Membership and defrauding the ta payers are minor concerns for ACORN in the grand scheme of their Census work. Not only will ACORN have access to personal information of Americans, but this info may also be distributed to others. As this 2005 document details:

Proposal for a Joint List Acquisition and Enhancement Project

Project Vote proposes the creation of a List Acquisition and Enhancement program that will serve the needs of organizations, both large and small, with a strategic plan to build and maintain statewide voter files in targeted states. The file would be hosted by a non-501c3 entity to allow for maximum usage of the data by progressive organizations. The development of files will include acquisition of voter data, enhancements with demographic and consumer data where appropriate, and the long-term maintenance of the file which gives our organizations a better understanding of the electorate. Building upon the energy and experiences of the 2004 electoral cycle, this project will begin in 2005 with a long-term vision towards 2006, 2008 and beyond.

Another major challenge to be addressed for the creation of a centralized data bank for 501c3, c4 and 527 organizations is the legality of such an entity. Though that question has not been answered, this proposal seeks to build a centralized data bank for 501c3 organizations with the ability to accommodate and interface with other non 501c3 organizations where legally appropriate.

Information is power and the pieces of ACORN's strategic plan are falling into place. A 2005 document details their plans for a progressive majority:

Voter file

In 2005-2006, ACORN plans to partner with other progressive voter engagement organizations to purchase and maintain a common voter file. A common voter file will maximize the resources of the progressive voter outreach community, and enhance ACORN’s work by improving our effectiveness and efficiency.

With a common voter file, ACORN will:

  • Coordinate voter outreach and mobilization work with other progressive organizations to maximize the power of our resources
  • Target our voter contact where we will get “the most bang for our buck.”
  • Build a long-term base of progressive voters by collecting and maintaining information on contacted voters from partnering organizations, and by developing low-propensity voters into habitual voters.

Membership Canvass

With the Membership Canvass, we are looking to build a large base of voters we can move on issues and elections that affect low- and moderate-income people. With a voter file, we will be able to target the neighborhoods we work in more effectively, with a particular eye on those neighborhoods where we can “get the most bang for our buck” – neighborhoods likely to be supportive of our issues, but where extra voter education and mobilization work would have a dramatic impact on turnout in strategically chosen legislative and Congressional races. Using precinct walk lists will enhance the canvass; the canvasser knows if the resident is registered, how often the resident has voted in past elections, the resident’s name, and other demographic data that helps them to tailor the canvass message to the individual. In addition, we will be able to take the voter information gathered from this mass canvass and add it to the voter file, in order to enhance the work of partnering progressive organizations. [emphasis mine]

If there is a chance that ACORN may be working unmonitored in the communities it serves, who is to say that some type of "suspicious" activity might not occur. After all ACORN is being investigated in almost EVERY state that they ran voter registration drives.

ACORN's core work revolves around Census information and that information leads to funding. In a 2007 a former Project Vote/ACORN Political Operations staffer stated:

"Projects for which I have used Census data include: political plans, project goals, and voter registration targets for programs of all sizes: from single geographies to ACORN's national 2008 civic engagement goals. This work required loads of research and analysis – of eligible voting populations per ACORN'sVR traditional constituency, low-income and minority communities. The original research for national targets began with more than 300 geographies; we are continuously focusing our search and have narrowed down our targeting to a potential of closer to 150 counties."

If such data is the core of their programs, could their vested interest in the outcome cloud affect the impartiality?

What is at Stake?

On the surface ACORN appears to be concerned with its members and their well being; staging elaborate acts of civil disobedience for the cameras. However, internally ACORN's agenda is pure political, as this 2006 New Mexico year end report illustrates:

"This will also be the year that Albuquerque has an open seat for mayor.  Some of the City Councilors who we help in ’07 may be candidates, and we will play a more significant role in this race. 2010 will, likewise, have an open seat for Governor.  We have good relationships with the current, most likely candidates and need to be a player in this race.  We need to raise money for our political work for this cycle based on the redistricting that will happen in our state following the 2010 census."

The entire report can be downloaded courtesy of Matthew Harrington here. The Harrington Report will also have the documents referenced in this blog available for viewing by 5/28/09.

ACORN's vested interest in census data and its legislative outcomes can also be seen in a proposal for funding submitted to the Democracy Alliance. Here is an outline from the proposal.

According to a 2006 Washington Post article: "Democracy Alliance was formed last year with major backing from billionaires such as financier George Soros and Colorado software entrepreneur Tim Gill. The inspiration, according to founders, was a belief that Democrats became the minority party in part because liberals do not have a well-funded network of policy shops, watchdog groups and training centers for activists equivalent to what has existed for years on the right.

"The election of 2008 will be the most important national election in a generation and presents an unmatched opportunity for progressives to win the White House, build a progressive majority in the House and Senate, pave the way for the post 2010 redistricting struggle, and hold progressive candidates accountable for implementing progressive public policies. The following political plan is designed to mobilize key progressive constituencies in strategic locations in order to capitalize on this opportunity"

ACORN and the Census are a dangerous mix for the American people. Any organization that has a five year plan based on redistricting and manipulating elections should not be allowed to participate in any way with this important process. Zach Polett, ACORN's Political director outlines ACORN's plan to appeal to Soros and SEIU for money slated for political reasons.

Proposed Process for Developing a 5-Year ACORN Political Business Plan

Both to focus the strategic thinking of our political work and to put ourselves in position to attempt to raise the funds to support an ambitious, multi-year political program that grows out of ACORN’s base and strengths, I believe we need a serious, well-argued business plan.  On the fundraising side, places we will want to share this business plan include “the millionaires club” (Democracy Alliance), the billionaires (Sandlers’, Soros, etc.), friends and opinion leaders in the voter engagement world (e.g., Frank Smith, John Podesta), SEIU, the voter participation foundations, etc.

Other groups are also preparing such plans.  ACT has told us that they are working on theirs.  America Votes had a small meeting last week, that ACORN participated in, to start thinking through what its 5-year plan should be, spurred by some interest from Soros in funding it.

Targeting (NOTE that this could either be a separate short section or one part of the methodology section below)

  1. African-American: Major emphasis on voter registration, voter motivation and GOTV. Some parts of this work can be done c3
  2. Hispanic & White Working Class: Key component of the initial voter contact is issue identification and persuasion. More time and money needs to be spent on screening and recording issue and policy priorities to determine message for future communication.
  3. Though major focus of ACORN's work will continue to be in urban communities, both of-color and low-income white, part of ACORN's focus will be in inner-ring suburbs and lower-income and working class areas in exurbs and more rural counties, particularly where they fall in important state legislative or Congressional districts.

States to include are those states ACORN is in that have '06 or '08 key Senate races, are '08 battlegrounds (generally same as '04) and others with important redistricting opportunities.

A Human Events article ACORN Should Not Receive Taxpayers' Money by Phyllis Schlafly brings home the point:

It is particularly important to expose ACORN's political activities because of its new relationship with the Census Bureau, the agency tasked with compiling the 2010 census. The count of the U.S. population will determine which states gain or lose votes in both the U.S. House and the Electoral College, and which districts get more federal handouts.

American constitutional government cannot survive if the population count is managed and manipulated by organizations with partisan bias. The importance of a fair and accurate count cannot be overestimated because the count can give one party an unfair advantage and control over America for the next decade.


Document Links courtesy of the Harrington Report:

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Anita MonCrief is a blogger and writer in Washington, DC. She has worked with the American Bar Association Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative; the International Crisis Group; Grameen Foundation and ACORN. Anita has partnered with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on their mission to Macedonia as an election observer. In 2005, she joined the Strategic Writing and Research Department of ACORN Political Operations and its affiliate Project Vote. In 2008 Anita came forward to expose the damage that ACORN has done to the impoverished and marginalized communities, as well as its rampant voter fraud. Anita is also a social artist and my works promote social change and poverty eradication. She also blogs at

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