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Our First Win: Jim Tedisco

Jim Tedisco in NY-20 is poised to win. He currently leads in polling and has a record of representing views contrary to that of big government.

I’m confident that our heavy hitters that have lined up in support of Tedisco, which include RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guilliani, and Mitt Romney, will beat our opponent who happens to be a tax-cheating Venture Capitalist. His lineup includes the DCCC (1) (2), the Huffington Post, and Governor Paterson.

Like most Republicans, I want to hear about a candidate’s values, but I’m equally concerned with their ability to win. It is because of Tedisco’s ability as a candidate and the demographics of the 20th District that I have donated some of my time each week to assist the direction of New Media strategy for the campaign.

I know… they need improvements.

Today, in the spirit of the Party of Lincoln and just two days before his bicentennial, we launch an effort called: $20 for NY-20.

Equipping the grassroots with our case that will lead to victory and an energized rightroots, I believe we can surpass the 352 small donors who have contributed to our opponent through ActBlue. (accessed 2/10/09 12:06am)

Furthermore, this is the first win we’ll be able to take credit for in the 2010 cycle, sorry Saxby. This effort includes every aspect of the grassroots. Chairman Steele has officially brought in the RNC and asked State Parties to contribute $5,000 to this battle. College Republicans and online efforts like Rebuild the Party will organize, in an effort to turn online grunts into offline volunteers inside of the District. Bloggers will turn into activists and ask their readers to participate in a push to crowdsource this campaign.

This will be a New Media victory and one that can be taken to our Republican candidates across the country as a case study. We all have a stake in this.

Join in my friends and invest in this win.


Tedisco $20 for NY-20


MORE TAXES……because they’re good for your health

News has it that New York, replacement Governor, David Paterson, is unveiling 127 new items and services that the Empire State will start taxing.

Although the entire list is too long for inclusion in one blog post, I would like to focus on just two items on the list.

Together the taxing of these two items and the logic behind it demonstrates the utter hypocrisy and lack of reasoning behind liberal tax and spend policies.

The two items I am referring to are gym memberships and soda. Not all soda though. Diet soda is not on Democrats hit list. Claiming that regular soda is less healthy than diet soda, Patterson and fellow Democrats believe regular soda is ripe for a tax that penalizes those who dare to purchase it.

After all it is our health and well being which is the government's primary reason for creating such a tax.

Or is it?

If health concerns were their primary reason, as opposed to economic concerns, why then would they also penalize people who attempt to maintain their health by joining a gym?

If health reasons requires the state to tax soda because it is bad for you, what is the health reason that requires the state to tax gym memberships? Are gym memberships more unhealthy than diet soda?

Let's face it folks, Democrats are just hypocrites.

They claim that they will add a tax to one thing because it is bad for you and then in the same announcement state that they will also add a tax to something that is healthy for you.

Mind you, we are just talking about only two of the new taxes that liberals are promoting in New York. There are 125 others, all as hypocritical and as inexcusable as the next. Each one of them however, will be given a reason for taxing by Democrats. They will try to rationalize each one. But who are they kidding?

Maybe themselves.

I guess they could claim that a tax on gym memberships is necessary because of the risk of injury that could be gotten while trying to keep fit. You know, a sprained ankle on the treadmill, a wrist injury while lifting weights, who really knows. But any excuse is a good excuse.

This type of hypocrisy and illogic certainly isn't limited to New York. In fact New Jersey set this trend. When Wall Street wizard Jon Corzine came into office a whole herd of new taxes were created. Just like New York with soda, Corzine and the liberal led New Jersey legislature raised taxes on cigarettes because of their unhealthiness and at the same time, created a tax on gym memberships.

Way to go guys. While looking out for our health you also penalize us for trying to be healthy.

While doing that, Corzine's economic brilliance led to a tax on the planting of flowers, shrubbery and trees.

That's one way to help take the garden out of the Garden State.

The bottom line is this.

We need political leaders who have some brains and understand that most of their constituents have brains too. Stop insulting our intelligence by making excuses for doing what is wrong. Don't tell us you won't tax one type of soda and not another because one is healthier than the other and then tax everything else that is healthy for us.

If health was the governments true intention, then they should be creating incentives to join the gym, not a create a penalty for joining one.

We need intelligent leaders who are willing to look for solutions, not create problems.

While Blagojevich tries to sell a U.S. Senate seat in Illinois , others are trying to sell us excuses for making tough economic times even tougher for us .

Rather than cutting the cost of government, they raise the cost of living. And they do so with the rationalization of a fourth grader who tries to explain that they don't have their homework because the dog ate it.

But, just like New Jersey, Democrats in New York will make excuses and some voters will buy those excuses.

But for how much longer?

Pretty soon liberals will be adding a tax to those excuses that voters buy.

Hopefully voters will wise up. Hopefully voters will realize that we can't tax our way out of every hole in a budget or spend ourselves into prosperity. When that realization comes, hopefully we will provide liberals with an excuse for their not winning in elections.

Maybe we can tell them that, like their reasons for taxing different things, we voted against them for health reasons......our economic health.

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