Herman Cain

Publius Interview: Herman Cain… for President?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Where ever Herman Cain goes he meets enthusiastic crowds. There is a reason for that: He is an incredibly dynamic man. He has a compelling life story and boy can he whip up a crowd! Every time I've seen him he has the folks on their feet in wild applause. And Cain revels in the attention giving the crowd a wide smile with every speech.

The Interview With Herman Cain

His resume is quite impressive, of course. After all, he was the man that was assigned stewardship of the troubled Godfather Pizza chain when he worked for Pillsbury Foods and turned it around into a money-maker when no one expected him to be able to do so. It became so successful that he was able to buy the chain and run it himself.

But it isn't just his past business experience that shows what a can-do man he is. He also beat cancer. It took him four years, but he did it. He's cancer free and in the fit of health. And now he is a talk radio host out of Atlanta's WSB AM 750. He has also formed the Herminator Pac and is “prayerfully” exploring the possibility of running for president in 2012.

The thing that strikes you about talking with Herman Cain is the fact that he is amazingly straight-forward for an aspiring politician. He isn't shy about telling you exactly what he thinks and exactly what is going side ways in America today. But he is also a 100% supporter of the idea of American exceptionalism.

Cain also knows how to turn a phrase. His bumblebee line is a killer. With that he compares the fact that scientists claim that the bumblebee's ability to fly is technically impossible yet he flies because he believes he can. He compares that self-assured bumblebee with America's belief in itself. A truly inspired analogy.

I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Cain when I attended American for Prosperity's RightOnLine conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 24th. (And I apologize for not getting this up yesterday, but I was having tech troubles.)

To keep up with Herman Cain:

On Twitter: THEHermanCain
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/THEHermanCain
Website: www.hermancain.com

Time to raise (Herman) Cain?

Yesterday, Georgia Republican congressman John Linder announced his retirement 

His district is a Republican stronghold, (Cook R + 16) so I do not think we need to worry about finding a candidate with the strongest local following to succeed him.  

This is a seat where the Republican party would be well advised to run someone capable of being a strong national spokesman for conservative issues. Much as I've often pushed athletes or celebrities, this does not seem to be a district where we need to run John Smoltz. I'm sure the gaggle of Gwinnett County pols eyeing the seat are capable enough; but this is truly a seat where we ought to be electing a national spokesman.

There is an Atlanta area Republican capable of doing this. Herman Cain

Cain is a successful local radio host, so he's going to have high name recognition in this district.  He also gave a scintillating speech at this year's CPAC, so he has the bona fides on the national conservative level. As a successful former businessman, he brings the ability to speak with authority on issues involving free enterprise and economic growth.

He's also an experienced former candidate, having run 6 years ago for the U.S. Senate. Yes, he finished second in the GOP primary to now-Senator Johnny Isakson, a fixture in GA politics for a generation. But he received 170,000 votes and finished ahead of a sitting congressman, Mac Collins.  

Now I've never set foot in Gwinnett County in my life. But if there is a better qualified Georgia Republican than Herman Cain, I'll be dammed to know who he is.

GA 7 doesn't need a pothole politician; it needs a leader for conservative values.  It needs Herman Cain  


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