Hear O Israel.

Well, if you won’t listen to me, maybe you’ll listen to him. No disrespect intended, but it seems that Israel is in for another border invasion, and this one reportedly has between 300 and 500 busloads of Lebanese and Palestinians being moved to the borders… to say nothing of large numbers of others heading in the direction of the borders, as well. Not being one to say ‘I told you so’… I did note at the time of the article I wrote on Friday May 20, that it had all the hallmarks of a rehearsal.

"We are preparing on all possible fronts and we will position both command and troops at forward positions," IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said ahead of upcoming Naksa Day border protests.

Now the Iranians, in the guise of the Muslim Brotherhood, are going to test the IDF to the max. The so-called ‘Nakba Day’ protests were something only an Arab could dream up. Commemorating a battle in which the collective armies of the Arab nations got the horse pucky kicked out of them by a tiny, almost insignificant, country would seem to the western mind to be a waste of time.

To the Arab mind, steeped in seventh century barbarity and fostered in a cult-like religion where fanaticism, sadism and brutality are everyday occurrences, the constant reminder serves to foster their rage, which is never far from the surface at the best of times.

They are going to attempt to cross in overwhelming numbers on four fronts. Sounds very much like an invasion, doesn’t it? The IDF had better hope there’s not a couple of regiments of tanks behind them.

I don’t mean to sound alarmist, and some of my Israeli friends will probably scoff at me, but I know at least one who doesn’t think it’s so crazy. Wars have been launched with less pretext.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Obama’s Humiliating Repudiation: Bibi Takes Him To The Woodshed.

It was classic… Obama trying what appears to me to be a last-ditch desperation grasp at ‘shaping’ the middle-east ‘peace process’ and leaving behind the imprimatur of an insanely dysfunctional foreign policy, in which Hussein Obama sheds any vestige of disguising his Muslim leanings by throwing Israel, our strongest ally in the middle-east, under the bus.

Obama, the spoon-fed academic Marxist, has no sense of history, or geo-political reality for that matter. Apparently, neither do the Marxist savants he has shaping his policies. The very fact that his ‘advisers’ allowed him to call for Israel to fall back to the pre-1967 war boundaries is… well… stunning in its naivete.

The blithe, arrogant assumption that the world would tremble at the sage words of the Anointed One, and that the Israelis would finally see their place in Obama’s Jew-hating universe, is breathtaking to see.

Barack Hussein has no real world experience to bring to the table. He isn’t equipped with much of anything else, either. In point of fact, he is without a doubt the most ill-equipped president in all of US history to deal with virtually any issue.

Binyamin Netanyahu, or ‘Bibi’, is everything Obama is not. He took Obama to the woodshed, simultaneously giving His Magnificence and his factually challenged government a badly needed perspective on middle-eastern history, and shredding Obama’s entire policy presumption in one smoothly delivered, concisely worded repudiation of all things Obama. In fact, he made Barack Hussein Obama look exactly like the lightweight he is. I’m having fun watching the Lame Stream Demarxist press trying to spin this as anything but the humiliating rejection that it was.

Israel is a tiny country, with a population of only 7 million, 4 hundred something thousand souls, surrounded by 344 million largely hostile Arabs. She can’t afford a mistake. There is something that her militant Islamic foes should consider… Israel has had the capability to reduce her enemies to atomic slag since the late 1950s. They also have multiple delivery systems and an effective second strike capability.

The very fact that Israel has not used this ‘final solution’ to the Islamic threat to their country should give any sane person pause for reflection. But then, that would presume finding some sanity among middle-eastern fanaticism.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Obama, Ardent Anti-Semite.

If there are any of my Israeli friends who have any vestige of belief that Barack Hussein Obama is harboring any good will at all toward Jews in general, or Israel in particular, Obama’s speech yesterday (if that’s what it could be called) should have ended any such illusions.

IDF soldiers guarding the border with Syria.

Obama’s servile pandering to the Islamic fundamentalists is leaving no doubt about where his true sympathies lie… it’s readily apparent here in the United States where there are Muslims embedded throughout his administration, Muslims infiltrating our educational and financial sectors, universally whining and decrying the ‘unjust’ treatment that they receive at our hands.

Obama just might be able to break the deathlike grip that the DeMarxists, and all things socialist, have had on the electoral habits of America’s Jewry. Obama’s attack on Israel… because that’s what it was… will most certainly draw the ire of the many American supporters of Israel… and that’s about 80% of the country. Hopefully, another nail in Obama’s political coffin. He’s been collecting a lot of those lately.

Stated plainly, Israel would have to be completely out of their collective minds and bent on sure and certain national suicide to agree to a single thing Barack Obama said. He’s not going to get any ‘peace process’ going now or ever. His goal is the goal of the Arab Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah… that is to say, the ultimate destruction of the State of Israel.

Maybe it’s just my Marine instinct peeking through but to me, but the simultaneous incursion across three borders by Islamist ‘protesters’ looked a lot like a rehearsal. What was frankly disturbing was the somewhat fragmented and confused response of the IDF.

Hey guys, it’s like this… if the stuff goes down you may not get a second chance to react. Your enemy has been out in the hallway lifting weights and doing push-ups, while you’ve been playing pat-a-cake with Obama and the Hildebeast over how much defensible border to give away to people who want you dead.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Israel’s New Reality.

Iran is on the march all over the middle east. Its surrogates carefully chosen and in place. Iran spews venom and exports hatred, fear and murder. Iran’s reach is growing. The United States is viewing the detente between the Iranian-Venezuelan governments very closely.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned that Iran will turn Egypt into another Gaza. He urged the west to ensure that any new Egyptian leader respects existing peace treaties.

Egypt is still in chaos, though the army is firmly in control and plans to stay that way. Jordan is shaky… King Abdullah has released his cabinet and is forming a new one. The speed with which the unrest has traveled has left world leaders stunned and totally unprepared.

The intemperate and totally out-of-depth Obama administration’s official and unofficial encouragement of the Egyptian demonstrators is sophomoric and dangerous in the extreme. Barack Obama sounded like some petulant teenager with attitude, as he demanded Mubarak step down right now and that Egypt would have democratic elections… presumably presided over by Jimmy Boy Carter, middle east expert extraordinaire.

Our political capital in the entire region is negligible, after the incredibly stupid foreign policy that our boy president and Islamophile, Barack Hussein Obama, has pursued for the last two years. Israel’s options are even fewer now, with another 500 or so miles of border that will become hostile should Egypt and Jordan fall.

It may be that Israel should move on Iran soon. Cut the head from the snake which is fomenting world war. Hey, Danny! Time to lock and load.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

A Watched Pot…

Though in this case it’s boiling, and Israel is watching the rapidly devolving situation right next door in Egypt. They are looking at having to re-evaluate the situation in terms of the worst-case scenario.

Binyamin Netanyahu and Hosni Mubarak, May 2010.

Although nominally enemy states, Israel, Egypt and the United States have cooperated at the highest levels of military command and with the intelligence services of all three countries, and you can bet your boots there’s one heck of a lot of communicating going on right now between all of them.

Hosni Mubarak probably has a better chance of riding this thing out than the Shah of Iran did when faced with Khomeini’s revolution. But if he doesn’t, the generals who now so staunchly support him will give him a gentle nudge into a nice dignified retirement some place, and the country will choose a new president in accordance with its constitution.

Egypt, though a muslim country, is largely a secular nation. How far the radical Islamists will get in influencing events in Egypt is difficult to judge at this point. One thing is for sure… the generals are not about to relinquish power to some revolutionary cabal. Right now, the army holds all the cards. They have, at least to this point, shown remarkable restraint in dealing with the protesters.

Our friends in Israel remember the old days, when they faced an openly hostile Egypt just over the border. No one wants a return to those days, but it’s far better for Israel to remain in an advanced state of readiness than to be unpleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Stuxnet worm continues to chew its way through Iran’s military industrial complex, happily burrowing down and leaving havoc in its wake. Bon appetit, little worm!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Brave New World Indeed.

Not one that Huxley would have envisioned… but plenty close enough for most of us, thank you very much! Trying to quantify the challenges facing this nation is a daunting task in itself. Especially with a country still largely in the grip of the greatest recessionary period since the great depression. A populace still raw from the economic collapse of 2007-2008.

I know I’m not alone in saying that these days I think things over several times before spending anything. It’s just become second nature. You’ve heard of the ‘bunker mentality’? Well, we have a ‘bunker’ economy. Despite the reassurance of having a somewhat stable tax picture for the next two years, individuals and most especially companies are intensely careful with expenditures. There is a tendency to hoard resources, an entire nation like squirrels before the first snow.

The economy is showing signs of life. It’s not out of the woods… not yet… not by a long shot. But the stock market has been showing growth… manufacturing is beginning to stir… what manufacturing hasn’t been forced overseas, that is.

We are being invaded through our southern border and we have a federal government which stubbornly refuses to do one of the only constitutionally mandated responsibilities it has. We’re fighting terrorism around the world and we’re fighting two wars.

Our one ally in all of the middle east is herself on the brink of conflict. Israel’s border with Lebanon has become the focal point of tension as Hizbollah continues to solidify its hold over that country. The border on the Lebanon side is said have a series of fortified villages linked by tunnels. They have amassed an astounding 40-50 thousand rockets and missiles.

Everywhere we look there is the potential for conflict. Venezuela’s communist adventuring will have to be dealt with eventually. North Korea continues its bellicose demands and threats. China is the greatest ultimate threat to this country and the one we least understand.

Aldous Huxley wouldn’t recognize our Brave New World. We, as Americans, have got to keep our eyes on the goal we have set for ourselves and our party… a return to Constitutional law and government… a limited government with less job-stifling regulation on business.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

A Fair Exchange?

The new Mossad director, Tamir Pardo, will get his first taste of conflict next month. Not from Iran or any of the Arab countries, not even from the UN. It will come from Britain, most likely in the form of Foreign Secretary William Hague, who, you may remember, quickly condemned Israel over the Mavi Marvara incident before the facts were even known.

Tamir Pardo

London’s ‘Telegraph’ newspaper, which is usually one of the more trustworthy dailies, has reported that Pardo will apologize for the use of British passports in the Mahmoud al-Mabhouh affair, the Hamas official killed in Dubai a year ago. It goes on to say that Pardo will explain that he personally condemned the use of foreign passports before the alleged assassination took place.

I might be wrong on this, but it sure looks like they are trying to make nicey-nicey with the new guy on the block. While they are afraid of an ensuing backlash should they show forgiveness to incumbent Meir Dagan, they have invented a story which absolves the new chief of any blame. The fact is, Tamir Pardo was not active within Mossad at that time.

The British strategy is twofold. Firstly, they could put the passport issue to bed, blaming the previous director while absolving his replacement. Secondly, they could look at re-installing the Mossad station chief who was expelled over the incident.

In Skip’s article of November 26, 2010, ‘What’s With The Brits?’, he questioned the motives of MI6 when they condemned the use of the Stuxnet virus against Iran. Some very strange things are happening within the agency circles these days. Conflicting stories regarding the death of one of its agents, for one thing. It’s understandable that some facts are concealed from the public for security reasons… that’s partly the reason for their existence. But in these post cold-war years, and with their stated intention of becoming ‘more open’, questions must be asked.

It was notable, in the recent reports of the arrests of twelve suspected terrorists in Britain, that the entire operation was conducted by the police, including Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorist Unit. So where, then, are MI5 and MI6?

Their main role is that of intelligence gathering, which may explain their apparent absence in news stories covering the arrests of terrorists. Given that Britain is the greatest breeding ground for muslim extremists in the western world, should they not be a little more pro-active? The recent ‘sting’ by the FBI in Portland, Oregon was an example of early prevention, although it was condemned by CAIR as ‘entrapment’. That’s laughable, considering the fact that many of these folks openly shout in the streets about their intentions for America and the west.

Next month’s meeting in London will see the British government trying to play the upper hand. They desperately need the intelligence that can only be provided by Israel. The reinstatement of a Mossad officer in London in exchange for top secrets is not a fair deal. At the very least, Pardo should demand the guarantee of free movement in Britain for Israeli government officials, such as Dan Meridor, without the fear of arrest on trumped-up ‘war crimes’ charges.

Britain is not the clear-cut country of World War Two, when they knew without doubt who the bad guys were… good or bad, friend or enemy. Its subservience to the EU and UN, not to mention its weak-kneed pandering to dangerous elements within its own borders, make it dangerous and a nation not to be trusted. It’s true to form that it is more concerned over faked passports than the hundreds of real UK passports held by terrorists.

A couple of tips from my list of rules before your meeting, Mr Pardo: Rule #1 – Trust no-one; Rule #4 – Only tell them what you want them to know.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Israel’s Raging Fires Could Be Our Own.

Happy third day of Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and readers. Those who have followed this column will remember my mention of having friends from Israel who are very closely connected there. I wrote about my friend who was a veteran of two of Israel’s wars and who had the dubious honor of having two different tanks shot out from under him and living to talk about it.

We were talking about the fires in Israel. Two things came out of the brief discussion. One, we both feel certain that the fires are due to arson. But further than that, look at it from the terrorists’ point of view if in fact arson it is. It’s a really low budget, zero technology, low risk hit for the terrorists. It killed over forty Israelis. They may not find it quite as easy to do next time. Israel is wasting no time bulking up on fire fighting equipment and wild lands fire fighting technology.

It’s something we have an awful lot of experience with here in America. I have another friend who is a crew leader on a federal hot-shot fire crew. He was on the same fire in northern California that took the lives of a fire crew… he was one ridge over. He told me that if the wind had shifted the other way it could have been his crew. The Israelis will learn from the best.

Here’s where it gets ugly… and it’s not the first time it’s occurred to me. Low budget (no funds to solicit), no technology required (even the shoe bomber could have done it… well, maybe the panty bomber), low risk. Any idea how many unpopulated wildland / forested square miles in the US? I don’t know either, but it’s a lot.

It’s something we need to consider. There were some fires that got started last year that I was really dubious about. The potential is there, and and it is indeed an area where we are even more vulnerable than Israel because of our extensive forests and wild lands. I can’t speak for all forests but I can speak for the area up in the sierras where I and a friend hold some mining claims. It’s remote, it’s heavily forested with steep slopes to the watercourses. We have to be extraordinarily careful with fire and equipment operation down there. That’s what it’s like in much of our forests, remote… and vulnerable.

I’m not in any way suggesting keeping good people out of our forests. In fact, I’d invite as many good woodsmen as we could find to spend as much time as they could doing what they love. Up in the mountains it’s amazing how much a trained set of eyeballs can see.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

What’s With The Brits?

It’s not your grandpa’s MI6. Britain behaves like a defeated nation. The government so fears the muslims in its own population that they would align themselves with those who would see them destroyed.

MI6 Headquarters, London

Stuxnet is raising Cain with not only Iran’s centrifuges but, as I predicted, their military targeting computers as well. It’s no coincidence that there are reports of penetration of Iranian air space during such periods.

I have no idea where Stuxnet was spawned. The implication was that it was done by hackers… I believe that it was a creation of Israel with the aid of the US.

I said that Iranian claims that they had cornered the critter and all was rosy were so much garbage. It turned out that I was right. Stuxnet is the gift that keeps giving… it works by being patient and opportunistic. Then, when it does strike, it spreads like crazy.

Is it possible that Britain can be that badly deceived? As reported, MI6 thinks the Stuxnet worm is national enemy #1. News reports on British television, by so-called ‘experts’, have completely omitted the fact that in every country where the worm has been detected it has been benign… except Iran.

American intelligence would like to see Stuxnet pay a visit to North Korea and her nuclear program. Whether it would be possible to plant the worm, in as tightly-controlled a country as N. Korea, remains to be seen.

Korea or not, I think that Britain should consider her position with regard to Stuxnet, and the real reason for pandering to muslims by the condemnation of the virus with regard to Iran.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

What’s More Dangerous Than A Marxist?

Answer: A Marxist with money. Lots of money. Only a few days ago, I spoke of Obama’s fixation with his Blackberry (‘Man Or Machine’, November 7). By sheer coincidence, Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing in his program of November 9. Glenn, however, mentioned a possibility that I had not considered…. something far more sinister than the options I listed.

The program last night was dedicated to the ‘Spooky Dude’ (I love that name, Glenn!), George Soros. Most of us are aware of his activities with the likes of Media Matters, the Huffington Post, the Tides Foundation, etc., but I must admit that I didn’t realize the extent to which his socialist tentacles reach.

As more jigsaw puzzle pieces are added, the picture that takes shape is not a pretty one. While never directly attacking the State of Israel (to my knowledge, at least), his actions, or the actions of those in his debt, speak louder than words.

Some smokescreens are quite see-through, perhaps none as transparent as one of his beneficiaries, J Street. This ‘pro-Israel’ site was proud to endorse Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, a Congressman with more than dubious connections to Hamas supporters.

I had always assumed that Obama’s dislike of Israel was a result of his own upbringing. That could be a factor, one which made him the perfect choice, for someone with almost unlimited finances, to install in the prime position, where he could enact the most radical plans.

For a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama does a marvelous job of stirring up hate in the muslim countries. His condemnation of Israel during a speech in Indonesia was nothing more than shameful. Of what relevance is the Israel – Palestine situation to the people he was addressing… other than a shared religion? If he visits Catholic countries in Europe, does he engage in condemnation of the actions of South American countries? I think not, especially Venezuela, for which he has a special fondness.

Barack Obama and George Soros, alike in so many ways. Both dedicated to the destruction of the American way of life, the formation of a new world order, and both selling off the goods of their own suffering people to tyrants. America, keep a very close eye on this man… he is probably more dangerous than all the Democrats combined.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

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