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McCain – Will They Fall For Him Again?

Arizona has proven itself to be a pretty sane place. I hope that holds true through the primary election for the Senate race between JD Hayworth and John McCain.

I’d like to hope that Arizona would have better sense than to fall for McCain’s chameleon-like transformation into a closed borders, anti-illegal alien guy. Or, that along with people like the ever-detestable Lindsey Graham, he was perfectly willing to sell the American people down the road with his carbon tax scheme.

It cost twenty million dollars of McCain money to get the Senator this far. He did his best to destroy JD Hayworth with Arizona voters. What was disappointing was the support that McCain got from the Old Guard Republican Party back in the beltway. They were the same ones who backed McCain for President. McCain could prove to be a very negative factor in the US Senate. He simply cannot be trusted not to immediately revert to type once re-elected. Millions of Patriots have made it abundantly clear that we do not want business as usual from our elected representatives.

Political prognosticators from both ends of the spectrum are calling for what may be a political repudiation of historical proportions, with estimates north of fifty seats that could be lost by the DeMarxists in November. Further, there are some who are now openly speculating on the real possibility that the Senate could be lost to the Conservative Republican revolution as well.

McCain just cannot be trusted. He’s proven too many times that he’s willing to throw party and principles away. From the Gang of Fourteen to his willingness to sell us out on immigration… proof that he cannot be trusted is out there in abundance.

If you live in Arizona, please get to the polls and vote today. Gather your friends and family and get them to the polls.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Searchlight Tea Party, Thousands Hear Palin. CNN: ‘Dozens Of People’

What a pathetic joke for a news organization… CNN has plumbed the depths of falsification again by telling viewers throughout the day, Saturday, March 27th, that there were ‘dozens’ of people, maybe hundreds at the Searchlight, Nevada Tea Party rally. It can only be described as a pathetic attempt at misinformation. They must have the pizza guy doing news editorial programming, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone given their perpetual low market ratings… it’s embarrassing to get beat by MSNBC.

The Tea Party Express Bus, Searchlight, Nevada.

If you are in the business of news prevarication, you could at least be a bit creative about it. But then that would take talent and that appears to be something that there is a severe dearth of at CNN. That could be the reason that they hired RedState’s Erick Erickson… goodness knows their stable could use the help.

The latest figures I have on the rally held in Senator ‘Dingy’ Harry Reid’s backyard at Searchlight, Nevada, is that right around 20,000 people showed up to hear keynote speaker Sarah Palin. Palin, as usual, is taking massive amounts of abuse from the left. That’s to be expected and is a direct gauge of the fear they have for her. Obama can’t get more than a few thousand people to his bought-and-paid-for teleprompter extravaganzas. Sarah Palin gets more than that to a book signing.

Sarah Palin In Searchlight, Nevada.

Since announcing her support for John McCain, Sarah has taken an awful lot of heat from our side as well. I’ve made no secret of my dislike for John McCain. He comes with more baggage than the cargo hold of a 747. Sarah Palin cannot be unaware of his liabilities, both to the State of Arizona and her own future political aspirations. For myself, JD Hayworth is a far better choice. He is as solid a conservative as John McCain is a RINO, a Conservative when it suits his purpose, and is many times injurious to his party and the country.

He is just plain wrong-headed on some critical issues, especially wrong on interrogation and amnesty for illegals. Sarah Palin is exhibiting loyalty to the man who launched her into national political prominence. Had she not, I would have had questions about her integrity. I have no doubt she would have made it on her own but it may have taken her several more years, and the way things look the country needs her now.

I believe that many times things happen for a reason. I believe that the Sarah Palin phenomenon is one of those times. So to the giants of the now largely marginal left wing media… keep it up. You’re the best promotional advertising we can get.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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