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Disgusting Display: Obamao’s Manifesto… MarxMarxMarx, And Then Some More Marx.

Is there anyone out there that has yet to understand that Barack Hussein Obama, and his radical twisted ideology, is the figurehead of the planned destruction of America? Obama’s speech was one long demagogic rant in which he trotted out all the Marxist saws… it was Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright… all over the place. It was communism’s ugly face exposed for all to see.

But that wasn’t the really sleazy sickening part. That came later in the speech when he went down the Marxist wish-list of dependent entitlement recipients, from seniors to autistic and developmentally disabled kids, and everything and everybody in between. It was low… very low.

Watching the news cycles, and reading as many of your comments on the subject as I could get to, has me convinced that the vast majority of Americans haven’t bought it and are not buying it now. His attacks on Paul Ryan and other conservatives was not at all well received out here in the hinterland, and was highly reminiscent of Obama’s excoriation of members of the Supreme Court at his first State of the Union blather. I’d love to see Hizzoner try to debate Paul Ryan.

For the life of me, I never did understand this BS about Hussein the First being some great orator… I think he sucks. He’s got the cadence of a high school cheerleader… must come from having to spend all that time swiveling that lying neck of his back and forth between teleprompters. The problem with that technique is it forces you to deliver in what are stanza-like sentences, and after you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all. That’s why Biden can’t stay awake during one of his glorious leader’s agitprop spiels… and didn’t ol’ ‘Jumpin’ Joe’ do it once before during an Obama slumberfest?

Obama intends to cut nothing!. His smoke and mirrors are just far worse than the pathetic attempt to pull the nation’s wool over its eyes by Mr. John Boehner and the establishment Republicans. Hey, John! We know how to research John… apparently better than anyone on your staff anyway. We can not go on this way… Boehner sold us out, plain and simple. His whining is getting on my nerves.

We have to defeat Obama and the Marxists. There is no alternative. But, I’m not sure we can afford Mr Boehner. He’s going to sell us out on the debt limit. Get on the phone or computer… barrage the Capitol switchboards and crash their computers. We need to tell them straight up that we will primary them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Where’s Wildo?

By the time you read this, possibly somewhere in Michigan. Just like television sweeps time, it’s a pretty safe bet to wheel out an old favorite to draw the crowds. Nothing new, the same worn out story lines… but with a comfort factor like that favorite pair of old slippers.

Where's Wildo? Clinton in Denver, 2008.

The Democrat mid-term election campaign has been disastrous. They could not campaign on their achievements, which included what is possibly the most unpopular bill in recent decades, or their track record on employment and the economy. Some attempted to use the ‘fear factor’, warning voters of the result of going back to the days of the Republican-controlled Congress. Can anyone truly say that things were not better before 2006 than they are today?

Their alternative strategy of trying to appear centrist in the campaign ads has fallen flat. It fails to impress the die-hard liberal voter and cannot sway the conservatives, who have long memories. Just like the long list of Obama pre-election promises that were never fulfilled, or totally reversed, this pathetic attempt to woo the electorate has become totally transparent.

While Obama sets off on a whistle-stop tour of key states, no doubt spinning his divisive spiel to minority groups along the way, many beleaguered Democrats prefer to invoke the nostalgia quotient.

There is more than a little irony that the man who was so scathing of Obama in 2008 is jumping in to the ring in an attempt to do what the President can not. The electorate are not falling for the lies and smears in the campaigns, so they bring in Bill Clinton to lend a hand. Do I detect a hint of irony in that sentence, also?

Much of the election coverage has included talk of a possible rift between the establishment GOP and the Tea Party. This is nothing to what I can foresee happening to the post-election Democrats. Not only is Clinton rallying to the Democrats’ call, they are rallying to him… in a way they never would to Obama.

It’s quite possible that Clinton is attempting this act of damage control out of loyalty to his party. I have read pundits’ opinions on his motives, which include his “love of the limelight”, “addiction to adulation” and “repaying a debt to those who helped Hillary in 2008″.

I would say they are all pretty much on the money, although the last statement is the most interesting, with possible future implications.

Hillary is noticeably giving Obama a wide berth, almost to the point of disassociation. I could not believe the rumors that there was talk of a Clinton-Biden job swap. While Biden is the nodding yes-man that Obama needs, I could not imagine Hillary in that role. The only possible reason that she would be appointed VP is in the event of Obama having to give up the Presidency, perhaps through ill-health… maybe stress or insanity.

I believe it’s a certainty that Hillary Clinton will run for the Presidency, probably sooner rather than later. The dutiful husband is already laying the groundwork with their loyal band of supporters. He knows, she knows, the majority of Democrats know that their party is doomed if they maintain the far-left policies of the Obama regime.

After November 2, Obama will be pretty much a lame duck, with little support from his party, no support from Congress and a public that wants nothing more than to see the back of him. Enter, stage right……

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That Was The Week That Was #4.

After the excitement of the primaries at the start of the week, it was pretty much back to business-as-usual. The same old rhetoric, blame-shifting and outright lies from the doomed Democrats.

Joe Biden

The howler of the week was courtesy of none other than Joe Biden, gaffe-master extraordinaire. Stating that the economy recovery was slower than he would like, he insisted that we are headed in the right direction. So was the Titanic, Joe. It doesn’t take a master cartographer to read the economy map. If you take the Cartesian coordinates of unemployment, private sector expansion and market confidence, you’ll probably find yourself somewhere in the Bermuda triangle of failed stimuli.

I’ll give Joe one thing… his timing was impeccable, the mark of a gifted comedian. A few days after his remarks, a GDP figure of 1.6% was announced which, in any known universe except the Democrats’, is hardly a move in the right direction.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman had announced to family and associates that he was gay. While his reluctance (or should I say hesitancy?) to ‘come out’ earlier was perhaps due to possible reactions of Republican colleagues, it was the liberals who supplied some vicious character attacks. While I do not agree with Mr Mehlman’s now open support of gay marriage (not to be confused with civil partnerships, the legal implications of which I have no objection), I applaud his courage and his remarks on the dangers that Islam poses to minority groups.

Ken Mehlman

Some of the nasty comments I read from liberals, calling Mehlman a hypocrite and worse, reminded me of the offensive comment by Harry Reid, when he said that he didn’t know how voters of Hispanic heritage could be Republican. Well, it may be news to the Democrats, but not all Hispanics, blacks or gays dislike America and the Constitution. The liberal assertion that they should all be Democrats is an insult, which implies that all minorities are gullible and lack common sense and decency. To declare such is to pigeonhole all minorities, something they claim (falsely) to oppose.

This distrust of Democrat hypocrisy was borne out by the results of a Rasmussen poll this week. Voters now place more trust in the Republican Party than in Democrats on all ten major issues. On the economy, taxes, national security, health care and immigration, the percentage points difference ranged from 16% to 8%.

One thing that was evident in the survey is the majority support for Arizona-type immigration legislation in the voters’ home states. While John Morton’s ICE agents carried out a successful operation in rounding up 370 illegal immigrants, many guilty of heinous crimes (kudos to Mr Morton for that), there were many in Texas that had already been arrested being released without trial.

John Morton

Mr Morton explained that ICE has to prioritize, given their limited resources. That is fair comment, but it does highlight the need to outsource immigration control to the individual states, who are willing and able to implement the law, given the chance. It is time for the Federal Government to support law and order, rather than pander to the extremist groups who claim Constitutional protection for aliens. The Constitution is there to protect legal American citizens.

For the Obama administration to cite their opposition to the Arizona Bill in a report to the UN Human Rights Council, on the grounds of ‘racial profiling’ (a total fiction, as the bill prohibited this practice), is another example of their desire to diminish the respect of the US on the international stage. This quote from the AP article: “High unemployment rates, hate crime, poverty, poor housing, lack of access to health care and discriminatory hiring practices are among the challenges the report identified as affecting blacks, Latinos, Muslims, South Asians, Native Americans and gays and lesbians in the United States.”

The very report is discriminatory, as it does not mention the fact that white heterosexuals are also subject to these problems, especially the unemployment that has resulted from Obama’s government and the hate crimes instigated by liberals against Republicans, which seem to become more prevalent. It would be interesting to read the reports submitted by some other countries, say, Venezuela, the Arab countries and Iran.

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Another Week Of Washington Freak Shows.

Ladies and gentlemen, we call your attention to the center ring. The daring young man and his spectacular apologetics, fresh from several world tours, has unveiled his domestic groveling to a ‘sista’ who had been grossly misunderstood by officials of her own Agriculture Department and White House apparatchiks, whose zeal for glossing over reverse-racial incidents against the white majority in the country had finally jumped out and bit them. Not since Barack Obama’s pathetic groveling in front of ‘Old Mexico’s’ third-world president have we seen a performance this lame.

Hillary Clinton with Robert Gates and South Korean Ministers in Seoul.

The Barack Obama traveling freak show is putting on a strong performance of threatening North Korea with ‘sanctions’, and Hillary Clinton’s stern admonitions have scared them so badly that they’ve threatened nuclear war. Not only that, but Her Hillaryness has launched an assault force of diplomatic types on Iraq that are sure to terrify the enemy in waiting there. Of course, we’ll have to keep a brigade or so of American combat troops handy to protect their lame posteriors, but that’s what you get when ‘you speak weakness to power’… our weakness, their power. Hillary Clinton is showing herself to be exactly what she is… inept.

Meanwhile, John (Swiftboat) Kerry, who voted yes on every tax measure to come before the Senate on his watch, is cheating the State of Massachusetts out of 437,500 dollars in sales taxes and an additional 70,000 dollars in annual excise duties on the purchase of his new seven million dollar, seventy-six foot sloop, by beating it out of Massachusetts to Rhode Island, which repealed its boat sales and use tax in 1993. Maybe Mama Theresa Heinz pulled the strings on her purse closed.

This is the same John Kerry that’s petitioning the White House to grant a blanket amnesty to all Guatemalan illegals in this country… surprise. Smacks of his private negotiations with his Communist handlers during the Vietnam war, just prior to selling out his brothers in arms. John likes ‘secret’ negotiations. This is the same John Kerry that is ‘negotiating’ to tax the very life out of you, the American people.

Vice President Joe (shoe leather) Biden, the greatest tactical genius of our time (remember his clever proposal to divide Iraq into three countries?) has said “We’re done for the year”, as the rest of the country heaves a huge sigh of relief.

The country has descended into a 1.47 trillion dollar deficit for this year alone, even as the economy lurches and staggers closer to a double dip ‘recession’ and unemployment numbers soar. Barack Hussein Obama and his Demarxist clown college tout ‘green jobs‘ that only cost taxpayers $500,000 per job, while they spent twenty three million dollars on signs glorifying pothole-filling temporary jobs.

The march to November goes on. The closer it comes, the more virulent and dangerous the Marxists will become… possibly at their most dangerous, as even their own polling is starting to undeniably point to historic losses in the November elections. A lame duck DeMarxist Congress, populated by men and women of no principle or scruples, with absolutely nothing to lose between November 2 and January 1, 2011, could do incalculable harm.

Charles Krauthammer, whom I greatly admire, said in his article today that he didn’t think Democrats and Rinos on their way out would do such a thing. He feels that they are more principled than that. Geez, Charles… I don’t know. From your lips to God’s ears, and I do so hope he has the volume turned up.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

O’Biden: ‘Oh Boss, Israel Won’t Play. They’ve Seen This Rodeo Before’.

Vice Emperor Biden’s sidewalk act isn’t playing well in places like Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa, or Jerusalem. The administration’s choice for ‘putting those Jews in their place’ is no intellectual giant in the first place, as he has proven on innumerable occasions both at home and abroad. In this he’s much like his boss, the would-be once and future king. Too bad the President hasn’t figured out that the American people don’t cotton much to kings, dictators or wannabes. Much to ‘Jumpin’ Joe Biden’s discomfiture, the Israelis have this one down pat also.

Joe Biden and President Shimon Peres

Joe is so dense that he went to Israel planning on tapping in to the autumn of Israeli discontent, in the form of the completely discredited and now powerless liberals, who have been the loudest proponents of an appeasement policy towards the very ‘Palestinian’ terrorists who would gleefully see to the annihilation of every man, woman and child in the State of Israel.

These same ‘appeaseniks’ are the ones who would trade away much of Israel’s strategic security in fanciful ‘land-for-peace’ deals. Shamefully, many of these bogus ’security’ deals have been fostered by a United States desperate to show some sort of moral high ground at the expense of the Israeli people through several administrations. This points to a sadly deficient State Department which has been proven to be not only anti-American, but anti-semitic as well.

Speaking of anti-semitic, we have ‘good old Joe’ scolding the Israelis for not buying into Barak Hussein Obama’s latest attempt to collar Israel and have them cower in front of His Magnificence. The Israelis announced no intention to reverse the decision to build 1600 settlers’ homes on the occupied West Bank, on land annexed to the holy city. Ramat Shlomo is part of the area that Israel considers to be part of the holy city and capital of the State.

Biden was depending on selling the Israelis the idea that his boss, Barack Obama, was committed to defending Israel from the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. A claim which recent cowardly reversals by the administration have proven to be patently untrue. Sorry, Joe. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


The Man Behind The Mirror – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

Joseph Goebbels had a standard mantra which is attributed to him, in spirit if not in fact. “Tell a big enough lie frequently enough and it will be believed”. Actually Lenin, William James (considered to be father of modern psychology), and Adolf Hitler all had variations on the theme. It’s a current that runs through socialist history. In fact, socialism cannot function in the light of truth because its methodology is that of fear, intimidation and impending real and manufactured calamity.

Barack Obama is telling us ‘I am not now, nor have I ever been, a socialist’ and as a matter of fact I’m an arch capitalist and have ever been a champion of business and commerce. That’s like saying, ‘hey, look over there, that’s not a giraffe it’s an eighteen foot lion’.

Later today, Obama will put on his best socio-pathological face and demand that Republicans accede to his imperial will, while the House Madame prepares to threaten, cajole and break the kneecaps of recalcitrant House members. Republicans, far from heeding the imperial decree, will draw the proverbial line in the sand at the direction of the American people. With the imperial throne tottering and the public’s actual evaluation of Congress at an all time historical low of 90 percent disapproving, a bare 10% of the people are of the opinion that Congress has been doing its job.

The only option left to Barack Hussein will be to call for his party to commit political seppuku and call for passage of this heinous assault on our freedom by reconciliation. Everyone, especially the statists and their slavishly devoted lapdogs in the leftist press, has forgotten what Barack Obama and the Democrats said in 2005 when Republicans were threatening to use the reconciliation process to stymie the Democrats filibustering President Bush’s Judicial appointments. “Nuclear option is an arrogant power grab against the founders intent”, they howled as one Democrat after another paraded in front of the cameras. Joe Biden said, “I pray God when the Democrats take back control we don’t make the kind of naked power grab you are doing”.

Let’s see, Judicial appointments versus a Socialist takeover of our economy. Anybody see a disconnect here? For all Obama’s blather about jobs and a recovering economy, what’s coming down the road gives the big lie to all of his claims. A whole new wave of foreclosures is here and RealtyTrac is grimly forecasting that as many as four million homes will receive a foreclosure notice this year. Large-scale layoffs of fifty or more employees for as many as two thousand companies are scheduled for this year as well. Next month, the employment forecast summary is expected to be grim news. So, President Obama, what other good news do you have for us?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Stimulus Minimis?

This is hard to believe, but hey, it's the federal government's own statistics.

Guess how many new jobs the much ballyhooed "stimulus" program has created across the state of Connecticut, a place with a workforce of about 2 million?

20. That's right. TWENTY. Two-Zero.

You know, that's a total of 2.8 additional new jobs for each Democratic vote in the CT congressional delegation that favored the $800 billion boondoggle.

I really do hope this program picks up some more steam. Because based on the fact that CT's taxpayers are responsible for about 2.2% of the total federal tax base; right now we are running a cost to the CT taxpayer of about $900 million per additional job. This even makes Alex Rodriguez look like cheap labor.   

Then again, Joe Biden was in Fairfield last month  touting some big paving and tree cutting program  on the Merritt Parkway.  And we know " no one messes with Joe"


Reuters: Obama Adminstration Negotiates Nuclear Bailout Deal with Iran

Obama Adminstration Negotiates Nuclear Bailout Deal with Iran

by. Irving Peter Freely

WASHINGTON -- Declaring the World's Largest Sponsor of Terrorism "too big to fail," U.S. President Barack Obama today announced the Iranian Nuclear Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The controversal deal, opposed by Republicans, will commit the U.S. Government to funding the Iranian nuclear program through the end of 2010.  The Iranian Nuclear program had become a causalty of the global credit crisis and lower oil prices.

"In this time of global economic crisis," President Obama announced today, "when we stand on the edge of catastrophe, Vice President Biden, Secretary Geithner and Iranian president [Mahmoud] Ahmedinejad have negotiated a deal that should allow us to create or save over 400 jobs in the Iranian Nuclear Sector.  Given the unprecedented nature of the pressures Iran faces, not acting is simply not an option."

The deal is expected to meet resistance on Capitol Hill.

"Is the President serious?"  Asked Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), a member of House Republican Leadership.

"The American People do not want us to send billions of dollars to prop up the nuclear program of a country that regularly declares it's intention to destroy the United States of America," said Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN).

Not all members of Congress feel this way.

"I find it appaling that Herbert Hoover Repubilcans would follow Rush Limbaugh's marching orders to obstruct this crucial economic and national security measure in order to justify their own failed policies," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

"Who do these Republicans think they are?" asked Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), "When the administration negotiates a bailout deal in secret with our enemies, they expect a certain amount of support from the United States Congress.  These Herbert Hoover Republicans seem to think that the Iranian nuclear program will survive if we do nothing.  These Republicans don't understand that real people work in the Iranian nuclear program."

While Republicans are anticpated to largely oppose the deal, Democrats expect the measure to pass largely along party lines, although moderate Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) is expected to support the administration.

"I just think that, given the size of the current crisis, we have to do something even if this approach isn't my first choice", Specter said this week on the Sean Hannity Radio show.  "I gave my word to the Senate Leadership and I intend to keep it."


Final Electoral Predictions: What a McCain Upset Would Look Like

Cross-posted from NextGenGOP.

At this point, I don’t think that any of us can effectively predict what the outcome of tomorrow’s elections will be. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure that we’ll know the who the next President of the United States is going to be for many hours, if not days, after polls close. That said, it seems that there are three possible scenarios that could play out in tomorrow’s Presidential election:

  1. Barack Obama wins in a huge landslide.
  2. Barack Obama wins in a close race.
  3. John McCain pulls off an historical upset in a close race.

Barack Obama Wins in a Huge Landslide

This seems to be the narrative that the Leftosphere would like us to believe. This scenario seems to be the most unlikely due to a number of factors, including the huge percentage of undecided voters (which should break for McCain), McCain’s success in raising doubts in the minds of voters about Barack Obama, and Obama’s struggles with working-class voters in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Nonetheless, if current polling is to be believed, then we should see a such a landslide with an electoral map looking something like this (this is pulled straight from the RCP “No Toss Up States” map):

Barack Obama Wins in a Close Race

Unfortunately, I strongly believe that this scenario is the most likely. Basically, I see Florida and Ohio departing from their current polling numbers and going for McCain. Obama is polling near, but not at, the 50% mark in each of the states, and I think that the vast majority of undecided voters will swing to McCain in these states, allowing him to win each of them, albeit closely. Thus, the final electoral map in this scenario would look like this:

John McCain Pulls of an Historic Upset in a Close Race

I am extremely hopeful that John McCain can pull off an upset tomorrow. Unfortunately, looking at the electoral maps above, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which he can accomplish such a difficult feat. However, if it’s going to happen, I think that in addition to Ohio and Florida bucking the current polling trends, so will Pennsylvania and, out of necessity, another state with a couple of electoral votes. Based on current RCP averages, I’m of the opinion that Nevada is the other state most likely to swing.

First, let’s talk about Pennsylvania. I’m Pittsburgh born and raised, and so I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. As a former Santorum 2006 staffer, I know that accomplishing a statewide victory in Pennsylvania is an incredible challenge for Republicans. However, I also believe that the dynamics of Pennsylvania’s electorate make it the next most likely state to flip from polling projections after Ohio and Florida. No, this isn’t because we’re racist or a bunch of rednecks (although I believe that Murtha’s comments may drive an increased number of Republicans in his district to the polls tomorrow, which is undoubtedly in McCain’s favor). Rather, I believe that the blue collar voters of Pennsylvania, although reliably Democrat, find it extremely difficult to swallow Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth around” policies – and as a result, they may either decide to not vote at all, or to pull the lever for John McCain. Additionally, there are a number of highly competitive Congressional races in PA in which an outcry of Republican voters could help turn the race in favor of McCain. Specifically, I look to William Russell’s race against John Murtha (which I mentioned above), but also to Lou Barletta’s race against the filthy Paul Kanjorski, in which I think Lou will defeat Kanjorski. With Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida going against polling trends, the electoral college stands at 270 for Obama-Biden to 268 for McCain-Palin, requiring one more state to flip for a McCain-Palin victory.

In my eyes, there are two other states that potentially could end up becoming red despite polling that indicates otherwise: Virginia and Nevada. Winning in either of these states will prove difficult for John McCain. However, he only has to flip one of them from its polling trends in order to win. So a McCain-Palin victory might look something like this:

The roadmap to victory for the McCain-Palin ticket is enormously difficult and quite improbable, although certainly not impossible. Some important questions to ponder over the next day or so: Can Barack Obama close? Will the GOP’s vaunted GOTV machine have the success we’ve seen in previous elections? Will young voters turn out in droves, and if so, will they really disproportionately vote for Obama? And, most importantly, does John McCain’s campaign have the ability to pull off an unprecedented and historic electoral victory?

Team Obama's new gameplan

Senator Obama has gone to Hawaii to be with his ill grandmother (We wish her well)

Senator Biden has disappeared off the campaign trail. Rumor has it a noted surgeon is busy trying to remove a Florsheim stuck between the Senator's teeth.

Given what's transpired the last few days, perhaps they think silence is golden. In football terms, they are now running the prevent defense

Sitting back in a deep zone usually avoids sudden scoring passes or damaging penalties. But take it from someone who has cringed every time the NY Giants adopt this ploy when they hold a late lead, it's also a great way to lose in the last minute of the game. 

As noted philosopher John Madden once said:. All a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning.

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