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The Political Circus Continues.

John McCain surfaced long enough to throw a few more harpoons at the Republican Conservatives with his endorsement of Mitch McConnell and the so-called ‘gang of six’. John has had experience with gangs, remember? It’s easy to see that McCain is as wrong-headed on this as he is on illegals.

His mantra in an interview he did on Sean Hannity’s radio program was “We don’t have the votes, we don’t have the votes”. Please, John… you’re really peeing on the parade. Be like the ‘Old Soldier’ and ‘just fade away’.

In fact, Republicans and a few Democrat allies in the Senate came within three Democrat votes of passing the bill. With the economy in shambles it should be possible to turn some of the Democrat Senators that are facing re-election… instead of having our efforts scattered all over hell n’ gone with self-seeking RINO politicians showboating with harebrained schemes, which only work to further the shadow of Marxist domination over this country.

All I know is that my state, my county, my city and my friends are hurting. I don’t know of one person or family who has not been impacted by the wildly irresponsible spending gorge that Obama’s government has orchestrated. People go around with worried expressions. They aren’t spending any more money than they absolutely have to. They plan their trips, even around town, to use the least amount of fuel possible.

People are hoarding food… this isn’t like the millennium. People see what’s going on or, more precisely, what isn’t going on in this country, and they are very worried and are being even more conservative about the way they lead their day to day lives.

The word out here is ‘no more taxesno debt increase‘. For us, 2012 just can’t come fast enough.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

The Republican Squeeze: “The Debt Ceiling, Can We Fool Them Again?”

I sincerely hope that’s not what’s going on, but hope is a thin thread on which to hang the survival of our representative republican form of government. Uh, to those brain-lesioned ‘progressives’ out there… we do not, as the Lame Stream Press is so fond of stating, live in a democracy. True democracies are nut houses… a little like the current administration. But then, the DeMarxist party has been a squirrel cage for a long time.

It took a national malaise, coupled by an almost historical disregard of facts by adults in this nation who should have known better, to bring us to this pass in which our nation at present finds itself.

With regard to the issue of the debt ceiling. I’m of the firm belief that this is where we have to make our stand. Either this leadership, this Republican Congress, recognizes that we simply cannot do it, we can’t spend more!, or else…

Boehner’s bold statement saying that we won’t allow one dollar in spending without a dollar in spending cuts… What!? Uh, John. Don’t you think that’s a little ‘harsh’? After all, we’re only in the hole by 14 or 15 trillion dollars. Good gravy! What the hell does it take to get through to these knotheads?

And now… wait until you hear this… Mitch McConnell, arch RINO, is calling for la grande accorde. “Why, it’s time for both sides to come together in the ‘great deal’.” Why do I sense McCain in this too… Or maybe he’s too busy pushing illegal alien amnesty.

I don’t know about you, but somehow I don’t see such a liaison as a happy ending for us… the American patriot, citizen and taxpayer. I, for one, am sick to death of their stupid games. One can only assume they haven’t gotten the message.

We get a wide variety of comments here, some from quite surprising sources. I’m not in the poll or prediction business, but we do get a pretty good feel for the mood of the country on issues. I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed. The anger is still boiling just below the surface… and the undeniable truth is in front of each and every citizen’s nose every time they have to buy gas or go to the grocery store. Every time I see a one dollar and sixty cent item selling for close to four dollars, I think of who and what is responsible… and I’m not alone.

This 2012 election is ours to lose. What really scares me is that the Republicans are plenty stupid enough to lose it for us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Republicans Fail In Budget Wars… No Leadership, No Courage.

If that sounds harsh then perhaps the Republican leadership should look really closely at themselves and ask themselves just exactly who they’re working for, because right now, quite frankly, they’re not looking all that hot.

Sixty billion is the figure being cast about as the spending reductions for this budget. Another thirty billion was proposed but was not taken up by Republicans, for some unknown reason. I’ve really been concerned about what I perceive to be a demarcation in the party between the ‘old’ party members and the new conservatives.

As a quick for instance… look at good old reliable John McCain… now that he’s won re-election for another six years, we the American people, and especially his constituents, can collectively go to hell as he reverts to type. He nearly got whiplash running to kiss Barack Obama’s butt. Then he has the nerve to tell us that he ‘thinks he can work’ with Obama.

We seem to remember John working with ‘others’. They called it the gang of fourteen… they called it the McCain-Feingold assault on the First Amendment… they called it the Illegal Amnesty Act. Remember? I sure do. John hasn’t wasted any time either. He’s got his pet amnesty act out again and he’s dusting it off.

John’s just one guy, but he’s not alone. I’ve said this before… the times are past where Conservatives can afford to be burdened with wishy-washy moderate ‘Republicans’ who run into accommodation mode at the very first sign of a fight.

Sixty billion? A hundred billion? That’s a joke, right? We’re upside down 1.7 trillion dollars this year alone, and we’re dabbling with a hundred billion in ‘proposed’ cuts! We’re sick of the timidity and the outright cowardice shown by the Repubic leadership. If we get any more disappointed, that whole mess may be out of a job. So far, the only ones who have remained faithful to the mandate of the voters are the Patriot Tea Party freshmen. That says worlds about the party leadership.

It’s a little like what just occurred on the House floor. We thought we were sending tiger sharks in there to shred the unbelievably irresponsible spending of this government. Instead, we get these timid little mice nibbling away at the fringes of that megalithic monstrosity, the house that Obama built.

I’m afraid there are going to need to be more serious changes in the Republican Party if we are to succeed in saving the country. 2012 is going to be another watershed… but what will be shed will be the timid, the weak, the lame and the lazy. We warned them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

The Smell Of Freedom Is In The Air.

Hey, folks! Don’t get big heads over this, but the responses the Tea Party groups and Patriot organizations have been getting from you has them growing by leaps and bounds. The results we’ve been having, getting the Conservative message out in our own blocks, streets, cities and towns, has been nothing less than spectacular.

People who have never before in their lives been politically active are joining in some numbers. Disaffected, burnt out or just plain disgusted Democrats are coming into our movement in increasing numbers. The all important independents are here in strength… these folks are tending toward strong Conservatism. And finally, the Conservatives themselves, the ones who were so disgusted that they just picked up their marbles and went home and stayed home clear through the 2008 presidential race, virtually ensuring an Obama victory, are back.

As ugly and painful as these two years have been, there’s no way the country would have rebelled against John McCain as they have against Barack Hussein Obama’s Marxist power grab. Oh, there would have been plenty of dissent to McCain, but nothing even approaching the tidal wave of voter retribution that has been heating to a slow boil since 2008.

Americans are such a rare breed. The left and other fringe nut cakes really don’t understand what a great and special place this is, this America. It exists nowhere else on Earth and nothing like it has ever been seen before.

The Conservative rebellion is here. I’m proud of my fellow Americans. For a very long time, I would go about my business mumbling, “How long are we going to take this crap?” and “When are we going to stand up and fight?” Well, we’re not taking it any more, and the time is now. The smell of freedom is here and it’s really exciting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Establishment Republicans, Legends In Their Own Minds.

These are the supposed movers and shakers in the party… the ones who have been sitting out in the districts and picking typical party candidates, those who will follow the party establishment line and not question anything too carefully. That this approach to local, district and state party policy, with regard to candidate recruitment, has not proven very successful is obvious.

Bernanke: "Having another of your visions, Hank?"

The Republican Party was in catastrophic disarray when Barack Hussein Obama defeated John McCain. After President Bush caved in to hysterical pressure and signed on to TARP, forever damning himself in the eyes of Conservatives, we watched as Obama and his DeMarxist government brought us perhaps the most unpopular legislation in history by cheating, lying, destroying the rule of law and shredding the Constitution.

Then they doubled down on TARP with a ‘stimulus’ bill which did nothing at all to jump start the economy or private sector job growth. Citizens watched as billions upon billions of dollars went to pay Obama’s political debts to the the public service sector and teachers’ unions. We watched as cosmetic program after program crashed in upon itself in what has become a magnificent dirge of failure.

I’ve written about the people, the American people, not being quite like anybody else in the world. There is just something about us that is different. We rise up under the threat of socialist domination while the effete populations of Europe embrace socialism like a babe to its mother’s breast.

The Tea Party and the Conservative Patriot groups have drawn a line in the sand. We’ve knocked off several candidates in various states and districts that have been the darlings of the Republican establishment. There is a message out here for Republicans.

We, the American Patriot movement, are here. We’re not going away and we won’t be co-opted either. We’re watching the National Republican Senatorial Committee sneaking around in Alaska, trying to change vote totals and pull a Barney Frank on our own elected candidate because he wasn’t the one they favored.

It’s stuff like this which will result in a head-to-head confrontation between the RNC and the Patriots. We’ll take control of the party if we have to, but it would much better if the establishment would give over their business-as-usual games and actually work for the country and the Constitution for once.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Conservative Patriots Face Off With Old Guard Republicans.

It’s a fact that no power on earth can take down the United States of America. It’s equally true that a cabal of unprincipled, greedy and dishonest politicians have come frighteningly close to destroying this greatest of all beacons of truth and freedom. There is in us that which seeks truth and the freedom of mind, body and soul, which is the premise of being Americans.

Picture by Jeremy Buff.

We have seen the light of freedom dulled by the relentless assaults of those from the political left, who are disciples of a pernicious socio-political cult philosophy which has destroyed national economies around the world wherever it has been employed. Aside from the economic chaos and inevitable starvation which follows, over one hundred million people have been murdered as a result of communist revolutionary aggression.

Maybe the absolutely disastrous tenure of Barack Hussein Obama was a gift to America by a merciful God, who saw that America had been lied to sleep… that we had forgotten who we were. When the euphoria of the 2008 election had evaporated, the monster we had invited in wasted no time revealing itself in all its tyrannical and ideological glory.

America reacted in typical American fashion… we revolted. Call it the Tea Party or the Conservative Patriot Movement or whatever you wish, but it was a near simultaneous occurrence all across the country. It was, and has been, a peaceful revolution, but a revolution nonetheless.

The 60s Marxists leading the attempted takeover of our society had been stymied in their aim to foster communist revolution here for so long that when they gained total power with the election of Barack Obama they went berserk, looking more like feeding piranha than a governing body.

What woke us up as a country was watching the thrashing of the Constitution over the illegally passed ‘sthealth’ bill, which scarcely one Congressman had read or understood. 2,700 pages of absolutely incomprehensible legalese garbage, which seeks to control over one sixth of our entire economy.

The Tea Party movement, or Patriot movement, has been instrumental in GOP victories across the country, not always in tune with the chosen of the Republican establishment, however. The real truth is that the Republican Party has been pulled along in the wake of the Conservative tsunami, which has yet to peak and will come crashing down on the DeMarxists and the Obama administration in November.

The infamous ‘tin ear’ of the establishment Republicans, refusing to listen to the Conservative base time after time, has brought us stellar presidential candidates such as Bob Dole and John McCain. Trent Lott, another establishment hero, blurted out on television that the Tea Parties were nothing to worry about… they would simply be co-opted by the establishment party when they arrived in Washington. That statement alone shows how little they understand what’s going on out here.

They have no idea of the power and energy that is concentrated out here in the national Patriot Movements. It will not end with November. Our scrutiny will only increase as we make darn sure that the people we send to Washington are doing the jobs we sent them to do. November simply marks the beginning of the next battle, the campaign to retire Barack Obama.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

More Primary Portent.

With the notable exception of John McCain, the national Patriot movement has had significant results backing strong Constitutional Conservatives. Rinos continue to pay the price again, with that one notable exception.

To our Arizona friends. I hope you chose wisely. I can’t help thinking that people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain will revert to type. More than willing to sell out his principles, McCain is perfectly capable of secret deals with the DeMarxists, as is Graham. We have no choice but to watch them like hawks and force them to behave.

Hey! Anybody out there want to lay any bets on how long it’s going to take our boy John to revert to type? I say one week. But he has talked a hell of a tough game on the border and illegals, since he had his border epiphany.

Dick Morris is openly calling for both the House and the Senate to change hands in an historic repudiation of the leftward movement of our government. Yes, the people do have a voice in our system and they are making their voices heard in historic numbers.

The grim statistics that are coming out of the economy pretty much say it all. Record mortgage filings, the lowest real estate sales in fifteen years. We lost 500,000 jobs last month, companies are afraid to hire and investment is virtually frozen.

All political prognosticators are calling for a Republican sweep of the House. I think that’s great, and I say let’s take the damned Senate too. While we’re doing that, let’s pray to God for the wisdom to do this right.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

McCain – Will They Fall For Him Again?

Arizona has proven itself to be a pretty sane place. I hope that holds true through the primary election for the Senate race between JD Hayworth and John McCain.

I’d like to hope that Arizona would have better sense than to fall for McCain’s chameleon-like transformation into a closed borders, anti-illegal alien guy. Or, that along with people like the ever-detestable Lindsey Graham, he was perfectly willing to sell the American people down the road with his carbon tax scheme.

It cost twenty million dollars of McCain money to get the Senator this far. He did his best to destroy JD Hayworth with Arizona voters. What was disappointing was the support that McCain got from the Old Guard Republican Party back in the beltway. They were the same ones who backed McCain for President. McCain could prove to be a very negative factor in the US Senate. He simply cannot be trusted not to immediately revert to type once re-elected. Millions of Patriots have made it abundantly clear that we do not want business as usual from our elected representatives.

Political prognosticators from both ends of the spectrum are calling for what may be a political repudiation of historical proportions, with estimates north of fifty seats that could be lost by the DeMarxists in November. Further, there are some who are now openly speculating on the real possibility that the Senate could be lost to the Conservative Republican revolution as well.

McCain just cannot be trusted. He’s proven too many times that he’s willing to throw party and principles away. From the Gang of Fourteen to his willingness to sell us out on immigration… proof that he cannot be trusted is out there in abundance.

If you live in Arizona, please get to the polls and vote today. Gather your friends and family and get them to the polls.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Independents Show Disgust With Obama And Demarxists.

How times have changed. Fifty six percent of voters, identifying themselves as independents, voted to put Barack Hussein Obama in the Presidency. Whether caught up in the glitz and glitter of a campaign choreographed like a Radio City music hall performance, or the historical moment of voting for a black man for President… some certainly voting for Obama thereby willing away the ghosts of slavery past and the much flacked, (at least by the statist press) so-called white guilt.

Other independents who would normally tend towards voting on the right, disgusted by the dismal performance of George Bush and the Republicans, joined the exodus of many Republicans and self-identified conservatives. Many Republicans and conservatives were lukewarm about the candidacy of John McCain, for all the reasons I, and many writers, have stated. Conservatives and Republicans seem to have longer memories than their DeMarxist counterparts, and we’re not nearly as fast to forgive and forget. John McCain was a deeply flawed Presidential candidate, just as he is a deeply flawed Senator… at least from a conservative point of view… and we sure as heck haven’t forgotten about him.

Barack Obama entered office destroying an already destabilized economy. Independents tend to be slightly right-of-center, and as the months of the Obama regime played out the shine started coming off of the independents’ expectations that Obama would indeed be a ‘post racial’ uniter, bringing down barriers between Americans and ushering in an era of prosperity. At least, that’s what you believed if you listened to his repetitive messages. Independents, by July 2010, have come to realize just how badly they’d been snookered.

They’re not likely to forgive or forget either, and Obama’s dismal polling among independents does not bode well for Obama or his Marxist cabal. Thirty eight percent, as opposed to the huge percentile advantage he once held. An eighteen point drop is enough to make all but the most secure DeMarxists extremely nervous. Despite all the diversions and political sideshows, they know that independents quite often swing elections.

As November rapidly approaches, the fact that the growing power of the Patriot Movement, with it’s clear conservative message, is attracting large numbers of independents and disillusioned Democrat voters is looming large. Independents and Republicans are understandably still very skeptical of the Republican hierarchy, who have a bare four months to articulate a message that will convince us that they have the bare-knuckle guts and ability to provide the leadership we’re looking for.

As Obama continues his radical extremist march to forever destroy this country as we understand it, his numbers and policies continue to unravel. The greatest danger we face now is that as the DeMarxists feel the end coming, they will be more and more desperate to complete their agenda.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Republicans Had Best Have A Compelling Message.

Despite the DeMarxists headlong rush to oblivion in November, we cannot count on our Republican leadership not to blow it. They need to show something that has been sadly missing thus far, in my opinion… leadership.

To date, they’ve failed in the first big test of whether they have the intestinal fortitude to be the majority in 2011. Elena Kagan should have been stonewalled out the gate. She has zero qualification for the Supreme Court. She’s an Obama creation. A political hack. A statist mouthpiece.

Did the Republican leadership stand as one and say ‘hell no’? Of course not. They went immediately into accommodation mode, giving Kagan all the wiggle room she needed to play cutesy games and not give one substantive answer to any of the really weak-kneed, almost pandering, questions by the committee. They’ve displayed themselves as indecisive and fragmented, when they should show the American Patriots, whose favor they curry, that they can stand for what we believe in.

Conservative opinion was unmistakeably against Elena Kagan’s appointment. We told the leadership from the outset that we wanted her appointment filibustered. There were comments such as ‘Obama deserves his appointments’. Flashback to Lindsey (I’ll go which ever way the wind blows) Gramnesty… and the Sotomayor hearings. As I recall, the nomination proceedings were scarcely under way and Graham was telling her, in front of the open hearing, that she ‘is going to be confirmed’. That’s enough to make a skunk gag. Sotomayor is far to left of anyone on the Court, and Kagan is to the left of her.

Somehow, the Republicans have gotten the idea that if we don’t make nice with the DeMarxist nominees, we can’t get our own through when the time comes. In the Marine Corps we’d call it ‘cowardice in the face of the enemy’. In the case of the so-called Republican leadership, it’s ‘folding before the enemy is engaged’.

I see that John McCain has come to the party late… a little like his new-found religion on illegal amnesty and border security. The point is that if the Republicans can’t show leadership on this, can we trust them to lead? We still remember, all too well, the pathetic Republican performance of the Bush years. It’s one of the reasons incumbents have been dropping like flies. There will be more!

You cannot expect us to get behind an incoherent and fragmented message. We’ve been there and done that. There’s too much at risk this time. We have to stop and derail this DeMarxist rush to tyranny at any cost, and we have to do it now! Here is a golden opportunity for the Republicans to articulate a clear, simple message. We have to return to the Reagan model. The conservative message resonates every time that it’s clearly defined… and every time it’s followed, it’s a success.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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