Judge Signs Release for Osama Bin Ladin's 9/11 Recruiter While Obama Signs America's Future to Socialism



He may not have closed Gitmo, but he is certainly adhering to his promise avoid the military tribunals and a court circus.


Silently letting our enemies free while the nation is riveted by a socialist takeover.    

This is worse than just underhanded politics, folks.     

This is evil mainifested by the power of the Executive Office.     

From the Wall Street Journal's Jess Bravin:     

"A suspected al Qaeda organizer once called "the highest value detainee" at Guantánamo Bay was ordered released by a federal judge in an order issued Monday. Mohamedou Ould Slahi was accused in the 9/11 Commission report of helping recruit Mohammed Atta and other members of the al Qaeda cell in Hamburg, Germany, that took part in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.     

Military prosecutors suspected Mr. Slahi of links to other al Qaeda operations, and considered seeking the death penalty against him while preparing possible charges in 2003 and 2004."     

The Weekley Standard's Thomas Joscelyn adds: 

The 9/11 Commission reported that at the time he was recruiting the Hamburg cell, Slahi was “a significant al Qaeda operative,” who was “well known to U.S. and German intelligence, though neither government apparently knew he was operating in Germany in late 1999.” 


Slahi's detention at Guantanamo has been controversial because of the interrogation techniques used on him. Slahi is one of the few detainees held at Guantanamo who had a special, and harsh, interrogation plan approved for his questioning. 

Lt. Col. Stuart Crouch, the prosecutor who was charged with seeking Slahi's conviction by a military commission, decided he could not move forward with Slahi's prosecution because the evidence was tainted by these techniques. But this does not mean that Slahi is an innocent. Crouch himself told the Wall Street Journal in 2007: “Of the cases I had seen, [Slahi] was the one with the most blood on his hands.”  

That blood on Slahi's hands did nothing to keep Lt. Col Stuart Couch from adding himself to the roster of prosecutors who resigned in protest of the treatment of enemy combatants at Gitmo.  

Couch may very well be one of the 7 anonymous DOJ attorneys Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to identify.  

This would not be the first time Obama has employed his enemies and former cohorts, to keep them within arms distance .. compliant and silent.  

There's Hillary, Gates, and I include Former Campaign David Plouffe, who Obama rehired  after Plouffe came out with his campaign-tell-all  Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory (no, I'm not linking to that jerk's book, although I will link to Karl Rove publicly chewing Plouffe's logic for breakfast this past Sunday.)  

Continues Joscelyn: 

During his hearings at Guantanamo, Slahi denied many of the allegations levied against him. But in the context of those denials he also made some important admissions. Slahi admitted that he swore bayat (an oath of allegiance) to Osama bin Laden, and was trained in al Qaeda's notorious al Farouq camp

The Obama Administration has just released an avowed enemy of the United States back into the al Qaeda fold.  

Does this mean Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be expected to walk, especially given that our current President has already described waterboarding as torture and it is common knowledge KSM underwent 183 sessions. And does Obama's, Holder's and Gibb's "cart before the donkey"/ "judge and sentence now, convict later" statements guarantee enough of a tainted jury pool that the entire 9/11 group will be released? 

Whatever happens from here, should American troops end up in harm's way or American civilians be killed here in the States,  Obama will be the one with blood on his hands.

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