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Is It A Sell – Boehner – Out – McConnell – Sell – Cantor – Out – Coburn – Sell – Jordan – Out?

Once upon an election, we entrusted the Republican leadership with guiding our nation away from the yawning abyss that Barack Obama has built. I’ve been watching the incredible circus which has characterized the debt ceiling and ‘spending cut’ negotiations so far. It’s incredible to watch all of these RINO sellouts fall all over themselves to give ObaMao and his lackeys everything they want.

What is astonishing to me is that this is after all the smoke and mirrors are peeled away, and America gets to see just what an immense rip-off of our children’s futures is being crafted, as usual, mostly behind closed doors.

Equally astonishing is that these respective lawmakers are purposefully making themselves deaf to the absolute cacophony of very pointed protest coming from the now over 75 per cent of the American people who don’t want an increase in the debt ceiling.

It seems that the RINOs of the Republican leadership have all shown us their true colors, which from where I’m sitting seem to be various shades of yellow.

Mark Levin came out yesterday and said we should primary their asses. Whoops, that won’t fly on some of my affiliates so we’ll say something safely generic like ‘butts’.

If these scheming, treacherous snakes think they’re going to make lame agreements with not a prayer of them ever being honored, while the country is sold out again… being primaried will be the least of your worries. We’ll run conservatives against you and you will lose. We’ll turn the full power of the Tea Party Patriots to seeing that you’re run out of office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Mea Culpa… Alright Already.

One thing’s for sure, any time I drift off the reservation our readers are going to let us know about it. I’ve gone back and forth on this budget thing so much I’m beginning to feel like a yo-yo (grin). My somewhat (I thought) reserved approval of the Republican budget agreement and our House Majority Leader John Boehner drew a lot of heat very quickly, and once again caused me to stop and re-evaluate my position. That’s the value of a really well-read and savvy readership.

"I believe voters are asking us to set our sights higher," Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said of the budget deal.

Then, as I was tending my scorched fingers, I tuned into Mark Levin… and got my eardrums blown off. Mark was on a tear. He totally excoriated Boehner and the budget deal and laid it out in detail. He re-framed my perspective on the whole thing, and so I guess I’ve gone from the skeptical hopeful column back into the skeptical suspicious column. This should teach me to trust my instincts for this stuff… my first response to any situation is usually the correct one.

Mark made the point that it was a cave… that the Republicans should have held their ground and forced Obama to shut down the government. Instead we have, as Mark said, John Boehner, who just last October said that he promised he would cut 100 billion from the budget. That 100 billion went to 71 billion, which then went to 40 billion… and we ended up with 38 billion. Also, as Mark pointed out, “Budget?, what budget? There isn’t one, remember?” And he’s right… there isn’t one.There hasn’t been one since 2009.

The DeMarxists are deathly afraid of presenting their bloated and obscene caricature of governance before the American people… their crimes against the people exposed for all to see. So they’ve kicked the can down the road, as they have done on virtually every critical issue that they did not destroy outright.

Now we are faced with having to go into the fight of our lives with the timid Mr Boehner at the helm, when the DeMarxists have already taken his measure and found him weak. How in hell is he going to be able to face them down when he’s already caved in? That’s like saying I’m going to face up to the town bully… next week.

It looks like it’s going to be tar, pitch and pitchfork time soon folks… oh, and don’t forget the feathers.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Calling It Like It Is… ‘Media Matters War’ May Be A Two-Edged Sword.

There may be some strategic advantage to informing your opponent that you are about to launch an all-out blitzkrieg against the principal conservative media outlets and personalities. Off hand, I can’t think of what it is. No one I know is quaking before the threat.

Mind you, this is not just the usual general harassment. It’s not the usual opposition research, or the usual cacophony of liberal complaint. No indeed. David Brock, MM’s founder, said that he would wage guerrilla warfare and sabotage against Fox News, while claiming that Fox was the sotto voce of the Republican Party and not a legitimate news outlet. That’s really funny. But it does go to illustrate just how far from the mainstream of American thought these elitist Marxists really are.

According to information leaked and picked up by conservative outlets, Media Matters is hiring every commie shyster they can find and they intend to do far more than harass network sponsors. They fully intend to use the politics of personal destruction to disrupt and, if possible, destroy the lives, careers and families of conservative media figures. Rupert Murdoch and his business interests will be attacked ruthlessly.

It came to me that Fox, and other conservative media and artists, don’t have to fight this battle alone… and shouldn’t have to. Fox has carried the remarkable story of the rise of the American Patriot Movement from the very beginning… and even then I sensed that this movement could be huge. That turned out to be something of an understatement.

There’s an awful lot of really clever and well-educated conservatives out there… millions of us in fact. If Fox and Rupert Murdoch can’t take on Media Matters… we can.

If I’m not mistaken, Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation has been keeping several eyes on the antics of Media Matters, along with other assorted reptiles. What we can do is tear into Media Matters the way they intend to tear into Fox. Forward whatever you can find to people like Mark, or to the various Patriot sites. Trust me, they’ll pick it up, check it out and run with it.

I can’t help but think, all things being equal, that conservatives will withstand close scrutiny far better than their leftist counterparts. Let’s expose these snakes.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

To Primary Or Not To Primary.

It should be apparent to even the mildest-mannered, laid-back conservative that things just aren’t working the way they should if we had Congressional leadership.

John Boehner at CPAC, February 10th, 2011.

What do I mean? We have outstanding leadership, don’t we? Well, we thought we did anyway. I’ve been wary of John Boehner since he was on the campaign trail. He made all the right conservative noises, but he’s turning out to be a cap pistol instead of a cannon.

The cowardly bunch is literally afraid of its own shadow. If the Republican leadership can’t hack it, let the new young conservatives take over. They’ve already shown a willingness to buck the establishment leadership, a surprising but welcome indication that we, at least, had chosen well.

It’s our own fault. We’re being victimized by our own success. We swept our candidates into office wholesale… and re-established the power of the old guard leadership.

It’s no secret that the Tea Party conservatives we worked so hard to put in place are also frustrated and disappointed with the party leadership’s timidity on just about any matter you can think of… the latest and most egregious being the issue of the continuing resolutions. While we’re playing around with two and three week extensions, part of the monies being authorized are going to fund Obamacare.

The bill has an unknown number of hidden triggers and preset spending authorizations for a plethora of as yet unnamed, unelected and untouchable boards and commissions. While we’re playing at reducing the deficit, this monstrosity is embedding itself and spreading like gangrene, like a slow poison… that’s why it needs to be stopped now.

Watching our Republican leadership reverting to their old ways is disappointing, for sure. I had that sinking feeling that I got when I realized that George Bush was not going to rein in his government or his Congress… that what we had was, in fact, a big government Republican who had made distinctly conservative noises during the election campaign, only to revert to type later.

Mark Levin has called for one of his really effective ‘surges’, where he has his audience call House and Senate members… and keep calling, letting them know how very disappointed we are in the timid, tentative approach of the so-called ‘old-bulls’ of the party. We’re faced with a 14 trillion dollar debt. Several trillion upside down this last year alone, and we’re farting around with a sixty or hundred billion dollar proposed reduction? Excuse me for saying, “What!?!”

We’ve got a lot of eager, bright conservative people in Congress and there will be more soon. I think we need to tell the Republican leadership that this is the last chance. Stick with your usual weak, deal-making, accommodating ways and we’re going to primary you.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Victory Was Only The First Battle.

While it might be tempting to stand back a little and bask in the warmth of the real victory we experienced four weeks ago, it’s just another day as far as the enemies of America are concerned.

Has anybody paid any attention to the latest crop of RINOs to emerge? How many Republicans are going to peel off and vote against the prohibition of earmarks? The sooner we know the better.

Mark Levin said that we shouldn’t waste any time primarying these as they come up for election. I agree. Let’s purge the party of those who, given the slightest chance, break invariably to the left. They’ll only let us down in tight spots. Another thing that Mark said yesterday, which rings loud and true, is that this is no time to allow the DeMarxists to change the language surrounding our issues.

This is no time for timidity on the part of our leaders. We expected warriors, not milquetoast accommodationists. We, the people of the United States, put you there. We gave you the hammer… now use it.

John Boehner and Eric Cantor have just put themselves in my spotlight. They’re actually agreeing to talk to Obama about taxing the rich. What the…?! Sorry, guys, but that just won’t hack it. There will be no compromise on tax increases, or you may as well turn in your restroom keys now. You don’t make deals with a serpent, and Obama is a snake, pure and simple.

We told you from the beginning that the price of patriot support was aggressive conservatism based on our strong values. We didn’t send you there to split hairs or principles with the DeMarxists. We sent you there for one reason and one reason only… to defeat them. To defeat them utterly, and remove the taint of Marx, Lenin and Engels from the American body politic.

The other price which we exact is scrutiny. This may be a good object lesson for the incoming class. Don’t for a second think we’re not watching you. We are, and we will be.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Mark Levin: “We Are Not Here To Engage You, We Are Here To Crush You!”

Thank you, Mark, for the rallying cry and it couldn’t be more on message or more timely. The socialist plague rats are scurrying for their lives. If there’s a message here it’s that the Demarxists have been caught out in the open and exposed for just exactly who and what they are, to far more than just American voters.

Mark Levin

They have been exposed for the low characters that they are… the flimflam men working the rubes… until the rubes wake up. That the ‘rubes’ happen to be most of the populace of the United States and the flimflam confidence men are Obama and the clown college… all three rings of it. And the rubes are wide awake and raging!

The left is way past panic mode and are far into the desperation range on its depression meter. They’d better go have their collective Prozac… maybe on a drip feed… they’re going to need it. As Mark Levin said yesterday…They (the left) will do and say anything to discourage or dishearten Conservative voters. Most of it has no substance and has been manufactured of whole cloth.

We started warning Conservatives some time ago to be prepared for anything they throw at us. They’ve gotten pretty bold and like Mark said, it’s long past the time to talk to or engage these people. They have to be removed from the American political picture, never to be permitted to gain power again. That’s what this election is all about.

Don’t pay any attention to the noise coming from the lame stream media… they’re nothing anymore. They’re a bunch of bleating sheep without an original thought amongst them.They’re pretty much down to vicious, false personal attacks against individual Conservative candidates, against the Tea Party and the Patriots… and you, the American citizens.

We heard the President of the United States spout about Americans ‘not thinking clearly when they are afraid’. What a lame statement. The truth of the matter is that America is thinking, and very clearly at that. And Barry… we’re not afraid. No, we’re not afraid but we are raging mad. You’re going to have a ringside seat, Barry, on November 2… the day we pound you and your rotten Marxist party into sand.

So don’t listen to their polls and don’t pay attention to their commentary, for they lie with every word and every breath. Keep telling the story of freedom to your families, your friends and your neighbors. Stay focused.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

We Don’t Want Kagan! Republican Senators, Who Are You Working For?

You’d think that, after the millions and millions of telephone calls, letters, emails, faxes, personal visits to local and beltway offices… you’d think that after witnessing the millions upon millions of Americans taking their time and using their own rapidly diminishing personal treasure in literally tens of thousands of meetings across the country and in Washington DC, that the so-called Republican leadership would have gotten a clue.

Elena Kagan has no more qualification for the Supreme Court than Minnie Mouse has for a physics laboratory. It took the NRA to bring attention to what we in the Patriot community have been literally shrieking at you Senators… that we expect you to do the will of the people who sent you there. Apparently, and judging by the round after round of softball questions and obfuscating answers by Kagan, you are either deaf or incompetent.

Barack Obama has no ‘right’ to Supreme Court nominations of his choice. Barack Obama is a communist. Elena Kagan is a Marxist in his exact image. What the hell is it going to take to make you people wake up and smell the roses? Your oath of office is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Obama is the enemy, make no mistake about it. Barack Obama and his DeMarxists are the greatest threat to this Republic in memory, possibly in history. ‘Giving’ Obama another Supreme Court nominee is like giving a spoiled brat a loaded revolver… pointed at our heads.

Now to be “fair and balanced”, there are some truly patriotic Republican Senators serving our country, but if you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to confront this perennial handful of pathetic excuses we’ll have to do it for you, and politically it won’t be pretty. You seem to think that we out here in the Patriot movements don’t talk to each other. You’re sadly mistaken… this movement has grown to the point where we can, and will, shift millions of votes if that is what is necessary. We have told you time after time that we will not tolerate the ‘old boy’ good time Charlie attitudes that have cost Conservatives and the country again and again. Having our own turn against us is getting very old, very fast.

The NRA is taking the lead on resistance to the Kagan nomination. They’re spotlighting the votes of the Republicans and ‘moderates’ in the nominating committee and will closely monitor the votes in the full Senate. The NRA has four million members nationwide. Almost without exception these Americans vote… millions more patriots will vote with them. The events of the last two years should be instructive to the mealy-mouthed treacherous “Repubics”, as Mark Levin is wont to call them.

There will be no ‘safe’ seats in the House or the Senate. We will name you and shame you before the nation whose trust you have scorned. Then we will hound you from office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Obama Eight Days Behind Curve On Well Leak.

Every new media writer out there has given his or her take on the Louisiana oil platform leak, so I may as well wade in. Our President hasn’t a clue on how to handle this problem. Instead of calling for hardware and expertise, he’s calling out goon squads from government agencies that don’t have goon squads. He’s calling up droves of government attorneys to gum up the works. He’s got department heads and special assistants flying about willy nilly and no, not one of them knows a damned thing about an oil well, most particularly a deep water well. This administration’s idea of a response team is like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland.

While Rome was burning, Caesar was out criticizing a sovereign State’s Governor for signing a bill protecting the very people Obama and the Federal Government failed to protect for the last twenty or so years. Obama displayed his true colors on this one. The lame stream press has been in full cover mode… the part that wasn’t combing the beaches looking for oiled birds that is.

Obama’s decision to cease operation on every US owned or leased well in the gulf was a juvenile knee jerk reaction at best. Something else to beat the American people with – rising gas prices due to Obama’s shutdown of the 3,800 oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. I was listening to Mark Levin this afternoon and I heard him call Obama incompetent. Yes, Mark, he is… or gives every indication of being so.

I’ve stated my views on conspiracy theory… I don’t do it as a rule, but there is this nagging thought flashing from an undisciplined mind – the timing on this whole well explosion is just too cute. Now, I’m not suggesting any monkey business. In fact, I listened carefully to Mark’s interview with a journeyman oil rig worker who was on board when it happened. He explained that it had all the appearance of a gas ‘bubble’ release. A very large release of gas blown back up through the derrick only to settle on surfaces, the deck, the interior and low spots because the odorless, colorless gas is heavier than air. At that point anything could have served as an ignition source, even static electricity.

Barack Obama is eight days late getting on top of this. If this happened to a Republican administration, there would be a media blast furnace from the left that would go on for months. It will be faintly amusing watching Obama’s hordes of lawyers stop that well leak. I just hope it doesn’t get tragic, but with enough of Obama’s goofballs running around they could screw up the works quickly for the pros that have to get it done.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Mark Levin on Obama the Global Citizen - Institutionalizing Poverty, Institutionalizing Destitution

In this segment of  his 4/13 show, Mark finally calls Obama a Global Citizen. Although this term can take on a multitude of meanings.  he uses it to emphasize how Obama implements policies that destroy American values and culture, American prosperity, and are clearly not American-delineated, especially in retrospect of what has transpired since his election into office. We can begin to see how Obama is more interested in serving the interests of the world than he is in serving the citizens of his own nation. For background, the following are excerpts from articles Mark mentions in this clip. Skip ahead to the trascript of this important segment, or right click and download and begin listening at 30:13 for maximum impact. Again, this is from yesterday's Monday, 4/12/10 show. ** From the Millions of unemployed may never recover, the Seattle Times: 

Despite recent job gains, one grim statistic casts a long shadow over the recovering economy and the futures of more than 6 million workers: Fully 44 percent of the nation's 15 million unemployed have been out of work for more than six months.And evidence suggests many of them may never rebuild their working lives completely. Never since the Great Depression has the U.S. labor market seen anything like it. The previous high in long-term unemployment was 26 percent in June 1983, just after the deep downturn of the early '80s. The 44 percent rate this year translates into more than 6.5 million people. In fact, nearly two-thirds of these workers actually have been jobless for a year or longer, new Labor Department reports show.

From The Detroit News' AP survey: Recovery to remain sluggish into 2011:

The pillars of Americans' financial security - jobs and home values - will stay shaky well into 2011, according to an Associated Press survey of leading economists. The findings of the new AP Economy Survey, released Monday, point to an economic recovery that will move slowly and fitfully this year and next. As a result, the Federal Reserve will be forced to keep interest rates near zero until at least the final quarter of this year, three-fourths of the economists said. ..

By keeping interest rates at record lows, the Fed intends to encourage people and companies to spend more and invigorate the recovery. But anxiety over unemployment, and a reluctance or inability to borrow, will also restrain consumer spending, economists say. 

"We're not going to see any irrational exuberance from consumers [what an idiot - my edit] this year," says Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors, another survey participant. ..

The recession wiped out 8.2 million jobs. Zandi and other economists had previously forecast that unemployment, which reached 10.1 percent in October, would peak at 11 percent this year. Zandi now expects joblessness to climb again from the current 9.7 percent and reach 10.2 percent by December. That's because many people who have quit looking for work and aren't counted as unemployed will start looking again and because job creation will remain weak. 

Employers have begun to add jobs recently, including 162,000 in March. Economists surveyed foresee additional job creation over the next three months, but not enough to reduce the unemployment rate significantly. They predict job gains of roughly 200,000 in April, 250,000 in May and 125,000 in June. 

About 125,000 new jobs are needed each month just to keep up with population growth and prevent the unemployment rate from rising. To reduce the jobless rate significantly, employers would need to consistently add 200,000 to 300,000 a month. 

"The labor market is the scar left over from the economic trauma that we've been through," says Sean Snaith, economics professor at the University of Central Florida, who took part in the survey. "It will be slow to fade." 

 ** From the Begining of Hour 2 of the Mark Levin Show, Monday, 4/12/10  He's here, now broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a non-descript building, we once again make contact with our leader, Mark Levin:  Listen, when will this notion that the left stands for the little guy, that the left is more compassionate than the rest of us, when will this notion be finally rejected?  We're going through another period of failed leftwing experiementation which strangles the life out of this vibrant society where these materminds claim to have the capacity to create jobs when what they do is destroy them, and when they turn one citizen against another in order to accomplish their goals.  You see, these people want to stand on top of an ever-growing empire.  They're imperialists in many ways. What fun is it to be President of the United States if you can't push people around, if you can't tell them what to eat, what to drive, what kind of appliances to have in their home, if you can't tell electric utility companies or oil companies or automobile manufacturers how to design their products, how to deliver them, how much to deliver.  What fun is it to be President of a nation where individuals are self-sufficient and independent and largely left alone?   And, the lib media only approves of you if you continue to become more andmore authoritarian. You're considered a historic figure, first of a kind. You're considered really special, not if you leave people alone, but if you push them around.  Now Obama says of his healthcare plan, the sky hasn't fallen, the birds are still chirping: on the Drudge reprt, a link .. it says 60 hospitals cancel due to new health law.  60 hopsitals.  And there's going to be many, many more. When you have private capital raised by doctors to build hospitals, to expand hospitals, if they are, in essense, obstructed from doing so, you're going to have less hopsital beds.  More and more reliance on government and non-profits.  They don't have enough. They can't do enough, even if there weren't a single new patient, and now we're told there's going to be 32 milionm new patients, or potential patients.  When you have a healhcare bill that creates 16,500 IRS agents and auditors and doesn't train a single doctor or nurse, what are you going to have?  Harrassment, not medical care.  What they've done is they've put the stamp "healthcare" on a bill that is a grabbag of all kinds of powers and authorities that are not granted to them under the Constitution.  Now, I belive it was 2 or 3 months ago when Barack Obama said, "We're gonna put healthcare aside and focus on jobs."  He lied.  It was a headfake.  He figures if they keep extending unemployment benefits, if they keep putting billions and billions of dollars from the federal government into the state bankrupt systems, if they keep throwing a few crumbs at the unemployed over time, the they've address the unemployment issue.  As long as the public sector's growing, as long as it's fat and happy, as long as they have massive benefits and salaries that are far, far better than in the private sector, as long as he takes care of his  constituent groups , like the slip-and-fall lawyers and the SEIU and the left-wing comm actdivits, as long as that's all done, as long as the illegals aliens are on a path to amnesty..  Screw you!  Now, this is a --very--serious--problem--, unemployment in this country.  And we know how to address it in an effective way, we know how to do it, it's been done before and it's been done by democrats and republicans.  But not by this President.  D'you want to know why?  'Cause he's a global citizen.  He's an ideologue, just like Marx was a global citizen and an ideologue.  Mark, what do you mean?  Exactly what I said, that's what I mean.  ... ...I could have sworn Obama said -- and said more than once -- that he saved us from the Second Great Depression.  This is the abuse of language.  He's a propagandist, first and foremost.  He didn't save us from the 2nd Great Deression.  Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?  This is the Second Great Despression, and he's created it.  Let me repeat it.  This IS the Second Great Depression and he created it.  All these records of foreclosures, records of commerical leases that are, millions and milllions of square feet that are empty.  Record after one record, after onother record, this isn't a recession.  What the hell is it? What is it?  And it goes on and on and on and on, with little help in sight...  ...  He is institutionalizing pvoerty.  He is institutionalizing desisitution.  He is spreading not welath, he is spreading misery.  He is destroying wealth, he is destroying wealth of those hwo have it and he's destroying the potential for getting it, not just for this generation, but future generations.   The only institutions that are getting rich are the institutions of  government and the bureautcrats who work for them.  They live in a completely different world, they are in their own bubble, while the rest of us struggle for what we can have and what we can keep.  Many, may people are just holding on, trying to keep their properties, their house, they're worried about their kids and their future and their education.  And Washington doesn't even sense it yet, the bureaucrats don't care, the politicans are rubbing our noses it in and the media, the Sunday shows, they act like, like this is still inside baseball, they are so disconnected from what's going out here in society...


America:"Screw You!"; Obama:"I Want It Now!"

You could tell just as soon as his props started filing out, most likely low-level White House staffers in the obligatory white lab coats left over from the rose garden hoopla a while ago. You could tell by the overbearing look of arrogance on his face. You could tell from the first sentence out of his mouth that there wouldn’t be a word of truth or forthrightness coming out of him.

Rush, Hannity and Levin said much the same thing, that there was not one bit of truth, fact or substance in anything he said. This guy is not really a convincing liar, you’d have to have seriously bought into the whole Obama persona thing to swallow it.

Flashback: A Staffer Hands Out The Props.

In his hubris he demanded an up or down vote on the bill within weeks, indicating use of the reconciliation process for passage without calling it that. Facing uniform opposition from the GOP and not a few Democrats, Obama, like Nancy Pelosi on ABC Sunday, called for loyal Democrats to fall on their swords while acknowledging that the legislation wasn’t very popular, by saying that he ‘didn’t know where it was going politically’. Master of understatement! America overwhelmingly despises this bill and everything to do with it.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the legislation was vastly unpopular because the American people knew what the bill stood for and didn’t want it. He further said it represented a half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts and a half a trillion dollars in tax increases. He said that in the first ten years it would create two point five trillion dollars in unfunded debt through new spending. He also made the point that the opposition to the bill was not between the Republicans and the Democrats, it was between the Democrats and the American people. He followed by saying that the price would be paid in November because the Democrats would not have this issue behind them, they would have it in front of them.

The desperation of the Obama administration is palpable. What they and most everyone else has ignored is that with every likelihood of a Republican takeover of Congress in 2010, Obama just as likely to be a one term President, with the Democrats setting the precedent for major legislation through reconciliation, anything they do pass could be just as easily dismantled.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far. Mark Levin has called for all his listeners to saturate Congress with their calls, faxes and emails. Let me add my urging to that. Everyone who reads this please get active. It’s our country, it’s your and your children’s freedoms. It’s the future of the free world.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


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