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Squeeze Time – Senators Need To Hear From You Now!!!

I feel like a carnival barker sometimes, or maybe one of those TV pitchmen. I dislike repetition. Hell of an endeavor for a guy that hates saying the same thing over and over. Still, it has something to be said for those of us who aren’t real quick copies. The Marine Corps has the repetition thing down to a fine art, and they have shown some VERY remarkable results.

It’s CRUNCH TIME, people. The Senate’s Dingy Harry Reid had the Anointed One (who graciously descended from Olympus) come down and harangue the Senators about the dire necessity of taking one for the team. For that is what it shall surely be as the debate on the health care bill, more aptly described as the UNHEALTHY FOR AMERICA bill, winds toward Christmas and the coming New Year, which a number of politicians in both houses have every right to be concerned about.

Aside from the millions of letters, telephone calls, emails and direct visitation to Congress members’ offices, there’s the little matter of EIGHT OR NINE MILLION PINK SLIPS sent to members’ mailboxes by individual concerned voters, telling these linguine-spined politicians that if they vote for that bill, WHICH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CLEARLY DO NOT WANT, we will vote them out of office. We can thank Joseph Farah for that bit of inspired pressure inducement. If you wish to join the pink slip movement, Joseph can be found on World Net Daily.

The Republican minority leadership has the Demarxists ducking, dodging and weaving behind the disclosure that the BENEFICENT Liberals have whacked another FORTY BILLION DOLLARS away from in-home care for SENIORS (“just give them pain pills”, Obama). That was something they’d just as soon American seniors weren’t made aware of. Turn up the heat! Let em’ squirm. These self same politicians are the ones who continuously vote themselves out of legislation with which they saddle the American people, though in all probability HAD NEVER TAKEN THE TROUBLE TO READ!!! They wonder at the state of near rebellion in this country? They wonder that the popularity of the American Congress ranks right up there with trial lawyers?

There are a couple of Senators that need your gentle tutelage, especially this week or maybe this whole month.Virginia Democrat Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner are sending signals that they may waffle on this thing and vote for it pretending that it it would somehow benefit the American people. These politicians can rationalize their way around just about anything. Let’s let these two guys know that we are preparing to rationalize them out of office. While you’re at it, don’t forget to let the other 98 know that we are hot on their tails too. Be they Democrat or Republican, that’s OUR house! That is OUR government and this is OUR country!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Getting Gorrilla on Virginia


After reading Mark Warner's promise that he'll stay in the Virginia Senate race rather than take a VP nomination, I realized it was about time to generate and distribute some web content on this race. 

The country can simply not afford Warner's tax hikes right now.  His fiscal record is shocking and it's important that this issue be raised.

So I touched up and posted a video I had been working on.  I hope others will help get the word out:

2008 RPV Convention: Grassroots conservatives vs. Establishment Republicans

[For a play-by-play report of the convention, I suggest you head over to and check out their live blogging.]

It's over. Virginia's Republican Party has simply handed over John Warner's senate seat to liberal Mark Warner.

After twenty-thousand 2nd's to Jim Gilmore's nomination, Bob Marshall's crew was finally allotted time on the state. What happened? Grassroots came to life. The convention roared in support of a true conservative. After Marshall's nomination speeches, I asked those Gilmore supporters around me: How can you vote against someone who can energize people like that?

But it's not about how loud you are, it's how many numbers you have and, quite unfortunately (and to the future demise of the party) the majority of the votes went to the Establishment Republican. Jim Gilmore is tried and tested, and he failed that test. His supporters argue that he has the name recognition that Marshall lacks. If that's true and Jim Gilmore has any shot at defeating Mark Warner in November, why is it that he only won the nomination by 65.76 of 10,379 votes?

Instead of energinzing their grassroots conservative base and marching to Washington on the mantra of true conservatism, the Republican Party of Virginia will be struggling to keep its footing and not to lose another Republican seat.

However, a man who has run his entire campaign on energizing the grassroots force within the party, Prince William Delegate Jeff Frederick, had much better success today. After the ballots were cast for Party Chairman but before there had been a tally of all districts, Chairman John Hager rolled out onto stage with a motion to declare Frederick the winner by acclimation. After a second of that motion, Jeff Frederick was declared the new Party chairman.

Come November, when Mark warner takes over the vacant seat, I will surely be there to say "I told you so."

Mark Warner Just Won Virginia

Just minutes ago, Mark Warner just won the Senate race in Virginia. The difficult task facing Republicans of preventing a filibuster proof Democratic majority in the Senate just became a little bit more difficult as the Old Dominion, a state that has not voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate since 1964, is now about to elect two Democratic Senators in back to back election cycles.

The voting hasn't even started yet for the November election, but today's Republican convention in Virginia nominated by the narrowest of margins former Governor Jim Gilmore over Delegate Bob Marshall. And by narrowest, I mean 5,222.3 votes to 5,156.97.

As I outlined in my first post, Governor Jim Gilmore was the last Republican to occupy the Governor's Mansion in Richmond. He was elected over the liberal Volvo-cars salesman Don Beyer in 1997 based largely on an economically conservative message of cutting taxes. Once in office, he allowed out of control spending to position Democratic Party Chairman Mark Warner to run as a "fiscal conservative" and a "businessman" who would fix Virginia's budget.

Candidate Mark Warner promised not to raise taxes; Governor Mark Warner raised taxes. The lack of Republican credibility on budgetary issues, largely created by Governor Gilmore, is what allowed this to take place. Today, Virginia's Republicans nominated the same man who created the mess that first swept Warner into office to try to stop him from bringing his tax-raising liberalism to Washington.

It didn't have to be this way. There was another candidate: Delegate Bob Marshall.

First, Delegate Marshall is a 100% pro-life Republican who would have been able to stand up to the activist judges that recently struck down Virginia's partial-birth abortion law.

Second, has has taken a strong stance in opposition to illegal immigration in a state that is already suffering from an increase in crime perpetuated by gangs linked to illegal immigrants.

Third, he is a fiscal conservative who opposes taxation and regulation of the Internet, the economic engine of the 21st Century. Delegate Marshall has NEVER voted for a tax increase. He opposes No Child Left Behind and he opposes fiscal smoke and mirror to "balance the budget" by borrowing from Social Security.

It is my hope that Delegate Bob Marshall will continue to seek higher office, particularly with an eye to taking on Jim Webb in 2012. He represents the traditional small government conservatism that has worked in Virginia and the rest of the country.

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