Mitt Romney

Forging A Conservative 2012.

Campaigns are dropping like flies recently. Mitt Romney, the fair-haired boy of the Republican establishment, is off to a decidedly slow start, fostered mostly by public reaction to a couple of very unpopular policy issues. And now, the entire top tier of Newt Gingrich’s campaign staff has quit… fifteen in number, as I heard it.

Who’s next? Can’t blame Sarah for any of this, though the Palin haters would probably try. As I recall, Newtie hasn’t been very kind to Sarah Palin, himself.

I’ve tried to analyze what it is about Sarah Palin that causes this visceral reaction amongst the left, hard left and loony tunes et al. The fear part I get. You see, the left sees in Sarah Palin, and correctly I might add, the potential destruction of the Democrat party… at least, as it exists now.

They know what I, and an awful lot of people just like me, know… that Sarah Palin is as solid a conservative as they come. Not only that, but she’s one hell of a lot smarter than almost all of the cretinous backbiters who’ve been taking shots at her, and really cheap shots at that, from the safety of their keyboards.

I can’t remember when anyone has been so viciously and unjustly vilified. The Republican RINOs hate and fear her because they know she would mean the end of their status quo sinecures… and a lot else around Washington, to boot. And yes, she can easily defeat Obama.

Rick Santorum has entered the fray with a powerful message of fiscal responsibility and a return to a strong constitutional governance. He sounds good, folks. And, his message is starting to resonate.

We’re getting rumbles out of Governor Perry of Texas again. For those of you enamored with him, I suggest you go on the net and read what his own constituents have to say about him. If it walks like a RINO….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Romney Not Resonating.

The herd thunders on. I think what I said about Romney is sound. The response to his presidential campaign roll-out has been something less than enthusiastic. Frankly, I can’t think of a way that Romney could have packaged his pitch that could have mitigated the millstone that his Massachusetts health care plan represents in the eyes of Americans who have, at long last, opened their eyes to the horror that is Obamacare.

Finally, America is awake and very alarmed over the obvious (at least to most) real disasters that await our Republic if we do not rise to the challenge before us.

Once in a while, history offers a choice… To continue rocketing along this perilous path of multiple trillions of dollars in unsecured debt obligations and deficits as far down to the horizon as can be seen, or to stop the lemming ‘march to destruction’ now and start facing our financial policy issues like adults. Couple this to the crushing weight of overreaching government regulation choking the life out of businesses new and old, ensuring continued record high and long-term unemployment.

To this arena Mr Romney brings a stated agreement with the climate change, nee global warming, crowd. There is no greater job and enterprise killer than the rabid environmentalist policies of the ‘green movement’.

Mitt’s a really bright guy with a lot of business savvy. I can only think that someone on his staff is giving him really bad advice and he’s listening to it, as in the case of the now infamous pander to the ethanol subsidies, whose only claim to fame so far is that it costs more to produce than the energy it supplies.

He may really believe these things. Either way, he’s definitely not the warrior for the job.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Mitt Romney Care – The Environmental Candidate.

The Lame Stream wasted no time excoriating Sarah Palin for saying what a lot of us out here have been thinking… that Mitt Romney, in spite of all the money he has raised (just following where his big-time contributions are coming from shows Mitt to be the darling of the establishment ‘Republicrats’, remember them?), has a fatal flaw as a candidate. The DeMarxists will hang Romney care around his neck.

Our wipe-out in 2008 was the culmination of a political perfect storm, most of which was due to a horribly out-of-control Republican majority, coupled with a big government Republican President in George Bush… a lethal combination, as it turned out.

It didn’t help that the best candidate we were able to come up with was John McCain, also fostered by the establishment, a sure loser. So… from Gerald Ford to Bob Dole and John McCain, the establishment’s track record just isn’t that good. So Mitt’s their (at least) current guy.

Mitt never has dealt with the Romney care issue. Not to anyone’s satisfaction, anyhow. He continues to defend the ideas behind it, and justify why it was beneficial at the state level and only becomes onerous with the feds running a national single payer system. The nation, in general, is in no mood to vote for someone advocating something that sounds a lot like Obama care light. All we want is to see Obama care get a decent burial… soon.

So Mitt has a problem on a couple of fronts. He’s stuck with Romney care… he owns it. Then, just this last week, he panders to the corn growers and embraces ethanol subsidies. The significance of this will not be lost on voters, at least not conservative ones anyway. Not satisfied with that, our Mr Mitt declares himself to be a proponent of ‘climate change’. What is it about the EPA and all the job and economy-crushing regulatory agencies that you don’t understand Mr Mitt?.

I’ve never been over fond of Mitt Romney, I make no bones about that, but even if I was these last couple of positions would do it for me. The last thing this country needs is a president that is ready and willing to crawl into bed with the environmental fascists.

There is another factor. The Christian vote comprises about 36% of the Republican vote. Like it or not, and fair or not, many of these folks will not vote for a Mormon. The plot thickens…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

The Herd Thins.

Okay, the Republican field has been miserable so far. It’s already apparent that certain elements, the establishment RINOs on one side and the frantically maneuvering Marxists attempting to influence you as to this candidate or that on the other, don’t have our best interests in mind. Pretty obviously, anyone touted by either camp should be carefully examined in the light of real conservatism.

Laura Bush calls Mitch Daniels wife Cheri, well known for a strong sense of revulsion for all things political, and encourages her to get behind Mitch in a run for the Republican nomination. First of all, I think we’ve all had enough of the Bushies for a while.

The very fact that the Bush political machinery is pushing Daniels ought to tell you something. Once again, for the brain cell challenged out there… Mitch Daniels is a RINO on a number of issues critical to the ultimate survival of our country, our Constitution and our way of life. Mitch Daniels is a nice guy. He’s just not the man for the job. Another ‘moderate’ is about the last thing this country needs.

Mitt Romney has made a monumental miscalculation. He just hasn’t figured out that aside from the economy and the border, the biggest issue the people have is that they want ‘Obamacare’ repealed… not fixed, not repaired, repealed. There is no way Mitt can separate himself from the image of the wholesale pillage of the legislative and legal process that is Obamacare. There is no way he is going to divorce himself from what ‘Romneycare’ has done to the health care system in his state. His mistake should cost him the nomination.

Mike Huckabee has announced that he is not running. I know that upsets many evangelicals, but I think it was the right decision. I have nothing at all against Mike, but he’s not the guy for the job at a time when the world is sitting on a powder keg with a short fuse. Not that the present occupant of the White House is any confidence maker in the decisiveness category either. There are rumblings out there that Obama sat on the Bin Laden intel for as much as nine months. Such a surprise.

Newt Gingrich has announced that he’s running. Newt certainly will bring a refreshing clarity and directness to the arena. But, I can’t help remember some of the really bad calls he made on the run up to the 2010 elections. And don’t forget he’s a very recent, and I believe reluctant, advocate of the Tea Party Patriot movement. He’s really going to have to be closely scrutinized and questioned regarding some of his statements. The jury is out on him at this point.

Remember to be critical and take absolutely nothing at face value.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

A Fresh Wind Blows.

It cannot begin to dispel the immense stench of the rotting carcass that is Barack Obama’s government and Congress… but it’s a start, a bare start, or more correctly, a starting point.

The Conservatives are hitting the beach running, and it’s a good thing too. We have plenty of very hard work, and even harder choices to make, in the next two years. The run-up to 2012 has already started, with some some of the usual suspects named ‘considering’ possible runs for the presidency.

There’s no one out there so far that I’m really excited about, though there are some with whom I have some real reservations. I know Dee is busily ferreting out information on runners and possible runners, and we’ll talk about them from time to time.

I’m not going to fall for the Sarah Palin run gambit though. If she decides on a run, she would be a very formidable opponent for anyone the Marxists threw up there against her. She is simply the most exciting political figure of our time. She generates the same level of excitement that John Kennedy was able to command. The Marxists had better hope she doesn’t run. She may decide not to this time. She may decide she’s more powerful and flexible outside of a campaign, traveling the nation in support of Conservative candidates and issues.

I like Newt Gingrich… he’s a nice guy, he’s really bright too… but much too mired in the political past and far too willing to compromise on certain issues. He’s simply a big government Republican. He’s not one of the two I mentioned though… I’ve saved them for last.

Mitt Romney lost me when he championed a single-payer type health care system for the state of Massachusetts. He says he launched it with all good intentions and unscrupulous people came behind him and changed it in the state legislature. Duh! Sorry, Mitt.

The other one is Mike Huckabee. Once again, a nice guy but he’s not presidential material. If you question him closely enough, he’s dangerously soft on illegal aliens and how to deal with the millions already here. He’s simply not tough enough. He also raised taxes on Arkansans, something not likely to endear voters to him should he run.

It’s time to saddle up for the run to 2012 and the sunset of the Obama Marxist coup against the American Republic.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Primaries Gauge Level Of Public Angst.

‘Tis the season and Americans have the reason. The summer of discontent is about to manifest itself in a big way. I’ve referred often to the undercurrent of real anger out there, over the President and the DeMarxist Congress’s assault on our freedom. Three primaries were held this last week. Putting it mildly, it didn’t go well for the Democrats. They were not the sole recipients of the voters’ long suppressed angst, however.

Parker Griffith

Party-switching GOP Representative Parker Griffith, (R) Alabama, became the fourth Republican incumbent to fall before the voters anger this year. If the June 1 primaries in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico are in any way an indication of the way the primaries being held this coming Tuesday, June 8, are going to go for the DeMarxists, things could get very ugly. This, more than anything else that has happened up until now, is going to be the best indicator of what is likely to occur in November.

Democrats have just about exhausted their supply of good will when it comes to the American people… the real American people, not the government sector union goons and government employees, or their slavishly devoted Lame Stream Media. It’s ironic that the audience that the LSM has lost has turned out in huge numbers… in the Patriot groups, in the Tea Parties and in the millions who support them and the new media.

Special note to our California friends; Proposition 14 (the open primary initiative) is just plain stupid for Californians, and for California Republicans it’s worse than that. In a state with so many Democrat voters we would literally have our political opponents picking the Republican candidate they want to run against. Don’t laugh. That is exactly what happened to Mitt Romney in the 2008 Michigan Presidential primary where there were thousands of cross over voters from the Democrat side voting for McCain, whom they knew to be the weaker candidate, resulting in Romney’s loss there. Proposition 14 is bad medicine for a state that is on the ropes financially and politically.

Get everyone you know to get out and vote on June 8 in the following states: California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia and Georgia with a special election runoff in House Congressional District 9. Now it’s your turn to make a real difference. Your votes do count, very much so. Vote America, Vote Freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Tea Party Conservatives = Republican Party… Where’s The Match?

I’d hoped we would see a little less of the ‘us and them’ mentality as we moved closer to the election cycle. I’ve underestimated the enmity that some ‘Tea Baggers’ and Patriots have for some of who they see as the Republican old guard and an echo of the Bush extravagance years.

Washington, April 15, 2010

It has translated to a take-no-nonsense attitude from the beginning by the Patriot movement. If you’re Conservative and you stand for God, country and family, you’ll find a very big ‘blanket’ out there. Americans have felt like they have been lied to and deceived by our government and our politicians. It’s like having a close relative and then finding out he’s ripping you off, it doesn’t take very long for the shock to turn into anger, and this government has been massively gorging itself since the day Obama took the office. That’s a lot of rip-off.

See, what happened was that the American People got it. They shouldn’t have, they were supposed to be too stupid and self absorbed. But the message that was getting out was coming through Conservative talk radio and the Conservative blogosphere, not from the LSM (lame stream media) that had finally gone so far left as to be indistinguishable from the DeMarxist masters at whose feet they wish to lie.

The Tea Party was as surprisingly uniform as it was almost instantaneous. The whole movement sprang into being in less than a month, it has been growing by leaps and bounds and hasn’t looked back once. A nationwide poll of citizens who associate themselves with the various patriot groups would be in the millions.

Republicans have to bear in mind that there’s still a good deal of skepticism and mistrust out there. The Conservative willingness to trust has been strained to the max by a Republican party that was welded to its roots in the past and failed, in fact, to grasp the strength and universal appeal of the citizen groups. Now we have to find a way to welcome the New Conservative Republican Party.

The Republican leadership has got to get the word that much of the Patriot Movement is a no Rino zone. This is borne out by the grass roots backing of Conservatives in local and state races all over the nation. A lot of grassroots people are bent behind the support thrown at John McCain, who they rightfully see as a Rino of the the first rank. Respect his service we do. His politics stink. Supporting McCain may cost a portion of patriot support.

Romney has been off in a spin cycle after his foolish apparent attempt to separate his ill-founded Massachusetts single payer health care from the Obamacare bill and then defending his reasons for it. Further, listening to some of the other things Romney has said and some of the other supposed Republican leaders, its sounding like they’d like to make accommodations on certain issues. They should be fairly warned… the Patriots and Republicans out here are not in the mood to be afflicted with more Rino divisiveness and legislative self-interest.

The Republican party has some proving to do. We’re looking for Conservative leadership. If the party establishment doesn’t get the Conservative message they’ll be left behind.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Impact of NY-23 on the 2012 Presidential race

 Today's Washington Times has a story by Ralph Hallow about NY-23. One of the things Ralph discussed was Newt Gingrich's struggles with the race. He quotes Newt:

He said Mr. Hoffman's "rise is a result of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, the Club for Growth, Gov. [Sarah] Palin and [Minnesota Gov. Tim] Pawlenty and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and virtually the entire national conservative movement joining with Mike Long, whose Conservative Party, a very established organization, which won its first big race 39 years ago."

It is striking to me that Tim Pawlenty is the only presumptive 2012 candidate in that list, unless Sarah Palin really gets in, but there are no indications that she is. After a Presidential primary in which Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee fought out for the conservative mantle (to a stalemate, I might add), they both were absent from this battle.

You see, NY-23 is the first big fight of the 21st century for the conservative movement. It is important to remember that this movement is about moving the to the right by moving its governing coalition to the right. That means, by definition, the Republican Party because it is the vehicle of the center-right coalition in American politics. There can be no doubt that, whatever the result on Tuesday or afterwards, that the leadership of the GOP has been chastened. Marc Ambinder's analyzes the race and concludes that Scozzafava's social liberalism was necessary to create the conditions on the ground for the Conservative Party to reach out to national groups. However, ultimately, the Club for Growth, responding to her positions on card-check, the stimulus, etc., funded Hoffman and really made this happen. In other words, the two key components of the conservative movement came together in perfect complimentarity.

So we have the definitional fight for the conservative movement, post-Bush. And only Pawlenty shows up at the fight? But for the movement, the question is as much "are you with us on the fight" as it is "are you with us on issues". Let's consider how this impacts Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, both of whom declined being in the fight over the last several weeks.

Let's take Huckabee first. Mike Huckabee not only didn't endorse Doug Hoffman, Huckabee took $20,000 away from Hoffman's GOTV effort (which tells me that he isn't running, but ...):

Huckabee, who according to Upstate Committee sources is receiving a five-figure fee in excess of $20,000 for his appearance, has refused to personally endorse Hoffman, who is pro-life and signed the "no-tax" pledge in August before his announced candidacy, and has informed Hoffman that HuckPAC will not support him either. Some Conservative Party officials believe Huckabee's fee is intended for his PAC. Ironically, the dinner is held to honor conservatives who exemplify conservative principles.

This offers a(nother) critique of Huckabee from the movement perspective. Huckabee is particularly vulnerable here. In 2008, no electorally significant critique damaged Huckabee within his base of evangelical voters. Why? I think that Ramesh Ponnuru nailed it in a discussion of Romney's campaign:

Romney’s problem was not that he is a Mormon. It was that he is not an evangelical. A strong plurality of evangelicals “would have backed Huckabee against anybody — Mormon, Buddhist, or Catholic,” says another former Romney adviser. “They were voting for one of their own.” To attribute Romney’s loss in Iowa to anti-Mormon prejudice from evangelicals, he says, is like attributing Romney’s victories in Utah and Nevada to Mormons’ hostility to people from all other faiths. But this adviser reaches the same conclusion as his colleagues who blamed anti-Mormonism: Romney should not spend as much time and resources on Iowa next time. 

In other words, the options for Huckabee voters were to go to Romney. Not going to happen. But guess what? Tim Pawlenty is an evangelical. Indeed, during the VP speculation in 2008, the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody argued, "Pawlenty may be the one guy to help McCain with working class moderates AND socially conservative Evangelicals." So he can genuinely compete with Huckabee or someone similar to his right.

Ramesh notes that Romney ran as the candidate of the conservative movement (and I would point out that Fred Thompson's candidacy was about the fundamental mismatch of Romney the man and Romney the candidate of the movement):

All these advisers may, however, be looking at Romney’s options too narrowly. Romney’s strategy in the last campaign was not to run as the social conservatives’ candidate. It was to run as the movement-conservative candidate. Throughout the primary he claimed that he best represented what he called “the three legs of the stool” holding up conservatism, with the legs representing conservative positions on social issues, economics, and foreign policy. The attempt to rally his party’s right made a certain strategic sense. Giuliani and John McCain started the primary season with higher profiles than Romney and, in different ways, represented the party’s left wing. Running to the right thus presented Romney with an opportunity.

Romney, in not playing in NY-23 has, in some important sense, laid the groundwork for a(nother) criticism of him as the candidate of the conservative movement. How can he be the candidate of the movement but duck out on the first major fight of the movement. (2nd, if you count healthcare, which doesn't cut nicely for Mitt...) Can he really run from the same location that he had earlier? No. This suggests that he is taking the route that Ramesh almost recommends by moving to the left end of the party and/or the establishment. (I distinguish between these)

This time Romney could follow a different path. There are no prospective McCains or Giulianis, no heavyweights from the left or even the center of the party. Instead of running as the movement conservative in the race, Romney could run as a party-establishment candidate who is acceptable to the Right. That strategy wouldn’t require him to move left on the issues. But it would entail, among other things, taking fewer jabs at the other candidates for not being conservative enough (jabbing them for having bad ideas would still be in season). It would entail advertising Romney’s conservatism less. The policies could still be conservative — but he would promote them as good ideas more than as conservative ones. 

 I don't know how this plays out. Romney running from establishment/left of the party, and Pawlenty running to the right? Perhaps. There's another angle that Ramesh notes:

To be a strong candidate, finally, Romney has to address one weakness that has not gotten much attention: his lack of appeal to middle-income and low-income voters. The exit polls from the primaries tell a consistent story. In Iowa and Florida, he won pluralities only among those voters who made more than $100,000 a year. In New Hampshire, voters had to make more than $150,000 before they started favoring him. Michigan, where Romney’s father was governor, was the great exception: Romney won among every income group above $30,000 a year. If Romney can’t find an economic message and a way of making it that appeals to middle-class voters, he may as well save his money and not bother running.

Again, we have Pawlenty's strong suit: reaching out to the middle class and working class.

The field is set. A working-to-middle class Midwestern candidate with strong evangelical roots running against a white-shoe Northeast wealthy candidate with strong western roots. This will be an interesting battle.

Sorry, the Domain Names and SarahPalin2012 Are Taken

                                       PalinDomainU4prezBookmark and Share    It is quite difficult to say who is or isn’t running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2010. I suspect that Mitt Romney is. By all historic measures he is next in line and current levels of activity make it likely that he is running.  I also suspect that Mississippi’s Governor, Haley Barbour is seriously looking at the nomination. John Ensign of Nevada was running. That is until an extramarital affair of his could no longer be hidden and the secret attempts by his mommy and daddy to pay off his mistress all came to light and put an end to that ridiculous notion. 

Some sectors were already campaigning for South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford. With “Draft Sanford” web site’s and rampant prognostications, Sanford was riding a wave of public enthusiasm for a run at the Republican nomination. Then he disappeared from sight for more than 5 days, leaving everyone to wonder what happened to Governor Sanford and where in the world is Mark? The answer to that quickly brought down those “Draft Sanford for President” sites. He was in Argentina with his “soul mate”, a pretty young thing he met some years ago and fell  more in love with her than he was with his wife.

But still riding high as potential candidates in 2010 are Mitt Romney, who trailed McCain in the delegate count in 2008, and Sarah Palin, who McCain chose for Vice President.

Such speculation about Romney can be made out of the level and type of activity that he is wading into.

With his political action committee, Free and Strong America PAC, he is actively involved in critical races throughout the nation, including this years gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia and gaining the favor of future elected officials who will be crucial supporters in the future.

He has also become a part of the National Council for a New America, a group of leaders that include Republicans such as former Florida Governor Jeb, Bush, Congressman Eric Cantor and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. This group intends to have a serious national discussion about the challenges facing America, small businesses and working families and they are taking the discussion on the road all across the nation.

Additionally, Romney is bringing in the mother’s milk of political campaigning…….money. His fundraising is constant, consistent and high.

So all are indications that in 2012, Romney will be running for the nomination that he was denied by the Republican establishment in 2008.

As for Sarah Palin, she confused pundits with her surprise resignation as Governor of Alaska and confounded the status quo. Opponents of Palin do not take the reasons she gave for resigning at face value. Instead they claim she is a quitter or that she can’t take the heat. What they neglect to realize is that Sarah Palin is not your average politician. They can’t seem to comprehend that Sarah Palin is genuine. She is a real person with personal beliefs and convictions that are not affected by political ambition, opinion polls or inside the beltway political games. They also fail to realize that Sarah Palin does not live for politics or allow  politics to change her life or principles. To the contrary she stands for her life changing politics.

As such, Sarah Palin made it clear that as a national target of liberal antics geared at attacking her, her agenda for Alaska was being hampered by frivolous legal challenges against every breathe she took, word she muttered and garment she wore. Therefore Sarah Palin decided to circumvent these tactics. Confident that her Lieutenant Governor was dedicated to the agenda that she has taken to this point, she took away the target that hampered its further expeditious advancement . Herself.

Now, no longer an available official government target for the hate-based liberal establishment, Sarah Palin is free and what the left does not realize is that freedom is much more powerful than any government office or liberal government program. With the power of freedom now in her hands, Sarah Palin just might be more of a threat to the left than she ever was and as she uses that freedom, she just might take them on by starting a run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Former Vice Presidents and Vice Presidential nominees don’t always have the best shot at being elected President or at getting their parties presidential nomination.

Al Gore got the nomination in 2000 but lost the election. Lieberman was his VP nominee but failed to get the presidential nomination in 2004.

John Edwards got the VP slot in 2004 but failed to get his parties presidential nomination in ’08.

Before them George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon before him, where the only contemporary Vice President’s to eventually move on and win their parties nomination for President, in their own right, and then the presidency itself.

In 1984 Jimmy Carter’s vice president, Walter Mondale won the Democrat’s nomination in ‘84 but lost and Bush 41’s vice president, Dan Quayle, fell off the radar before the Iowa Caucuses took place during his brief attempt to win the Republican nomination in 2000.

So vice presidents and vice presidential nominees don’t necessarily have the inside track to their party’s nomination for President and as we look toward 2012, Sarah Palin will not be on the fast track for it either. If she seeks the nomination, she will still be the target of liberal hypocrisy and their fear driven propaganda and attacks and she will have to fight hard and truly earn the nomination amidst a field that will have a number of formidable choices. Only now the left will not be able to bog her down with frivolous and unwarranted government ethics charges and lawsuits.

Now that Palin has just officially resigned as Governor, she could easily enjoin that race and begin to lace up her running shoes for a long marathon to the White House.

It is hard to tell though.

Sarah could be so pissed at those who have tried to destroy her and her family and who have tried to impede progress in Alaska, that she is either fed up and leaving politics for a more civil path for the promotion of her beliefs or she may simply be reloading her ideological guns as she prepares to take aim at the liberal philosophy and its purveyors who have run amuck and now control government.

So far, there are no concrete indications that make it clear either way. At least there are no indications of the likes that we see with Mitt Romney.

But there is one little clue that could be telling.

The domain names and sarahpalin2012 have recently been claimed and registered.

Normally that could simply be the doing of some dreamy eyed, entrepreneurial, get rich quick minded person who figures on selling those domains to Sarah Palin for big bucks if she does make it official.

However a closer look reveals that these two domain names were registered by Jay Griffin of Anchorage Alaska. Where he is from is not half as important as the fact that he is a close confidant of Sarah Palin and that, along with Palin, he is a member of the Alaska Republican Party Central Committee.

Could Griffin be hoping to make some money off of his friend Sarah Palin if she does run for President? Or, is he and his new domain names just the start of a long campaign to evict Barack Obama from the White House and to take back America from the Pelosi/Reid liberal mentality that is currently infecting our government in flu-like fashion?

Odds are that an exploratory committee for that possibility are in the works.

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2012: Mitt Romney throws Bailout Nation Under the Bus

In his FNS interview today, Mitt Romney mentioned his NYT Op-ed from late last year:

Without that bailout, Detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. With it, the automakers will stay the course — the suicidal course of declining market shares, insurmountable labor and retiree burdens, technology atrophy, product inferiority and never-ending job losses. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.

While it never should have come to this, it's refreshing to hear Republicans talking about letting losers fail.  Between Romney and Dick Cheney, it's almost looking like we can get the GOP away from Bailouts.  To Paraphrase Rick Santelli, Governor Palin are you listening?!?


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