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Now don't get me wrong, I really love all this gibberish about who is going to pick who as their Vice-President. But I would hope at least a few posters here would be interested in laying the foundation the Right must take after the election.  From the content I see on this forum so far, there is going to be precious little discussion after the election. In fact, I fully expect this forum and many other fora to dry up and blow away after the election. 

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Winning more than one election at a time

(Great thoughts from CRNC executive director Ethan Eilon. -Patrick)

It wasn't the senior staffers to Barry Goldwaters 1964 campaign who would go on to change this party and this country.  They certainly did a great deal to set the stage, but in reality their greatest feat was to activate an army of young, engaged, thoughtful conservative activists. Young men and women who could think, who could execute, and who recognized the mission ahead.

As it stands, we are failing ourselves as a party for lack of investment in our own survival.  I'm the first to admit a bit of bias because of where i work but I think if we as a party want to pull things back together we need have a vibrant, engaged youth component.  When you look at the voter skews from 2004, 2006, and the disparity in primary results in 2008 one thing sticks out above all others. Younger generations are voting against the Republican brand.

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