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Russia and Iran, a secret history

 While the right often lapses into analyzing Russia as a mischief maker, trying to expand its sphere of influence through the established means of corruption and destabilization, the reality of the Russia Iran connection grows not from Russia's depraved nature turning always to wickedness to advance a goal or injure an enemy, the Russia Iran connection is based on Russian weakness where wickedness is the only power available to them.  All this boils down to one word-Chechnya.

 Is it a coincidence that since Russia has begun its partnership of with Iran towards a nuclearly armed terrorist state, Russia has ceased to experience any more embarrassing flare-ups in Chechnya?  Why else would Russia help to proliferate nuclear arms with a terrorist state? Chechnya is clearly the pro quo is this equation.  That and the unfounded hope that Iran will use its weaponry against the West.  

Let it be remembered that Iran helped channel the Chechen freedom fighters into Iraq to fight coalition forces during the bleakest days before the surge.

The reality behind Iran's manipulation of Russia has two consequences we might want to keep in mind.  One--this is par for the course for Iran.  They use Islamism to undermine other countries--no doubt Chechnya most of all--to expand their power.  Terror is the origin of Iran's nuclear program and once they have obtained this new toy, terrorism will continue to be their reflexive gesture to their rivals.  Iran's nuclear weapons will be used aggressively, either as a backstop to prevent retaliation for lesser acts of murder or as a direct assault on Israel or the US through their terror network with deniability carefully intact.

The second consequence may have greater consequence in Russia itself but is not useless to the West.   In the Russia Iran relationship, Iran is like the sociopathic womanizer, exploiting the low self esteem of his victim to get what he wants and when it is time to make good on the implied security or love, he drops his mask and gives the female a lesson in how to further lower her already low self esteem.  Russia is not a strong country and Iran has been willing to first help create the crisis in Chechnya and then exploit it to its satisfaction--but once Iran has what it wants from Russia, once it is a nuclear equal why should it continue that relationship?  Russia with its vast Islamic population spread over strategically valuable oil fields is only going to be more vulnerable to a nuclear Iran than it was before.  Russia was too weak to deal with conventional Iran it will be every bit as weak against the Iran it has helped build up (only to be dumped).

Why is this something we need to keep in mind?  Not because of some wishful thinking that Russia and Iran will end up hurting only each other, but rather that this reality, that Russia has acted out of internal weakness needs to be broadcast more widely especially to the Russian people themselves who have been deluded into thinking that the new Putin led Russia is become stronger and more assertive of its interests.  Rather US foreign policy needs to hold up Iran as a perfect case where Russia is capitulating to a clear and distinct enemy out of weakness.  That this is what you get under a kleptocracy--illusions of strength and a heavy bill to pay when that illusion is burst.  A truly strong Russia would be dedicated to a market economy under law, a strong Russia would develop its army with the resources such an economy provides to deal with terrorism within its borders, a strong Russia wouldn't have a hand in helping a country that has done it an injury but would injure that country all the more so in turn.  But then, Russia, for all its power, is not a strong country.  Like those propagating the current Washington line that a nuclear Iran can be finessed, Russia will soon learn that in all this world nothing is so dangerous as lying to yourself.

For us today what solution is there to this mess?  There is only one.  Don't be coward in the face of aggressors.  Military strikes are the only way out and always have been the only way.  I know Iran has chemical weapons ready to fire at Israel but there are ways of communicating one's intentions that even Ahmadinejad can understand and tremble at.  They can lose a weapons program or they can lose everything.  




Regarding the recent comments from Zbigniew Brzezinski about shooting down Israeli planes on route to Iran, I doubt this was a random unconsulted remark.   The Obama regime is trying to complicate Israel's calculus.  The good news is that I think any such order from the President will result in out and out revolt on the part of the military, if that can be called good news.  Well, we can only count that as a qualified good in truth but Israel can strike and with Washington being what it is these days, they are the last best hope.  Everything else is self-deceit.  

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