Oh, My!

They were the words uttered by the new Princess as she surveyed the throngs of well-wishers that were assembled outside the palace gates. The networks had their lip-readers, but even those without that talent, like myself, could easily add the text to the image.

It was a crowd as large, and as well-behaved, as any of the Tea Party rallies. The similarities do not end there. This was pure, unabashed patriotism. Even those who are indifferent, or opposed, to the concept of a monarchy could not deny that there was a feel-good factor about the whole affair.

While a sentimental outpouring is largely expected from the inhabitants of ‘middle England’, the folk from the traditionally less enthusiastic regions of Britain joined in the festivities. The flags of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall mingled with the thousands of Union Flags… not to mention the representatives of former colonies that, over the centuries, have not always enjoyed an affaire de coeur with royalty. Remember George III?

While the day was hailed as an indication of the ‘modernization’ of the monarchy, becoming more ‘in-touch’ with the people, thankfully it was totally devoid of the fake political correctness that infests so many state occasions. It was perfectly acceptable to fly national flags, sing patriotic songs and marvel at the fly-past of the ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’ (a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire for you aviation freaks), a reminder of ‘Britain’s finest hour’. It was closely followed by four jet fighters in formation which, I wondered, were perhaps the last four after swathes of defense cuts!

No mention of the EU, of globalization, or multi-denominationalism. The joy of the cartwheeling vicar (sure to become a YouTube hit) could be taken as a celebration that the Anglican Church is still the official state religion of England, despite the attempts of a certain ethnic group to create their own religious courts within the realm. It was ironic that the Abbey proceedings were conducted by an Archbishop who showed some approval for that idea.

The day had some detractors, claiming that the extra public holiday created a loss in production that far exceeded the gains in revenue through tourism and associated paraphernalia. In challenging economic times, that’s fair comment. But you can’t fix a price tag on patriotism, tradition, pride and morale. If the billions of dollars (or pounds) spent can restore these feelings to a disillusioned nation, it’s money well used.

So what can America learn from this? Well, although there is no monarchy, we have our own ‘royalty’. The Founders and The Constitution are the basis of this country, along with the Judeo-Christian principles that inspired them. Don’t let the progressives stifle that message with their treasonous slander. Be proud of your heritage and the traditions that exist in this still relatively young country. Keep your faith in God and protect the Constitution at all costs.

If we follow these simple rules, the United States that we know and love will last as long as, or longer than, the British monarchy.

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Hey guess what folks: we're not patriotic!

Guess all that "dissent is patriotic" stuff is gone.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  Time to move to Australia.

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Democrats Question Republican Patriotism. Again.

One of the greatest Democratic tricks this past 8 years has been the Patriotism Dodge: their inexplicable ability to convince the press that their patriotism was being attacked at every turn.  Sadly, the press rarely followed up the Democratic harumphing with a simple corrective: "However, nothing had been said about their patriotism."   Their feigned outrage after the Max Cleland ad was probably the first notable example of this misdirection tactic, but they used it routinely.

Even more impressive, if that is the word, has been the Democratic ability to play the martyred patriot even as they were explicitly questioning the patriotism of their opponents.  Unfortunately, they've provided two more charming examples...

"[Some Southern Senators] unpatriotically blocked a bill..." -- Rep. Dingell

""It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators..."   -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Republicans have ignored the patriotism dodge for far too long; long enough that it developed into conventional wisdom.  They even took to preemptively explaining that they weren't questioning Democrat's patriotism.   And yet, what do they do when Democrats explicitly do this?  Nothing.  Well, that's how you find yourself stuck in a bad narrative.

Republicans need to confront these charges head-on.  Not in tersely worded statements to the press, letters to the editor or even blog posts (though, of course, we'd welcome a guest post response from any of the Senators charged).  No, the Senators who have been maligned need to confront Rep. Dingell and Gov. Granholm personally.   Stand outside Rep. Dingell's office (video running) and challenge him to repeat the charge in person and on camera.  Do the same with Gov. Granholm. 

Is confrontation unbecoming of a US Senator?  It shouldn't be.  It's certainly not as bad as failing to challenge these charges.  But if Republicans are unwilling to defend themselves, they'd better get used to being defined for the next decade by their opponents.  By people like this...

  • "John Ashcroft is not a patriot."—Howard Dean

  • "[In the Bush administration, there is] a group of people around the President whose main allegiance is to each other and their ideology rather than to the United States."—Howard Dean

  • "We hear them in the cries of the false patriots who bully dissenters into silence and submission".—Ted Kennedy

  • "I don't think it's patriotic to put on a flight suit and prance around on the deck of an aircraft carrier looking for a photo op." — Gen. Wesley Clark

  • "The policy that the administration is following in Iraq is ... anti-patriotic at the core..." — Sen. Bob Graham


The Doughboys

In World War I, they called us the Doughboys. Thought we were soft and weak.

Hitler said the same thing about us in World War Two. We weren't the ones with a rampant black market breaking the rationing system.

In the great depression, we sucked in our gut, and did what it took to get this place running again.

Now is the time to aspire to greatness again, to make those sacrifices that we need.

Would you be willing to take a five percent pay cut if it meant saving jobs at your place of work?

Yes, would be willing  64
No, would not be willing 28
Not sure 8

Start with the government. And maybe put this on people who are above the poverty line. But throw the net wide. I don't know how we can get everyone to do this, but... I'm hopeful that some pressure from the workers can convince companies that paycuts are better than firing workers (particularly as I fear there may be more widescale deflation).


Podcast: Loose Lips Sink the Economy

Podcast Show Notes

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Chuck Schumer (D-NY) creates a run on the IndyMac bankwith wreckless comments leading to the second largest bank bail out in American history.

The troubling decision of Senator Obama to consider Chris Dodd for the national ticket. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

Barack Obama goes back on a promise to debate Senator McCain anytime, anywhere on foreign policy.

Obama throws himself under the bus on bilingualism.

Obama's tax plan contradicts his own voting record.

A broken promise in Illinois provides insight into the type of President Obama would be. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

McCain attacks Obama for missing a vote McCain also missed.

Do Democrats have a new tune on energy production?

Liberal group ACORN chooses to leave an embezzler on staff for 8 years and not report his theft of nearly $1 million. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Plus gun owners defend their lives and property in our 2nd Amendment Update.

A British woman is convicted for defending a World War 2 memorial from clueless vandalizing teens. (Hat Tip: Right Wing News.)

Wolives in sheep's clothing push abortion in the Black Church.

A woman who begged for euthanasia changes her mind.

An Atheist blogger plans to desecrate a communion host as a matter of free speech, but doesn't like people speaking up to ask for him to be fired.

A heart warming animal adoption story from the Netherlands.

Click here to listen, click here to download.

Obama's Manipulation of Patriotic Imagery

Yesterday, Barack Obama's campaign released a "Fight the Smears" website -- basically a repackaging of the campaign's pushback on "whitey" / the Muslim rumors / patriotism.

But what's striking is the site's liberal use of patriotic iconography. See these American eagles wrapped in the Obama logomark:


This matches the campaign's use of a version of the Great Seal of the United States, seemingly lifted from a 19th century historical print and superimposed with an Obama logo. This is visible for a moment as the site's background image before the page you're on completely loads:

Doesn't this seem like an odd use of imagery for a candidate who has repeatedly denounced the manipulation of patriotic imagery for political purposes, going so far as to refuse wearing a flag pin? And he does it in a way that goes well beyond plopping a stylized flag in your logo.

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