McClellan's revelations. Where?

There are no "revelations" in McClellans book.
He only got a 2 million dollar advance which means that the book isn't going to make that much money for the publishing company which means it was put out solely for political purposes and a lib agenda.
McClellan was never a good press secretary. In fact, he sucked. He let Helen Thomas and David Gregory walk all over him.
Because he didn't ever really know what was going on. He was asked and encouraged to sit in on meetings but rarely ever did.
So, how in fact is he able to write a tell all when he was never really privy to insider information at the meetings.
If he was privy to anything important, than he's a modern day Judas who was disgruntled with his boss and stabbed him and his colleagues in the back.
Also, McClellan was hated and mocked by the press and now he's praised. Go figya that one out. Again, lib agenda. It only burns when it's burnin for us.
Let us not forget he was fired. Tony Snow replaced him and Snow actually sat in the briefings and meetings and presented issues to the press in a very knowledgeable way.
As the press still brings up Valerie Plame, we must remind liberal idiots everywhere that SHE WAS NOT COVERT!
Plame outed herself when she gave $1,000 three years earlier to the Gore campaign. Wilson also contributed. She listed her CIA "cover" company as her employer in her FEC filing. She said she worked for Brewster Jennings & Associates, a fictitious Boston-based firm designed to provide cover for some CIA operatives and employees. These are public records. She was not a covert CIA operative but a desk jockey at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. Her name was certainly no secret, appearing in Wilson's "Who's Who In America" entry. She was there for a length of time that disqualified her from protection under the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act.. Plame's identity was first disclosed to Russia by a Moscow spy in the mid-1990s.

This book will fizzle out like a bad fart.

If liberals like Keith Olbermental aka "bath tub boy" aka "2 minute Sam" want to learn any "revelations" about Bush and Iraq perhaps they should read the John Loftus Report, listen to FBI agents like George Piro and take a minute to know history.  As they will find that at the lead up to the first showdown with Saddam in 1991, Saddam hid his warplanes in Iran fearing they'd be destroyed by our bombers.  The libs would like to believe that Iran and Iraq hated each other but they forget "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".  The WMD is either in Iran or Syria.

Perhaps the only revelation that McClellan missed was that Bush waited TOO long to invade Iraq???



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