Political Correctness

Islamo-Fascists Call For The Overthrow Of The British Government.

We should be observing the events in the United Kingdom very closely. The web has been inundated with calls from around the Arab world for British Muslims to create more chaos and to work to overthrow the government.

Riots or no riots, there are whole areas of London that the police won’t even go into without overwhelming force. Even my editor, Dee, who is a citizen of the UK (South Wales, to be more specific) sometimes refers to London as Londonistan. I can guarantee that slang term didn’t come about because a colony of Mennonites moved in.

Britain… whose economy was destroyed by trade unionism and the rise of a social-welfare system where everyone was guaranteed an income whether they worked or not. You can’t have a socialist society without the presence of a phenomenon which we have come to recognize as political correctness. In England it reached levels which, viewed from here, appeared to be pure insanity.

While police with full body armor (but no guns) try to contain the riots, children as young as nine loot the shops.

Englishmen, from whom sprang the seeds from which the greatest country in the history of the world was born, are not even permitted to protect their own homes and property from the country’s politically protected criminal class. A farmer who did, meaning he took his fowling piece to the foul bird he caught burgling his home, was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Other examples of such political correctness carried out to insane lengths are common throughout old ‘Blighty’.

The importation of tens of thousands of unassimilated, mostly uneducated immigrants, many in the country illegally, has Balkanized many of Britain’s neighborhoods where they congregate. Radical mosques throughout Britain have been calling for the destruction of Great Britain for many moons. Scared to death of these ‘enclaves’, the government has gone so far down the paths of self destruction that craven politicians have allowed Islamic Sharia courts to spring up around the country. In plain language, Britain’s cowardly political class has given away the country’s sovereignty.

Watching the shameful progression of events over in England as they unfold is an eduction and a looking glass into our future. Once the political battle is won here in 2012, much more attention needs to be paid to exposing the dangers posed by the un-American activities of subversive elements in this country.

In the meantime, we have but one task. That’s to support as many Constitutional Conservatives as we can in upcoming primary races… and incumbents as well, if they are found to be worthy. As I wrote on July 31, there’s a RINO hunt out there. If you’re a Republican who finds himself or herself on the receiving end… well, you can’t say you didn’t know.

Editor’s note: The story of Tony Martin, the farmer mentioned by Skip, can be found here:


Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

I Scared Myself.

Yesterday’s article was fun. A little lighter than usual. Anytime that I can do that sort of back-and-forth with readers it’s bound to be lively. We have a lot of respect for our readers… they’re a pretty savvy and well-informed group.

Writing yesterday about this nation in peril had me chewing on that subject on and off all day. Thinking about the dangers this country faces is not an easy task. You have to peel everything back and examine it in a new light… and you have to drop however much of your denial system is still intact.

It didn’t matter whether I looked near or far… here at home or around the globe. We are faced with huge challenges. The more scenarios I ran through my mind, the more frightening it became. You see, I know how very little it would take for a world-wide conflagration to break out if any number of these came together.

We are beset with enemies from within as well as from without. It doesn’t much matter which way you look, either. Let’s pretend for a second that we’re only dealing with one set of baddies, instead of a dozen or more. How can we fight an enemy we haven’t identified? One of the real and present dangers faced by this country is just that. Our stubborn refusal to come to grips with what things really are and identify them by name… and not by some politically convenient, half-truth catchphrase.

We’ve watched creeping political correctness gradually changing the language. It’s long past time to put a stop to it. Conservatives have to sound off when they see and hear the left pushing its message of lies and deceit. Call them on it first time… and every time.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Let’s Take The Language Back.

For far too long the left has managed to control the language of the political debate… not that there’s been much debate with this Congress. The left are masters of the non-specific. It’s usually a word, or a turn of phrase, that serves to divert conversation and debate away from an objective not their own.

Assigning predominantly Republican cities and states the color red, as opposed to the blue designating the DeMarxist cities and states, was a stunt fostered by the lapdog lame stream media back in the Clinton years. The vast irony, of course, being that red is the traditional color of international communism. But it is a prime example how, by just a slight nudge here and there, the entire discourse and people’s perception can be altered.

We’ve been calling it ‘political correctness’. It’s a methodology all its own and it just shouts at you from all directions, especially at this time of year. We hear stories of municipalities taking down Christmas trees to salve some sick, secular need to divest society of every trace of Christendom, which of course it is. Annual Christmas parties have become ‘holiday parties’. Anything with the taint of Judeo-Christian values must be expunged… anything secularist is to be extolled.

Our children are being indoctrinated in government indoctrination centers. They’re not being taught to think… they are being inculcated with a sort of faceless, brainless group think. Changing the language is taking a gay activist and admitted pedophile and canonizing him at the state level by declaring a special day for him. Harvey Milk was certainly no hero to parents out here, and his ‘day’ is only another way for deviants to get closer to our children.

See what I mean? Change the language and you change the perception of society. At the risk of repeating myself… we have to re-capture the language. We set the agenda and we control it. We need to call the left and their (still) slavishly devoted lame stream media types on every single PC-laced lie. We need to slice and dice.

Forget what they say about you, or me, or anyone else. All that counts now is that we enact the fundamental return to the Constitutional Republic we were founded to be.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Don’t Do It!

We’ve heard a lot of out and out B.S. about this. Let me put it as plainly and succinctly as I can. No one in a combat line outfit wants to be in a situation where he would have to serve with an openly gay person. You can cut out all the feel-good, touchy-feely crap about gays just wanting to serve their country too. Most gays are attracted to the military because there are a lot of healthy young men and women living in close proximity, in what can only be described as forced intimacy.

We all know there have been gays in the military from day one, but the military strictures against homosexual activity are severe and are there for very good reasons. They prevent, for one thing, the sexual predation of enlisted by higher ranks, from which they would have little or no defense. I have talked to people who have had such experiences. In the military you just don’t go around complaining about a higher rank. It has a tendency to make your military career miserable and short.

Opposing Views On 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' - Admiral Michael Mullen and John McCain.

There are conflicting themes here…the one the military and the government want out there and the day-to-day reality of life in the military. When I was in the United States Marine Corps I was in what was then called the Fleet Marine Force. I was in a combat line outfit. You live in a squad bay (barracks) in close proximity with about thirty other men. It’s a pretty tight-knit group of guys. There are always rumors too. Many times the ’scuttlebutt’ mill would be surprisingly accurate, we would know about an impending operation or movement long before the actual orders would be issued.

There were other rumors too. There was always a story or two about one guy or another, but nothing anyone could prove… not often anyway. These people were always looked on with suspicion. The last thing anyone in a line outfit wanted to know was that the guy in the shower next to him was making calves eyes at him. Speaking for myself, the last thing I’d want to be concerned with was that the guy you were with in a fighting hole, depending on for your life for, was more interested in your equipment than the rifle he held to kill the enemy.

We know that the gays and gay advocates are highly placed throughout the government and the Pentagon and that an attitude of political correctness has invaded the highest ranks of our military, fostered in part by our weak and insipid Commander-in-Chief. There is no Constitutional right to service in the military of the United States of America. If there is a right at all, it is of the military services to be very discriminatory, based on the nature of the mission.

We need to let our ultra dense leaders in Washington know that gay advocacy has no place in our military, or in government at all for that matter. It only further serves to weaken and divide us at a time in our history when we need all of our strength. Gays have all the freedom they could want in our society. There is no reason at all for creating a protected class, thereby partitioning them from criticism for a lifestyle most Americans find repugnant.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Security’s A Top Down Issue – Obama And Crew Inept Here As Well.

Round and round she goes and where it stops nobody knows…the BUCK that is. The clown circus is in full bloom, but around the Obama White House that’s a 24/7, 365 given. If there’s anything we’ve learned this last year, it’s that Barry and crew operate like the proverbial nut cake in-laws…everybody knows they’re members of the family but nobody wants to admit it.

Now we have the SECURITY breach of the decade. Well, at least the most visible. Because no matter how two people managed to waltz into the Obama’s ultra-glitz state dinner, whether or not they had aid and comfort is a side show, because it’s only a symptom of a disease pervading the tapestry of the entire government. It didn’t start with the Anointed One but he has certainly taken it to new levels of absurdity. From the utter stupidity of allowing foreign nationals access to our top secret laboratories at Oak Knoll, Sandia and Lawrence Livermore on supposed ‘cultural exchange’, to little or no supervision of these individuals resulted in the loss of top secret nuclear weapons technology. Billy Jeff and George Bush can be credited with these.

Obama has been instrumental at bringing enemy alien terrorists from the jurisdiction of the military tribunals, to which they had pleaded GUILTY, to the shores of this country so that they can spew their venom upon a world stage and be defended by Marxist ACLU attorneys. Make NO mistake, it’s OBAMA and not his stooge Eric Holder.

Our State Department has been so thoroughly penetrated by leftist operatives that it has long ago ceased to serve the best interests of the American people. No President in recent history has been able to make inroads towards cleaning it up. It has been referred to as “Foggy Bottom”, but could be more aptly called “Boggy Swamp”. It does explain many things about the failure of American foreign policy though. Political Correctness. Another disease affecting the security of America. So insidious as to influence a sitting American President to allow a foreign power (Mexico) to insist on the IMPRISONMENT of Border Patrol agents for pursuing a convicted drug dealer caught in the act of smuggling drugs across our international border. The same political correctness that has perverted the sense of duty of a FOUR STAR general of the US ARMY to the point that when an ‘undiscovered’ Jihadi killed 13 fellow soldiers, his most cogent comment appeared to be that he hoped it didn’t effect the CULTURAL DIVERSITY of the US ARMED FORCES.

At the same time the PC bureaucrats in the FBI rushed to the microphones to state unequivocally that “this was not a terrorist related incident,” practically before the bodies had finished hitting the floor. The same PC police that tried to hang the Marines at Haditha are now trying to besmirch the Navy SEALS and destroy three of their numbers careers because a known terrorist murderer came up with a fat lip. It’s sad to contemplate that the charges against these men are being pushed forward by people who are not fit to carry their shoe polish.

Barry Hussein’s world is populated by people who couldn’t pass a security clearance on a bet. SOMEONE is giving these Marxists a pass. Who? Security, or the lack thereof, is a top down issue. Barry hasn’t shown that he can run anything, and in point of fact everything he’s touched has turned to the aft product of a flatulent bovine. But then his Presidency is sort of looking like a horse’s ass so everybody should feel right at home. Now it is left to the American people to clean up the mess and air the place out. It can’t come soon enough for most of us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


Navy SEALs Face Haditha Style Frameup By Dept. Of The Navy PC Stooges.

Any one who has served, or is serving under, the colors of the United States of America and their families must be frothing at the mouth about this one right now. Although it fits right in with Obama’s gutless and faithless administration.

The Navy Seals are the creme de la creme of the special forces of this country, along with the less well known Marine Force Recon of which there are only a few platoons in the entire Marine Corps, some very bad dudes…ditto the Army’s Delta Force…so secret that families of these people don’t even know what they do for a living. The Air Force has its Special Operations Command. All of these people routinely perform missions all over the globe in the international war on terror that many of us would call impossible or suicidal.

Force Recon, for example, operated far behind enemy lines for extended periods back when I was in the Corps. These men don’t have the luxury of  determining whether their actions meet someone’s idea of  ‘rules of engagement’ and shouldn’t have to. NONE of our combat personnel should! We lost a SEAL team to such nonsense in Afghanistan when three goat herders chanced upon a SEAL operation. The men had to make the determination of whether or not to kill them. That indecision cost the lives of three of the SEAL team, eight additional SEALs and eight Army special forces troops. Marcus Luttrell was the only survivor and he writes in his book, “LONE SURVIVOR”, about the futility of having to second guess the reactions of PC bureaucrats both in and out of the military.

Anyone who has ever had to face that eternal nano-second of when or whether or not to squeeze that trigger knows just what I mean. The POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BRIGADE in our government, and especially the one operating in our military, is a pernicious cancer eating away at the confidence and morale of our fighting men. It’s more akin to giving aid and comfort to the enemy than anything else I can equate to.

A Navy Seal team captured Ahmed Hasim Abed, one of the most thoroughly detestable individuals occupying space on this globe. Somehow or another Ahmed got a fat lip instead of the bullet that should have adjudicated his massacre of four Blackhawk security agents. The PC POLICE in the MILITARY, and at the ever dense and un-American State Department from whence many of these ridiculous operational restrictions originate, sent out the word to hang these heroes, or at least hang them out to dry to the ardent applause of our enemies world wide. These men refused to be humiliated at non-judicial punishment, having permanent blots placed on their records, and instead insisted on a hearing at a full Court Martial. Shades of Haditha…the only thing missing here so far is the smarmy and detestable John Murtha.

ENOUGH!! We have to stop this monkey trial. These men should be having decorations hung on them instead of having to fight for their careers. We must stop this pathetic nonsense now! Please take the time to write or email your Representatives and Senators now. Additionally, the addresses of the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations are below. I’m sorry I don’t have an email for them. Perhaps one of you could supply it.

Secretary of the Navy 1000 Navy Pentagon Washington, D.C. 20350-1000

Chief of Naval Operations 2000 Navy Pentagon Washington, D.C. 20350-1000

Our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are being asked to do an incredibly difficult job under far less than optimal conditions, under a leadership sadly lacking courage or integrity themselves. Please don’t let them get away with this immense injustice.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


Political Correctness…Terrorism’s Happy Place.

It’s a sad, very frightening scenario. Something that has late heroes like George S. Patton and Lewis B. ‘Chesty’ Puller, leaders who were warriors, rotating at 78 rpm in their graves.

We have a Four Star General of the United States Army more concerned about ‘diversity’ and political correctness, than in the execution of the world war on terror and combating possible infiltration of our fighting forces by individuals, who may or may not have an affinity for the pernicious evils of militant Islam. It ain’t your daddy’s Army anymore.

They are making special exemptions to allow people into the military who wouldn’t clear receiving barracks ten years ago. We don’t have a  military COMBAT frame of mind in the high command of the armed forces, we have SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION on a grand scale. Political correctness of the sort that allowed a Major Malik Nidal Hasan to not only slip through the cracks, but  simply ignore glaring warnings. Not just a few, there were many. Where were the people who should have taken note and taken action?

We have PC spin apologists calling it everything but what it was. Stress syndrome! What stress? The guy was an officer in a cush job that was essentially a sinecure when compared to most Army officer assignments. It was a plain murder by a homicidal jihadist who planned exactly what he was going to do. Just because he was not directly linked to one of the known Al Qaeda  terror groups makes him no less one of them. His cry of Allahu Akbar as he started his murderous rampage pretty much nails that one down.

The question begs…HOW THE HELL DID THIS GUY PASS BACKGROUND CHECKS? Unless it was because he WAS Muslim and the pressure on Army personnel to treat these people differently. This is the price of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in the military, or anywhere in our society for that matter. A practical mind would call it just plain damn stupidity.

I’ve seen some media types wringing their hands and bemoaning that Major Hasan was supposedly ‘harassed’ by fellow soldiers…the kind of  statement that could only have been made by someone who had never been closer to the military than a television. Harassed!? Harassed by whom? The man was an officer. Certainly, no enlisted man would have said anything to him, either directly or in front of another officer. They would have instantly risked being brought up on charges. If someone had something to say about him, it would have been in private and around men of comparable rank. Even saying something in front of a senior non-com would have been to risk a dressing down. Another officer? Maybe one with a half a snoot full at the Officers Club? But such things are ungentlemanly and are generally frowned upon. Maybe another officer in private, calling him on his dangerously un-American views? Perhaps, but it would have to be one of equal or higher rank. Seems that there are a lot of people, in and out of the military, trying to make excuses for Major Hasan’s actions. There’s a glaring question mark behind that one also.

What about the rest of the Muslims in our military? We have had a Sergeant roll a grenade into a room, killing two officers and wounding fourteen others in Kuwait. He was a Muslim convert. There have been other domestic terror plots against our military, it is to be noted however, not connected to any service personnel.What about the soldiers who have to serve with the Muslim troops? How often do they ask themselves, “Is this dude going to go off one of these days?” AND what is the Army doing about that?

Has anyone gotten around to asking General Casey, while he’s busy protecting the Muslim troops in the Army from any ‘backlash’, what he is doing to protect the rest of the troops from them? Fair or not, they are part of a group of people known to espouse and nurture a virulently violent philosophy that worships death. It seems a little insane not to scrutinize them as well. Political correctness be damned.It appears that it is the only way to ensure we don’t have any more Malik Nidal Hasans.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


Greatest Act Of Domestic Terrorism Since 9/11.

This is the price that has to be paid for POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in our society. What’s even more chilling is that it has occurred on a United States Military Reservation on US soil by an OFFICER of the US Army. We are in a world-wide war with the philosophy of a religion which believes that it alone shall rule supreme on earth. That all other faiths, societies and nations must be subsumed by and to it. The peace loving religion of Islam has more escape clauses than a slip and fall attorney on steroids. In short where the ‘faith’ is concerned anything, literally anything, goes. There are dispensations for any behavior including, but not limited to, giving false witness and lying under oath. Major Nidal Malik Hasan was given the best this country had to offer in terms of education. It allowed him to become a  Medical Officer in the Army. He took an oath to follow the lawful orders of superior officers and to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He had made statements which SHOULD have set off alarms all over a security conscious military. He went on a one man JIHAD/SUICIDE mission in which he killed 13 US citizens and wounded 31 others. This is not the first time a member of the ‘religion of peace’ has committed a crime against this country in incidents which are usually quickly hushed up or barely reported at all. In the massacre at Fort Hood the cartridge casings hadn’t stopped bouncing on the deck before an FBI type was contacting a news service breathlessly pronouncing that “It’s not terrorist related”. Really? Does anyone remember the one man Jihadi who shot up the EL Al terminal at LAX? Or the DC sniper who was a homegrown Muslim convert? As a matter of FACT since 9/11 there have been THIRTY ONE attacks on US Citizens by Islamo-Fascist terrorists on US soil, domestically grown or otherwise. Meanwhile, US Muslims are quick to start playing the victim card blaming everyone and everything but themselves. There is tremendous danger in not recognizing the danger of a ‘religion’ for whom lying under oath or otherwise is a legitimate method of advancing a hateful repressing philosophy based on a seventh century mentality and whose aim is first and foremost the destruction of our country and our way of life. Yet our government…ESPECIALLY THIS government, ever mindful of ‘Muslim sensitivities’, continues down the precarious path of political correctness to the detriment of our society and most particularly our military. Our Military Intelligence and CID (Criminal Investigation Division), that would normally function in high gear in a country at war, has been largely muzzled and ignored in the race to be sensitive and accommodating to cultures other than our own. These people need to be freed to do their jobs. Major Hasan should never have gotten as far as he did…the signs were all there for those who cared to see. There is a culture of political correctness in our military, and most particularly in the Army, which is going to cost more lives unless we stop and take inventory of what and who we face and stop treating this world-wide WAR as though it were a parlor game at a sorority party. Undoubtedly there are many US Muslims who are solid loyal American citizens…undoubtedly there are many who are not and how are we to know the difference?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


English - For All That Ails Us




By  Rose Pedenko 

My father passed away in December of 2007 at the ripe old age of 104, just two months shy of his 105th birthday.  To the last year of his life, he swore thatVick’s VapoRub was a cure-all for everything that ailed him.  Who am I to argue, after all, he died of old age. 

It got me to thinking that the English language was very much like Vick’s VapoRub in our family and that it is likely the answer to much of what ailsAmerica today. 

A host of problems stem from an inability or lack of will by immigrants to grasp the basics of our national language.  “English-Only” legislation is perpetually thwarted by liberals, educators, and politicians to advance their respective misguided agendas—and we see the impact of the dismal results on our children.  Bi-lingual education in our schools has been an unmitigated failure. In less than 50 years, it also has become not only absurd but politically incorrect to be an English-Only adherent or proponent. 

The English language is the fundamental tool we use to read and thus understand the world around us. It allows us to thrive and succeed in this country -- unhampered by the limitations imposed by tyrannical governments or radical religions on its citizens around the world.  In America, thus far, we have been free to choose our own paths to self-actualization. 

Before any members of the PC crowd get huffy, my parents were legal non-English speaking immigrants from Mexico.  Total immersion into this English speaking culture was a necessity prior to the late 1960s, not an option.  There were no crutches to impede our progress like “Press 1 for Spanish.”  It was a sink or swim assimilation.  Becoming an American occurred almost effortlessly, not because we had no other choice, but, more importantly, because we wanted to be Americans. 

We spoke Spanish at home to be understood by our parents, and in turn, guided them through the initial language hurdles.  It was both a privilege and a test of their own determination to become American citizens, particularly at a time when citizenship classes and exams were not offered in their native language.  And I never once heard them complain about an unfair cultural challenge, or that the government should make it easier for them. 

Fluency in both cultures became seamless, and apple-pie-laden patriotism was our dessert. 

Today, many on the left laugh derisively over that little understood and antiquated fervor to become an integral part of the American fabric which was so inextricably woven into our flag 232 years ago. 

I’m not embarrassed nor hindered in this fervor for all things American by the likes of Bill Maher or David Letterman.  It is neither pedestrian nor witless to believe in the principles that made this country great. 

My parents’ children grew up knowing they are honest to goodness red-blooded Americans.  There was no “Mexican-American” moniker to identify or categorize us -- we knew who we were and are, and wear it with pride.  Our unaccented English paved the way into a society where the only person to blame for holding you back was yourself.  You choose success over failure, and it is not guaranteed or handed to you.  And that is the precious freedom held most dear by legal immigrants. 

This then begs the question, do we, by and large, create the prejudices that feed on themselves as a way to cope -- now that diversity has been shoved down our throats?  When we reject what it means to be an American, it creates baggage that should have been left at the border.  Today, immigrants have been taught they can have the best of both worlds.  They can retain their culture (which is the excess baggage) while taking advantage of U.S.freedoms and benefits without paying for it.  What remains are cross-cultural expectations that will never be realized because they no longer fully identify with either country. 

So many of the cultural problems we face can be traced to this forced acceptance of diversity, and a lack of language skills which impedes progress.  PC guilt, inculcated by do-gooder academics, has led to anger arising from lawbreakers earning rewards they would not otherwise be entitled to.  It made this week’s Supreme Court reversal of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s prior ruling very sweet indeed. 

One language is the glue that produces unity, and unity in a people breeds strength.  Right now, unity and strength are sadly lacking in this country.  Our political parties are divided and our nation has been rendered weak by appeasement.  America is turning into a Tower of Babel by the left’s efforts to reach their Utopian ideal. 

The day we can all celebrate American holidays and traditions together, and bring those exotic ancestral spices to the table for the purpose of conversation, will be the day divisiveness takes a back seat to what drives this country forward--English. 

Happy Independence Day.

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